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Article: 30 Best Jewelry Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Jewelry Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Jewelry is like ice cream; there's always room for more!
Check out some of the best jewelry logo design ideaswe have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Elena Popovichenko |
The jewelry market is more complex than just selling luxury items. The branding is what you want to make as the main appeal to the business, which is more than just authentic. One should underline the market of luxury items and products. It already has a significant target, which comes with several keys and unique points to put in the plan.

In this case, luxury can cover various elements. Some are professional, effortless, classy, practical, graceful, unforced, and simple. The premium market might also come with unique demands on its appeal and appearance, which come with various possible visual elements. Take examples of symbols, illustration, typography, principle, and color.

But what exactly befits with jewelry logo design plan and work? If one takes some examples from the big market, several elements stand out in its making. The logo should be relevant to the jewelry product, which appears from the imagery, color selection, and effect. Other than that, many logos stay minimalist or simple.

Other elements, such as sophisticated colors, custom fonts to add authenticity, and decorative elements, are pretty common to its branding. With that¸, check out several ideas in the following list.


1. Venetian Mirrors

Created by Pierfilippo Ariano |

The beauty and the quality of its jewelry product are portrayed the fancy typography. The design is pretty much the simpler one, which includes several personal touches through unique shapes, and the typeface is a serif font, with V bigger than the rest. It also uses a diamond Asscher cut shape for its O as an authentic touch.


2. Anna Monet

Created by Lindsay Graviet |

One thing that one can see from Anna Monet's branding is simplicity, professionalism, and direct introduction. It falls pretty much similar to other jewelry logos but also has personality in its imagery. It goes to the simple typography and color pick. Anna Monet is known for its natural dyes and ethical horsehair, hence its pinkish color scheme.


3. Amlor Jewelry

Created by iboeve SB |

Amlor Jewelry takes the opportunity to go all out with its design. From the typeface or typography to its symbol, everything has a personal touch. The elegant typography is made with several flairs in it. The symbol is made with a diamond image and several bracelet images. Complemented with gold and purple color, Amlor has made a perfect logo design.



Created by DaniElle Muniz |

From the name, the jewelry shop might have an astronomy theme. It can be a good naming as it makes a unique attachment and ring to the jewelry market. The overall design is very simple, using a serif font that has a small star shape, adds decorative swoosh on several letters, and corporate orange to stay relevant with the planet's color.



Created by Hussin fathi |

the Merara Jewelry logo design idea is like a modern and authentic implementation of the brand itself. It uses fancy lettering and gold color as the main exposure. But it is also complemented by the sophisticated diamond shape and patterning. It can also fit with its motto, "Like the moon & shine."


6. Cullinan Jewelry

Created by Nurlana Akhundova |

Among many characteristics of luxury business and logo identity, the very apparent design image is a custom font. By using a custom font, you can make a certain image and styling. Just like Cullinan Jewelry, which has a uniquely sculpted serif font. It plays around with curvy lines and decorative shaping without losing its original lettering shape. Added with yellow and burgundy colors for a luxurious impression.


7. Carlota's

Created by Jeferson Vicente |

As an accessories branding, Carlota's put the same idea to many other modern and timeless design ideas. Thus, using simple typography, gray color (silvery), and monotone hues, stated its intention as a logo design. The jewelry branding also captures the shine and gradation texture, which is very likely to indicate the jewelry material.



Created by Aleksei Iakovlev |

The company highlights its motto of "creative Jewelry store." The brand is unique and varied in many ways. Hence, the use of simple typeface and typography in its process. It uses a sans serif, which is the best font to fit the flat image and modern illustration. With the vast possibilities of creative jewelry products or themes, going simple helps the brand become more versatile.


9. Jugar N Spice

Created by Acid and Marble ® |

Personal, authentic, custom, and unique are some of the keys that make Jugar N Spice able to stay as a luxury brand. Its motto of Handmade fine jewelry makes the simple monotone logotypes work. But it also has a small symbol, which appears like a diamond shape and flower. Its imagery complements its target market: Women, young, and high-end societ


10. My Kim Jewelry

Created by Vương An |

If simplicity and minimalism are part of the logo design plan, the best way to make the jewelry branding stand out and stay in its market is by using color. There is various color palette to take, and My Kim Jewelry picks royal blue and silver. It also has a tone texture, which adds character to its simple wordmark.



Created by Yana Shamykayeva |

Playing with typography always helps one design stand out and appear unique. Asalet is one of a kind, which comprehends the design using a custom typeface. Going with custom can go awry without good planning. Thankfully, Asalet makes its font appear elegant, and professional, yet personal. Its A and E definitely make a difference to the many typography crowds.


12. Moriarty

Created by Daria Zhukova |

For an exclusive jewelry logo design, the use of typography to its wordmark takes a huge deal to the branding. Sometimes, it is more than just fancy writing. But a meaningful and relevant font or lettering. Moriarty takes the possible style by adding various decorative accents, such as the strip at O and the U shape on top of I.


13. Madenia

Created by Baianat |

The best thing about Madenia Jewelry's logo is the color and symbol. It uses gold on top of black, which accentuates the shine and beauty of the commonly used jewelry material. The symbol is a decorative symbol made out of its initial "M" with ornamental shapes adjacent to it. Together with the logotype, the design excludes high-end impression


14. Kantor

Created by Valeria Parshina |

Kantor Jewelry takes a way to represent its brand using a mascot or animal imagery. It is similar to Swarovski, which is known for its swan. In this case, Kantor uses a hummingbird as its representation. The illustration is made as part of the main logotype, as the bird's tail is connected to the T letter. It is a visually appealing impression for the jewelry market.



Created by Okaz |

Badawy's focal visual element can be seen from its uniquely drawn jewelry shape. The diamond shape is fused with a curved line and a rectangle under it. It sure adds a different image than others, which is why the logo deserves good applause. It even combines the burgundy red background with cloth texture, highlighting its golden logo symbol and logotype.



Created by Renata Santos |

What PREZI did to their jewelry logo design is pretty much simple and nothing more. But it exudes a luxurious impression thanks to its color selection and writing. Generally, the design only consists of a logotype in a crisp serif font. But it is classed in gold with byzantine purple color. The combination fits the minimalist logo to the high-end market.


17. Rasan

Created by Digi Clovers |

If one can show a luxurious hobby, equestrian or horse riding should be the ideal answer. It makes the image of a horse appear as a prestigious illustration. Rasan takes a similar idea by adding a horse line art illustration clad in gold. It fits perfectly with the thin font of its typography. For a jewelry store, this unique illustration makes it stand out and memorable.


18. Chicly

Created by Sasha Malinkina |

If one can describe the product from its logo, Chicly appears as a more modern, youth, and sophisticated jewelry brand. It goes with how the image tries to capture the essence through the simple and minimalist wordmark. But it also uses an oval shape with stars, an appealing astrology theme. It fits a younger audience, as the logo feels less complex but still has its expensive look.



Created by Elizaveta Krivonosova |

The jewelry market is very vast. Its product is not only limited to diamonds and gold; it can also include more traditional accessories. Motto Jewelry from Russia picks timeless, direct, and lavish typography for its branding. Its uses of serif font fit its various products, covering any type of jewelry, wit


20. Melie Jewelry

Created by Cansu Merdamert |

The use of typography is key to many jewelry logo design ideas. Melanie also takes a similar idea by creating a rather simple wordmark for its branding. The font is made out of a custom font, which is a serif font with a taller proportion. This font is very common to show professionality, formality, and higher-end or well-crafted services. Hence the iconic Melie design concept is



Created by Moshe Araujo |

Vadeka's logo is a combination of symbols and logotypes. The two-branding style makes it easier to understand and prevents any misconception. It is because the design of the image is rather simple. The symbol is a simplified ring shape or pendant. The logo is pretty much a sans serif font with a flat image design graphic idea in it. It is timeless and goes well together.


22. Adoorn

Created by Elena Popovichenko |

Adoorn logo design is hitting the business market with its imprint. The idea goes as the logotype also combines two iconic diamond ring shapes as part of the double Os letter. For a simple and timeless image, the branding gets even better by using metal and color for additional texture. It uses silver color and texture for the best identity.


23. Francisca

Created by Walter Mattos |

Francisca's design is modern, young, and feminine and one of the main markets of luxurious jewelry products. Its impression appears as the logo uses a baby blue and white color dynamic. The sans serif font also makes it less formal. But, the logo or symbol is beautifully made. It appears like a royal symbol or a tiara.


24. Chit Par Jewelry

Created by Poe Lay Nyein |

For many reasons, jewelry shops use a rather simple logotype. Chit Pahas a similar idea but with an additional monogram as its symbol. It makes the branding appear more professional and authentic in the noisy jewelry market. The symbol is not only a monogram but also symbolism with shine, shape, and styling.


25. Mono

Created by Daria Lekhner |

If one wants to be different in its logo design, even using a similar approach, the best solution is to add a personal touch. Mono Jewelry logo focuses on its typography, which is made out of uniquely sculpted design and font. It appears as if the M and N lose some part of it. For a jewelry shop, the color and formal image hit its sophistication aspect.


26. Margalit

Created by Rafael Almeida |

Margalit is another brand that uses the simple logotype for its branding identity. Despite the common models, Margalit goes for the less formal and strict personality. It uses a sans serif, the epitome of the modern flat design element. The brand even comprises blue hues, making it more friendly and easier to see. It can be a good design for a younger target market.


27. Gram

Created by Diana Kozaletova |


When a typeface is made to fit the branding, that is when the Jewelry logo design has its authentic image or aspect to highlight. Gram sure makes this idea works with its uniquely made font. The design merges the strict serif with several decorative curves and different weights. It is memorable, especially with its light brown color selections and palette.


28. Ajurè Jewellery

Created by Zeal Studio |

The branding itself is known for being unique, modern, and artisan products. Itakeske authentic jewelry design to its catalog. With that, the creation and products are vast to contain in one themed logo. That is also the main reason why high-e-stores prefer the less complex logo design. Its logotype is written in sans serif and white to increase versatility and usability.


29. Atolye Gozde

Created by Frames Design |

Atolye Gozde takes the more obvious logo-making to its design plan. The logotype is made with a serif font, a formal and professional impression; it also has a symbol. The illustration is a ring, chain, and diamond piece combined, which appears obvious but is also attractive to the market.



Created by Studio Born |

There are chances that the modern market pushes jewelers to be more creative in their branding. Selin Kent took the idea and made it work by producing several key visuals for its logo, the diamond's shape, and cuts. The shapes are oval, semi-circle, and rhombus. It also has shining lines, which are provided as a cutout. With more popping color as a package, it fits the modern and young target market.


Frequently Ask Questions

How important is a color choice when designing a jewelry logo?

Color choice is extremely important when designing a jewelry logo as it can communicate a lot about the brand's values, style, and target audience. For instance, gold is often associated with luxury and elegance, while black can be seen as modern and sleek. It's important to consider the emotions and messages that each color conveys to create a logo that resonates with the brand's customers.

What are some popular symbols used in jewelry logos?

There are several symbols commonly used in jewelry logos, such as diamonds, gems, pearls, and jewelry pieces like necklaces or rings. Other popular design elements include vines, flowers, and other organic shapes that can represent the natural beauty of the materials used in jewelry. The use of these symbols can help create a memorable and recognizable logo that speaks to the brand's values and products.

What are some design trends in jewelry logo design?

Some current design trends in jewelry logo design include minimalist designs, monochromatic color schemes, and the use of negative space. Other trends include the incorporation of hand-drawn jewelry elements, such as illustrative icons or imagery, to create a more personalized and distinctive logo.

How can a jewelry logo design create a sense of luxury and high-end appeal?

A jewelry logo design can create a sense of luxury and high-end appeal through the use of elegant typography, rich color schemes, and the incorporation of sophisticated symbols, such as diamonds or gemstones. Using metallic shades, such as gold or silver, can also communicate a sense of luxury and exclusivity.

Should a jewelry logo design be gender-specific?

The decision of whether a jewelry logo design should be gender-specific depends on the brand's target audience and marketing strategy. While some jewelry brands may cater exclusively to a specific gender, others may have a more inclusive approach. However, it's generally recommended to avoid overly gendered designs that can limit the jewelry brand's appeal. By creating a logo design that appeals to a wider audience, the brand can expand its customer base and increase its potential for growth. Ultimately, the gender specificity of a jewelry logo design should be determined by the brand's unique identity and target market.

How can a jewelry logo design incorporate the brand's story and history?

A jewelry logo design can incorporate the brand's story and history by using elements or symbolism that represent the brand's heritage and values. By incorporating these elements, the jewelry logo design can evoke a sense of history and tradition, conveying the brand's unique identity to customers. For example, using a font that is reminiscent of a bygone era or incorporating an emblem or symbol that represents the brand's tradition of craftsmanship can help to create a jewelry logo design that reflects the brand's history and heritage. Ultimately, a well-designed jewelry logo can help to establish a brand's identity and build trust with customers.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!


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