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Article: 30 Best Lingerie Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Lingerie Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Lingerie is not about seducing men; it's about embracing womanhood.
Check out some of the best lingerie logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Russell Meyler |

Welcome, creative minds! Diving into the enticing world of lingerie logo design ideas can be both exhilarating and challenging. It's a realm where femininity and elegance meet innovation and creativity. And we're here to explore it all!

As a graphic designer, you'll know the logo is the heart of a brand. It's even more critical when it comes to lingerie businesses, where evoking the right feelings can make or break a customer's decision. Creating a logo that embodies allure, comfort, and style is no easy task. Yet, with the right inspiration and a dash of your unique flair, it's absolutely achievable.

In this guide, we'll walk you through some top-notch lingerie logo design ideas. We'll also explore the design principles that can help you capture that delicate balance of sophistication and sensuality. It's all about empowering you to create logos that not only resonate with the target audience but also stand out in the saturated lingerie market.

So, whether you're a seasoned designer or a novice looking to expand your portfolio, stick around! Our tips and insights will equip you with the knowledge to create designs that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also brand-enhancing. Let's unlock the secrets of enticing lingerie logo design together!



Created by Alina Grabina |

If the brand wants to get a professional logo and website, black-and-white logos is always the best idea. The black-and-white logo will be formal with a serif font and uppercase letters for the main case. This Pro Telo logo has a black-and-white design, a formal font, and a super elegant curvy photograph for the background of the logo.



Created by Albert Klimovych |

Since lingerie is a special product for ladies, you may want the logo to have feminine colors. This Ova Ova logo has a very pale pink background and a matching bubble gum color for the text. And for the heart-shaped logo made of two ovals, use bubble gum color and a han blue color.


3. Moe Nutro

Created by Tamara Radke |

Moe Nutro is a very feminine and elegant lingerie logo design. It uses a dark color for the background, which makes it more elegant. The misty rose color of the text makes it more feminine, especially when it meets the modern serif font. And the sitting woman illustration made of lines looks glamorous.



Created by Valerie |

A heart icon will always make women fall in love with any brand. This one uses a heart to replace the letter V. However, the logo also looks like it says Loly. The combination of a dark color for the background and pastel color for the text creates a balanced and proportional look. Pick a smaller font for the complimentary text.


5. Very Peachy Lingerie

Created by Danya V |

One unique way to show your customers that you are providing lingerie is by displaying an illustration of a woman wearing lingerie. The illustration on the logo looks nice, with a peach color that matches the brand name of the business. Make women love your product by creating an illustration that encourages women to love their bodies.


6. Belle Sofie lingerie

Created by Natasha Nikulina |

An italic font is going to create an elegant and glamorous logo design for your lingerie product. This logo design has a dark background that makes whatever is on it look impressive. It also has two modern fonts for the logo. Some dots around the text matches the title of the word Sofie. You may want to use something that represents your own business.


7. Bondy

Created by Vito Arvy |

Unlike the previous one, this logo comes with a bold font that makes women read the text very easily, even though the logo is far away. When designing a logo, you need to think about where the logo is going to be placed. For example, if the logo is on a picture as its background, bold text in a bold color will be awesome.


8. Guoir

Created by Mehmet Kırlangıç |

You may remember Gucci when seeing this Guoir logo design. It uses a modern and clean font that makes the logo look simpler but more wonderful. It also uses a soft pink color for the background. However, you may want to add something related to your lingerie business on the logo. For example, use a picture of a woman as an accent in the background.


9. Picanto

Created by Tamara Radke |

Picanto is a unique lingerie logo design that combines uppercase and lowercase letters. This amazing logo also has a geometrical letter O that you can fill with anything you like. In this logo, the letter O has a clover leaf inside it. The soft pink background accentuates the look of this feminine lingerie logo design.


10. elegance

Created by Maria Ignatieva |

The elegance of your logo should be highly visible. Many ways allow you to add elegance to your outstanding logo. One brilliant way to create an elegant logo is making a monogram using the initial of your brand name. This one has a beautiful letter E framed with two circles, and it looks super gorgeous.


11. Firefly

Created by Tamara Radke |

Light salmon pink can be an amazing color for the illustration and text of your lingerie logo. Add a complementary color for the illustration, like Utah crimson color and rosewood color, for the background of the logo. If you want to use two different fonts for the text, consider using two different formats instead.


12. Bianka Lingerie

Created by Karina Hruzdieva |

This Bianka Lingerie logo design is very simple, modern, and aesthetic at once. The pastel color for the background makes it look soft, simple, and gorgeous. And black for the text as well as the modern font, makes the logo more unique and luxurious. Pick a font that combines straight lines and curves gorgeously.


13. Luz & Bella Lingerie

Created by 300bees Branding Agency |

If you are trying to create a gorgeous logo for your lingerie brand, consider using fresh colors like saffron that look super fun and fantastic. This is a bright yellow color that will make your logo look nice on a picture as its background. This color matches the light and dark tones of women's skin you use as the background of the logo.


14. Delavenza

Created by Kim |

The Delavenza Lingerie logo design has a dark color for the background, white color for the text, and also some unique ornaments that perfect the logo design. Instead of framing your lingerie logo with something geometric, such as a square, some spirals like the ones on this logo are going to add a more flexible and fun look.


15. Chrysalis

Created by Madesign |

This Chrysalis Lingerie is an example of a very minimalist lingerie logo design. If you want to create a very minimalist logo, then you need to make sure it has only two fonts for the text in the middle of the logo. This one has a signature font for the main text and a modern sans-serif font for the complimentary text.


16. Roma Lingerie

Created by Jeremias Marin |

The idea behind this lingerie logo design is very creative. It has a letter R monogram standing in front of a mirror, and the brand name is written under the monogram logo. Since lingerie is a product for women, the pink color for the logo and text will make it more gorgeous.


17. Donna Domina

Created by Ana Novakovic |

The monogram on this logo may look like a single letter D, but it actually has two letter D's that stand for Donna Domina. Its designer uses a geometrical sans-serif font and uppercase letters for the brand name. The uses of pink tones for the background and logo create an elegant and feminine logo design.


18. Diamanté

Created by Antonin Kus |

Diamante means artificial jewelry. This word is perfect for creating an elegant logo, along with a white-colored diamond illustration in the middle of the logo. Since the diamond logo is made of straight lines, use a sans-serif font that has straight lines and white colors as well. This bold logo will look amazing on any background.


19. Oren's Secret

Created by Omotola A. Busari |

The lines used on this unique lingerie logo make the logo more gorgeous. Those lines create a gorgeous woman's body wearing very simple yet comfortable lingerie. The text has one font with two formats: uppercase letters for the main text and lowercase letters for the complimentary text. The CG red color makes a bold and gorgeous background.


20. The Lingerie Journal

Created by Fred Gates Design |

Most lingerie logo designs use red, pink, and shades of those colors. But this one is totally different, with a soft blue color for the background and dark blue for the text. The text on this logo has a gorgeous design, with a calligraphy font for the initials and a serif font for the rest of the letters.


21. Cosabella Lingerie

Created by Jeff Schramm |

Cosabella Lingerie is another simple but wonderful logo design for a lingerie business. It has a simple black and modern font for the text. The red ribbon at the end of the text gives a feminine look to the lingerie logo. Black, white, and red are three amazing colors that will create a magnificent combination for your feminine logo.


22. Love Lingerie

Created by Cristina Labib |

What kind of illustration are you going to use on the lingerie logo? Lingerie is for women, and women's brands are always identical with heart illustrations. This logo has a heart shape that is used to create women's lingerie. The white color on the text and illustration creates a modern look and matches the dark moderate pink background.


23. Magique

Created by Milda Neverdauskė |

You can always make your logo look unique by using a very unique font. This one has a super unique font with curves that match the curves on women's bodies. Unlike many other lingerie logo designs that have red and pink shades, this one uses monochromatic colors for both the logo and its background.


24. Women In Mind

Created by Studio NinetyOne |

The monogram logo design for this lingerie brand looks exclusive. It has five vertical lines that represent the letters w and m. A small title on the third line creates a lowercase letter i. This is how you create a monogram logo for Women in Mind. A rose gold color will represent elegance and feminineness at once. A white background makes it perfect.


25. Anya Gareti Luxury Lingerie

Created by alesha design |

Since the logo is for luxury lingerie products, the logo has a combination of luxurious colors. Its background is a very dark green color, while the illustration has a very soft orange color. You may see a butterfly illustration in the middle of the logo, but it only symbolizes women's lingerie. Its serif font creates modern text.


26. Mûre Lingerie

Created by Tharinne Borba |

Very dark magenta is a beautiful color you may want to use to create a very elegant lingerie logo like this one. The dark magenta makes a very elegant background that accentuates the gorgeous white logo. The white logo itself is made of a font that has unique details like curves on some letters.


27. Rosaseven Lingerie

Created by Caitlin Aboud |

Show your target customers that your lingerie is perfect for every woman and their unique body shape. The faceless woman doesn't look as skinny as most models. But she looks awesome and confident. This kind of illustration is going to create a nice and inviting logo design for women out there. Use monochromatic colors, and your logo will be timeless.


28. Straps & Laces

Created by Russell Meyler |

Light taupe can be a gorgeous color if you want a lingerie logo design with earthy tones. This nice lingerie logo design has earthy tones for the background and white for the text. The text itself has two different fonts. The main text has an elegant tall font, while the complimentary text has a wider text. Both have uppercase letters.


29. Attn:

Created by Facu Bottazzi |

The bold abstract font used on this unique lingerie logo creates a signature monogram logo. Its white color matches the dark gray color of the background. If you also want to create a very modern and timeless logo, combine a dark color and a light color together. If black is not your favorite, many other dark colors are available. 


30. Kayser

Created by Universal Favourite |

This Kayser logo has a minimalist design. The font used to create the Kayser text is a modern rounded font. The logo uses lowercase letters and white colors, two aspects of minimalism and modernism. If you want to make a more feminine logo, make sure that it has a shade of pink for its background. Or, use gorgeous women as the logo background.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent lingerie logo designs?

When it comes to creating lingerie logo designs, there are several symbolisms you can incorporate to capture the essence of sensuality and elegance. A popular choice is the silhouette of a feminine figure, which portrays grace and allure. Delicate lace patterns or floral motifs symbolize femininity and beauty, while feathers can add a touch of glamour and luxury. Another option is using a suggestive bow, which represents a playful and seductive element. Finally, you can consider using a stylized hanger or a clothing tag to highlight the product itself. These symbolisms help create a visually appealing and memorable lingerie logo design that resonates with the target audience.

Which colors are commonly used in lingerie logo designs?

When it comes to choosing colors for lingerie logo designs, there are a few popular options that evoke the right mood and appeal. Soft and feminine hues like blush pink, pastel lavender, and baby blue are commonly used to represent delicacy and romance. Classic and sophisticated shades such as black, white, and gold add a touch of elegance and luxury. Some designers opt for bold and vibrant colors like red or deep purple to convey passion and sensuality. Remember, the color palette should align with the brand's identity and target audience.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating lingerie logo designs?

When creating lingerie logo designs, it's essential to keep the target audience in mind to ensure the design resonates with their preferences and aspirations. The primary target audience for lingerie typically includes women of various age groups, ranging from young adults to middle-aged individuals. Consider factors like their style preferences, values, and lifestyle choices. For instance, if the brand targets a younger demographic, you may lean towards a modern and trendy design. On the other hand, if the focus is on a more mature audience, an elegant and sophisticated approach might be more suitable.

What are the successful examples of lingerie logo designs?

When it comes to successful lingerie logo designs, there are several notable examples worth mentioning. Victoria's Secret, with its iconic pink script font and delicate wings, perfectly captures the brand's sensual and feminine image. Agent Provocateur utilizes a sleek and sophisticated logo featuring bold typography and a suggestive key emblem, embodying the brand's luxurious and provocative identity. La Perla's logo combines elegance and simplicity with its stylized "LP" monogram, conveying a sense of refined beauty. These examples showcase the importance of incorporating elements that reflect the brand's essence and appeal to the target audience.

Which design styles are often used to create lingerie logo designs?

When it comes to designing lingerie logos, there are several styles that are commonly used to capture the essence of sensuality and elegance. Minimalist designs with clean lines and sleek typography can convey a modern and sophisticated vibe. Hand-drawn illustrations and intricate line art can add a touch of femininity and uniqueness to the logo. Vintage-inspired designs with ornate details and retro typography can evoke a sense of nostalgia and glamour. Additionally, typographic logos that play with elegant and curvaceous fonts can create a sensual and appealing visual impact.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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