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Article: 30 Best Eyelash Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Eyelash Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

May your coffee be strong and your lashes be long.
Check out some of the best eyelash logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Hannah Smith |

Welcome to a fresh, exciting exploration of eyelash logo design ideas, a hotspot of creativity that's turning heads in the graphic design world. With a stroke of imagination and a touch of elegance, eyelash logos are revolutionizing the beauty industry, providing a distinctive, glamorous identity to businesses worldwide.

As a fellow graphic designer, we know you're always on the hunt for the newest trends, inspiration, and standout designs. In this article, we delve into the realm of eyelash logo designs, offering valuable insight into their creation and usage. From minimalist, modern looks to intricate, detailed illustrations, there's an endless array of designs to explore.

Packed with innovative ideas, we promise this article will not only invigorate your design process but also provide you with ample inspiration for your next eyelash logo project. So buckle up, bring your artistic senses to the fore, and let's dive into the world of eyelash logo design ideas together. Remember, the beauty industry is all about making a statement, and a striking logo design is where it all begins. Let's make those lashes flutter!


1. Lovestruck Beauty

Created by Brooke Summers |

The Lovestruck Beauty logo design reflects free and natural beauty. The logo consists of a heart printed in vibrant red color and the words "Lovestruck Beauty" written in an elegant and minimalist font.


2. Lash Aura

Created by Christian Vetrano |

The LASH AURA logo contains meaning and meaning that is representative of the brand. This logo has elements of red and black, which symbolize strength and courage. At the same time, the white color on LASH AURA symbolizes purity and purity. This logo also contains elements of eyelashes which are the main product of this brand and is believed to give a more aura to the wearer.


3. Tierra

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

The TIERRA logo is a logo that is synonymous with companies engaged in the field of environment and nature conservation. This logo can be found on many products and services related to environmental maintenance and protection, such as organic products, renewable energy, and waste management.


4. Be Long

Created by Fórmula Creativa |

This logo is expected to be a tool to build awareness and strong relationships between BE LONG and the wider community so as to increase the number of tourists visiting the


5. MIkaely Tavares

Created by Julia Torquato |

MIKAELY is a brand known for its quality products and excellent service. The logo of MIKAELY is a representation of the company's commitment to innovation and creativity. The color scheme of the logo is vibrant and eye-catching, which helps to grab the attention of potential customers.


6. Marylia Scott Cosmetics

Created by Ethan Fender |

the MARYLIA SCOTT COSMETICS logo is a visual representation of a unique and compelling brand identity. The logo depicts the character and values of the MARYLIA brand and communicates the message to be conveyed to the target market. With an attractive and creative design, the MARYLIA logo can help increase brand awareness, positive image, and reputation, as well as being a driving factor in business success.


7. Mihajlo Tunev

Created by Mihajlo Tunev |

The MIHAJLO TUNEV logo comes from the name of its founder, Mihajlo Tunev. Mihajlo Tunev is a graphic designer born in Macedonia. He founded his own creative agency called MTHREE Creative in 2014. Mihajlo Tunev has created many diverse graphic design works, one of which is the MIHAJLO TUNEV logo.


8. Kelash Eyelash

Created by Serbaneka Studio |

In the KLASH EYELASH logo, the eye symbol can also convey the meaning of self-confidence and a positive view of oneself because the eyes are a part of the body that is often the center of attention of others and also gives an impression of one's personality.


9. Anastasia Kurilenko

Created by Anastasia Kurilenko |

Anastasia Kurilenko is a brand or company whose logo represents its identity. The logo of Anastasia Kurilenko may be designed to capture the essence of its business philosophy, its target audience, or its products and services.


10. Yuri Kartashev

Created by Yuri Kartashev |

The YURI KARTASHEV logo was designed by a graphic designer from Russia named Yuri Kartashev. This logo consists of images of the letters "K" and "Y" intertwined to form a rainbow image that represents cheerfulness and optimism.


11. Thomélie ISTACE

Created by Thomélie ISTACE |

ISTACE has a logo that is dominated by green and blue. The combination of green and blue symbolizes freshness, calm, and energy, which represents the mission and vision of ISTACE in providing the best service to the community.


12. David Mas

Created by David Mas |

The David Mas logo consists of the letters D and M joined together to form a strong and memorable symbol. The reason for the David Mas logo was to provide a strong and easily recognizable identity for the brand. In addition, this logo also reflects the character of David Mas' products which are presented as a form of innovation, creativity, and courage in thinking, complemented by the right textures and colors.


13. Azore

Created by freelance_dsgn |

The Azore logo was designed by taking into account several things, such as aesthetics, meaning, and symbolic value, as well as compatibility with the brand image you want to carry. The shape of the Azore logo itself consists of a circle which symbolizes roundness, unity, and stability.


14. Brow Bliss

Created by PANTER |

Changes that occur to the BROW BLISS logo can include various types of changes, such as color changes, font changes, or overall design changes. Logo changes can be made when a company wants to update its brand image, maintain relevance, or visually attract attention.


15. Duo Academy

Created by design.by_k |

The DUO Academy logo is an important aspect of the brand identity and image of the institution. A well-designed logo can catch the attention of prospective students and parents and make them more confident about the quality of education that DUO Academy has to offer.


16. Lashlab

Created by Anica van der Merwe |

The LashLab logo was chosen as a representation of perfection and beauty, which is an imagination inspired by the shape of the eyelashes themselves. By providing the best eyelash extension treatments, LashLab has become a brand that is widely known by women who want to enhance the appearance of their eyes.


17. Larissa Shnell Lash Beauty

Created by Arrais Design |

Larissa's logo SHNELL LASH BEAUTY has a distinctive logo, namely the shape of a leaf which symbolizes the natural beauty of Indonesia and the freshness of the natural ingredients used in its cosmetic products. Since its launch, the Larissa SHNELL LASH BEAUTY Logo has continued to grow and come up with new innovations that are in line with the latest beauty trends.


18. OcularPop Film Co

Created by Hannah Smith |

The OCULARPOP logo is a symbol of a creative and innovative spirit to present works of visual art that can be enjoyed and appreciated by many people. Hopefully, this logo can be an inspiration for many people to continue to innovate and work in the field of visual arts.


19. Amore Lash & Brow

Created by Charlotte Mckeegan |

The AMORE LASH logo is a logo for an eyelash care brand called Amore Lash. The logo is usually used on Amore Lash products and consists of the words "AMORE LASH" written in an elegant font and an image of eyelashes at the bottom of the text.


20. Lash Rehab

Created by Sapil Alam |

LASH REHAB's logo holds great significance for the company and its customers. It serves as a symbol of the brand's commitment to quality and effectiveness in the field of lash rehabilitation. The logo's design is carefully crafted to convey LASH REHAB's core values of innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


21. Lash Boss

Created by Brenda Barbosa |

The LASH BOSS logo is a visual identity image that is a representation of the LASH BOSS brand or company. This logo has a unique and attractive design, with image elements that show expertise in eyelash extensions.


22. Radiant

Created by Kateryna Dolyna |

A logo design concept is an idea or notion that underlies the creation of a logo. The concept is based on the purpose and identity of the brand or institution that the logo wants to represent. A good concept must be able to consider the target market and the uniqueness of the brand you want to highlight.


23. Enlash

Created by Alidina |

The choice of colors for the ENLASH Logo can give a different impression and enhance the brand image it represents. Choose the right color and match your brand identity. You can use consistent colors with your logo on various promotional media, including websites, brochures, and other products.


24. Mira.t

Created by maria caballer |

The meaning of the MIRA.T logo can be explained as follows. The MIRA.T logo consists of several interrelated elements. First, there is an image of the earth which symbolizes that MIRA.T is a company that is committed to environmental preservation efforts.


25. Chica Lash

Created by Olga Godard |

The Chica logo is a visual representation of the company's values and business philosophy. In business, the logo is a very important aspect because it has a big role in forming a brand identity and building a positive impression in the eyes of consumers. Therefore, the Chica logo was designed with great care and selected to match the characteristics and prospects of the business being run.


26. Elenlash

Created by Diana Gubaidullina |

The ELENLASH logo was created in 2010 by a graphic designer from Indonesia, Dwi Anom Putra. This logo consists of two main colors, namely blue and white, with a simple yet modern shape.


27. Winks Lash Lounge

Created by Lisa Sirbaugh Creative |

WINKS LASH LOUNGE has a unique logo that represents its brand. The logo features a graphic that resembles an eye with long eyelashes, which is a nod to their business focus on providing high-quality lash services. The eye is surrounded by the text "WINKS LASH LOUNGE" in a stylish font that adds to the overall aesthetic of the logo.


28. Lash Town

Created by Anastasia Morozova |

The LASH TOWN logo has a very important role in marketing. A logo is an image or symbol that represents the identity of a product or company. In this case, the LASH TOWN Logo is the identity of the product or business you want to market. An attractive logo that can be understood by the target market will help increase brand awareness and simplify the identification process for the product or business.



Created by Tram Vo |

The LASHDASH logo is designed very simply but contains a strong meaning. This logo consists of two words, namely LASH and DASH, which use a modern and elegant font. LASH means eyelashes, and DASH means quick movement. Therefore this logo also means "quick eyelash movement". With this concept, the LASHDASH brand wants to convey the message that their fashion products can make their users appear more attractive and confident in a short time.


30. Maybloom Beauty

Created by Kate Hughes |

MAYBLOOM BEAUTY's logo design concept revolves around the theme of nature and beauty. The logo is designed to reflect the brand's commitment to using natural and organic ingredients in all of its products while also highlighting the beauty and power of nature. The logo features a vibrant bloom with graceful petals that symbolize the natural beauty of the world around us. With colors that evoke a sense of freshness, vitality, and positivity, the MAYBLOOM BEAUTY logo represents the brand's devotion to creating products that are both good for your skin and the planet.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the eyelash logo designs?

Eyelash logo designs have gained popularity in recent years, representing various cultural and symbolic meanings. These designs are often associated with beauty, femininity, and sophistication. The eyelash symbolizes allure, elegance, and the power of the gaze. It can also be linked to concepts such as confidence, glamour, and individuality. As graphic designers, incorporating eyelash motifs into logo designs can convey a sense of style and appeal, particularly in industries like cosmetics, beauty salons, and fashion. Whether used subtly or boldly, the eyelash logo design adds a touch of allure and sophistication that captures attention and communicates a message of beauty and self-expression.

What types of industries are suitable for using eyelash logo designs?

Eyelash logo designs are a versatile choice that can be suitable for a range of industries. Primarily, they are a popular choice in the beauty and cosmetics industry, including businesses like eyelash extensions, beauty salons, makeup artists, and skincare products. The allure and femininity associated with eyelashes make them a natural fit for these industries. Additionally, fashion and accessories brands can also benefit from eyelash logos, as they can symbolize style and elegance. Other industries that can consider using eyelash logo designs include photography studios, women's empowerment organizations, and event planning companies. By incorporating eyelashes into their logos, businesses can create a visually appealing and memorable brand identity that resonates with their target audience.

Which colors are commonly used in eyelash logo designs?

When it comes to choosing colors for eyelash logo designs, there are a few popular options that can help create the desired impact. Black is the most common choice as it represents elegance, sophistication, and the classic look of eyelashes. It also creates a strong contrast that draws attention. Additionally, shades of brown and gold can be used to evoke a natural and warm feel. Soft pastel colors like pink or lavender can add a feminine touch, while metallic tones like silver or rose gold can convey a sense of luxury. Ultimately, the choice of colors should align with the brand's personality and target audience, ensuring the logo design stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

What other symbolisms can I combine with eyelash logo designs?

When it comes to combining other symbolisms with eyelash logo designs, you have endless creative possibilities. One popular choice is to incorporate floral elements, such as flowers or leaves, to add a touch of natural beauty and femininity. Another option is to pair eyelashes with symbols of empowerment, like crowns or wings, to convey strength and confidence. Hearts or stars can be used to emphasize a sense of romance or glamour. Alternatively, geometric shapes can add a modern and minimalist touch. Ultimately, the choice of symbolism should align with the brand's values and target audience, creating a unique and visually appealing logo design that tells a story and captures attention.

Which famous brands or companies are using eyelash symbolism in logo designs?

Several famous brands and companies have embraced eyelash symbolism in their logo designs. One notable example is the cosmetic brand "Too Faced," which incorporates a stylized pair of eyelashes in its logo, representing its focus on enhancing beauty and confidence. Another renowned brand is "Sephora," whose logo features an elegant combination of a bold "S" with subtle eyelash-like curves, symbolizing their expertise in the beauty industry. Additionally, "Lashify," a popular eyelash extension brand, uses a sleek and modern logo that incorporates the silhouette of an eyelash to showcase its specialization. These brands have successfully leveraged the allure and beauty associated with eyelashes to create impactful and recognizable logo designs.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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