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Article: 30 Best Fancy Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Fancy Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

A brand should be at least two things; fancy and fabulous!
Check out some of the fanciest logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your project!
Created by Tomatdesign ® | -

Fancy logo design serves several different meanings, one to be different and the other to show its quality. Nevertheless, both intentions come to make a fabulous, meaningful, and memorable identity. But what exactly displays the intended fancy or luxurious look? If one puts in details, there are certain values, behavior, personality, and quality to put in mind.

When one tries to make luxury branding, a fancy logo could be brought after several themes. Fancy imagery should reflect exclusivity, which is bound to use less is more or a minimalist approach. Some other tricks also use black as one of the known high-end color psychologies. But fancy logo design ideas can also comprise various styles, types, or visual elements.

Typography, monogram emblem, pattern, and colors are some of the keys to highlighting the luxurious impression. But as time goes, there is no exact restriction in developing a unique, memorable, and more on-brand strategy for fancy logo design. Designers are getting more creative and ready to innovate.

So, to what degree should you expand the possibilities and work for the logo? If you are up for the challenge, the following list is some of the best and fanciest logo design ideas for your inspiration.


1. Brisbane Distillery

Created by Tom Lane |
One of the common items that fall under the luxury brand is alcoholic beverages. Brisbane Distillery is a brand that takes its industry as an identity building. It uses a simple block font with a line art illustration of its location. For the luxury touch, the design uses gold and black color, formal font for details, and matching style bottle packaging.


2. Silk Casino

Created by Yanushevi4 Sergey |
Silk Casino plays around with an emblem-type logo design. In the entirety of the model, there is no exact model that shows a name or monogram. That is why the design is likely abstract. But the uses of abstract lining, unique emblem shape, and metallic gold color accentuate the lux. It loosely resembles a shield, which likely relates to the casino business.


3. Hudson

Created by Dan Gretta |
As a high-end and fancy playing card product, Hudson goes ahead with fancy monograms. The H letter is drawn and made in a very beautiful manner with a decorative handwriting style. It uses yellowish gold and black for the color. To top it off, the box design is outstanding with its Victorian-era graphic design and embossed texture.


4. Carter Barbershop & Bar

Created by Gabriel Sutherland |
Among the famous detailing in luxurious branding is the use of gold and green color. The two-color combination develops a sense of prestige, which also has versatile uses. In this case, the barbershop and bar use casual sans serif for the logotype or text. It also uses a classic sketch of well-groomed men as a mascot.


5. Caroline Freitas

Created by Monique Borba |
Showing fancy or luxury branding does not have to be so obvious. Caroline Freitas tells the truth by going for the less is more approach. The fancy logo design consists of a formal serif font for the logotype and detail. It also has a hand-drawn illustration of a plant arranged as a badge (circular) shape.



Created by triangler studio |
Fancy design does not always fall or be given to highly prominent luxurious brands. A food product such as classic kimchi shows a strong impression from its branding. It uses a classic hand-drawn mascot, simple writing, font, and yellow as the color. It surprisingly shows high class from the likely old-style branding style.


7. Zolotaya Balka

Created by Tomatdesign ® |
To showcase its prestigious quality and position in the market, a business can use a well-known image. Among famous luxury-related imagery is a griffon. Zolotaya uses the griffon design as part of its mascot. It is also clad in golden color, followed by sans serif font, and blue as a highlight. All fit in place for an extravagant beverage brand.


8. Ganguea

Created by Estúdio Caetê |
If the animal is used to show prestige or fancy business, then you can find a jaguar among the ideas. That is what Ganguea tries to capture. The design composes of a pretty much straightforward logotype with a block serif font. But a small jaguar line art is added for an identity. It also uses white and yellow colors, two common luxury brand hues.


9. The Saint

Created by ThinkBold |
The elaborate typography, the decorative packaging design, and the busy imagery make it fall right under the Victorian graphic design style. For a fancy logo, this is one of the best examples. The logotype is written in a beautiful decorative font with various patterns. It even uses gold and burgundy color, a perfect fit for a pricy beverage.


10. Tahga

Created by Human . |
Another good example of the use of typography as the main luxury identity is a fancy logo from Tahga. It uses a serif typeface with other details written in sans serif. Aside from going all out loud, the logo uses wax stamp illustration for its main visual element. It adds a focal point and color highlight and exudes the class of the product.


11. Orangerie No:8

Created by Ceren Burcu Turkan |
As said before, several factors in developing a high-end or fancy look are typography and pattern. Orangerie takes the idea perfectly using custom fonts, creating a sharp and memorable identity. It also uses subway tile patterns to make a distinctive texture. For the color, the use of golden brown and white is spot on.


12. Atena

Created by Pedro Kirch |
Atena, in ancient Greek mythology, is a goddess of wisdom, warfare, and handicraft. For being a goddess, Greek mythology, and capability, the brand itself has the potential to show prestige imagery. Thus, it uses a unique shape to show a Greek pattern in a circular shape clad in gold color. It fits with the background and imagery.


13. inBush

Created by inBushNoodlemaker Wang |
In The Bush Bar, Café, and Flower is a complex naming with highly vast or potential design capability. To avoid losing its fancy appearance, the logo design uses typography or logotype for its identity. It combines the commonly used serif typeface with modified B. The modification resembles a flower bud. The design is straightforward but works best as a minimalist approach.


14. Tranquil

Created by Insigniada . |
From the name itself, Tranquil has a well-planned fancy logo design. The flat image illustration is simple but shows the meaning of tranquility in nature. The font is made out of sans serif, the common option for a flat image. But the addition of five stars plus the yellow and green hues is the key to accentuating the luxury villas.


15. Bar 18

Created by Javier Zapien |

Less is more should be the main concept of the Bar 18 logo design. One thing is for sure; it still has relevance to the brand name despite the lack of details. The good thing is, using only 18 as its logo with an embossed effect and golden metal color makes the logo more versatile in its uses.


16. Garnish Island

Created by ThinkBold _ |
Irish pink gin garnish island plays with various visual elements in its logo. The main identifier itself is the logotype written in pretty much standard typeface in red. A similar concept is applied to the other texts, except it uses gold color for the product name. A flowery pattern is used as a delicate texture to keep it looking fancy.


17. Wire Works Whisky

Created by Carl Fordham |
It is not always gold and black. Silver and metal colors are some other attractive options for luxury brands. Wire work uses the idea by implementing it in the whisky bottle label color palette. The logo itself is simple, using a circular emblem shape with a small wire system illustration and brand name. The logo works better as a whole packaging design.


18. Dstrikt

Created by Marie Zieger |
If a pattern can help accentuate fancy or luxury, Dstrikt took the idea to make a nice visual element and design guide. The logo itself is not too fancy, as it only uses a logotype and straightforward serif font. But the green marble stone pattern demonstrates its luxury since the material is very expensive.


19. Centro Italia

Created by Nicholas Christowitz |
Centro Italia takes the classic logo design for its identity. It takes the very common Italian brand logo with the arched shape on top and a more vintage overall shape. In the streamlined model, the use of color and its font is what makes Centro Italia easier to remember. It provides a direct introduction and stays true with over forty years of logo design.


20. Michele Confeitaria

Created by Adrielle Hister |
Green and yellowish gold are the best points to accentuate luxury in design. It also works best depending on the brand or business. Michele Confeitaria uses the classic simple linear with arched logotype for the badge logo. The authentic illustration of a cake under the glass display is the key distinction of its brand.


21. The Greenroom

Created by Danielle Lewis |
The Greenroom cocktail bar takes the beauty of topography as a way to accentuate its fancy logo design. It is generally made out of serif calligraphy font but arranged in a way that overlaps each character. It makes the logotype have a certain unique feel to it. It also uses a simple representation of the name through minimalist symbols.



Created by ARMBRAND Studio |
Going with the more modern flat image, colorful and artistic, the beverage brand makes a high-quality logo and design guide. The main logo consists of its wordmark written in the native language and a simple font. But to stay true to the luxury product, it adds a touch of blueish, white, and golden color with an embossed effect.


23. Yacht Kings Charters

Created by Manu Prado |
Gold plate and majestic character are two focal aspects of the Yacht King's Charters. The illustration depicts a majestic king wearing expensive yacht clothes. It uses gold as the main color combined with black and white as highlights. The name itself is arched following the window shape, which later makes the logo more usable.


24. Burgundy

Created by Tomatdesign ® |
Burgundy might be an identity of color. That is why the designer uses the said color to complement the fancy logo design idea. The Burgundy logo uses fancy font and typography for its wordmark. The font is made out of a three-line brush with an old-style typeface design. The contrasty color of gold and burgundy helps to picture royalty.


25. Le Condé

Created by Marçal Prats |
Typography still has many faces of fancy or luxury brands. It goes to the fact that good typography is more than just a simple font; it is a handmade creation for the brand. Le Conde is an example. It uses a custom typeface resembling a serif font with decorative swirls and ornament on the C letter. It is also presented in a metallic color.


26. Decodance

Created by Mari Shtch |
Decodance plays with flat illustration graphic style to make a modern yet classy logotype. The logo comes out as two words, Deco and Dance. Instead of going fancy with ornamental design, it uses different letter designs to highlight unique focal points. The different models come as three-lined characters. And the design also uses gold and green color.


27. Papily Gin

Created by Mariana Beck |
Papily gin stays unique, on point, and fancy with various styles. The first point goes to the woman's illustration wearing a butterfly-like mask. The typography design is unique as it uses a tilted orientation and custom font. The color is outstanding, especially the contrasty color of blue and red, resembling classy neon logos. It will complement the dark background.


28. Chéri

Created by Hardy Branding |
Cheri is red, which is taken as the initial color palette for the company. It also comes with darker shades of red, white, and gold as highlights, as they are the proper hues for the luxury image. To keep the impression, the brand also uses the baby angel with a twist! To top it off, the logotype is beautifully made as it fits the circular shape.



Created by Cihangir Öziş |
Bulga luxury hotels try to use unique typefaces for their logos. It works best as it creates a memorable impression for fancy logo design ideas. At the same time, the brand also uses the famous prestigious color psychology. It uses gold and gray for the palette. One thing is for sure; the custom or personalized font is the key visual for Bulga.


30. Le Caviar

Created by ThinkBold _ |
It is a fact that Caviar is a luxurious delicacy out there. That is the reason why Le Caviar pulls through the fancy typography, symbol, color, and illustration. The logo has a simple font for its name with small details. The gold color complements the market. And the old style detailed yet unique illustration of the sturgeon makes the brand even more standout.


Frequently Ask Questions

What makes a logo design "fancy"?

A fancy logo design is typically one that incorporates intricate or elaborate details, such as ornate typography, intricate patterns, or intricate graphics. It may also incorporate special effects, extra elements, or metallic finishes. These design elements add visual interest and can make the logo stand out from competitors.

What makes a logo design "fancy"?

A logo design can be considered "fancy" if it incorporates intricate details, unique typography, and creative visual elements that make it stand out from other logos. It should also reflect the personality and values of the brand it represents while maintaining a professional and polished look.

Can a fancy logo design be effective for a brand with a serious tone?

Yes, a fancy logo design can be effective for a brand with a serious tone, but it's important to balance the fancy design elements with a level of sophistication and professionalism that is appropriate for the brand. Consider using more restrained color palettes and typography that is elegant and legible.

Why should I make a fancy logo design?

A fancy logo design can help your brand stand out and create a memorable and recognizable identity. A well-designed fancy logo can communicate the personality and values of your brand and make a strong first impression on potential customers.

What are the benefits of a fancy logo design?

A fancy logo design can help your brand differentiate itself from competitors, establish a unique identity, and create a strong emotional connection with customers. It can also help your brand appear more professional and trustworthy.

Can a fancy logo design be effective for a luxury brand?

Yes, a fancy logo design can be effective for a luxury brand, but it's important to use design elements that convey elegance and sophistication. Consider using high-quality materials, intricate patterns, and a restrained color palette to create a luxurious and memorable design.

How can I make my fancy logo design look elegant and sophisticated?

To make your fancy logo design look elegant and sophisticated, consider using a restrained color palette, fancy typography, and subtle graphic elements such as custom patterns or intricate line work. Use an over-the-top composition, balance, and negative space to create a sense of harmony and sophistication.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!


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