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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Fancy Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Fancy Logo Design

A brand should be at least two things; fancy and fabulous!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic queen logo design!
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If you want to have a logo that can represent your business and make it look more luxurious and more exclusive, a good fancy logo design can help you achieve that brand identity.

The use of a logo determines the branding image that people will get when they see your business. The appearance of this design will greatly determine how your business or brand will be remembered by customers and the public, who will be your target customers, and will also become one of the basic elements of your branding as a whole. Therefore, it is safe to say that symbol design is an important thing that cannot be underestimated in a brand.

Symbols can come in a variety of themes, concepts, styles, or styles. You can choose for yourself which theme or design concept can best describe your business and which ones will attract more public attention so that they can become your potential clients or customers.

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And one of the best styles that you can choose to be able to elevate your business branding and positioning is to use a fancy and luxurious theme.

These concepts and themes have often been found in various logos or branding identities of many businesses. However, this style and concept are never out of style and instead have always been a favorite and popular branding identity that can appeal to many people.

Most people mistakenly think that to be able to create a good fancy logo; they must use complex details or various elements that are over the top. You can create it with simple elements. The most luxurious and fancy logo designs can happen because they only use a minimalist appearance.

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If you are still confused about how to design a fancy logo that is good and attractive without the help of professional designers, then you can see the various tips that we share below:


10 Tips To Create A Good Fancy Logo Design

  1. Determine The Brand Positioning
  2. Understand The Target Market
  3. Look Up for Good Inspiration
  4. Create Your Own Fancy Elements
  5. Create An Intricate Symbol
  6. Consider Using A Serif Typeface
  7. Choose A Fancy Color Palette
  8. Simple Is Usually More Powerful
  9. Make Sure The Logo Is Adaptive To Several Media
  10. Use Fancy Mockup To Support Your Logo Presentation
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1. Determine The Brand Positioning

When your brand uses a fancy logo design, you will likely position your brand as an exclusive, luxurious business and also offer a variety of services or the best quality products. However, apart from that image, there are still some questions about your brand identity that you must answer to create a clear picture of your brand.

The identity and positioning of a brand will greatly determine the performance of a business. These elements will help you find the right target customers for your business, decide on a marketing concept or method; determine campaigns; determine visual branding; and many other crucial things that will directly affect your business as a whole. And all these identities must be able to be displayed or matched with the logo design that you will create later.

For this reason, the best way to be able to create a symbol design that can reflect these things well is to have a clear understanding of who your brand is. This stage is especially important for small businesses that do not yet have the personnel and professional planning, so they must be carefully chosen right away before starting the logo design process.

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2. Understand The Target Market

Determination alone is not enough to make a good logo design. You have to understand what can bring the image to life in your design later. You can do this by expanding your focus to define elements or objects that you feel can help your brand achieve the image you used earlier.

For example, you have determined that the branding you are using is luxury branding, with the main target being executives who want to get the best and most durable products with a modern look. You can think of this as a brief that you have to redevelop. Start your understanding process by asking what elements or objects you can use as a reference for the branding image.

Created by Tom Lane |

For example, you can use wood elements as your reference and make them one of the basic building blocks for your brand. Strong, luxurious, and durable wood can be a reflection of your image that helps you to determine a good design for your fancy logo later.

It also doesn't always have to be an object; it can also be in the form of verbs, actions, colors, taglines, or various other things that you feel can help as a reference for your branding image so that the public can immediately understand it when they see your logo later.

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3. Look Up for Good Inspiration

References are good friends for designers and all people who work in the creative industry. As a beginner who is still confused about how to design a logo, let alone a fancy one, the best way you can find out what you should do is to use a reference as an example for you.

Luckily for you, now you can easily find various logo design inspirations that can be a source of ideas for you from anywhere. With its online platform, you can search for thousands of reference works by professional designers who have even received various awards that you can effortlessly view for free. You can visit various creative platforms such as Dribble, Pinterest, Behance, and many other platforms that collect works from the best designers in the world.

But keep in mind that this reference is not something you can just copy. By looking at these references, you can analyze various elements or objects that other designers use, which makes the logo design appear very appealing and interesting to look at.

Created by Ceren Burcu Turkan |


4. Create Your Own Fancy Elements

After looking at the references and analyzing them well, what are the factors you like about the design and what you want to implement yourself in your fancy logo, then the next thing you can do is to find as many references and analyses as possible and then collect these elements in a single list. Easy to see.

So, for example, if in logo design A you like the color palette they are using because you feel that the colors used match your branding and can make the logo look luxurious, then you can add the color palette to your list. Likewise, if you like the icon illustration style used in design B, you can add these ideas to your list. Do this until you find a list that is enough for you to make your fancy logo feel perfect and can display your brand identity well.

Also, seek elements that are unique and can help your logo to stand out more than other designs that use the same style or concept. There are many luxurious and fancy logo designs in the world, but only a few whose designs can be very memorable, easy to remember, and easier to spot than other competitor logos.

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5. Create An Intricate Symbol

There are two elements in a logo design that should be your main focus, namely the logo mark and also the typeface. If earlier we discussed tips for logo marks, then next we can discuss more icon marks like what you can use to make a good fancy logo. Most logos from brands with luxurious images use thin and curvy icon marks. Whether it's an illustration, monogram, symbol, or various other elements, most of these elements use a distinct fancy style that you can copy for icons or symbols in your illustrations.

You can choose for yourself whether you want to use illustrations, monograms, or other types of icons that can perfectly describe your brand. If you want to use illustrations, you can use a mascot or object that describes the basis of your business. Or, if you want a simpler look, you can use a monogram of your brand name as an icon to which you add various details to make it look attractive.

Whichever option you choose, you need to use an intricate and beautiful display so that the various fancy elements that you have planned out can appear even more perfect when combined with this icon mark.

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6. Consider Using A Serif Typeface

For those of you who are not a designer or people who are familiar with the term in the world of typography, four groups of font types are most widely used in the design world. These fonts include serif, san serif, decorative, and abstract. To be able to create a good fancy look in your logo design, then one of the best tips is to use serif-style fonts in your design.

With this serif typeface, your logo will look much more luxurious and classic. Although most of these serif-style typefaces are similar in appearance, there are many types of serif fonts that you can use, and each one has its distinct details.

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You can see and try for yourself which serif font you feel is the most suitable for your logo. In addition, you also do not have to use only one type of font in the design. You can combine this serif font with a sans serif-style font as well to create a more modern and casual look.

Explore these typeface options until you find the best match for your fancy logo design. You can customize the space, the thickness of the line, the height of the letter, and many other elements. If you can't find a font that works for you, you also always have the option to create your serif-style typeface. Your design process will indeed take longer, but it is always worth it to have a personalized font style for your brand.

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7. Choose A Fancy Color Palette

The minimalist color palette is the perfect match for a fancy logo design. The appearance of neutral colors such as black, white, beige, or pastel colors is often a popular choice for people who want to make the appearance of their brand logo feel more luxurious. In addition, you can also use dark colors. Rich colors such as emerald green, maroon, deep blue, and brown are also an alternative to bold colors that you can use to make your fancy logo look more perfect.

The choice of colors you use in your design will greatly affect the appearance of the design and also the impression that people get when they see your design later. It is highly recommended for you to avoid using bold colors combined with other bold colors such as neon. Using this in a modern and contemporary design may be very attractive, but to attract your target customers with your fancy logo, it would be much better for you to use the colors recommended above.

Even if you want to use neon colors to create a much more striking look, you can combine them with neutral black or white colors to keep the balance in your design.

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8. Simple Is Usually More Powerful

With the various elements and information that you have collected in the previous steps, then you just need to start executing the design. However, when you start the design process, you are a reference that you can consider or keep in your mind. In today's era, a simple and minimalist logo will look better and more appealing than a logo that is not.

This doesn't mean that you can't create fancy logos with complex elements that are luxurious or detailed. You can use these tips as a consideration when you design a fancy logo so that the logo looks more attractive and your branding image can be well reflected.

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Without using illustrations or complex elements, you can also create a fancy logo that looks luxurious. For example, various luxury brand logos have often branded their logo designs to make them look more simple.

This is one of the factors why you are more advised to design a minimalist logo so that the logo is not easily out of trend and can still be used for a long time without the need for a lot of rebranding. A simple logo will look more timeless and have very high usability, so you can use the logo for various needs in your product branding.

Created by Danielle Lewis |


9. Make Sure The Logo Is Adaptive To Several Media

Even if you use a simple design style, by adding certain textures to the background or even object elements in your logo, you can elevate the look and make it look more attractive. This texture can be just a subtle texture; it doesn't have to look flashy to distract the viewer from the core information in the logo.

You can add textures such as paper surfaces, marble surfaces, fibrous wood motifs, and many others. In addition to functioning as details to enhance the appearance of your logo, this texture is also very helpful to further display the personalization of your branding image in future designs. For example, by adding a marble texture, you can visualize a solid, strong impression of your business.

This texture is also one of the things that will make your design more standout compared to other logos that look flat. Although adding textures seems like a very trivial thing, these additional details will greatly change your design.

Created by Marie Zieger |


10. Use Fancy Mockup To Support Your Logo Presentation

When you see a collection of fancy logos, most of them have one thing in common, using metallic colors in their designs. Metallic colors such as gold, rose gold, silver, or bronze are often used as additional details that can change a logo to make it appear more luxurious. Most brands prefer to use gold, and indeed this option is the most popular choice, and you can incorporate it into your design as well.

The use of additional metallic colors or textures in your design can bring your logo to life so that it looks even more amazing. We've often seen the use of gold textures that work well with almost any color. Therefore, you can try to add this additional detail and see if you like it or not. You can add these details anywhere. Be it on your typeface, icon mark, or even in the background.

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Final Words

The appearance of a fancy logo design can always amaze people and elevate business branding. Using a luxurious design is one way for a brand or business to increase its value without having to do a lot of complicated things. Fancy themes and concepts can also be a form of manifestation of brand positioning and also the ideals to be achieved from a brand.

To be able to create a fancy logo, you don't need to be a professional designer first to be able to create stunning and over-the-top elements or illustrations. To create a fancy design, it is all made from simple and minimalist elements.

As a beginner, the most important thing for you to do to design your fancy logo is to pay attention to the various reference ideas you find, explore unique looks, and remember to always display your branding image of the elements you choose in the design. The tips given above can serve as a framework and guidance for you to create a logo that is not only beautiful but also reflects the identity and positioning of your brand.

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