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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Asian Food Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Asian Food Logo Design

What's better than having dim sum, ramen, pad thai, or pho?
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic Asian food logo design!
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Presenting your brand with an attractive and authentic appearance is one of the main things you should pay attention to when you create branding marketing. This marketing branding will greatly affect the feedback, exposure, and attention that your business will get. The culinary business is one of the most numerous business branches in the world.

Every year, this industry contributes a large amount of income to the world economy. This business sector is also growing over time, especially during the pandemic era yesterday. Food takeout has become a new culture that is rising because of restrictions on activities, making many foods and beverage businesses thrive while other businesses experience bankruptcy.

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When we talk about the culinary or food and beverage business, one type of restaurant that we can always find in various countries and gets high popularity is the Asian food restaurant. With typical Asian food, this type of restaurant is often an ordinary and comfortable restaurant for people to go to.

If you notice, almost all Asian food restaurants have a distinctive identity comparison. Asian ornaments, along with visuals that represent their expertise, are always a beautiful sight when you order food from an Asian restaurant.

However, the competition between one Asian restaurant and another Asian restaurant is also quite high. You can find this type of restaurant within a radius of only a few kilometers from you; especially if you live in a city, the radius will be even less.

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If you are an owner of an Asian food restaurant and want to create a brand that can win this fierce competition, then one way you can do it is to create a good branding identity for your restaurant. Even though each Asian restaurant always uses the same oriental theme and concept, you can present new packaging with your branding. Logo design is the most important element in a branding logo that will be a representation of your business in the eyes of the public.

For that, we have summarized some of the best tips that you can use if you want to produce a logo and branding concept design for your Asian food restaurant.


10 Tips To Create A Good Asian Food Logo Design

  1. Find Good Sources Of Inspiration
  2. Brainstorm Several Ideas
  3. Pick The Best Concepts
  4. Create Your Own Asian-Related Elements
  5. Focus On Creating An Identity
  6. Choosing The Right Color Palette
  7. Make Use Of Space
  8. Create A Bold & Memorable Design
  9. Avoid Mainstream Decisions
  10. Make Sure It’s Versatile & Adaptive
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1. Find Good Sources Of Inspiration

The first tip you should pay attention to if you want to design a good branding logo for an Asian food restaurant is to dilute the concept inspiration you want first. When you are looking for inspiration, it does not have to come from other Asian food restaurants only. You can also look for various sources of inspiration that can give you interesting and unique branding concept ideas for your restaurant.

One inspiration that is highly recommended when you want to create an Asian food logo is to take ideas and concepts from Asian culture itself. Asian culture is a very diverse culture. Each country in the Asian region has a different culture, not only oriental ones.

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Choose which cultural aspects you want to incorporate into your restaurant branding that can make your restaurant stand out from other restaurants. You can also adjust the culture that you adopt with the food you provide in your restaurant.

If you provide Southeast Asian food, then you can bring up the colors, objects, mascots, or elements that are typical of this country. The same goes if you provide food from East Asia, you can use the concept of Korean, Japanese, or other East Asian cultures.

Keep in mind that Asia is a continent that is full of many cultural aspects, so there are many sources of inspiration that you can take.

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2. Brainstorm Several Ideas

After you get inspiration in the form of a concept that you want to adopt, then the next step is to change the raw idea into a more mature and specific design.

The cultural concept that you have chosen previously can be likened to the background of branding identity for your restaurant. But after that, you still have to think about the unique values ​​that you can display to differentiate your logo and branding from other Asian restaurants that also promote this culture.

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For example, there are lots of Asian food restaurants that promote Chinese or Vietnamese culture. However, each restaurant still has a different value and branding concept, even though they adopt the same cultural concept.

To determine the branding concept and value that you want to display in your logo design, you can start by determining what is the expertise or authentic thing of your restaurant. For example, your restaurant provides a lot of healthy, organic, and especially vegan Asian food. Or your restaurant provides Asian food that is packaged with a luxurious concept for fine dining.

Values ​​and branding concepts like this are what you should highlight in the logo design of your restaurant. Showing your expertise, values, or brand positioning in your logo design can make it easier for you to attract customers who are more suited to your market.

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3. Pick The Best Concepts

The two tips above were used to determine a framework that could make it easier for you to create the logo design you want. Steelah has the right framework and ideas; then, the next step is the design execution stage. If you are planning to create your own logo without using the services of a designer, then this stage is the most crucial stage that determines the appearance of your branding.

At this stage, you have to really explore all the potential ideas that you have collected before. The best way you can use it when you want to brainstorm a good logo look is to sketch it out. Sketch as many logos as you can to find the look you feel is right.

For ordinary people who are not professional logo designers, this process may be very time and energy-consuming. But don't worry; the more ideas you come up with and the more views you explore, you'll find lots of creative and authentic design potential for your restaurant.

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4. Create Your Own Asian-Related Elements

In logo design, two main elements determine the appearance of your logo, namely the typeface and icon mark. Many people are only focused on creating a good and effective symbol/icon mark but don't pay close attention to their typeface. Both icon marks or typefaces in your logo design have the same position in influencing the appearance of your logo.

A bubbly-style typeface with rounded edges will produce a more inviting look, while on the other hand, a typeface with hard and pointy edges may create a more aggressive and prominent appearance.

Another example, san serif fonts will produce a more modern, simple, and minimalist look. Meanwhile, the serif typeface will produce a more classic look and is suitable for a more luxurious and exclusive Asian restaurant branding appearance.

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5. Focus On Creating An Identity

When you're brainstorming which display you want to use, one thing that can make it easier for you in this process is to create a display branding that attaches to your brand. Attached here means that the display logo is completely personalized for your brand and not just a generic display.

Each Asian restaurant has its own branding appearance, some use a generic concept, but some also manage to create extraordinary ideas that make the logo very distinctive to the restaurant. The latter type is the better type, and you should try to achieve it. To make your logo and branding look "attached" to your brand, you can start by determining unusual elements to be appointed in an Asian restaurant branding. You can look for ornaments or object ideas that are rarely used in another Asian restaurant branding.

The most important thing is to make your logo display unique and easy to recognize for your customers. When they see your logo in random places, then they can easily recognize the logo easily.

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6. Choosing The Right Color Palette

When people think of Asian food restaurants, most of them immediately think of the oriental colors such as red or yellow, which are widely used in Asian restaurants and have become the staple look of this type of restaurant. You can choose for yourself whether you want to use this staple color or not.

In addition, warm colors such as red, orange, or yellow are usually used by restaurants because they are scientifically proven to make food look more attractive and mouth-watering. But that doesn't mean you can't use other colors.

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The use of this color scheme may also vary depending on which part of Asia you bring the culture to in your restaurant. In Southeast Asia itself, apart from red and yellow, colors such as white, purple, or deep dark blue are also often used.

If you want to make a look that is out of the box and stands out, you can also experiment with using colors that are unique and rarely used, such as green or other flashy colors. The color scheme that you use in your logo design will greatly determine the final appearance of your restaurant logo.

So, make sure you choose well what colors you use to represent the value of your Asian restaurant. If you are confused, you can always use the help of a color generator or take inspiration from the color palette of cultural objects from the part of Asia that you chose earlier.

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7. Make Use Of Space

One of the main things that distinguish a professional logo from a non-professional logo is the use of whitespace in its appearance. For ordinary people who are not used to designing a logo, sometimes the use of whitespace or the distance between objects is less of an element to pay attention to. In fact, this element is also as important as the object or element displayed on the logo display later.

Even if your restaurant is a small business, you still have to make your logo appear professional and credible. The best way is to make it look clean and neat. The appearance of a logo that is too cluttered with too many details or objects that are too close to one another can be very displeasing to the eye.

Objects or elements that are too close to each other can also make your logo difficult to see from a distance. Therefore, the use of whitespace and the distance between objects in the design is the most important element that you cannot forget when creating a logo. Try to see how your design idea looks from a distance, not just up close, and assess whether it looks just as interesting when you see it up close.

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8. Create A Bold & Memorable Design

Designs that are outside the box are always the most attention-grabbing logo designs. Outside the box here can mean anything, for example, the use of unexpected elements to describe your branding, creative use of whitespace, and many others. Sometimes the objects and creative details that are displayed subtly are always more interesting and make people want to find out more about your restaurant.

However, remember to display literal objects, which can immediately give an idea to the public about what expertise or value your Asian restaurant offers. For example, if your Asian food restaurant only offers dim sum food, then you can display dim sum objects in your logo.

Things like this are important to be able to attract the right customers for your restaurant and also make your logo and restaurant more memorable for visitors. People will certainly be much easier to remember your logo and restaurant if they both display the same concept and values.

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9. Avoid Mainstream Decisions

Even if your business is still a new business or just a small scale, it's always a good thing to prepare for future aspects. All restaurant owners, not only Asian food restaurants, only hope that their restaurant can exist for a long time, not just a few years. Therefore, you can manifest this goal first by creating a timeless Asian food logo.

Most Asian food logos use a classic and traditional look; this is okay if you can make sure that in the next few years, this logo is still relevant and interesting to look at. Design trends for logos always change slowly every year. Nowadays, people prefer to see a simple and modern logo look rather than a classic vintage logo with lots of details.

You can prepare for this trend change in advance by creating a timeless display so that in the future, you don't have to rebrand your logo again. This is, of course, a very important thing to consider, not only because the rebranding process takes a very long time, but changing your logo in the future can also sometimes eliminate the essence and image that has been attached to your customers' heads for your restaurant.

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10. Create A Versatile Logo Design

A good logo is a logo that can be used for various branding products and display types but can still be seen clearly and well. One example of a good versatile logo is the logo of a big brand like Adidas or Nike. The appearance is simple yet easy to identify, and the logo is very versatile, which means that it can be easily co-operated with all of its products and branding.

For example, this brand displays its logo on the various products they provide without looking tacky or unusual. Instead, this logo is a characteristic that users want to display in their products. This is what you should pay attention to when you create your logo design.

You can start first with a complex display concept with lots of detail and then try to simplify it so that the usability of the logo becomes better. Although a complex logo is not always bad or a simple logo is not always good, a simpler display with sufficient detail always makes it look cleaner and more professional.

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Final Words

Designing a logo for an Asian food restaurant can be challenging, especially if you have never designed a logo before or are not a professional designer. But the most important thing is to create a reflective and personalized logo display for your brand.

Show the value and uniqueness of your restaurant that customers cannot find in competitor restaurants around you. Make your restaurant brand a unique and authentic brand that distinguishes you from most restaurant brands.

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Your branding concept and logo design are elements that cannot be separated from one another. Also, pay attention to your brand positioning to be able to produce an effective logo design that can describe everything that describes your restaurant business.

The various tips that we have shared above are the best tips that we have curated ourselves to help you design the best logo Asian food restaurant. Remember, a good logo is a logo that is not only pleasing to the eyes or attractive to look at but also a logo that is distinctive and attached to your own business.

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