30 Best Church Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Feed your faith, and your fear will starve to death!  Check out some of the best church logo design ideas we have curated to inspire you with fantastic ideas!
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Faith is one of the most important things in life. In addition to worshiping and trying to carry out religious orders, faith can be increased by using certain symbols or logos. Here are the 30 best church logo designs you should check.

Creating a logo design is not easy. The process requires high creativity. Usually, attractive and fantastic designs are made by people who are experienced in the field. Especially if the logo is related to a religion, such as a church, of course, it requires faith and deep expertise in its manufacture.

Best Church Logo Designs That Can Inspire You

You can use church logo designs as inspiration to create new, more interesting logo designs. This symbol of faith will be able to encourage people to be more obedient in carrying out religion.

These designs are the work of the best designers in the world, so it deserves to be used as references.


1. Westminster Presbyterian Church

Created by Justin Carroll

This church logo design was created by Justin Carroll. The mission of this Church is to glorify God, nurture people and proclaim the good news. Carroll carries a logo design like a church with a high tower.

While the lower part of the tower is like a church building with doors and windows, this logo looks more simple because it only uses one color.


2. Yielded Church

Created by Fiyin Adeniyi

Yield Church is a church logo design created by Fiyin Adeniyi. He uses the concept of both hands carrying a box on them. This Church has its base in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This church logo design raises several important concepts.

For example, the concept of culture, modern, honest, unique, and familial. The logo also includes the words Est 019 Yielded Church.


3. The Refinery Church

Created by GTMA Agency

The Refinery Church was created in 2021. This logo design was for a new church in Temecula, California. The vision of this Church is to love God and all his potential gifts. In comparison, its mission is to invite others to love God and others.

The concept used as a logo is a mix of a half circle and a full circle on it. Then, the bottom was given the words The Refinery Church into two lines.


4. Landmark Church

Created by Avincer Studio

Next is the Landmark Church, which is a design by Avincer Studio. This logo was created for a church in the South Florida area. Landmark Church created a logo with the concept of a cross, target, and sun.

The meaning of the Cross is Christ and Salvation. At the same time, the meaning of the target is the right path. In contrast, the sun means energy, warmth, and welcome.


5. Overflowing Church

Created by Kangho Kim

Overflowing Church is a church logo design that has a different concept. This logo was created by Kangho Kim with the theme of waves and waterfalls. At first glance, they look like ordinary lines, but they actually have meaning.

If observed, in the middle, there is a sign of the cross, which means Divinity. At the same time, the waterfall signifies the endless blessings of God.


6. The Gathering

Created by Eli Maughan

Eli Mauchan was the one who created The Gathering's designs. The Gathering is a small community focused on God. This church logo design is deliberately made with a contemporary modern feel.

However, The Gathering still emphasizes the aesthetic and traditional side so that it is more complete. The design uses a cross mark. It represents togetherness and care.


7. Santuário do Senhor Bom Jesus

Created by João Borges Júnior

Joao Borges Junior made this Santuario Do Senhor Bom Jesus design very neat. In every symbol and pattern made, there is a meaning. This logo design uses an elongated semi-circle pattern combined with cubes, straight lines, small circles, and several other lines.

Although it seems complicated, the Santuario Do Senhor Bom Jesus logo design looks quite elegant and modern.


8. Midtown Church

Created by Andrew Wiseman

The next is Midtown Church. This logo was created for a church in the Kansas City, MO, area. At first glance, this logo model created by Andrew Wiseman looks simple but very contemporary.

Use a full circle with three horizontal lines down the middle. In fact, it is a representation of the letter M. The goal is to cover all the elements in the group.


9. Onlife

Created by Dayvison Barbosa

Onlife is one of the 30 best church logo designs you should check. This design was created by Dayvison Barbosa with a simple concept. Actually, this logo is for a community called The Youth Group Onlife.

The formation of the group since eight years ago. The goal is to get closer to God. Onlife uses a circle design model with a cross symbol in the middle. Meanwhile, the words Onlife are placed on the right.


10. Sheer Collective

Created by Nicholas D'Amico

Sheer Collective has a logo design that is different from the others. Nicholas D'Amico, who designed the logo, deliberately combines letters, images, and patterns. He uses the word Sheer at the top in large and Collective Church at the bottom in two lines.

While in the middle, he made a circle pattern with a crown in it. Then give beautiful lines on the right and left sides. This is a logo design for the faith community that elevates the value of honesty and other qualities.


11. Zion Church

Created by Bruno Leal

Zion Church is one of the church logo designs created by Bruno Leal. In creating this logo design, he blended a full circle and a mountain pattern. Leal puts the mountain in the middle by giving it two color gradations to add to its beauty.

Then, besides, it was written a line Zion Church. He made this paper into two color gradations, namely from old to young. Therefore, the result of the logo design looks more elegant.


12. The Fellowship

Created by Lynae Hilton

This is a church logo design belonging to the Fellowship of San Antonio. Lynae Hilton is the one who designed it with a model like a single door. This logo design is made with straight lines below and circular above, like royal doors.

Then draw vertical and horizontal lines in the middle to become four sides. Hilton also added two circular sides on the inside with short lines. Then, at the bottom was given the words Fellowship of San Antonio.


13. International Christian Center

Created by Mateus Cardoso

As one of the 30 best church logo designs you should check, the International Christian Center has a pretty unique logo. The person who made this design is Mateus Cardoso. The logo concept uses two semi-circles at the bottom and a small circle at the top.

The International Christian Center believes in God as well as the country. Usually, on the back of the logo is an image of Jesus standing with His hands stretched out.


14. Igreja Batista

Created by Jaqueline Teixeira

Igreja Batista is one of the church logo designs that adopts a modern and simple concept. Jaqueline Teixeira is the designer who created the logo. Teixeira uses the basic form of a cross symbol.

Then he made a circular line from the top left to the bottom right. In addition, it also provides two lines extending from the bottom left side to the top right. Then write Igreja Batista into two lines on the right side of the logo.


15. Glorious Royal Rock Christian Church

Created by Mathew Oyeniyi

Glorious Royal Rock Christian Church is one of the inspirations for the church logo design designed by Mathew Oyeniyi. This design is for a church located in Lagos, Nigeria. This church logo uses a yellow pattern.

The shape is circular at the top and straight at the bottom. While in the middle, there is a cross mark and several other line patterns. This Church believes in the prophethood and teaching of the Bible.


16. Rede Apostólica Cristã

Created by Matheus Felipe Flores

The Thirty best church logo design you should check next is Rede Apostolica Crista. The creator of this design is Matheus Felipe Flores. It carries a circular design with a kite in the middle. However, it doesn't look like a full circle because the lines are made imperfectly.

Rede Apostolica Crista has several meanings and symbols, such as simplicity, applicability, modernity, and pattern. This design seems to combine traditional and modern concepts.


17. Fire

Created by yasmin kênnya

From the name, this church logo design is like carrying fire. This is one of the church logo designs that are quite unique compared to the others. The maker is Yasmin Kennya. At first glance, this logo does not look like a church logo.

More like a certain product brand. However, making it certainly has a certain meaning and purpose. The impression that is caused is that the fire is placed on the letter E.


18. Igreja Presbiteriana de Vila Maria

Created by Jennifer Sá

Igreja Presbyteriana De Vila Maria is a church that is quite unique and aesthetic. This logo design was created by Jennifer Sa. Has a fairly unique component consisting of circles and lines, such as stairs.

However, each line of this church logo has a meaning. For example, a rounded circle has a family meaning. At the same time, the longitudinal line at the bottom itself means Biblia or guided by the Al-Kitab.


19. Peniel

Created by Fio Gonçalves

Peniel is one of the logo designs created for a church in Brazil. Vio Goncalves is the person who designed the logo design. The goal of creating Peniel designs is for simplicity and expansion.

When designing, Goncalves chose a special font by extending the bottom side of the letters E and L. The writing on the logo uses black on a red background. Then, at the top is added a white circle with a ribbon inside.


20. Igreja Batista do Prado

Created by Martin Lorenzo da Rocha

As one of the church logo designs, Igreja Batista Do Prado uses a unique cross image. The image of the cross in this logo is given additional lines on the right and bottom sides. The choice of the model further emphasizes the religious side of the Church.

Martin Lorenzo Da Rocha is the one who designed it. Igreja Batista Do Prado's writing is placed to the right of the image logo. The image of the cross on the design shows Christianity.


21. Maison Mèse

Created by Charles Connoué

As one of the 30 best church logo designs you should check, Maison Mere has a unique design. Charkes Connoue made this design with a shape like a church house. The former convent's architecture, which has three bell towers, is the inspiration for this logo.

Maison Mere has three cones. Two are at the bottom, while the other is at the top. Then, at the bottom of the logo, there is the inscription Maison Mere consisting of two lines. This logo design is like wanting unity in a community.


22. City Light

Created by Peter Culkin

Peter Culkin is the man who designed the City Light church logo. Like some of the previous logos, City Light uses a circle theme. However, the results of the design look more simple, but there are not many patterns.

Peter Culkin divides the circle into right and left halves. Then, on the left side, he added two semi-circle semi-circles. While on the right side, he made two L-shaped lines. The words City Light are placed at the bottom of the circle logo.


23. Pilar

Created by Marden Jump

Pillar is a church logo design. The creator is Marden Jump. Pilar's name is taken from the name of the Church in Parauapebas, Brazil. Construction of the Church itself began in 2021.

Pilar logo design only consists of simple writing. On the letter P, there is an upper dot. However, at first glance, it doesn't look like the letter P. Designer also removed the center line on the letter A. Pilar has three slogans consisting of Serve, Connect and Worship.


24. The Kingdom Co

Created by Isaiah Guerrero

The Kingdom CO is one of the 30 best church logo designs you should check. The creator of this logo design is Isaiah Guerrero. Unlike the other logos, this logo only has a box shape with the words The Kingdom CO in three lines.

This is a logo ordered by a pastor. This design focuses on the font model. The creation of The Kingdom CO logo was made very simply in order to make the natural and green nuances of the northwest more visible.


25. East Lake United Methodist Church

Created by Maddie Hathcox

East Lake, United Methodist Church logo, was created by Maddie Hathcok. Like several previous designs, this logo carries the concept of a full circle on the outside. This design looks quite elegant and simple. That's because it uses a thin line.

In the middle, this logo also uses a cross. However, it is not so visible because there are additional patterns of circles and lines that form a unity. This church logo has several meanings, such as cohesiveness, engagement, tradition, and expansion.


26. Citizens Church

Created by Dimitrije Mikovic

Another international design inspiration for the church logo is Citizens Church. This logo was created by Dimitrije Mikovic. Mikovic designed it for Bryan College Station. He raised the theme of a circle with a cross in the middle.

At first glance, the middle part does not look like a cross because it is connected with several other patterns that form a unity. Based on the narrative of the creator, this logo has its own history.


27. Instituto Gênesis

Created by Larissa Costa

The next church logo design is Instituto Genesis. Larissa Costa is the one who created this design. Compared to others, the Costa design has a unique impression. This design is made with several patterns, such as an elongated semi-circle.

Besides that, this design also uses an incomplete circle like a kite. Some of these patterns are connected by four lines plus one line at the top. Because the design seems unique, some use it for t-shirts and other fashion.


28. Garden Church

Created by Charles Honig

As the name suggests, Garden Church has a plant theme. This church logo design was created by an international designer named Charles Honig. The plant in this design is a single plant with dense leaves.

Garden Church was created in Portland, Oregon. Before having the final design as it is now, Garden Church has gone through several stages. There are at least two unused designs. That's because the design choice fell on a collection of leaves without flowers.


29. Amazing Love

Created by Frank Antony

The cross is a symbol of the Church. One logo design that uses this symbol is Amazing Love. The designer who made this logo is Frank Antony. Not only emphasizing the symbol of the cross, but Antony also named it with the theme of love.

The overtaking symbol he uses is different from those in general. Frank Antony added curved lines in the middle and underside. Interestingly, this logo is widely used for various products or goods. For example, bottles, glasses, hats, t-shirts, and others.


30. First Free

Created by Allan Peters

First Free is a church logo design with a circular pattern. This design was created by Allan Peters with an orange background. The circle, as the main design in this logo, uses white color, thus symbolizing purity.

Although it doesn't look simple, the design looks elegant because the result is like two circles merging into one. Moreover, it contains a series of six leaves connected by lines. Meanwhile, under the leaf, there is a curved line into four parts.


Final Words

Those are the 30 best church logo designs you should check. Hopefully, the references above can be an inspiration for those of you who will design a logo. Creating a logo, especially a church logo, is not easy.

Designers must understand what the vision and mission of the church organization are. Then pour all these components into the logo. In addition, the logo should also be made as simple as possible and have a modern feel so that it looks elegant. However, also does not leave the impression of tradition and culture.


Let us know what you think!

The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!


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