30 Best Church Logo Designs You Should Check

Created by Allan Peters -

Feed your faith, and your fear will starve to death! Check out some of the best church logo designs we have curated to inspire you with fantastic ideas!


1. Westminster Presbyterian Church

Created by Justin Carroll


2. Yielded Church

Created by Fiyin Adeniyi


3. The Refinery Church

Created by GTMA Agency


4. Landmark Church

Created by Avincer Studio


5. Overflowing Church

Created by Kangho Kim


6. The Gathering

Created by Eli Maughan


7. Santuário do Senhor Bom Jesus

Created by João Borges Júnior


8. Midtown Church

Created by Andrew Wiseman


9. Onlife

Created by Dayvison Barbosa


10. Sheer Collective

Created by Nicholas D'Amico


11. Zion Church

Created by Bruno Leal


12. The Fellowship

Created by Lynae Hilton


13. International Christian Center

Created by Mateus Cardoso


14. Igreja Batista

Created by Jaqueline Teixeira


15. Glorious Royal Rock Christian Church

Created by Mathew Oyeniyi


16. Rede Apostólica Cristã

Created by Matheus Felipe Flores


17. Fire

Created by yasmin kênnya


18. Igreja Presbiteriana de Vila Maria

Created by Jennifer Sá


19. Peniel

Created by Fio Gonçalves


20. Igreja Batista do Prado

Created by Martin Lorenzo da Rocha


21. Maison Mèse

Created by Charles Connoué


22. City Light

Created by Peter Culkin


23. Pilar

Created by Marden Jump


24. The Kingdom Co

Created by Isaiah Guerrero


25. East Lake United Methodist Church

Created by Maddie Hathcox


26. Citizens Church

Created by Dimitrije Mikovic


27. Instituto Gênesis

Created by Larissa Costa


28. Garden Church

Created by Charles Honig


29. Amazing Love

Created by Frank Antony


30. First Free

Created by Allan Peters


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The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!

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