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Article: 30 Best Korean Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Korean Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

South Korea is a heaven of K-pop music, K-dramas, bulgogi, and kimchi. Check out some of the best Korean logo design ideas to inspire your projects!

Created by Myohan Oh |

In the evolving realm of graphic design, where artistry meets symbolism, there's one design aesthetic that's been attracting international attention: Korean logo design ideas. As a graphic designer, you're no stranger to the ebb and flow of design trends, but Korean logo design is more than just a passing fad. It's a rich blend of traditional and modern elements, capturing a unique essence that can inspire innovative ideas for your next design project.

For those who love exploring new frontiers in design, it's high time to delve into the fascinating world of Korean logo design ideas. From the use of Hangul, Korea's beautifully scriptive alphabet, to the integration of cultural motifs, Korean logo design is a playground of creative possibilities. It's not just about imitating Korean aesthetics but understanding and incorporating the core principles that make these designs so attractive and meaningful.

Whether you're in search of fresh design inspiration or seeking to broaden your design toolkit, join us on this enlightening journey through the kaleidoscope of Korean logo design ideas. We promise you'll walk away with a plethora of unique ideas, tips, and insights to infuse your next project with a dash of Korean flair!


1. Blackship Japanese Korean

Created by Daniel Führer |

One thing every designer needs to know in creating the best Korean logo is it should be eye-catching. If you can catch the audience's attention, the audience will read the text on your logo. This Blackship Japanese Korean logo has an eye-catching color, cadmium red. The background is going to catch people's attention and persuade them to read the text.


2. dim Po

Created by dim Po |

Bright colors can always attract people's curiosity. Red is just one example of eye-catching color. You can also use a banana-yellow color for the background of your logo. This light yellow's tetradic colors are light red, light cyan, and light blue. Use one or two of them to create a stunning illustration for the logo.


3. Yong Sun Jung Korean BBQ

Created by Dorian Avila |

Soft red or coral pink will be an excellent option if you prefer something smoother and more soothing for the background of the logo. This color blends well with some shades of blue. But since it is a soft color, you may want to use a bold one for the illustration of your logo, like the very dark blue. 


4. Soul Seoul

Created by graph_uvarov |

Another key to making a perfect logo design is by creating a memorable logo design. This Soul Seoul may be a very simple logo, but people are going to remember it very easily. It is a very simple illustration of a Korean wearing a hanbok, which is a traditional Korean cloth. The color red will make people stare at your logo.


5. LA Soju

Created by Remus Hincu |

You should choose an eye-catching color for the Korean logo. But if there are some different colors, make sure that they don't look too crowded. This color can be a smooth and nice background. It will be awesome with yellow, strong yellow, vivid orange, and a darker green. Your unique font should make readable text.


6. K-Rok Korean Barbecue & Karaoke

Created by Nate DeHaan |

Balancing the logo is another important thing to do. For example, if you already use a soft background color and a unique font for the main text, use a simple and highly readable font for the complementary text. This balanced combination is about to make a simple yet gorgeous logo design. However, both fonts must match each other.


7. Empreintes

Created by Khalil Benihoud |

Since this is a Korean logo, you may want to use Hangul for the text. But you need to think about the non-Korean audience, who will also be your target market. This means it is crucial to combine Hangul with the alphabet so that your Korean and non-Korean potential customers can read the text easily and remember your brand.


8. Ensemble

Created by GuReumi |

This brand for the Korean musician group has a trumpet illustration made of Hangul. The colors used on the trumpet look stunning and eye-catching but not too crowded. If you like those colors, use dark magenta, vivid orange, and pure orange for the illustration. And then pick something dark for the font, like this brown color.


9. 마이산

Created by ethan macdonald |

South Korea has a mountain named 마이산 or Maisan. Since this mountain becomes the inspiration for the Korean logo, the logo should have colors that represent nature. Bright blue, moderate dark blue, and mostly black are some tones that represent the mountain. At the same time, soft yellow symbolizes the sun that makes the mountain look awesome.


10. Kimchi

Created by Olly Altukhova |

This fermented vegetable is a famous Korean dish made of spicy cabbage. Then you can use some colors that represent the spicy taste or the color of kimchi. Vivid yellow makes an eye-catching background; it is also a warm color that will freshen your logo. A strong pink or Debian red will represent the spicy taste of the kimchi.


11. Misikilsang

Created by enspire inc. |

Hangul typeface comes in so many styles. Some of them will make your logo look professional. If you try to create a very professional Korean logo, it is crucial to use a Hangul typeface that has simple lines like the one on this Misikilsang logo. Pair the font with elegant colors like very dark saturated blue and light grayish blue.


12. Burning Heart

Created by Maskon Brands |

A Korean logo should also be timeless, which means it should last forever so that you don't have to replace it within years. This Burning Heart logo is a genius example of a timeless Korean logo. The logo has two shades of orange on the heart illustration that also represents the fire on the campfire. The shades of gray perfect the Hangul text.


13. Jeju

Created by Olga Korochinskaia |

Very dark blue is the best color for the logo background if you want to use doodles on the logo. A contrasting color will make your doodles more stunning and raise people's curiosity. White is the best color for the doodles. And if there's text among the doodles, use bright red so that people can spot it easily.


14. K Style Lab

Created by Miguel Andre B. Santana |

Monochromatic colors will also make a timeless logo design. With the right font and illustration style, your monochromatic Korean logo will be modern and futuristic as well. Look at this modern monochromatic logo that has a minimalist regular sans-serif font and some lines for the illustration. Straight lines make the illustration more modern. 


15. Hanok Guesthouse

Created by Design Compass |

How can you make a guesthouse logo design look more stunning? By using the best photo of your guesthouse as the background of the logo. But if the photo will be the background of your logo, it is crucial to pick the right color for the text you'll place on it. Ease your audience in reading the text, so use bold Hangul font for the text.


16. Tiger school food

Created by 90m813 |

How many colors should you have on one Korean logo? Ideally, you only need two to three colors for a wonderful logo design. But you can use more as long as the other colors you use are monochromatic. For example, this logo has a green shade and an orange. Both are contrasting colors, so black and white will neutralize them.


17. ChiTok

Created by Dalius Stuoka |

Fonts for Korean logos vary, but you need to find one that represents your business flawlessly. This Chitok logo has a modern font with rounded ends. The rounded ends of the font symbolize flexibility that never ends. The text has a black color that eases you to read the unique font. And its illustration is super simple that it won't hurt people's eyes.


18. Dalla Dalla

Created by Adam Navarro |

Dalla Dalla is the most beautiful idea for those looking for elegant logo inspiration. This logo has a very dark violet for the background, moderate blue, very dark saturated magenta, and moderate dark blue for the illustration. And for the text, it has white and vivid pink. Those shades make the overall logo more luxurious.


19. Sansuhwa Tea House

Created by STUDIO FLAG |

If the previous logo has a Hangul text inside a circle frame, this one has a rectangular shape framing the Hangul text. Two colors on this logo make it look very charming and formal. The background is very dark grayish blue, while the illustration has a light brown and a darker brown, a very dark grayish magenta.


20. Yumchi Kimchi

Created by Jake Hill |

Since kimchi is made of vegetables, it is legal to use tones of green which is the color of most vegetables. The main color on this logo is moderate dark green you can see on the background, along with a very soft green. The text has a very soft yellow color that looks nice on the green background. 


21. Lee ju

Created by Lee ju |

Another formula you need to know in creating a perfect Korean logo is designing a logo that works well, small or large. If your logo will have a Hangul text, make sure that people can still read the text even though you place it on a small surface like on a plastic cup or other stuff. And pick colors that ease your audience to read it.


22. Everyeong

Created by Kelvin Kottke |

Thin fonts can always make a modern, minimalist, simple, formal, and professional logo design. This Everyeong logo is a great example of a wonderful logo made of thin fonts. The Hangul and alphabet letters are all made of modern geometrical font. Even the complimentary text has modern fonts that enhance the logo's elegance.


23. Binggrae Togather ice cream

Created by Lee ju |

Who will be the target market of your business? If you offer ice cream for everyone, make sure that you pick colors that will attract everyone. Bright red will be an eye-catching background for white text with rounded ends. Use Hangul if your target customers are all Korean. 


24. Kimchi Vegan Street Food

Created by Josephine Bogs Eriksen |

A great logo should encompass the vibe of your brand. If the logo is about tasty, delicious kimchi, make an illustration of a person enjoying your kimchi. And pick colors that reflect the product you are selling. The girl on this kimchi logo design has a strong red color which is the color of chili.


25. Hanja

Created by Christie Tang |

How to make a highly flexible Korean logo design? By using monochromatic colors. Black text on a white background looks simple and modern. And the white text on the black background looks more dominating and mysterious. Monochromatic colors like black and white will match a serif font and an illustration that is actually a Hangul.


26. OMO - OMO

Created by polkadot design |

This Korean kitchen logo is very eye-catching because of the very bright, vivid yellow color. If you, too, want to adopt a neon color for the background of your logo, make sure that you use black or another very dark color for the illustration and text. Don't use pastels since they will be invisible on a neon background.


27. Hannam Korean Textile

Created by Jan Kevin Dolfo |

The Hannam Korean Textile logo has two different fonts, but both are from the serif family. Both fonts for the main text and complementary text have thin lines but have different colors. The main part of the logo is the H monogram which has a dark color and bold lines. Its color matches the main text's color.


28. 김 창우

Created by 김 창우 |

Because of the illustration, you know that this restaurant provides chicken dishes. If you try to create a Korean logo and you want to use Hangul only with no alphabet, make sure that you use an illustration that will help non-Korean audiences understand what your business is about. 


29. Yusan Young

Created by Breath Company |

This skincare brand claims that it uses high-quality organic ingredients. That's why the illustration of the logo has a picture of a landscape. The pine in the middle of the illustration has a different color which makes people focus on it. Make everyone focus on your logo by using a bright color for the main character of your logo.


30. LOVE

Created by Myohan Oh |

You can also make a Korean logo look like a raw sketch. Combine some lines with monochromatic colors, and you'll get a unique and creative logo design. But instead of black and white, try to use different shades of gray on your Korean logo.


Frequently Ask Questions

What is a Korean logo design?

Korean logo designs showcase a unique blend of traditional aesthetics and modern elements, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Korea. From bold typography to intricate symbols, these logos capture the essence of Korean design. Incorporating vibrant colors and clean lines, they often exude a sense of harmony and balance. Korean logo designers draw inspiration from nature, calligraphy, and traditional patterns, infusing their creations with elegance and grace. Whether it's a sleek modern logo or a more traditional emblem, Korean logo designs offer a distinct visual appeal that can captivate audiences.

Which colors are commonly used in Korean logo designs?

When it comes to Korean logo design, a variety of colors are commonly used to create visually striking and meaningful designs. The choice of colors in Korean logos often reflects cultural symbolism and aesthetics. For instance, red represents passion and energy, while blue symbolizes trust and stability. Traditional Korean colors like hanbok-inspired hues such as pink, purple, and green are also popular choices. Moreover, the use of warm earth tones like brown and beige can evoke a sense of tradition and heritage.

Which industry niche commonly uses Korean logo designs?

Korean logo designs are versatile and can be found across various industry niches. However, there are a few sectors where they are particularly popular. Korean logos are commonly seen in industries related to fashion and beauty, where they reflect the country's reputation for stylish trends and innovative skincare products. Korean restaurants and food brands also often feature logos with Korean-inspired elements, capturing the essence of the cuisine and inviting customers to explore traditional flavors. Additionally, Korean logo designs can be found in sectors such as technology, entertainment, and tourism, as they convey a sense of modernity, creativity, and cultural identity.

What are the successful examples of Korean logo designs?

Korean logo designs have seen great success in recent years, with several standout examples that showcase their creativity and impact. One such example is the logo for Samsung, a globally recognized brand that embodies sleek and modern design. Another successful Korean logo design is the emblem of Hyundai, which combines simplicity and elegance to represent the brand's automotive excellence. In the entertainment industry, the logo for K-pop sensation BTS has become iconic, using typography and symbolism to convey their unique identity. Furthermore, the logo for Korean Air is a striking representation of the airline's commitment to quality and service.

Which design styles are often used to create Korean logo designs?

Korean logo designs incorporate a range of design styles that reflect the country's cultural heritage and contemporary aesthetics. One prominent style is the use of clean and minimalistic design, focusing on simplicity and clarity to create a sleek and modern look. Traditional Korean elements such as hanbok patterns, calligraphy, and symbols are often integrated to add a touch of authenticity and cultural richness. Another popular style is the fusion of traditional and modern design, blending ancient symbolism with contemporary typography and graphics. Additionally, Korean logos often embrace vibrant colors and bold typography to make a strong visual impact.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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