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Article: 30 Best African Logo Designs You Should Check

30 Best African Logo Designs You Should Check

A man without culture is like zebra without stripes!
Check out some of the best African logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by FatPenguin studio |

Logo design comes in various models, looks, ideas, and inspirations. Sometimes, creators go beyond by implementing several forms that express or refer to a continent. Take the example of Africa. Africa has various charms comprising urban design, architectural models, diaspora, fashion, and to certain visible identity for them.

Africa also has diverse and vibrant design capabilities thanks to its profuse source of history, contemporary art, culture, and visual identity. That is why African-based companies, businesses, or anything related can explore the vast possibilities of African logo design ideas. But what to include in the design? There is more to explore and learn about Africa.

Many visual representations go along with African history, creativity, tradition, medium, nature, textile, art, metalwork, goldsmithing, and so on. As designers use or complement the design with modern techniques, there are even bigger possibilities to develop a meaningful logo design or visual identity.

How do you make it? The following design inspirations are some of the best African logo design ideas for you to learn about all capabilities. Please note that design has no boundaries. But, a proper logo design development progress and understanding every visual cue for its elements should help curate the best identity for you.

Here are some of the best African logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Pinto

Created by Bureau Rabensteiner |

The simple use of a wordmark in Pino highlights the function and subtle design model in it. It is made out of a simple sans-serif image with a unique P and O letter. Both letters are made with separate lines in a round, which help avert the viewer's attention. It sure is pretty simple, but that is one of the reasons why it works for Africa or any other continent.


2. Baka

Created by Mam'Gobozi Design Factory |

Ma's Gobozi created the logo design with a direct visual manifestation of Africa. In this case, the imagery consists of a uniquely made typeface. The typography by itself does not have too much flair, but it shows simplicity and structure. The African aspect comes from the font itself, which depicts a woodworking design that is very common in Africa.


3. Kenya Wildlife Service

Created by Lisa Omore |

Kenya Wildlife Service has a straightforward logo design that delivers the meaning at first glance. The logo is a combination of symbols, illustrations, and wordmarks. The symbol is crafted beautifully to create elephant imagery, hiding a silhouette of a smaller elephant. The arrangement with curved font makes the design versatile, iconic, memorable, and recognizable.


4. Madikwe

Created by Rico Smith |

One of the distinctive visual identities of Africa is its textile pattern. Many African tribes have their unique share of textiles and clothes, which turn into an amazing inspiration for logo design. Madikwe proved it well. The symbol uses a unique pattern identical to many African textile works. The fonts are made with serif typography to balance the noisy pattern.


5. Katea

Created by ‎‏‏‎Marïn |‏‏‎‎

Katea's logo design is packed with references. The colorful hand smudges represent the vibrancy of the continent. The smudge also represents one of many tribal makeups. It is a very on-point detail. To complement the vibrant color, the wordmark is made with a very simple font replicating the handwriting style. The logo symbol might not work by itself, but it is memorable imagery.


6. AYE

Created by Mateus Araújo |

The sheer purity of direct and simple wordmarks from Aye is amazing. It is unique as the typeface is something distinctive, a representative of handwriting or drawing. The simple leaf image behind might be a clue that explains the development concept. It is because the unique typeface has abstract weight, resembling the diversity of every leaf in one tree.


7. The Africa Centre

Created by Mam'Gobozi Design Factory |

The Africa Center logo design is the epitome of modern, relevant dynamic imagery. The logo combines both wordmark and symbol, which show a distinctive and memorable visual. The symbol by itself is one of a kind. It is made out of various simple shapes arranged in a way that resembles the traditional towering design in several African tribes.


8. The Flux

Created by Chisaokwu Joboson |

One thing that companies should remember is that logo design can also appear as a moving object or animated logo. The flux design takes the best chance to make it work. It uses a red and white color scheme and line art design with waves that both resemble the African continent and the flag. The whole concept and design also fit its name, as Flux translated as the action of flow.


9. Mukoma

Created by Tamuka Nyoni |

There are a lot of visual representations of Africa, which one can find through the historical and traditional aspects. Mukoma takes great consideration of traditional handwriting style. It uses a unique typeface with a jagged end, sharp position, and separation. Along with the loud noises in the background, the design captures the real essence of Africa.


10. Coração da África

Created by Marina Itano |
One of the best ways to make a fun and unique logo design is through typography. In this African logo design for themed restaurants and bars, the design takes several visual characteristics. The wordmark uses the Saharan desert color, made out of a hot orange and yellow blend. The font also has the local tribe's signature look.


11. Ocean Sports

Created by Sarah Anne Gibson |

Africa is not only about local tribes and old traditional culture. Some places are pretty advanced and known for tourism, thanks to their beautiful beaches. Kenya is an example of a tourist favorite in Africa. To fit the vibe, the logo design captures the essence of the beach and illustration. Thus, it uses palm tree silhouettes with customized fonts that shout Ocean and Wave.


12. Rhino Gin

Created by FatPenguin studio |

There is nothing wrong with going literal to the meaning or the name. Rhino Gin takes its name and puts the same animal as its symbol. But the iconic one-horned rhino is not the only element to admire. The monogram from the R & G letter, plus the essence of the African vibe, makes the logo remarkable. It stands out among the crowd with the bold and all-cap font.


13. Aduke Oriad

Created by Fathiu Olayemi |

Aduke Driad fabrics logo design develops a very dissociative identity for the African logo. The unique typography is the main visual element, which comes with a pronunciation note. The note might refer to the local or African language. But the use of different shapes, heights, and models while still using relevant colors make this logo work.


14. Asante

Created by LiNa Yousry |

The first thing that stole the glance and attention was the beautiful pictorial of the logo. It is graphic imagery representing a woman from a local tribe. The aesthetic imagery comes from the color scheme and pattern. At a glance, one can see the association with Africa. The wordmark is simple, as it uses a unique but direct look.


15. Kult Kava

Created by Lilia Volovelska |

Adopting the national theme and iconic tradition is always the best option to represent a certain location. Kult Kava takes its liberty to deliver the meaning and represent its originality or inspiration by using the ethnic mask from Africa. The writing is also identical to traditional writing from traditional African tribes. But to make it versatile, the creator used line art and simple color.


16. African Exchange Hub

Created by Vumile Mavumengwana |

There is no quite direct representation of Africans in this design, but it still has relevance to the business. The graphic uses three different shapes to represent a diverse source or destination. Then the line bridging every shape represents the "exchange Hub" services. It is very simple imagery, which works well with an extra wordmark and motto.


17. Roar

Created by James Leddington |

Numerous aspects make Roar fitting to the African logo design. At a glance, the unique typography entices the famous traditional handwriting in African history. It is simple, something you can find in caves or old historical buildings on the continent. To complement the simple style, the designer also complimented the iconic African pattern.


18. We Are Mozambique

Created by Eduardo Cartaxana |

From the name, color representation, visualization, and color, everything is well put together. The use of green, red, yellow, and black represents the countries' colors. The imagery and pattern made it fit with the theme of traditional ethnic design. And the holding hand is relevant to its name.


19. Bao Bab

Created by Val Waters |

African logo design from Baobab falls under the wordmark design, with customized typeface or typography. The unique fonts are made to depict handwriting. The unique sizing and simple hierarchy for the typography make it feel more casual. This is a timeless design that works for various backgrounds or media, as it can be altered with different arrangements.


20. Cape

Created by Adam Grason |

Cape African black barrels are made with a well-thought design. The wordmarks are clad in black and golden color, creating a sense of high-end quality. At the same time, the symbols are made as an emblem-like model with an illustration of a cheetah. It is a unique concentrated design, as the cheetah is known as a classy and beautiful animal.


21. Kudu

Created by Michael Penda |

The gourmet coffee logo is made by Michael Penda. Its African identity is not only identified by the name but also by the symbol and color choice. Yellow, gold, and green are the common African colors representing their flag. The symbol is a beautifully made illustration, creating a unique implication of a traditional shield with a café essentials pattern.


22. Taste Africa Food

Created by Studio Warburton |

Nothing wrong with going fun, casual, and as direct as possible. Taste Africa Foods logo makes it very likable with simplicity, memorability, and visual modesty. The idea of using a pictorial representing three bowls stacked together. The unbalanced look adds motion and dynamics to the look. The color scheme is pastel, something fitting with the natural beauty of Africa.


23. African Cat Project

Created by Liszar Inzani |

The African Cat Project logo is not only focusing on the design and representation but also makes a nice illustration representing the name. It put together three iconic cats in Africa, the lion, leopard, and cheetah. Each of them is drawn manually, creating a unique style on the logo. But it also comes with other variations, one with landscape images or typography only.


24. Great Male

Created by Wisecraft |

One of the patterns that are pretty popular in Africa is the use of a line that is circled in the middle. But most of the designs and patterns use sharp edges, something like a square in it. This style is used in the African logo design from Great Male. The use of stone texture with glowing gold color highlights the African richness of nature.


25. Africa Louds It

Created by Abdulsamad Umar |

A simple depiction of the continent map came around as the main symbol of Africa Louds It. There is no exact information on the concept, but from the name, it is presumably something related to a sound project or brand. What makes it fun and relevant is the fact that the use of lines represents sound waves, a fitting imagery for Louds It.


26. African Bloom

Created by Si Maclennan |

The name of the brand and its model fit together to create relevant imagery. The bloom is represented with a simple symbol or illustration that depicts a flower. The unique three-shaped flower can turn into an individual icon. At the same time, the typography is made with a straightforward font, the most suitable option for holding companies.


27. Shaman

Created by Wiktor Ares |

The brand name and the logo design from Shaman are well put together. The visual identity is inspired by the local traditional ethical totem design. The traditional African design is pretty much unique from the get-go. It has a facial face, shape, and wooden crafting style, indicating a strong connection to the Shaman service in Africa.


28. Mosaic Mozambique

Created by Nathaniel Navratil |

Using mosaic as the initial for the logo is a smart and unique representation of African culture. The mosaic comes in a triad color scheme comprising blue, white, and red. It is a common color in African culture, which appears as part of traditional architectural design. It fits with the brand, which is likely for the construction industry.


29. Ginsane Bar

Created by Brad Cuzen |

One thing that makes the emblem or symbol from the Ginsane bar have the touch of African design is minimalistic and patterning. The logo uses simple shapes, such as circles, triangles, lines, and leaves to develop an image of a wine bottle and plant-based material. The depiction and its use of color make the design best fit any circumstance, media, or function.


30. Yamba Caparica

Created by Yokaona |

Yamba does not waste its chance to use the traditional tribe mask from Africa as the focal point of the logo design. The mask is designed in a simple sketching model, creating a less distracting look and giving more versatility in its uses. It also has lines that appear like a shining jewel. Complemented with unique typography, this is one of the iconic African logo design ideas to remember.


Frequently Ask Questions

What is an African logo design?

African logo design refers to the creation of logos that are inspired by African culture, art, and history. It often incorporates African patterns, motifs, colors, and symbols that represent different aspects of African identity and heritage.

What are some common elements in African logo design?

Common elements in African logo design include Adinkra symbols, tribal patterns, wildlife, and natural landscapes. These elements are often used to convey a sense of pride, strength, and unity.

How do you create an African logo design?

Creating an African logo design involves researching and understanding the culture and history of the region. This includes studying traditional art, patterns, and symbols. The designer then incorporates these elements into the design while adding a modern twist to create a unique and memorable logo.

What are some examples of successful African logo designs?

Some examples of successful African logo designs include the logos for African airlines such as Ethiopian Airlines and South African Airways, which incorporate elements of African culture into their branding. The logo for the African Union, which features a map of Africa in the colors of the Pan-African flag, is also a notable example.

How important is cultural sensitivity in African logo design?

Cultural sensitivity is essential in African logo design, as it involves using elements from a specific culture. It is important to ensure that the design is respectful and accurate in its representation of the culture. This includes avoiding cultural appropriation and using appropriate colors and symbols.

How do African logos differ from logos created in other regions of the world?

African logos often incorporate bold, vibrant colors and patterns that are inspired by African art and culture. They also frequently feature wildlife and natural landscapes that are iconic to the continent. In contrast, logos created in other regions of the world may focus on different themes and design elements that are unique to their culture and history.

What are some of the challenges faced when designing an African logo?

One of the challenges faced when designing an African logo is balancing modern design with traditional elements. The designer must also ensure that the logo is culturally sensitive and accurate in its representation of the culture. Additionally, navigating the diversity of African culture and history can be a challenge.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

Can African logo design be used for non-African businesses and organizations?

Yes, African logo design can be used for non-African businesses and organizations. However, it is important to be respectful and accurate in the use of African elements and to ensure that the design is appropriate for the brand and its audience.


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