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Article: 30 Typography Advertisement Ideas For Your Inspiration

30 Typography Advertisement Ideas For Your Inspiration

Making a typography advertisement can be quite challenging.
But once you get the idea, it also can be very easy to do. Here's are some examples for you!
Created by Johan Boulay and Sara Mirabell |  -

Along with other underlying elements of designs, typography is one of the vital parts of advertisement. With ranges of media and usages, the function and the roles of the lettering can differ. It happens in advertising media such as printed or digital, which means you should consider some aspects to make your typography advertisement work.


Type of Advertisement

1. Printed Advertisement

The main point that you should jot down is how important lettering is in this kind of media. Advertisers use typography to tell the consumer the vital message and what they are reading. Thus, there is a high chance that your lettering will influence how the reader will process the information. It also makes a brand identity and also guides the readers.

But then, what makes your typography ad is considered successful? In the case of printed media, you have to consider the result, readability, and material. Chances that the printing process can alter the intentional advertisement design you want. For example, is the distorted color contrast between the background and lettering. That is why a typography advertisement can be a little bit tricky.  

Sometimes, doing wordplay can attract your audience. But you also need to be smart in doing so. In the printed advertisement, you don't have the freedom to create animated elements. Thus, you got what you have. So to make your work good, you should consider color, contrast, weight, kerning, and many other details. The key focus is to make it intelligible. 


2. Digital Advertisement 

When it comes to digital media such as web content, your text information should help provide instant information. But the key point of digital advertisement is how you make your typography attract people's attention in a mere 15 seconds. It may sound impossible, but the aesthetic point and vast possibilities of online media can help you gain it. 

Typography advertisement for digital media includes wider elements and change. You can play around with every design element such as pictures, color, animation, and incorporating search engines. But you also need to be careful in choosing your typefaces. Designers can lose in intricate detail and lose the main purpose of the advertisement. 

In this case, you will have to take care of the H1 tag. It will be your highlight topic or the important keyword. Meanwhile, you can also consider other parts as H2, H3, and so on. Meanwhile, you will use P tags for your content. So, what makes your typography best for digital media? In this case, you can underline some basic details. 

Try to limit your titles. It will help you bring outline spacing and make the navigation links noticeable. You can also play around with your typesetting or typefaces. Uses small or caps, italics, bold letters, or underlines. It is also best to take into consideration diverse typography advertisement font sizes for smaller devices, mobile users, or other interactive media.  


What To Avoid 

As you know that there are some good typography ideas, you will also have some bad things to avoid. When it comes to advertisement, you want to attract and guide the audience to buy your brand. Thus, you will need to splash ranges of information in one media. But, you also need to take care of many aspects. 

Bad typography that you have to avoid is cramping or over information. High chances that you will make the ads filled with different colors, fonts, line height, and everything. At some point, your advertisement can also look scattered and messy. That kind of design will make your reader uncertain and confused with the message. It is a whole mess that makes your ads unintelligible. 


Typography Advertisement Ideas 

1. Jazz Modern Festival

The jazz modern festival typography advertisement is the epitome of art. The uses of modern jazz dance were means to bring out the senses of abstraction and emotion. However, it also compiles professional techniques and movement. You can tell it by how the typography uses minimalistic touch, random, modern, and applicable for every surface, just like the dance.

Created by Svyat Vishnyakov |


2. Cupid Blue

Yaan W offers a variance of advertisement design for different impressions and locations. It also implements an unalike design style but still under the same drive. What makes the typography advertisement works is how the color contrast, alignment, and typeface complement every theme. It uses a black, white, and blue palette. It also uses limited typefaces that help create every poster. 

Created by Yaan W |


3. Drawing Lines in Space

The typography advertisement by Tegusu gives the exact information regarding the brand or message. It was meant for an art exhibition in a contemporary art museum. With that idea, the advertisement uses authentic handwritten typeface style with realistic pencil strokes. It also plays with font scale to make focal points, along with portraits and sketches.

Created by Tegusu Inc. |


4. Cinemateket Trondheim

The project was meant to create cinema posters that bring out a sense of freedom, an open mind, and sophisticated design. As an advertisement, the poster contains some illustrations, typography, and color that fit with the program. The uses of colorful and complementary fonts come along with the smart uses of scales, elements, and alignment. 

Created by Hugmun |


5. Love Letters

As said in the project name, the typography advertisement brings out the sense of love through the daring red color. The designer uses contrasting colors such as black, white, or grey to accentuate the typography. What makes this design outstanding is the use of caps-lock letters on simple yet straightforward typefaces, which emphasize the message and make it easy to read.

Created by Stelios Ypsilantis |


6. Black Lives Matter

Damla Tasdelen started her portfolio as a way to learn typefaces. Her works range from plating with color, alignment, emphasizing meaning to playing with unique typefaces. Her works mostly play around with color contrast, which increases the readability aspect. The typography advertisement itself mostly comes as posters that accentuate some highlight words.

Created by Damla Taşdelen |


7. Ancient Systems

These kinds of posters bring out fun by combining pictures and lettering. The design includes diverse compositions, illustrations, photography, and colors. The good thing about this typography project is the balance of its elements. The color contrast makes the words and pictures visible. The alternate uses of fancy lettering vs. simple pictures or the other way around make it attractive.

Created by Jack Forrest |


8. Tabú

The uses of color contrast, kerning, unique typefaces, and alignment make this typography advertisement stand out. The wording and lettering design on the main page come with high contrast to create a focal point and title. Meanwhile, the typesetting inside uses a very neat display to explain every little detail. It also uses highlights and unique illustrations to fit the theme.

Created by Flor Falabella |


9. Don't Forget To Fly

Working for Nike, the typography advertisement presents the brand and its positive energy through the jargon. The designer uses a painted typeface design for the lettering. It also includes the model picture, which helps visualize the meaning. It smartly incorporates the uses of layout, background, and alignment around the girl's body. Thus, making it the focal point.

Created by Heroink |


10. Glyph Matters

This advertisement campaign brings out simplicity, minimalistic, and monochrome design to life. The idea is to provoke aspiration and motivation through quirky idioms or quotes. With that said, the typography uses very subtle uses of colors contrast and a straightforward manner. It takes a sans serif typeface, plays with writing elements, and completes it with a large illustration.

Created by Tim Semple |


11. Venez Voir!

This typography advertisement is one of the smart examples. The 2020 communication campaign uses both printing and digital media that help deliver the visual identity of the project. The uses of Helium typeface offer a simple touch, which fits the occasion. It also plays with scales and color, which make it easy to recognize or read at the pedestrian.

Created by 205TF |


12. Techstack

In order to bring a sense of brave, brightness, and creativity, the advertisement uses a yellow-black color palette. The striking contrast makes the typography very clear and stands out. But the designer takes a step further by using highlight and H1 design for the title. The bigger scale draws the audience's attention. It also has h2 and h3 font measures that guide the reader's reading flow.

Created by Viktoriia Seliverstova |


13. Atlassian Fillmore Folklore

To create a uniform look in the advertisement, Scott Biersack uses the iconic style of Fillmore Auditorium. However, the typography advertisement brings a long variance of stories, events, and beliefs as well. You can see how the typefaces blend with every detail, such as fiery typefaces for fire, wavy font for radio waves, stretchy details, boxy pattern, vintage, etc.

Created by Scott Biersack |


14. InVision IRL

The IRL project is smart, innovative, modern, and esthetic. The advertisement itself lacks text, but the lettering comes as the perfect logo. The IRL letters come with a unique typeface that consists of some basic shapes, such as circles and rectangles. It fits perfectly with the patterning illustration design, simplistic approach, and iconic style apparel or other media.

Created by Steve Wolf |


15. On The Edge of Time

The random key visuals in these advertisement posters create an immense punch to the reader. It has the same color palette as the typography¸ but brings out a personal touch to the design. It also brought out expressive details, which complement the simple lettering design. There is a lack of fancy typeface, which balances the whole visual representation.

Created by Kirill Ratman |


16. New Voyage

Creating typography advertisements for New Voyage was a journey for Ian Jepson. The compiling details, intricate typefaces, alignment, uses of contrast, and creation of vintage-styled posters is the final result. The color palette helps create a big contrast on top of a black background. The casual san serif font also accentuates the goal, which tells the fun and merry first birthday.

Created by Ian Jepson |


17. Reveal 2

Underlying the idea of transparent background, the typography advertisement project prefers simple typefaces and color. It uses white as the color, which helps develop contrast in darker background images. It also emphasizes the focal information through the bigger title right in the middle. Some other information also comes along with smaller scales to state focus.

Created by Vision Plus |


18. Howard Greenberg Gallery

Straightforward and clear design make this advertisement look simple but not dull. How so? The answer comes from the smart usage of hierarchy, which helps pinpoint the most vital information. It tells the location through the large lowercase title. Meanwhile, some of the other information comes in smaller scales with simple typefaces to avoid distraction.

Created by Maria Dubrovskaya |


19. International Lazy Day

International lazy day typography advertisement throws the shade quite literally. The poster has a single quirky illustration that tells the event. In order to complete it, the advertisement also has some fun phrases that use effortless typefaces (simple). What makes the work outstanding is the range of color contrasts, such as pink-blue or green-orange. It is smart and also fun to look at.

Created by 楊順志 |


20. Parliamone in Piazza

By bringing color and contrasts, the white and unique typography looks amazing in the vibrant colored background. The main point of the poster advertisement is the big, uniquely arranged lettering. Some of the letters also have randomized scales, which create a fun-looking design. The smaller pamphlets also consist of the same lettering, some graphic, and small texts.

Created by Leonardo Gava |


21. Arter

By playing around with the contemporary design, the typography advertisement brings a lot of fun implementation of lettering. The design itself is pretty simple, but how the designer uses color and contrast create an awesome illusion of depth. The designer is also smart in playing with color. The use of a pastel palette and some of the realistic illustrations make it stands out.

Created by Gülce Nur Ertopuz |


22. Time Square Public Art

Creating a public display of art is not a simple task, especially when it comes to typography. The work should convey the meaning, understandable, but also attractive. This job proves all of them. The uses of big lettering on digital media bring out an authentic touch. Each letter also has an aesthetic flower pattern, which stands out on top of the black billboard.

Created by Gemma O’Brien |


23. Do you have 1.7£?

Conveying the message as clear as possible is one of the key purposes of creating typography. This typography advertisement brings out a lot of information through the thorough texts. The poster gets the point delivered by using text hierarchy. Some questions, focal points, and sayings are larger. It also uses a simple monochrome typeface to make it clear.

Created by Kun Qian |


24. 21er Haus Quartier Belvedere

The 21er Haus quartier design makes the simple left alignment typesetting awesome. The uses of red letters bring a lot of contrast from the white advertisement background. It also lacks fancy detail, which helps the typography clear even when situated close to an image. The hierarchy is pretty obvious. You can also identify the main title, the H2, h3, and so on.

Created by Albert Exergian |


25. Alex Dance Studio

Designed for dance studios, the typography advertisement captures the elegance and the sense of smooth movement in its design. You can tell that the typography underlines the modern style and touch. Thus, the designer uses simple, bold typefaces on top of photography. The alignment and the layout make the design stand out, recognizable, and signify the brand identity.

Created by Anastasiia Nikolenko |


26. Smart Meters / Smart Energy

This design by smart energy or smart meters takes the typography as art. The text was not in a flat design but created a scene of wavy wind. The unique positioning, blur, fade, kerning, and detailing create an illusion of water ripple which blends with the image. To make the fancy detail readable, it uses simple typeface and white contrast.

Created by Sawdust |


27. All Points East

To help deliver a strong message, the typography adopts a robust color palette. Black and red create a very well-balanced contrast in the typography advertisement. It also uses uppercase san serif typefaces to grasp the modern and millennial audience. The design also experiments with alignment, which helps improve the convergence aspect of the advertisement.

Created by Dan Barkle |


28. Key4Life

Made for digital media, the key4life artwork plays around with animation and color contrast to get an exciting look as a typography advertisement. The vibrant green color makes the quirky message come out with white fonts. The casual sans serif also helps to add a personal touch. What makes this design stand out is how the overlapping typography position creates a contrasting yet relevant message.

Created by Ana Elena |


29. Knockout Boxing Club

Red, white, and black, the designer hit the real message through the color palette. But the typography also makes the brand recognizable. The design is pretty simple, with the san serif font and underline at the lowercase. The advertisement media uses the same font to create contrast. It also adds a picture at the bottom to accentuate the meaning of the brand.

Created by Michaël Grenier |


30. Street Control

Delivering messages to urban audiences can be tricky. One way to do it is by creating a modern and attractive design. That is what street control does. The graffiti-like typeface, unique alignment, and modern typography make it a great addition for advertisement. It also plays around with a monochrome palette and bold text layout to make it fresh.

Created by Johan Boulay and Sara Mirabell |



When it comes to typography, the function of the creation is to deliver the message. The uses of correct typefaces, layout, model, color, contrast, hierarchy, and style can make one advertisement succeed or fail. As you can see on the ideas and model, making typography advertisements wasn't an easy task.

You got to consider a lot of information and detail to make sure the message is delivered. Whether for printed or digital typography advertisement, one thing that you should underline is the readability aspect. After that, you can make it look attractive.

So what do you think of these examples? Let us your comments, and feel free to write them down in the section below. We hope you enjoy this article, have a good day, and cheers!

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