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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Human Resource Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Human Resource Logo Design

HR isn't a thing we do, but it's the thing that runs our business!
Here are some tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic human resource logo design!
Created by Andre Korshak |

Human resource is a basic resource of the organization. All the activities have to be performed by human resources, so the human resource management plans the strategy to manage the people in the organization. The goals of human resource management are to increase the business by using human resources perfectly.

The proper use of human resources brings growth, profitability, and competitiveness to the business. One of the primary functions of human resource management is human resource planning. Planning is related to managing the demand and supply factors of human resources in organizations.

Created by Vadim Carazan |

Therefore, it can be concluded that human resources are a department or organization that is very important in the professional world. This important department needs an identity that can display professionalism, value, and also the core of human resources. Like other organizations or divisions, Human Resources also needs a logo design as a representative of their identity in the eyes of the public, especially when working in the professional world; the logo is one of the main things that people know about your institution.

A logo gives an identity to the institution. A creatively designed symbol is the center of the marketing job and is put on everything right from products to letters, business cards, websites, and advertisements. In a nutshell, a logo design is just as important as your institution's services when creating a branding image.

Created by Lena Mitkowa |

Nowadays, a logo is very important from a business point of view. Experts say that it speaks volumes about the company, and some further add that the business or an institution logo is capable of making or breaking the business.

Presenting a good logo design can be one of the most important steps you take to support better and more reliable institutional performance. If you are a beginner and want to design your logo, then you can take a look at some of the tips that will be discussed below. The following ten tips can help you to know what you should do or not do when in the process of creating a logo design for human resources. The following is the full discussion:


10 Tips To Create A Good Human Resource Logo Design

  1. Start with Plenty Of Sketching
  2. Find Some Good Inspirations
  3. Prepare Several Concepts
  4. Go For A Stylish & Clean Logo Design
  5. Create Your Own Graphic Elements
  6. Consider Using A Custom Typeface
  7. Create A Memorable Design
  8. Make Use of Negative Space
  9. Be Different & Recognisable
  10. Prepare Several Logo Variants To Adapt Various Media
Created by Wesley Marc Bancroft |


1. Start with Plenty Of Sketching

Like all stages in the creation of other works, sketching is one of the first steps you can take when you want to start your design process. With sketching, you can not only record the ideas that you meet or appear in your head, but your brain can also be more motivated to come out with various creative and potential ideas compared to when you just imagine them in your head.

By using the sketching method that makes you comfortable, the exploration stage of design ideas will feel much easier and also fun. You can use a piece of paper and a pencil, or you can also use digital media for sketching according to your convenience. Sketch and write down any potential ideas that you come up with when you brainstorm and determine the design concept you choose.

An ordinary idea can lead to an extraordinary idea, so you can keep trying to explore every idea you come across. Also, use the diagram method or mindmap to be able to create creative ideas from the raw potential that you have previously found. In this way, the planning process in your human resource logo design will be more effective and ultimately produce an outcome that matches your expectations.

Created by Sara Ezzat |


2. Find Some Good Inspirations

If you are a beginner in logo design and still don't have enough experience, surely you will be looking for lots of inspiration that you can use as an example for your logo design. Looking for inspiration is a very critical stage; here, you can get a lot of potential ideas and interesting elements that you can apply to your logo later.

However, it is important for you to also know where to look for good inspiration. Fortunately, now there are so many free platforms that can give you the work of great designers from all over the world as a source of your ideas. You can visit various platforms such as Pinterest, Behance, Dribble, and many others.

When doing research and exploration to get logo design ideas, the process must run effectively. This means you have to know what you want to look for and where to look so you don't waste your time.

Created by Nemanja Vilovski |


3. Prepare Several Concepts

Color is indeed a very important element in logo design, especially for institutional human resources. Adding certain colors to your logo design can help you achieve the image and personality branding you want. However, in the design process, color can be a distraction and your helper in creating a good concept.

When you're still in the concept planning or idea exploration stage, you don't need to immediately add color to every potential idea you come across. Determining the color for each element or object will take you a lot of time, even though the design can still be explored again to produce a much better appearance.

Created by Sean Ford |

Therefore, when you are still in the planning or sketching stage, it would be much better if you created all the views in a black and white concept first so that you can objectively assess all the ideas you find not based on color, but based on the appearance of existing objects, in the depths.

Any color scheme can make a good idea even better, but an interesting color palette won't be able to save a bad idea. Most often, the form rather than the palette comes to mind when people think of a very good symbol. The edges, forms, and ideas themselves are still what matter most.

Created by Jahid Hasan |


4. Go For A Stylish & Clean Logo Design

The concept you want, in line with the impression you want to project to the public, must be chosen before you can design the logo. You can first do some research to determine which logos best represent the positioning of your human resource brand and how the general public will perceive these types of logos.

In general, in the world of logo design, there are three types of logos that you can consider to be your choice. The first is a logo that only uses typeface or writing only, without using any icon marks or symbols. This type of design is very popular and suitable for those of you who want your brand to look minimalist, professional, and modern. Most businesses and professional organizations use this type of logo for a simpler appearance and also the use of a logo that is more applicable anywhere.

Created by Jay Gyoury |

Second, there is the opposite type of logo from the previous one, only using icon marks or symbols without any typeface from the brand name. Because your brand operates in the human resource field, you can use symbols related to connections, humans, people, or various other symbols that represent your brand.

Lastly, there is a type of logo that combines typeface and icon marks in it. If you want a complete look, this type of design can be an option for you.

Created by Bohdan Harbaruk |


5. Create Your Own Graphic Elements

This tip is intentionally put as the last tip on how to create a logo design for human resources because it is less recommended than the others. A good logo is supposed to be truly personalized and designed specifically for your brand, and sometimes an automatic logo generator can only produce the usual generic look.

However, if you are on a tight budget and tight in time or energy, so you can't design a custom logo for your brand, then using a generator can be a very helpful savior. You can search for a logo maker or logo generator on Google, and later there will be lots of platforms that provide these services for free.

They will present tens or even hundreds of logo displays for you to choose from, according to the brief or customization you provide. Some generator logos also give you the freedom to change the look they have given to make it more personalized and matching with your branding.

Created by Tamara Radke |


6. Consider Using A Custom Typeface

If you use a logo that doesn't have a typeface, then you can skip this tip. However, if you choose a logotype that has a typeface, or even only contains a typeface, then the font style you choose is a very important part for you to pay attention to. In addition to the icon element, the typeface is the main element in the logo design that will greatly determine the appearance of your logo. The style you use will greatly affect the overall appearance of the design. For example, if you use a serif look, you will produce a more classic look; on the other hand, if you use a san serif font, the display will feel more simple and modern.

To create a logo design that is unique and different from the others, you can create your custom font or typeface. There are millions of font styles available today, and maybe there are still some who have not been able to capture the image and personality of your institution's human resources correctly. If so, the best way is to create custom typography that you design yourself.

You can use typography design templates that are widely available online, then customize yourself according to the appearance you want.

Created by Dragos |


7. Create A Memorable Design

One of the main goals that should be your main reference when designing a logo for human resources is to produce a logo that is easy to remember and memorable. The ability to stick in a potential customer's mind despite competition from other brands is made possible by a good logo design. How might one accomplish that? Your mantra in this situation should be simplicity. When compared to an overly detailed design, a really simple logo can be frequently remembered after just a glance.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't design a complex or detailed logo. This design style can be your choice if you feel that the concept can best represent your human resort brand. However, it would be much better to use a simple concept with a minimalist and clean logo display to give a more professional impression and also a look that sticks in mind.

A logo design needs to be narrowly focused on a single idea or "story." Generally speaking, this means that it should have a simple form so that it would function at various sizes and in a variety of applications, such as a web page icon in a browser toolbar or signboard on a facility.

Created by Mihai Dolganiuc |


8. Make Use of Negative Space

The use of negative space in a logo's appearance is one of the key characteristics that set one apart from another. More often than not, the use of negative space or the range between shapes is less of a factor to pay attention to for regular people that are not used to modeling a logo. This component is just as significant as the item or component that will be shown on the branding display in the future.

This is, of course, also a very important thing to pay attention to, especially when it comes to a human resource logo. Your logo will certainly be seen by many people, and people will set their expectations for your brand based on the logo you display.

Created by Sinha Graphics |

Good use of negative space has been proven to give a much more professional and well-designed look to your logo, even if the design was not made by a certified logo designer. Having too many features or elements that are placed too closely with each other in a logo can make it appear very cluttered and unappealing to the eye.

Your logo may be challenging to see from a maximum range if certain elements or objects are placed too closely together. Try to consider how your design concept appears from a distance rather than just up close to determine whether it appears equally intriguing.

Created by Gabriel Dominicali |


9. Be Different & Recognisable

To think outside the box may be one of the most cliché pieces of advice you've heard in the design world. However, this is true; creating a unique design outside the box should always be the goal you achieve to create a good design, especially a logo design.

Whether it's for businesses, institutions, or organizations, a logo design is your main identity besides the name of your brand, so of course, you want a unique and not generic identity, right? This will make it easier for you to produce a strong brand identity and stand out compared to your other competitors.

Created by Eugene MT |

To think outside the box, you must first know what the box is. You can see for yourself what are the characteristics that you most often find from various other human resource logos around you or your competitors.

Certainly, some characteristics make various logos look similar to one another, especially when offering the same services. This is your box. Try to do various experiments to generate ideas out of the box so that your appearance is not too similar to other logos, making your logo unable to stand out and difficult to distinguish when compared to other logos.

Created by Kamile Korsakaite |


10. Prepare Several Logo Variants To Adapt Various Media

You are a beginner who doesn't have much experience or doesn't even have the same level of experience in designing a logo for human resources, so mistakes are inevitable. There is a possibility that your design may not be as pleasing or appealing as you think it is to other people.

Or maybe your design will not match the image that other people think is compatible with your human resources branding, and that's okay. Design is a subjective thing. However, for an official logo design institution, of course, you have to prioritize the best appearance, and maybe errors or a less appealing display will not be tolerated.

Created by Jordan Butler |

To overcome this, you can provide 1 or 2 other alternative views in case the final design you propose is still not suitable. Even professional designers do this, providing alternative options, so people are more likely to not just immediately describe your design but instead choose which logo design they like the most.

You can also make this alternative similar to the design of your choice or even completely different but still present the same value and concept to present a wider range of options.

Created by Nico Garassino |


Final Words

Human resource is a division or institution that relates directly to people. Building a good branding image and brand positioning is a crucial thing that must be done to be able to provide good services. A logo design that is made professionally and reflects the value of the brand can be one of the main things that must be owned by a human company if you want to create a good branding image.

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