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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Laundry Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Laundry Logo Design

Clean your clothes today, or get naked tomorrow!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic laundry logo design!
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The laundry business is booming in all parts of the world. You can find laundry businesses in rural areas as well as even in urban areas. This business is the choice of many people who want passive income that is relatively easy to manage. By spending capital to buy equipment and hire employees, you can build your own laundry business in your area. No wonder so many business laundry scales have emerged because of their practicality to build and also relatively ease to manage.

If you are a laundry business owner, then you don't only need machines and employees to keep your business running. When you just set up a business, branding the identity of your business becomes something that will greatly determine the performance of your business at the beginning and also in the future. One of the most important elements in identity branding is logo design, and in this discussion, we will discuss more logo design for the laundry business.

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Many businesses still don't realize how important a logo design is in determining the performance of a business. There is already a lot of evidence and testimonials given regarding how a good logo design can have a huge impact on increasing exposure and also sales for businesses, especially a laundry business.

Although the quality of the services offered by the laundry is still one of the things that determine whether customers will come back or not, before that, your logo and branding design will determine whether customers will come from the first place, an attractive logo that describes the value that the business wants to display can reflect things that attract the attention of the public and ultimately decide to use this service.

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Therefore, the logo design that you have must be able to display the values ​​people are looking for from laundry services, such as cleanliness, friendliness, low prices, and many others. Below, we have summarized for you ten tips that you can pay attention to when you want to design a logo for your laundry business:


10 Tips To Create A Good Laundry Logo Design

  1. Understand The Brand Story
  2. Know Your Target Customer
  3. Check Your Biggest Competitors
  4. Explore Some Good Ideas
  5. Create Your Own Laundry-Related Elements
  6. Experiment with Different Design Techniques
  7. Choose Your Color & Fonts Carefully
  8. Consider A Timeless & Fun Design
  9. Maybe Try Adding An Animated Version
  10. Ask For Opinions & Finalize
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1. Understand The Brand Story

Even though your laundry business is still operating on a small scale, you still have to build a strong brand identity to attract more and more attention to your business. However, there are many different identities that you can choose from. If you observe, even though each laundry business offers relatively the same services, each business still has a distinctive characteristic that distinguishes them from other businesses.

Things like this are also what you should have. You must be able to build an identity for your own business that can make you stand out compared to other laundry businesses around you. Like a human or person, a business that proliferates today is a business that can provide a sense of connection to its customers, and one of them is through identity branding. Just like personality is for a person, this identity branding will determine how your business will be known and remembered by the public or your customers.

You can start by deciding what values ​​people are looking for from a business laundry, as discussed earlier. But instead of just 4-5 things, make a long list of what values ​​you want to offer customers and want them to remember these values ​​as a distinctive feature of your business. This will help you to determine the direction of the brand positioning of your business laundry more easily.

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2. Know Your Target Customer

To make a good logo design, it is important for you to also determine who will be your main target customer. Of course, all businesses will be happy if they can attract all groups of people to use their services, but they must also have priority targets that they target from their marketing, and they expect to be their biggest customer base. You can determine this audience or target customers from various groups in your surrounding community.

Whether it's based on age, based on gender, based on profession, based on social class, or income, there are many other social groups that you can use to determine your target. You can also combine the division of community groups to determine more specific targets for more effective marketing later. For example, you want to provide an exclusive laundry service and offer a variety of classy services. So, you can target those who are older, who have a larger income with high social status, and who also usually work as office employees or business owners. Selecting this target customer will greatly affect the direction of your logo design concept.

To create an effective logo design that can attract attention, then you must be able to create an appealing concept display. Design is subjective, so everyone can have their different standards, but similar groups of people tend to have the same standards, so it will be easier for you to determine this style of design.

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3. Check Your Biggest Competitors

Business competitors don't always have to be enemies you hate. You can see and understand competitors to see the branding concept they use and how the concept can be applied properly. You can also take inspiration from your competitors' logo designs as a source of ideas.

Taking inspiration here, of course, is not just to imitate the logo but to use basic concepts that you find interesting and change the packaging to suit your unique business style. For example, your business competitor has a logo design with colors that you find attractive, use soft colors, and appears professional. So, you can also use colors that offer the same impression in your logo design as well.

By observing, being aware of, and understanding the concept of branding design used by your competitors, you can get lots of inspiration and sources of ideas that you can apply in your way for your business.

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4. Explore Some Good Ideas

After getting the basic design concept regarding brand positioning and identity that you will use for your business, the next step is to translate the concept into a concrete design form. Before doing so, you can sketch as many ideas as you have for your logo design. This sketch also depends on the ideas and concepts that you want to use yourself.

The sketch can be in the form of a raw idea, an element or object that you want to include in your design, or it can be a detailed description of the final look of the logo design. Adjust the type of sketch you want to your own needs and design process. Every designer must have a style and process of sketching or design exploration that is different from other designers.

Therefore, you can allocate quite a lot of time for this process so that the final design results follow your wishes and expectations. In this process, too, you don't need to rush. Take your time and continue to explore potential ideas that you think could be a good element in your logo design.

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5. Create Your Own Laundry-Related Elements

When creating a logo, the first concept that must be the basis of your design is the service you offer. So when you have a laundry business, then, of course, you will display illustrations related to laundry to highlight your services in your design logo. But sometimes, you don't need to always use a literal illustration of your business in your logo design.

You can see that many businesses do not display their products or services in their logo designs but never fail to attract people's attention with these designs. For example, Penguin Books or Shell uses a logo that is far different from the products they offer, but their logo is still iconic and easy to recognize by many people.

Presenting a philosophical logo can make people interested in knowing more about your business. If you are afraid that people will not understand what you have to offer, you can put a description of your business in the logo under your business name.

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6. Experiment with Different Design Techniques

It's no secret that you need digital software to create a logo design. Software such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw is the software most widely used by many people, which can help them to realize their dream logo design. Master the expertise in using the software; this will greatly affect the results of the logo you create.

With the help of the tools provided by this software, you will be able to present a variety of more interesting details for your logo design compared to using a basic digital drawing application. Through this software or tool, you can use various features that will help your design process to be faster and more effective, so you don't waste your time just creating the logo you want.

If you are on a tight budget and can't use the software, there are lots of other free alternatives that you can choose from to help you design the logo you have planned. But of course, the various features available in this free software will be very limited when compared to the features that you can get in CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator.

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7. Choose Your Color & Fonts Carefully

The color in your logo design is one of the main things that determines the final appearance of your logo. This color will greatly affect the image and impression that people get when they see your logo. So, choosing a color for a logo can be something that requires a lot of thought and consideration.

If you are a beginner and still confused about determining the color you want to use, you can use a color generator to help you. You can access this service for free on the internet. You just need to search for the word color generator, and later there will be many platforms.

What this generator does is true to its name, giving you a color plate that you can use for your design. You can also determine the specific tone or color you want to use as the main color; later, they will give you another color plate that best matches that color, depending on the mood and vibes you want to create.

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8. Consider A Timeless & Fun Design

A laundry business is a business that will always get demand and can last for decades. For this reason, it is important to create a timeless concept so that the design of your logo does not need to be rebranded regularly in the future. Don't make a logo with too many distinctive characteristics that are a trend at the time; for example, now it's a bold design trend, maybe in the next five years the trend will be different, so you shouldn't make a logo that uses a very dusty concept so it can't be used in the future.

Create a logo that will last a long time and not follow the trends of its time. A good logo is also a logo that is easy for anyone to remember. Therefore, make a simple logo that is not too complicated so that it will be easily remembered by many people.

That doesn't mean you can't design a complex logo for your laundry business; you can still do it if you feel that value is what you want to show. However, if you want to create a design with a more memorable and timeless display probability, a logo with a simple appearance would be better.

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9. Maybe Try Adding An Animated Version

Now you can display the logo of your business not only as a 2d flat image; you can already use a led screen that can display videos or movements from your branding. You can use this to make your logo even more interesting by making it have a unique and cool animation.

Flat logos are common and can be found everywhere, but a logo with an interesting animation movement can be a plus point that helps to attract people's attention to see your logo when it is displayed later. You can add this animation with simple software if you do not master professional editing software. You can draw these movements layer by layer and combine them into a video to produce a logo that looks moving.

This animated logo can also be a very useful asset to make your social media branding even better. In your various social media content, you can include this moving logo not only to attract people to your content but also to make people aware of the existence of a logo that is the identity of your business.

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10. Ask For Opinions & Finalize

After you are satisfied with the final look of the logo design that you have created, you can ask people for opinions about the design first. Instead of directly using your final design as a logo for your laundry business, try to show off your design to other people first and ask for criticism and suggestions about their opinion when they see the logo.

Criticisms and suggestions will help you to make the best logo design you can. This is important because this logo design no longer only acts like your work but also as a representation of your business and the main element of your branding.

Criticisms and suggestions will also help you to assess what kind of designs and styles are in demand by many people or the wider community. So if the design that you previously made is not liked by people around you even though you like it, you can get an idea of ​​what kind of concept is more popular and use that concept in your logo design.

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Final Words

The ten tips mentioned above are the tips that we think are the best and you should pay attention to when you want to design a logo for a laundry business as a beginner. As a beginner who has never been or is not used to designing a logo, the process may take a lot of time and energy. But that's okay; consider this stage as a learning stage that is worth taking to make your laundry business logo more attractive and nice.

The most important thing is to remember that your main goal is to create a logo design that is attractive, memorable, and can reflect well the values ​​and identity of your business. By making this goal your framework, you will certainly be able to create designs that achieve these things.

You can explore every thought and idea that you made during this design process to create a better logo design. Do explore and look for inspiration well because this stage will also really help you to create the foundation of your logo design. With the help of the inspiration you see and also the exploration of ideas that you make yourself, then you can certainly produce creative and unique designs.

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