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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Band Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Band Logo Design

Music is the other non-addictive, mood-altering, non-substance!
Here are some tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic music band logo design!
Created by Nicole Williams |

Without music, certainly, the world would feel empty. That's like a band without good identity branding; of course, the band will feel empty and lack appeal. A good music band has its persona and branding identity according to its band's positioning. You can see many famous bands performing with unique and authentic characteristics, making their band easy to identify and different from most other bands.

Branding identity of a band, such as a logo, is one form of identity that must be designed properly. In a brand, the logo becomes the main identity that is shared not only by the members of the band but also by fans and everyone affiliated with the band. Therefore, you must be able to create a music brand logo that is not only pleasing to the eye but also has a unique and very attractive design so that it is easy for anyone to recognize.

Created by Jake Warrilow |

Music bands are one of the most widely existent types of groups in the world. Who doesn't love music? Everyone likes to listen to music in their genre. The people's love for music is what triggers the number of bands that continue to grow and emerge over time. If you happen to be one of the people who own a band and want to design your band logo well, then this discussion is the right one for you.

Hiring a designer to design a band may not be an option that is taken by everyone, especially if your band is just starting and doesn't have good resorts yet. Even if your band is well known, designing your logo can be a good alternative because we can create a logo that truly represents all the values ​​of our band.

For those of you who want to design your own band's music logo but don't know how or what to do first, then the following are tips that you can use as your reference:


10 Tips To Create A Good Music Band Logo Design

  1. Finding Inspiration from Other Band Competitors
  2. Determine the Signature of Your Band
  3. Choose The Right Design Style and Concept
  4. Sketch Out Your Ideas
  5. Experiment with Various Design Techniques
  6. Use Color To Support Your Identity
  7. Prepare Several Variants Of Your Logo
  8. Be Inspired By The Current Trend
  9. Make Sure The Visual Is Bold & Dynamic
  10. Ask For Feedback & Finalize
Created by Riley Carroll |


1. Finding Inspiration from Other Band Competitors

The first step and tip you can do is to look for inspiration first, what kind of concept or style you want to make the basis of your logo design. This can be done by looking at examples of logos for other music bands. Well-known bands such as Metallica, Arctic Monkeys, and 1975 have a very distinctive logo that is very easy to recognize not only by fans but also by the general public.

If you have a favorite band other than your own, you can see their logo design. Find out what factors make you interested in the logo, what is the color, concept, typeface, and many other elements. Here you have to act like a critic who breaks down each element of a logo design from a band to find inspiration that can give you ideas.

For this process to run more effectively, you can collect dozens of distinctive and easy-to-recognize band logos. Then you analyze and make a list of each of the elements that you notice to make the logo attractive and easy to recognize. By doing this process, later on, you can not only imitate the interesting factors of a logo design but also see what elements are in the logo itself.

Created by Brandt Farmer |


2. Determine the Signature of Your Band

Unlike the usual business or organization, a band must have a stronger charisma and persona to be able to get a large fan base. The more authentic and distinctive the identity of a band, the more people will be interested in the band. This is one of the things you have to keep in mind when in the process of designing a logo.

You must determine, carefully and specifically, what are the signature elements of your band. This signature element can be anything. Starting from your band's signature color, style inspired by your music genre, your band members, how you perform your music, stage presence, and many others.

Created by doffdog |

Discover what makes your band's music unique and can't be found in other bands. This signature characteristic will also be one of the things that helps the branding of your band to get a follower base that matches your target.

You can do this by listing any adjective or object sentences that can describe your brand. Think of it as a simplification of who your band is. So when people think of certain words related to your band, they will immediately remember your band too.

Created by Kyle Loaney |


3. Choose The Right Design Style and Concept

In the world of logo design, there are many different concepts, themes, and styles that can be used as the basis for your logo design. There will always be a style for everyone. Therefore, you should be able to see which styles and concepts match your band's music.

If your band is a classic band that produces a variety of music in the blues genre, then using a slightly retro and classic design concept is the approach that is usually popular. But it can also be your band's repackage tone to appear different from other bands with the same genre as you. So instead of choosing a retro classical theme, you use a modern and contemporary concept to produce a unique branding.

Most importantly, the branding concept you choose must match the signature of your band that you have previously determined. The concept and design theme that you choose will greatly affect the image of your band's music in the eyes of the public later.

Created by Nick Stewart |


4. Sketch Out Your Ideas

After determining specifically what elements, values, or identities you want to display in the logo design for your band, then you can immediately sketch out various display ideas that appear in your head. This sketching stage is very important, so you can allocate quite a long time here.

The sketching process must be carried out in a relaxed manner and not in a hurry so that all potential ideas can be explored properly. You can adjust the length of the sketching process yourself. It could only take a few hours or even weeks. Finding ideas for logo display is not an easy thing, especially for someone who is not a professional designer.

If you are confused about what you should sketch, you can look up sketching references from professional logo designers online. There you can see how the professionals started the sketching process and how they were inspired to create various display options for a logo design.

Created by MirbachDesign |


5. Experiment with Various Design Techniques

Don't get us wrong. Here we do not mean that you have to pursue formal education or master the art principle in depth. But here, you need to know some basic principles in design to help you create a good logo. Having a basic understanding of how color works, how shapes harmonization can happen, and many other principles can be your reference for producing a professional band logo design.

To do this, you also do not need to spend a lot of money, energy, or time. Many people think that understanding the basic concepts and elements of design takes a long time. That might be the case if you want to pursue it professionally, but if you want to design a logo for a music band, there are plenty of resources that can teach you these principles in just a few minutes.

Platforms such as Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, or other social media can be trusted sources for you to learn this. There are thousands of content or videos that discuss design in general and also specifically how to design a good logo.

Created by Catalin Mihut |


6. Use Color To Exaggerate Your Identity

Are you going to use bright colors, monochromatic colors, or black and white styles for your logo? This stage is an important stage that will determine the appearance of your logo design later. If you have previously determined what style or theme you will choose for your logo design, then usually, you will also immediately think about what colors you should use in your band logo.

Certain styles of design concepts usually have distinctive colors that you can use as a reference for choosing colors in your design. For example, a classical logo concept will usually use colors such as gold, brown, or deep and rich colors. You are not required to just follow the staple colors of the theme you have picked up. You can create your color plate for your band so that the design is more personalized.

In addition to the theme you have chosen, you can also choose colors based on the philosophy you want to display as your identity. If you are a band that wants to appear with a unique, striking, and quirky style, then you can use bold and bright colors. Vice versa, if you want to appear in a more professional and calm style, neutral colors or black and white can be the right choice for you.

Created by Gianluca Militello |


7. Prepare Several Variants Of Your Logo

As a beginner, you may tend to use a "safe" method or method when designing a logo. In fact, making a good music band logo takes a lot of exploration and creative ideas. One way is to pay attention to and explore the dynamic scale of the various elements in your logo design.

In a logo, it will usually consist of an icon mark and also the typeface of the band name. Some bands may also only use icon marks or typefaces without combining the two. When there are two or more objects in your logo, it is important to pay attention to the scale and the size of each of these objects.

Created by Facu Bottazzi |

See if there are objects that need to be highlighted more than other objects, or vice versa, need to be "muted" so as not to overshadow other objects. By defining and exploring the dynamics of different scales and sizes, you can know which one looks the best and most appealing for your music band logo.

It is also commonly referred to as composition in design. If you are confused about which composition is the best, then several templates are usually used by professional designers to design a good logo. You can see this template in various sources on the internet. Some sources even explain in detail and comprehensively how to apply the template for your design or how to customize it.

Created by Griffin Van Dyke |


8. Be Inspired By The Current Trend

Design trends continue to change along with the times, especially in recent years. Design trends are rapidly emerging and replaced with other trends. For that, it is important for you to also apply a design that follows the current design trend. Applying a style that follows the trend does not mean you have to imitate and choose a concept that is only trending without paying attention to the values ​​and personality of your band.

But here, you must be inspired by the trend. Look for any elements of the design trend that match the concept you have previously chosen. For example, currently trending design styles that use bold colors or abstract elements. So, you can try to apply this to your band logo design.

Keeping an eye on trends is one of the most important things you can do so as not to produce an outdated logo display that is ultimately considered unattractive by the public. In the current design trend, there have also been many changes from the design a few years ago, which you can use as a reference for you to add to your design.

Created by Claire Morales |


9. Make Sure The Visual Is Bold & Dynamic

As a band, you certainly want your band to be noticed, even if it's from the logo design. Usually, the logo of a band will appear in various venues featuring the band, various awards to be received, or various content on behalf of the band. It would be bad if the logo design of this band was drowned out by other elements or, worse, overshadowed by other band logos.

One of the things you can do to draw attention to your logo is to present a good contrast in your logo. The contrast in logo design can be influenced by color selection and also the combination of objects and typefaces used in it.

Created by Jeff Finley |

You certainly don't want to produce a logo that is too flashy in a bad context with colors clashing with one another. For that, pay attention to the contrast of your design.

Can the existing elements and objects be seen properly, even from a long distance? Can your logo appear to stand out, even if it is juxtaposed with elements or placed in various places?

This question can help you to notice things that may have escaped your attention before. If you feel that the color you choose is too soft and you want a bolder and more prominent band image, then you can change the color of your palette and see if the results are what you want.

Created by Trevor Nielsen |


10. Ask For Feedback & Finalize

Keep in mind that you are not a professional, and it's okay to make mistakes. Even professional designers do it. If you see an element or thing that you don't like from the design you've produced, don't be afraid to undo it or even start over again. The process that is meant may be very long and tiring, but of course, with great effort, the results will not disappoint.

It is better to undo or start over than to be forced to continue with a design you already know you won't like the result of. What's more, you will use this design as the identity of your band, so the result must be maximal and good. Therefore, take your time, and do what needs to be done, even if it means starting over the design.

Design is about trying and exploring things. By constantly trying to produce the best logo design, then eventually, you will be able to find the best logo that not only can represent your band well but can also be an identity that you are proud of with the fans of your band.

Created by Toogii |


Final Words

Those were the ten tips that can help you to design a good music band logo, even as a beginner. The most important thing is to keep exploring and don't be afraid to revise or change some things that don't satisfy you with the design. The more thoughts and ideas you put into the logo design for your band, of course, the more likely this logo will appear attractive and follow the branding image of your band.

Also, pay attention to always using the values ​​and personality of your band as a reference when designing. Don't forget personality branding when you want to produce a design that is matching with the trend and, in your opinion, has an interesting concept. Apply interesting concepts or elements that you see from other logo inspirations into your designs.

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