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Article: 30 Best Game Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Game Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Created by artsigma  | -

Game logo design is an art that blends creativity, branding, and the unique essence of the gaming world into a singular, impactful image. It's not just about creating a logo; it's about encapsulating the entire spirit of a game in a visual format that resonates with its audience. This article is set to dive into some of the best game logo design ideas that have revolutionized the way we see gaming brands. Whether you're a game developer, a graphic designer, or just a gaming enthusiast, these designs are sure to spark your imagination and inspire your next project.

In the realm of game logo design, the fusion of color, typography, and imagery plays a pivotal role in conveying the genre, theme, and emotion of the game. The best logos are those that tell a story, that make a promise about the adventure you're about to embark on. From the sleek and simple to the intricate and elaborate, each design idea we explore offers a unique perspective on how to capture the essence of a game in a single image.

What sets these designs apart is their ability to stay memorable in a market flooded with visual stimuli. They're not just logos; they're the first handshake between the game and its potential players. As we delve into these game logo design masterpieces, we'll explore the creative process behind them, the trends they set, and the impact they've had on the gaming community. Get ready to be inspired by the creativity, ingenuity, and artistry that define the best in game logo design.


Game Logo Design Ideas

1. Hachi

Created by Vadim Carazan  |


2. Hitwave

Created by Cajvanean Alexandru  |


3. Arcaid

Created by Ruben Daems  |


4. Xirius

Created by Kanades  |


5. Fire In The Hole

Created by Jim Kennelly  |


6. Kingdom Quarrel

Created by Yulia Boyko  |


7. Selaco

Created by  |


8. Voodoo Mambo

Created by Murat Kalkavan  |


9. Aradena

Created by Koncepted  |


10. Spark In The Day

Created by Michael Avramov  |


11. Turbowars

Created by Sava Stoic  |


12. Frozen Chicken

Created by Alexandra Erkaeva  |


13. Colossi Games

Created by Valery Shi  |


14. Pixeld

Created by Jordan Jenkins  |


15. CafeCosmos

Created by Alexandra Erkaeva  |


16. Gamer Bear

Created by artsigma  |


17. Burning Banner

Created by Dusan Klepic  |


18. Strike

Created by Jasih Hasan  |


19. GameFi

Created by Deividas Bielskis  |


20. Keymaster

Created by Matt Yow  |


21. God Fighter

Created by PIXARTS STUDIO  |


22. Houndrace

Created by Alex Tass  |


23. Battle Royale

Created by Matt Vancoillie  |


24. Ascended Studio

Created by Dusan Klepic  |


25. Fast Track

Created by Meg Lewis  |


26. Indisoft

Created by Logomachine Studio  |


27. PlayItRight

Created by Matt Vancoillie  |


28. Good Game

Created by Antonin Kus  |


29. Goro

Created by Logo Love  |


30. Papukaya

Created by Aldo Hysenaj  |


What Is Game Logo Design?

Game logo design is the captivating art of crafting a visual identity for a video game, which serves as the face of the game's brand, story, and character. It's not just about creating a cool image; it's about invoking emotion, curiosity, and connection with potential players. Optimized for "game logo design," let's dive into this imaginative world where creativity meets play.

The Heartbeat of a Game's Identity

At its core, game logo design is about creating a symbol that captures the essence of the game. It's the first thing players see before they dive into the virtual world you've created. A well-designed logo tells them what they can expect in terms of genre, mood, and style. It's like the cover of a book or the poster of a movie; it sets the stage and builds anticipation. For instance, a logo with a sleek, metallic font and a dark background might hint at a sci-fi adventure, while a bright, cartoonish emblem could indicate a fun, family-friendly puzzle game.

A Blend of Artistry and Strategy

Good game logo design is a blend of artistic skill and marketing strategy. Designers must consider color psychology, typography, and imagery that resonate with the target audience. A logo for a horror game might use dark, unsettling colors and imagery, while a fantasy RPG might opt for an ornate, mystical font and symbols. Each element is chosen carefully to create an emotional hook that draws players in.

The Challenge of Uniqueness

In the vast sea of games available today, having a unique and memorable logo is crucial. It's not just about standing out; it's about becoming iconic. Think of the most famous game logos that you recognize instantly ‚Äď they all have a unique feature or style that sets them apart. As a designer, this means diving deep into creativity and coming up with something that isn't just beautiful but also distinct and reflective of the game's unique selling points.

Adaptability and Versatility

A great game logo design isn't just for the game's startup screen; it's used across various platforms and merchandise. It needs to be adaptable, looking just as stunning on a giant billboard as it does on a small mobile screen. This means designers must create logos that are scalable and versatile, maintaining their impact and legibility no matter where they're seen. Whether it's on a t-shirt, a gaming console box, or a social media avatar, the logo should be instantly recognizable and equally impactful.

The Fun and Narrative Element

Lastly, game logo design is about storytelling. Each logo holds a narrative within its imagery and typography. It's a fun and unique challenge for designers to convey a game's entire narrative, mood, and spirit in one compact visual. A knight's sword, a spaceship, an enchanted forest - each element is a piece of the story that the logo is telling. The best game logos make you feel something even before you start playing the game; they make you want to step into the game's world and discover its secrets.

In conclusion, game logo design is a thrilling and dynamic field that combines artistic skill, marketing savvy, and storytelling. It's about creating an emblem that not only stands out but also resonates emotionally with the audience. A great game logo is the first step in the journey of the gaming experience, inviting players into new worlds and adventures. So next time you see a game logo, take a moment to appreciate the creativity and thought that went into making it a gateway to another universe!


How Can I Create a Game Logo That Stands Out?

Creating a game logo that stands out is like crafting a key to a secret world; it's the first glimpse into the adventure that awaits. As a cornerstone of game logo design, it's not just about being flashy or loud; it's about making a mark in the player's mind. Let's unlock the chest to reveal five sparkling gems of wisdom for crafting a game logo that's as unique as your game world.

Dive Deep into Your Game's Story

Every game has a story, and your logo should be a visual echo of that narrative. Is your game set in an ancient, mystical land or the far reaches of space? The elements of your logo, from the colors to the symbols, should reflect the essence of this setting. A logo for a game set in a post-apocalyptic world might feature rustic, rugged fonts and a desolate backdrop, whereas a fairytale adventure game might have more whimsical typography and enchanting elements. The key is to distill the spirit of your game's world into a single, captivating image.

Color is Your Emotion Palette

Colors speak a universal language of emotion. Bright, vibrant colors might convey excitement and fun, while darker tones could suggest mystery and challenge. Think about what emotions you want to evoke in your players when they see your logo. Game logo design is about more than aesthetics; it's about psychological impact. Choose a palette that resonates with the game's mood and genre to create an instant emotional connection with your audience.

Typography Tells a Tale

The font you choose for your game logo isn't just about readability; it's about personality. A sleek, modern font might suit a futuristic racing game, while a jagged, Gothic type could be perfect for a horror survival game. Each font has its own character and voice. Select one that speaks for your game, telling players at a glance what kind of stories and challenges they can expect.


Symbols that Speak Volumes: A picture is worth a thousand words, and a well-chosen icon or symbol can tell much of your game's story at a glance. Think of an emblem or object that captures the essence of your game. It could be a hero's weapon, a mythical creature, or an abstract symbol representing the game's core concept. This icon becomes a shorthand for your game's identity, a visual hook that draws players in and sticks in their memory.

Dare to Be Different

In a sea of game logos, the ones that stand out are those that dare to break the mold. Don't be afraid to experiment with unusual color combinations, bold typography, or unconventional imagery. Look at what others in your genre are doing and then veer off the beaten path. The goal is to be unique and memorable, to create something that players haven't seen before. Think outside the box, and your game logo will not only stand out; it'll shine.

Creating a game logo that stands out is an exciting journey of blending art, psychology, and storytelling. It's about more than just making something that looks good; it's about crafting an emblem that captures the heart and soul of your game. So, wield these five points like a creative sword, and carve out a logo that leaves a lasting impression in the gaming realm!


What Makes a Game Logo Memorable?

What makes a game logo leap off the screen and etch itself into the annals of your memory? It's not just a splash of color or a fancy font. A memorable game logo design is a symphony of creativity, strategy, and a sprinkle of magic. Here are five key points, woven with a fun and unique twist, to guide you in creating a game logo that's unforgettable.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

The most iconic logos in the gaming world are often the simplest. They're the ones that can be sketched by fans on the back of a napkin or recognized from a blurry screenshot. A memorable game logo doesn't rely on complexity; it boasts clean lines, uncluttered imagery, and a clear focus. Think of it as your game's flag, a symbol that needs to be recognizable at a glance, whether it's on a massive billboard or a tiny app icon.

Infuse Your Logo with the Essence of the Game

A logo should be more than just a pretty picture; it should be a distilled version of your game's soul. Is your game fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping? Maybe sharp angles and dynamic lines are your friends. Is it a mysterious, story-driven adventure? Perhaps softer, more intricate designs and a deeper color palette will speak volumes. A memorable logo tells a story, giving players a taste of the journey they're about to embark on.

Color: The Emotion Potion

Colors are not just shades; they're carriers of emotion and meaning. The right color scheme can make your logo pop and pulse with life. Red screams excitement and danger, blue soothes and invites, green whispers of adventure and exploration. Choose a palette that not only complements your game's world but also evokes the desired emotional response. Remember, the right color combination sticks in memory longer, making your logo a lingering thought in players' minds.


The Silent Ambassador: Never underestimate the power of the right font. The typography in your game logo design is not just about making the name of your game legible; it's about personality, era, and tone. A futuristic shooter might call for a sleek, modern typeface, while a medieval fantasy game could be well-served by a font with more flourishes and character. The right typeface can whisper secrets about your game that words alone cannot tell.


Dare to Stand Out: In the end, what truly makes a game logo memorable is its ability to stand out in a crowd. This doesn't mean being loud or garish; it means having a unique element, a twist that catches the eye and the imagination. Maybe it's an unexpected color, an unusual symbol, or a clever play on words. Whatever it is, it should make your logo distinctly yours, a beacon for your game in a sea of sameness.

Crafting a memorable game logo design is an adventure in itself, a quest to create a symbol that represents the heart of your game and resonates with players worldwide. So wield these five points like an artist's brush and paint a logo that will live in the halls of gaming memory for years to come!


What Are Common Mistakes in Game Logo Design?

Ah, game logo design, a realm where the brave tread and the bold create! But beware, valiant designer, for amidst the creativity, certain pitfalls await. Let's embark on a quest to unveil five common blunders in the art of game logo design. Fear not; with our fun and unique guidance, you'll navigate these treacherous waters like a seasoned captain!

Overcomplicating the Quest

In the land of game logos, the beast of complexity often lurks, tempting designers with its siren call of adding "just one more" element. But hold fast! A logo cluttered with too many icons, colors, or fonts can confuse and overwhelm noble gamers. Remember, the sword of simplicity is your greatest ally. A clean, straightforward design not only captures attention but also makes your logo versatile and recognizable, whether it's on a giant billboard or the corner of a smartphone screen.

Ignoring the Lore of Color

Colors are not mere decorations; they are the powerful wizards of emotion, evoking feelings and stories with a mere glance. A common folly is to choose colors on a whim, without considering their deep magic. Each hue whispers a different tale: red roars of danger and passion, blue serenades with tranquility, green enchants with mystery. Choose your palette wisely, young scribe, for the right combination can make your game logo an unforgettable legend.

The Font Fiasco

Many a good logo has fallen victim to the dreaded Font Fiasco. This fiendish error occurs when designers choose typography that clashes with the game's spirit. A whimsical font in a horror game? A serious, stiff typeface in a bubbly puzzle adventure? Such mismatches can send mixed signals to your audience. Your game's title should don the perfect attire, a font that complements its genre and tone, inviting players into the world you've crafted.

Neglecting the Badge of Uniqueness

In the quest for a great game logo, one must never forget the Badge of Uniqueness. With countless games vying for attention, your logo must stand out like a shining beacon. Alas, some designers tread the well-worn path, creating logos that mimic popular trends but lack originality. To make your mark in the annals of gaming history, dare to be different. Infuse your logo with unique elements that capture the essence of your game and etch it into the memories of those who gaze upon it.

Disregarding the Prophecy of Scalability

A common oversight in the realm of game logo design is neglecting the Prophecy of Scalability. A logo might look stunning on a full-sized poster, but what happens when it's reduced to the size of a game icon? Details are lost, text becomes unreadable, and what was once a majestic design becomes a muddled mess. Wise designers know the importance of creating a logo that maintains its magic at any size, ensuring it's as effective on a tiny mobile screen as it is on a sprawling storefront banner.

Brave designer, armed with this knowledge of common mistakes, you are now ready to forge a game logo that defies the odds and captures the hearts of gamers far and wide. Go forth and create, and let your logo become a legend in the world of game design!


How Can I Make My Game Logo Reflect the Game's Story?

Embarking on the journey of game logo design is like setting sail into a sea of creativity; your logo is the flag that tells everyone the story of the adventure that awaits. But how do you ensure that this small emblem captures the vast narrative of your game? Ahoy, matey! Let's chart a course through five points to make your game logo a true reflection of your game's story.

Capture the Essence with a Single Glimpse

Your game's story is a tapestry of plots, characters, and worlds, but your logo should capture its essence in a single, powerful image. Think of your game's most iconic element‚ÄĒbe it a character, weapon, or setting‚ÄĒand let it take center stage in your design. This doesn't mean cramming every detail into the logo but distilling the spirit of the story into a simple yet evocative symbol. A dragon's silhouette for a fantasy adventure, a pixelated sword for a retro quest, or a shadowy figure for a mystery thriller can speak volumes.

Let Color Be Your Storyteller

Colors are the whispers of your game's soul, each shade telling a part of your story. Choose a palette that reflects the mood and genre of your game. A dark, brooding color scheme might convey a tale of horror and survival, while bright, vibrant hues could illustrate a journey through a whimsical, magical world. Remember, each color in your game logo design is a brushstroke in the painting of your game's narrative.


The font you choose for your game logo is the voice of your story. It should resonate with the theme and era of your game. A sleek, futuristic typeface for a sci-fi odyssey; an ornate script for a historical saga; or bold, blocky letters for an action-packed thriller. The right typography doesn't just spell out your game's name; it sets the tone and invites players into your world.

Incorporate Symbolism and Metaphor

Delve into the deeper layers of your game's story and bring forth symbols and metaphors that represent its core themes. A logo for a game about revolution might feature a raised fist or a broken chain, while a story of exploration and discovery could be symbolized by a compass or an open door. These elements add a layer of depth to your design, making it a riddle that players are eager to unravel.

Create a Logo That Evolves

Just as your game's story unfolds and evolves, so too can your logo. Consider designing a logo that hints at the journey players will undertake. This might mean a design that becomes more detailed as the game progresses or one that changes colors based on the player's choices and actions. A dynamic logo not only reflects your game's story but becomes a part of it, growing and changing with each twist and turn.

Crafting a game logo that reflects your game's story is a quest of its own, a creative challenge that calls for imagination, insight, and a touch of magic. By focusing on these five points, you'll create a logo that's not just a brand but a beacon, drawing players into the narrative you've woven and setting the stage for the adventures that await. So, designers, raise your flags high and let your logos tell tales that gamers will remember for years to come!



Game logo design is an intricate dance between creativity and communication, a vital element in the gaming industry's visual narrative. As designers, we hold the power to create symbols that resonate, captivate, and endure in the memories of players worldwide. A great game logo is more than just an image; it's the story of the game itself, inviting players into worlds unknown and adventures untold. Remember, in the realm of game logo design, your creativity doesn't just create a brand; it launches an entire experience. So, design boldly, tell your story, and let your game logo be the beacon that guides players to your world.


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All of these creative inspirations are created by some of the best designers, creatives and professionals around the world, curated by Kreafolk's team. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us your comment below. Cheers!


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