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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Game Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Game Logo Design

Created by Antonin Kus |

When people choose a certain product in the market, they want the product that they purchased can give them satisfaction, comfort, and happiness. They want those feelings every time they purchase the product you offer.

Even when you only run a small business, if your product or services can fulfill their expectations, they will immediately set an opinion in their mind that the products or services you provide them are reliable. It will make them come back for more of your offers because they give them peace of mind. But what happens if those people cannot clearly remember your business in the future? What if they are not satisfied with the products you offer them? Well, there's no other way, but they will choose your competitors for sure.

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This is why a brand of a business is needed to develop. Creating branding for a business can make people remember your products or services every time they need them. And surely, there is no better way to connect with your clients and customers better than through a reliable brand. And the reliable brand can be shown to the customers by designing an icon for the business.  

The same thing happens in the online gaming world. Since the development has reached every part of our lives, the game has also been part of it for the last decades. Internet-based games have been developed by many vendors, and some have even reached millions or even billions as the income for the company creator. Online game is a popular business today, so creating a game logo design has also been an important activity to be done in the business. Today there are bunches of applications that you can use to make a game logo design for free. The internet has its power, as we all know. Only by entering the applications can you find many interesting and unique designs that you can customize by using the design options available. 

Created by artsigma | Link_Here

However, making a good design is not an easy matter though it is not difficult as well. There are some tips that you should pay attention to, and they might be helpful for you in making it. Read this article thoroughly to find out more.

A logo is an image or a sketch that contains a particular meaning which represents an organization, a certain community, a company, a region, or even a country. This work must have distinguished characteristics so that it can be distinguished easily from others. At the same time, the main function of the logo is as a medium to share information about the entity, as a persuasive media, as a marketing tool, and as the presentation of the entity itself. In the online game, this icon is an important part of the game design itself. Creating a good game logo means a lot in determining the game's popularity. And here are some tips for making a good game logo design.


10 Tips to Create a Good Game Logo Design

  1. Understand The Background & Purposes
  2. Create A Strong Identity
  3. Research The Target Market
  4. Start Everything From Sketch
  5. Make Use Of Symbolism 
  6. Create All Elements From Scratch
  7. Choose the Right Style
  8. Use The Double Entendre Technique.
  9. Less Is More
  10. Evaluate & Improve


Created by Cajvanean Alexandru |


1. Understand The Background & Purposes

Before creating a logo design, you should know its purpose. It is important so that you can think of the appropriate design and that the message you want it to convey can be delivered well to the people who see it. Once you understand the purpose, then you can create a design that represents the purpose. 

A good icon will have a significant impact on the first impression of the business that you are running. It will tell the people the information about your brand and tell them if their offer is beneficial for them or not. 

Created by Jordan Jenkins |


2. Create A Strong Identity

A logo is an important part of your business. Therefore, you should ensure that it's done well. A great, professional logo design not only can communicate what your business stands for. It will also make a good first impression on people who see it and help you stand out from the competition.

Therefore, you need this work to communicate your brand's personality. And to do so, first of all, you need to understand what your brand's core personality is; in this case, you should learn well about the game you are offering to people. What kind of game is it? A battle? A competition? Or a solving problem game? Once you have the whole idea clear. You know what makes your game unique and what it is all about; it will be much easier for you to make game logo design choices that are representative. 

There are some questions that you can ask when you want to explore more details about the personality of a particular game; i.e.:

  • Why do you create the game? 
  • What do you offer your customers? Fun? Adventure? Or else?
  • What makes the game you create special and different from others?
  • How would you expect your customer's reaction toward the game you create? 

These questions might help you in getting into the bottom line of the game you want to promote to your customers. 

Created by Michael Avramov |


3. Research The Target Market

In creating artwork such as logo design, it is important to consider the target market. It will help the designer to deliver the message of the icon in the right way. Since we are discussing the game logo design here, we cannot let the kids, as the main customers, go off of the discussion. 

Well, the game players are not only kids; everyone knows that, right? But, as it is stated earlier that you should keep in mind what is the purpose of the symbol you make. After knowing the purpose well, then you decide on the identity that you want to highlight in the artwork. And after that, don't forget another important element; the customers. 

Created by Alexandra Erkaeva |

When you create a game that is specially designed for kids, then you should know that the target market is the kids. So, that's why you need to create an icon that is simple and easily understood by kids, as well as colorful so that it will attract their attention. 

It will be different if the game you create can be played by everyone of every age. You should consider the symbol, which is acceptable by everyone who sees it, intrigue them about your game, and has the ability to amplify the positivity that you and your game what to share.  

Created by Ruben Daems |


4. Start Everything From Sketch

When the work of the logo is done by handmade, it has the power to tell people that it is done individually along with creativity. It shows the personalization of the brand so that you will find it unique and very personal so that it will be easily distinguished from other designs. By adding the touch of simplicity and a youthful look, your game players should be able to relate the work with themselves. And they will finally fall into it. 

Otherwise, to help you make it a lot better and a lot easier, some applications are available in Android mode that you can use to craft it. Some of the recommended applications are:

Design Logo Gaming; this application has a simple display, but it has customized features inside. It is very easy to make a logo gaming here. You can have 371 templates for free, and you can also add text or slogans for the final result.

Logo eSport Maker; the developer provides you with two kinds of apps, one for free and the premium one for which you have to pay a certain amount of money when using it. And you will also have more complete features for the premium version. Here, there are many templates available and more than twenty customized fonts that you can choose.

Design Logo Ideas; with this app, you can create a game logo livecasino or eSport easily. Not only making, but you can also get some interesting ideas in doing the work. In this app, you can use many templates available for free, and you can also customize it by adding the name, tagline, or using fonts. 

Created by Valery Shi |


5. Make Use Of Symbolism 

A logo is not just an image or some random letters printed upon the name card. This important aspect that defines the identity brand has a more important function. It is the representative of a company that hides a story and unique meaning inside. The meaning of the symbol may convey directly or indirectly. Putting meaning into the design element is not an easy job. That's why you can try to portray the meaning through the use of colors. Color is an element that can be played in gradations or combinations so that the design made has the whole meaning inside. And some experts also believe that the colors will also affect the mind and the emotion of the customers. So, you can apply some patterns with color combinations to every element of the logo. It doesn't need to be too bright; the most important is that the color element can leave a strong impression on the customers. 

Created by Koncepted |


6. Create All Elements From Scratch

The only reason for not using the clip art in the logo is that it won't feel special in any way. At the same time, a memorable one should be made in a special way. It should have its own characteristic so that it will be recognized easily by the customers. Using clip art might help you in saving some time, but it won't give you the result that you need. That is why hiring a professional designer to make your game logo design would be strongly recommended. They would share their experience and their thoughts, and they will help you to create artwork that represents your company in the best way. 

Created by Murat Kalkavan |


7. Choose the Right Style

After thinking about the right target market, you should think about the right style of the logo you want to make. This step has a connection with the previous tip: considering the target market. So, before you make a design for your game, you should consider whether your customers are going to be kids only or if everyone can play your game. Now, the right style of the logo will help you reach them better. For kids, you will be suggested to take the simplest style so that they can easily understand what it means. So, when thinking about the icon, the first thing you should do is choose the right aesthetic design for your brand. Of course, you cannot say that there is only one style that is right for everyone; only what's best and the most appropriate for your brand.

There are several styles of logo that you can apply to your design. First is classic style; it is a style that gives you a longer span of durability and helps you to reach the unlimited age of the audience. This style is mostly simple and doesn't present in various palettes, fonts or graphics. The style will tell people that you own the quality of reliability and humbleness. 

Created by Dusan Klepic |

Another style is modern. Modern style tends to be minimalist. It communicates to the people about freshness and modernity. This design applies quite large blank spaces, minimal ornaments, and simple lines, even often ending up in a sleek, pared-back design. The main point to be highlighted by this style is that the brand is cool and up-to-date. 

Then, there is also fun style. This kind of style is a popular choice of the designer when they have youngsters as the target market. The quirky and fun style commonly presents a cute symbol and comes in a colorful design. The iconic image used has the vibe of friendly and creative. The sweet illustration will help the brand shine through. And this kind of style is apparently the most suitable one to be implemented when making a game logo design.

Created by Jim Kennelly |


8. Use The Double Entendre Technique.

Double entendre is a term used to explain an image that has two meanings. The technique gives an image of smart and artistic work. The design can contain the name of the brand without needing it to be attached as different text to the symbol. This tip is going to make the customers remember the brand very well. 

Using the technique is not easy. It needs high and deep thinking and hard work. You should be able to present a symbol that also contains the name of the brand in a design. Your creativity, the "wildest" imagination, is needed here. 

Created by Dusan Klepic |

First of all, you can get inspiration by checking other logos which also apply the same technique. Learn every element used by the designer, and choose which ones interest you the most. Then learn it carefully so that you can take the bottom line and then apply it to your own work.

The next consideration is the use of the materials or the elements. The image, the color, the letter, and everything that builds the character of the work you make. And, don't forget that your logo should symbolize the personality of the brand and the company. 

Created by Kanades |


9. Less Is More

It is obvious that making a logo is not an easy matter. There are some things that you just have to avoid in making it. Don't fall for the basic idea of the business. If you are a gamer and you make a game app, it doesn't have to be an image of a cartoon in armor that you choose as the symbol. 

Make it simple. Simple sells and simple is easily remembered by the customers. Just don't compromise the quality of your logo for an affordable price. A logo is your representation, and often, you'll get back what you pay for. 

Created by Vadim Carazan |


10. Evaluate & Improve

There will be some times when you need to evaluate your work. Consider how far the development of your design goes. Do you find any more progress or not? After making one, but then you don't see any more progress, that would be the best time to do the evaluation. For the record, do it honestly. Look at the elements that you might think are missing or underrated. Think again about whether you have to use the right shape, the right letter, or the right color. In this case, you can also ask the opinion of a friend or other co-workers you work with. 

Created by Alexandra Erkaeva |


Final Words

Creating a good game logo design isn't something you can do overnight. It takes a lot of time and hard work. But the tips above may be useful for you for some consideration. Just remember that a good logo must be representative of the brand you are selling, and it should be a memorable design that can tell everyone something about your brand or your business. It is obvious that every business should have a logo which is stand out and is able to represent its brand thoroughly. But it's not an easy task for sure. Form a brainstorming logo idea with a professional designer, and you'll be on the right path to creating the perfect logo for your game.

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