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Article: 30 Best Podcast Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Podcast Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

The beautiful thing about podcasting is it’s just talking.
Check out some of the best podcast logo design ideas to inspire your creative projects!
Created by Benny Gold |

Podcasts have become an increasingly popular form of entertainment and education in recent years, and the design of a podcast logo is an important aspect of branding and marketing. A well-designed logo can help a podcast stand out from the crowd and attract listeners.

The history of podcast logo design can be traced back to the early 2000s when podcasts first emerged as a new form of media. At the time, many podcasts had simple logos that were often created by the podcasters themselves using basic graphic design tools.

As the popularity of podcasts grew, however, so did the importance of having a professional and distinctive logo. In the mid-2000s, many podcasters began to work with professional designers to create logos that reflected the unique themes and topics of their shows.

Here are some of the best podcast logo design ideas you can reference:



Created by Jordan Wilson |

A badge design by Jordan Wilson for DGDC Podcast uses pink background, making it appear brighter and cheerful. It includes DGDC bold uppercase font with an effect to highlight the name. Above is a half-earth stick to the name with a tagline creatively bound in an arch-down style black typography. Below, you can find the word podcast in black uppercase font.


2. Charge The Train

Created by Visual Jams |

Visual Jams made branding for a podcast inspired by the elephant who charged the train. The train reflects the obstacle we face and asks us to charge them. Working with a black background, the designer put the train's front side as the symbol. Below is the typography "charge the train" in deflate style followed by the podcast word in uppercase smaller font underneath. 


3. The Word

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

Jessie Maisonneuve released a podcast logo design containing his lettering exercise for The Word. That is why it presents more typography compared to the imagery. It includes a white dialog bubble character with not too many font styles. Instead, the designer plays with the font size and its arrangement by making a drop cap and small rectangles to represent the sound frequency.  


4. Pentool Pals

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

Jessie Maisonneuve made a branding for himself to be a friendly graphic design podcast. It still uses a black background with a big classic pen and a brown ribbon with a small 'tool' typography inside it. It also presents a bold uppercase 'Pen Pals' under and below the ribbon. Then, he put the branding word in the bottom right of the symbol.


5. Neobisnuit

Created by Alex Mihis |

A podcast logo for Neobisnuit designed by Alex Mihis uses a cream background without any symbol or imagery. Therefore, he only plays with the font styles, sizes, and arrangements to create effective branding for the Neobisnuit podcast. It includes a classic N initial font in the middle surrounded by Neobisnuit Cu Sam Bejinar in simple uppercase font. All the typography is in black. 


6. italk

Created by Nusrat Jahan |

The italk logo concept design by Nusrat Jahar uses a black background with a touch of vibrant tone from pink. He uses a signal for the symbol and makes it in different mix shades of pink and orange. Meanwhile, the typography for the podcast name uses a simple white font. It gives a bit different vibe to the podcast program with a mysterious and cheerful combination. 


7. Car Con Carne Podcast

Created by Brian Lueck |

Brian Lueck creates a podcast logo design for his friend to attract future sponsors. The concept for Car Con Carne Podcast is a joy because the guest does the program while eating in the car. The logo shape is a red sign box because the filming and recording process occurs inside a Mazda car. It combines a red sign with a bold white font for the podcast name. 


8. The RenoFam Podcast

Created by Visual Jams |

The Renofam Podcast is a program created by Joey Todd, a family pastor at Renovation Church. It aims to help equip parents as spiritual leaders of their families. The designer uses a circle emblem with lion and lioness heads facing each other and a cross between them as the symbol. The podcast name appears above and below the symbol with other icons. 


9. Singulares & Plurais

Created by Maycon Prasniewski |

A podcast logo design for a Brazilian program called "Singular & Plural" resembles diversity. The designer uses a simple concept but can depict its aim even without imagery. First, it uses a yellow background exuding a vibrant vibe. Then, the designer plays with font type and colors to show the diversity. The podcast name is in black italic handwriting and bold in three colors. 


10. masswave

Created by Masum Billah |

Masum Billah inspires those looking for a conceptual, minimalist, modern, and attractive logo design for podcasts. He makes a black concept design for a podcast called, Masswave. Then, he created MW initials for the podcast name in a wave-like shape with a mix of purple, pink, and orange. He put white standard bold, lowercase letters for the podcast name below.


11. QCast Podcast Concept

Created by Matt Dawson |

A brand logo concept for a Qcast podcast looks shiny and fresh. Although it sticks to the black background, the designer uses the microphone head as the symbol dividing it into three parts with different colors; blue, grey, and orange. Below, the designer shows the podcast name in a circular-style font and all in lowercase, which is simple but can represent the program well. 


12. burger podcast

Created by Yuri Kartashev |

Yuri Karthasev shows an example of going simple but playing creatively in making a podcast logo design. It applies the monochrome concept with white background and black for the typography and symbol. It uses a full microphone whose head looks like a burger as the symbol. Besides, he put the podcast name in black uppercase letters with different sizes to highlight the upper part. 


13. Rotten Banana Podcast

Created by Patrick Moriarty |

Combining a podcast and a banana is another idea you can try for a podcast logo, like a logo concept made by Patrick Moriarty.  It uses an opened banana but replaces its meat with a microphone which seems to release a sound. The designer adds Rotten Banana Podcast typography surrounding the symbol. The yellow background supports the logo concept very well. 


14. The laidback

Created by Iva Kitova |

Laidback addresses a musical style in the area of house music. The designer made black sunglasses and put a white bubble font inside to show the podcast's name. This logo might look a bit overused in shape and style, but it fits the vibe of the Laidback podcast. The black sunglasses with white typography on them over white background also looks simple yet fun. 


15. Archivo+

Created by Mahdy Hasan Hridoy |

Mahdy Hasan Hridoy created a podcast logo design that will be a brand identity for a podcast called, Archivo+. It applies a navy background with a microphone in a combination of purplish and pinkish tones as the symbol, followed by a bold white lowercase podcast name. It looks a bit unique because the + at the end uses the same color as the mic instead of white. 


16. Podcastle

Created by Burak Bal |

A logo design for Podcastle is another simple one. The designer uses a blue background. He combines it with simple typography and imagery. The symbol is a soundwave that looks like a castle in pastel color.  It is how the designer combines the podcast and castle in this logo. Following the symbol, he uses a simple, bold white font for the name.


17. Bad Business Podcast

Created by Eric Lee |

Eric Lee created a super fun logo concept for a podcast called Bad Business. He uses a food franchise building as the symbol in the logo, which looks distinct on a watermarked black background. A mix of black, red, and yellow matches the logo well. He put the name in different bold fonts into a sign above the franchise symbol. 


18. treetalks

Created by Daniel Bodea |

Daniel Bodea submitted a logomark proposal for a podcast project called, Treetalks. His podcast logo design includes a white background with a small microphone podcast that looks like tree branches with their Tosca leaves. It is a perfect representation of the project. Below is the podcast name in two tones; light Tosca for the tree and black for the talks. 


19. PodPixel

Created by Deividas Bielskis |

Deividas Bielskis presents a branding for a software tool that helps businesses to identify firmographic data, and companies are listening to the podcast. The logo involves a black background with a microphone symbol in a colorful pixelated head and white holder. After the symbol, the designer put the podcast name in a simple, bold white font so it still looks connected with it. 


20. Creative Health

Created by Nhi Nguyen |

A branding for Creative Health Podcast designed by Nhi Nguyen offers another inspiration for a podcast logo. It has a neutral background with a sun in a hexagonal shape as the symbol. The symbol also seems a bit like compass directions. The podcast name uses different font styles and sizes underneath, with a bigger blue classic in the upper and smaller yellow in the lower. 


21. Podcaster

Created by Priyum Kochhar |

A website for designing and publishing your podcast called, Podcaster has a fun logo concept. Although it uses a standard white background, the designer chooses a signal with a P initial inside in orange color as the symbol, which looks iconic. This podcast logo design also uses bold navy lowercase letters for the name with its trademark symbol at the end. 


22. The Show Before The Show Podcast

Created by Vincent Pettofrezzo |

A recent rebranding for The Show Before the Show Podcast is available on You can discover something fresh on the logo as it includes a baseball ball in the middle with a Minor League stamp on it. The white frame surrounding the ball looks like a microphone head. The outer frame contains the podcast name in white uppercase letters on a navy background. 


23. The Wainwright Ramblers Podcast

Created by Nick Budrewicz |

Nick Budrewics designed second and tertiary logos for a podcast focusing on the 214 fells in the Lake District called The Wainwright Ramblers. It combines several colors; teal, cream, and yellow. It features a trio of peaks, a microphone housed in a compass, and northeast sunrise. The typography is in different sizes, although it uses the same font. A flag with TWR initials appears in another logo.


24. Once Upon a Gene

Created by Jonathan Ball |

A recent podcast logo design for Once Upon a Gene looks fun and cheerful, although it only uses a combination of blue and white. This inspirational podcast focuses on exploring the world of raising children with disabilities and rare genetic disorders, so it applies a fairy concept. The typography is in blue but uses different styles; a bit playful with bling-bling accents. 


25. Book Podcast

Created by Vera Holera |

A new logo for a teen book podcast in South Korea designed by Vera Holera looks simple without typography. She uses a plum background to evoke a fun and cheerful vibe because the target audience of this podcast is teens. Besides, she adds a small opened book as the symbol in white with an orange fire coming from it. 


26. Saint Aubin

Created by Jon Rohlf |

Saint Aubin band undergoes a rebranding through some logo changes. Now it shows the combination of black and yellow. The designer uses a black circle with the band name inside in bold yellow uppercase letters. You also can find the yellow lightning bolt in the middle of the circle. Then, the designer uses a yellow background to complement the black circle. 


27. The Rose

Created by Simo |

The Rose that Grew from Concrete has a podcast logo design with a feminine concept. The designer combines a flower and a microphone to be the symbol. It is because this podcast discusses struggle, love, perseverance, emotions, and other things related to women.  The background is a woman doing a podcast picture in red that matches well with a white symbol and typography. 


28. Fade the Noise

Created by Jack Moran |

Jack Moran created a logo concept for his favorite podcast, Fade the Noise. It combines a pastel orange for the background and white for the symbol and typography.  The symbol is white rectangles of different lengths arranged to look like soundwave. The podcast name is in big, bold white uppercase letters that look balanced alongside the symbol. 


29. Embrace the Mess

Created by Andy J. Pizza |

Embrace the Mess is a podcast for a new creative pep talk. As it focuses on discussing creativity, the symbol looks like a handmade drawing. It features a circle with several layers with a white cloud in the innermost, hugged by an orange character. The outer layers use brighter orange and contain the podcast name in pastel pink uppercase letters. 


30. 720 Podcast

Created by Benny Gold |

Beny Gold witnessed his journey in working with his agency by creating a podcast logo design for an in-house podcast called 720 Podcast. He designed it inspired by the radio sound waves and the conversations that happened inside the walls of 720 California Street. Although it does not include typography, the logo design looks unique, simple, and memorable. 


Frequently Ask Questions

What graphic elements can I use to represent podcast logo designs?

Graphic imagery and symbolism used in podcast logo designs can vary depending on the theme and topics of the podcast. For example, a podcast about sports might use imagery such as a ball, stadium, or sports equipment. A podcast about technology might use imagery such as a computer, smartphone, or circuit board. Speech bubbles and sound waves can be used to represent podcasts about talk shows or storytelling.

Which colors are commonly used in podcast logo designs?

The colors used in podcast logo designs can vary widely depending on the theme and tone of the podcast. However, some commonly used colors include bold and bright colors for comedy or entertainment podcasts, such as red, yellow, and blue. Darker colors like black, grey, or deep blue are often used in true crime or mystery podcasts. Soft pastel colors like pink, blue, and green are often used in lifestyle and wellness podcasts. The choice of color can also depend on the target audience and the emotions that the podcast seeks to evoke.

What is the background of the podcast logo design?

Podcast logo design has evolved over time from simple and basic logos to more sophisticated and professionally designed logos. The emergence of podcasts in the early 2000s led to a need for distinctive logos that would help them stand out and attract listeners. In the mid-2000s, podcasters began to work with professional designers to create logos that reflected the unique themes and topics of their shows. Today, podcast logo design is an important aspect of branding and marketing, and designers consider factors such as the podcast's theme, target audience, typography, illustration, and color when creating logos that capture the essence of the podcast and attract listeners.

What is the objective of podcast logo designs?

The primary objective of podcast logo designs is to create a visual representation of the podcast that captures its theme and tone and attracts potential listeners. A well-designed podcast logo can make a podcast stand out from the crowd and make it easier for listeners to find and remember. A podcast logo is a critical component of the branding and marketing of the podcast and can help to establish its identity and reputation. The logo must reflect the podcast's unique characteristics and target audience, convey the podcast's theme and topics, and evoke the desired emotions and responses.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating podcast logo designs?

When creating podcast logo designs, it is important to keep in mind the target audience of the podcast. The logo should be designed with the interests, preferences, and expectations of the target audience in mind. For example, a podcast aimed at children would require a logo that is bright, playful, and easy to understand. A podcast targeting business professionals would require a more professional and sophisticated logo design. Similarly, a podcast about travel or adventure would require a logo that conveys excitement and adventure. Designers must understand the target audience's demographics, interests, and values to create a logo that appeals to them and reflects the podcast's unique themes and topics.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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