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Article: 30 Best Musical Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Musical Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Without music, life would be a mistake. Check out some of the best musical logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your creative projects!
Created by OTRE® |

Life will certainly be much more colorful if it is filled with happy and lively music. There are so many companies, businesses, or music-based organizations in this world. Although this music prioritizes hearing to be enjoyed, these institutions also really need a beautiful and impressive branding identity to attract people and reflect their characteristics to the public.

Various organizations, companies, and businesses that are engaged in the musical field have very creative logos and are made with excellent designs, successfully capturing the beauty of music accompanied by the style and characteristics of their institutions. If you are looking for a logo design related to musicals, then you should check out the 30 best musical logo design ideas that have been curated just for you below.


1. Opera Saint Étienne

Created by Graphéine |

This logo design for Opera looks very professional and modern. They use a simple, minimalist-themed design theme that makes the appearance look classy. One of the things that you can take as an example from this design by Grapheine is the provision of small details but still impressive in the design.

In the name of this Opera, the letter O is made with interesting detail variations, cut to form like a gate, with the pieces placed on top of the letter E. Such an impressive work.


2. Halo

Created by Camdee C |

We are presented with a very extraordinary animation that reveals the name and logo of the company. This animation is simple, made only with various kinds of dots that are arranged interestingly and given artistic motion. The colors used are also very simple, only black and white monochrome.

But thanks to the combination of impressive animation and also the beautiful logo design at the end of the video, we get an elegant, artistic impression that is very interesting from this design. This proves to you that with the right approach, various simple elements can be made very extraordinary.


3. Lazo Musical

Created by Inés Arroyo |

The Lazo Musical has a beautiful logo. The design is quite simple, using the typeface as the main object in the logo. But the selection of this style of typeface is what makes it interesting. The type of writing chosen looks classic and elegant, beautiful with several cursive ornament details given to accentuate the typeface.

The colors chosen are also very pretty. Deep blue and soft pink colors combined into an amazing combination.


4. Body & Soul

Created by Cassio Nunes |

An attractive logo design that can capture the beauty of music successfully. The Body and Soul logo design uses a very beautiful typeface style, with various curves and curls in the letters that make it look soft and classy.

The impressions are also emitted by choosing elegant black and white colors as the main colors in the design.


5. Cridòria

Created by Vicent Pascual |

The designer managed to reflect well the value and personality of this Cridoria in his design. The Cridoria uses a design that shows the impression of being mature, intellectual, and professional, all of which can be reflected in the logo design used.

The logo itself is simple, using beautiful geometrical lines. It can be seen that there are simple shapes used in this design, making it look simple yet professional.



Created by Abdelrahman Mahmoud |

SQAO has an impressive logo. The main symbol in the design is a piece of marble sculpture commonly found in Greek museums. However, if the object is usually combined with a classical style concept, the designer instead combines it with a futuristic grunge style which is currently very trending and is widely used by brands that carry the theme of streetwear or street-related branding.

The typeface that is used and placed under this logo also uses the type of classical gothic that is usually found in ancient headers but is packaged with a futuristic style.


7. Rhino

Created by Matheus Ferreira |

A very well-designed symbol. The Rhino symbol looks very simple, but we can see that there are a lot of creative thoughts poured into the design. This typeface style seems to have some subtle variations in detail, but it is still very clearly visible, which forms the character of the appearance of this design itself.


8. Sum Over Histories

Created by Karol Gadzala |

This music label uses various musical philosophies and symbols in its logo. At first glance, the pond's logo is very simple, with a thin and simplistic typeface that is the main thing in the design. 

However, in some letters, variations and details are given with various objects and different forms of illustration. This illustration is in the form of frequencies, time, and other philosophical forms following the vision and characteristics of the Sum Over History Music Label.



Created by Alexandra Antonenko |

This theater uses various illustrations from shows that usually appear in the theater with very interesting concepts and styles. It can be seen that there are illustrations ranging from ballet, drama, concerts, and also other activities which are regularly held as the main event in this theater. 

The choice of illustration style is simple, using a two-tone design that uses whitespace as a tool to illustrate the desired object.


10. Media Music

Created by Matheus Morales |

The Media Music has a very artistic logo. The impression is mainly obtained from the typeface style used. Many wavy and squiggly organic lines were formed to showcase the letters of this business name. 

Although the typeface is already lively with the font selector used, the appearance is balanced with a simple color selection and also a simple design.


11. The Krzysztof Penderecki Academy of Music

Created by Aneta Lewandowska |

Who would have thought that a simple arrangement of parallel lines could produce such a luxurious and impressive impression? This logo is made using only a few simple parallel lines, stacked upon themself with neat rules. The inspiration is taken from the sound's wavelength frequencies, making the design very creative.


12. Boogie

Created by Sofia Capó |

Boogie has a festive design, which fits perfectly with their branding style, which is indeed filled with a lively impression by using bright colors. This look invites people to be free and have fun, just like their brand identity. 

The typeface looks very impressive when combined with various design comparisons and products from Boogie, which are made with good design.


13. Ajeito Sua Música

Created by Moabe Oliveira |

A logo that is very impressive and creatively made, especially if it is displayed in an animation style that is no less interesting; the design itself uses direct inspiration from the form of sound frequency that we can see when we record sound in the display of various digital tools. 

The designer uses this wave frequency form as the main symbol in their logo, complemented by a simply styled typeface in turquoise green.


14. Les Frivolités Parisiennes

Created by Graphéine |

The Les Frivolités Parisiennes has a logo design that gives a classy and classy impression. The design uses a few simple shapes to depict the P shape, which is the monogram taken from the name of this orchestra. These sheets are also taken directly from the form of musical notes that we usually find in music sheets.


15. Dope Sound

Created by Abstract Logic |

The design is amazing and stunningly beautiful. Using inspiration from the shape of the water ripples, the designer has created various simple shapes to clearly illustrate the water ripples with just a few elements. The colors used, black and white, provide an excellent contrast to make the object pop and are visible to attract attention.

The animation is also very beautiful, providing simple continuous motion to make the symbol look lively, just like real water ripples.


16. KakaoM 1theK

Created by HuskyFox |

The logo of Kakaom 1thek looks very striking and attracts attention with the colors it uses. Bright green and purple are complementary colors that contrast very well with each other, creating a display that is easy to see and recognize anywhere. 

The style used looks modern and contemporary, using a simple typeface style and also objects such as waving flags.


17. Kingdom Ogene Band

Created by Yasir Asim |

Kingdom Ogene has a beautiful logo that is very lively. The design uses illustrations from various traditional African music cultures, also framed with the shape of the African continent, which makes the appearance very unique and very cultural. The colors chosen produce a warm look, mainly emitted from various shades of oranges combined with a soft, deep blue color.

This logo looks complex, with various illustrations of traditional African musical instruments and also a striking figure with extraordinary details in the middle.


18. Chord Bar

Created by 淡山 DOLOMITE |

Simple, minimalist, and also modern are some of the main impressions that we can immediately get when we see this logo. The design is so simple, using a generic classic style typeface. The look makes this design versatile and suitable to be combined with any branding style.


19. Music and Arts Festival

Created by Creative Invention |

This is one of the design ideas that can be imitated for branding various festivals related to arts and music. The logo looks very cheerful and lively and seems to show the emotions that exist in the festival, making people more interested in joining. 

Simple shapes with various colors are used as the main objects in the design. The shapes are selected and arranged in a very attractive contemporary artistic style. The colors used are also very matched with the branding and harmoniously placed with one another.


20. Smile

Created by Ruslana Vorobey |

Smile is one of the largest music festivals held in Europe. These festivals also feature various musicians with various styles of music, ranging from pop, hip hop, and even rock. The design made is very versatile and can capture it all. The logo uses simple shapes as symbols. 

These shapes are formed into simple symbols in the form of circles and lines with several variations of detail. It can also be seen that there is a shape like a smile which is made striking with a bright pink color. The color chosen for this branding is also interesting, a mix of bright pink, white, and purple.


21. Tolqyn

Created by IGRAPHIC design bureau |

The Tolqyn uses symbols that are often found in recording tools to illustrate musical or audio elements in their logo design. 

The design is made simply, using black and white colors that are modern and minimalistic, and also does not use various objects or ornaments. The overall look produces a design that reflects a professional, calm, and modern impression.


22. Soundon

Created by Rostislav Nezhinsky |

Sound on is a shop that provides a variety of audio equipment with high quality. The symbol uses a simple and modern concept but is wrapped in a stylish appearance.

The designer uses purple and soft orange as the main colors in their branding. The logo looks to complement the look of the branding and presents a clean and comfortable look.


23. Noize

Created by OTRE® |

The Noize presents a futuristic look in various products and their brand identity. You can immediately get this impression when you see the logo of this business. 

They are a business that is engaged in music and art and put it in the field of fashion by presenting a stylish and trendy underground look. Designs with concepts like this are indeed popular and widely used for various fashion brands.


24. Teatro Eslava

Created by GRÁVITA |

The Teatro Eslnava has a logo that is stylish, classy, ​​and elegant. The logo consists of two letters monograms, E and S, which are taken from the name of the theater and are made with interesting variations. The ES symbol looks beautiful with its simple yet subtle style that connects the two letters for a perfect look.


25. National Music Therapy Institute

Created by byHAUS studio |

An amazing logo. This inspiration is perfect for those of you who are looking for a logo with a simple, minimalist concept but still gives an exclusive and classy impression to increase the branding of your business or company. 

The symbol uses the shape of the sound frequency created by the illustration of wavy lines and pipes. The display is so beautiful and enchanting that we can imagine the beautiful musical harmony when we look at it.


26. Ural Opera Ballet

Created by Voskhod Agency |

Most people associate ballet with a classic, monotone, and conservative look. But you can also create branding related to ballet to appear in a modern, stylish, and conceptual style, like this one logo design. 

The look looks very modern and beautiful, with an abstract U-shaped object that is the monogram of the name of this ballet theater. The shapes of the U are blurry in some parts, which creates an artsy look.


27. Untitled

Created by Reda El Fennane |

The designer uses a game of color variations to make the design look stunning and different from the others. The untitled symbol is made with a simple and generic style of bold typeface but is given variations in the form of red, yellow, and blue colors, which are the staple colors of Untitled itself.


28. Mansim

Created by Monga Design |

The typeface used complements the branding design very well. The designer uses the gradient style to become the background as well as the object of beauty in the concept. 

The appearance is modern and trendy. This soft gradient concept accompanied by a unique and clean typeface style is indeed trending and popular to be used by various types of brands around the world, which you may also be able to use in our brand.


29. Ringo

Created by Mehmet Kırlangıç |

This Ringo music uses a futuristic concept that is very cool and impressive in its branding. Starting from the logo to various products, they use a modern packaging and design style. 

Most of this impression is generated from the choice of design style and typeface used, also supported by the silver color in various brands and their products. The logo looks simple but matches well with the futuristic concept they carry.


30. Soar

Created by Monga Design |

A very beautiful design. The designer uses a style inspired by various retro-concept designs that are repackaged and branded to produce a modern and stylish look. 

The look is very trendy and attracts attention. There is a simple symbol in the form of rays of light that radiate linearly, which is the main object in the logo design. In addition, there is also the name Soar, which was made using a bold and striking typeface with a unique style.


Final Words

The various logos related to musicals above are some design inspirations that you can imitate to become your reference when you load a logo design that also has a musical concept or other concepts. 

The designs from the amazing and brilliant designer prices above are some examples of designs that can be used for your branding and have managed to capture each brand, organization, or business's personality very well.

You can choose for yourself which concept or style you like the most or according to the characteristics and personality that you want to portray in your design.

Choose the inspiration, see how the work can impress you, and imitate those factors in your work with your own style and approach.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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