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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Men's Clothing Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Men's Clothing Logo Design

A gentleman should always dress well and keep it simple but significant.
Here are some tips you can follow to create a fantastic men’s clothing logo design!
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The logo is one of the most important components that will support the success of your brand. In any business field, be it a large company or a startup, you need to have a logo. In this case, the role of the logo is one of the characteristics that will make potential consumers believe and be aware of your product.

Furthermore, having a logo also makes your brand and company more professional. From the public's point of view, if you have a brand logo, then you are considered reliable and professional and provide the best quality in the brand offered. Therefore, creating an attractive and unique logo design is an important thing to do.

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It is not easy to design a logo that has a special characteristic. This requires accuracy, and you also have to understand very well the brand that will be depicted through the logo. Not only that, but the logo must also have a special meaning and value so that its existence does contain its own philosophy so that it will be a force that drives the success of your business.

Related to the importance of logo design, in textile or clothing brands, you also have to design a logo according to the brand you are selling. If you sell menswear, then the logo you create should also reflect the product. If you are unable to create a logo design yourself, then you can ask a design expert for help.

When designing a logo, you should pay attention to tips to create a good men's clothing logo design. The goal is for your logo to be public and have real meaning. That way, the logo that is designed is not just a logo. However, it has more vibes, so it can attract consumers to buy your brand or use your services.

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To avoid mistakes in designing a logo, it would be better if you pay attention to some tips to create a good men's clothing logo design. This is very good as a basis for making designs that successfully captivate consumers' hearts. As is well known, designing a logo is very difficult, especially a logo for a menswear brand. This happens because many logos have been circulating for the brand. Your challenge is to design a different and attractive logo.


1. Look at Some References

It is true that your brand logo must be unique and cannot be the same as other brands. In this case, it doesn't mean you shouldn't look for logo references at all. In designing a menswear brand logo, you are even advised to look at some references first. These references can be used as inspiration in designing your logo.

By looking at logo references, your mind will be more open and more to finding logo design ideas. However, what you need to pay attention to here is the originality of your design. Maybe from these references, you can take a few interesting things, such as the color of the logo or the basic shape. For important components such as symbols and jargon, try not to match them at all.

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Try to find as many allusions to logos in other media or on the internet. Finding logo examples is done for inspiration rather than to replicate. You may compare and acquire intriguing ideas to build a unique logo by looking at examples of other people's logo designs and researching the background of their production.

Once your logo design is half done, compare it to the reference logo. If you already have your own characteristics for a men's clothing brand, then continue the process. But if not, you can make small changes.

Created by Pablo Chico |


2. Make It Simple and Easy to Remember

The second tip to creating a good men's clothing logo design is to make it straightforward to recall. A good logo, in the opinion of some design professionals, is one that consumers or their clients can quickly recognize and remember. A design website called Design Hack offers a method for producing a logo design that is comparable to the brand name to produce a logo that is simple to recognize and remember.

Visualize the location of the logo there. An illustration of a logo with a spherical design element for a beverage company. It's important to consider the product that will be associated with the logo while establishing one. For instance, if your business is in the clothing industry and you want to design a men's clothing logo, a circle would be the best shape to utilize because it will look excellent.

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It is better to take into account the marketing techniques employed for these goods as well. The designed logo must appear nice on business cards if the networking marketing technique that will be used to sell products (from social media, webinars, and others) is being used.

Similar to this, a digital marketing strategy is employed (such as video marketing). The logo creation process can take into account a distinct and eye-catching color scheme so that the logo will stand out on the screen of the promotional video.

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3. Choose The Perfect The Colour Set

The choice of color in a logo design for a men's clothing brand is something you should pay attention to next. Colour determines whether the design will be attractive or not. In addition, the choice of colors will also describe the image of your brand.

In this case, less flashy pastel colors may not be suitable for designing a men's clothing logo. You are more advised to use masculine colors that reflect men's clothing, such as black, white, cream, silver, and gold. The color will make the logo seem dashing and attractive. After choosing a color, make sure all the colors you create can be a balanced mix. In this case, color has its own character and psychological value. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you study more in this field. 

After all the desired color characters are created, try to review whether the combination is right or not. If not, you can mix and match the selected base color with other additional colors that you feel are suitable. This will give birth to a balanced mix of colors in the menswear logo design.

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4. Create Brand Awareness

The next tip to creating a good men's clothing logo design is brand awareness. A good logo design must be able to raise brand awareness for customers who see it. The point is that when other people see your logo, they are already aware that the logo belongs to brand A, for example. Making a logo like this is difficult. Of course, it takes a special characteristic that anyone can notice quickly.

As much as possible, you should learn a lot from logos that have experienced success first. An example is the Apple brand with its simple logo, but it can generate tremendous brand awareness. However, it has an implied philosophy.

The important point here is that you should be able to design a logo that is simple but catchy. Logos shouldn't be too complicated. It will actually make it very difficult for the viewer to raise brand awareness in their minds. Try to keep the logo design as simple as possible. Include your brand in the logo. After the logo is half-finished, re-evaluate and test it out first so that the results will be maximum.

Created by Pablo Chico |


5. Make It Relatable

It doesn't harm to make a new logo from the outcomes of rearranging the existing one if your brand already has one if it does. It can be overhauled by making it simpler. A short, memorable phrase that is also eye-catching and excellent is increasingly in demand due to the advancement of the period.

As demonstrated by the development of the Pepsi logo. Pepsi, a business that was established decades ago, continues to develop by enhancing its logo. The Pepsi logo has undergone numerous design iterations, which is the idea of creating a design that is dynamic and adaptable so that it may be reproduced if there are mistakes. As a result, the logo is now straightforward to recall.

A good logo design must also stay current with societal and industry trends. The logo's design will feel stiff and monotonous if you don't want to adapt to the times. A firm must adapt as well as keep up with the times and culture as they change. Conventional firms that solely use physical stores to sell their products will fall further behind as more and more consumers conduct their activities offline. For businesses to browse online and use virtual services to draw in more clients, innovation and updates are therefore required.

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6. Use Symbols To Create Meaning 

In every logo you create, there must always be values ​​and philosophy in it. This is one of the tips to create a good men's clothing logo design. Usually, it relates to the selection of logo shapes, symbols, and even logo colors.

For example, you choose black for the base color and red for the additional logo color. When choosing these, you must also be able to explain to the philosopher why you chose the two colors. A logo without philosophy is like a useless inanimate object.

Even though the logo is an inanimate object, suppose it can speak. The logo will later be a means that will be able to communicate with potential customers. When they see a logo, they can be immediately attracted before they even know the quality of your brand.

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7. Message Over Visual

In addition to philosophy, the logo must also contain the vision and mission of your brand. However, you should not describe these two things too long in the design. It will only make the design look ugly and complicated.

Think about how to make a simple logo design, but the brand's vision and mission have been included in its components. For this, you really have to understand and learn a lot about how to design the best logo. It's not just the art of designing it but rather the process of forming a valuable logo.

For men's clothing brands, maybe you can include symbols that relate to the vision and mission of the clothing company. Choose the symbol that is the most discreet and follows the circumstances of your brand. If you are confused, you can ask other people's opinions or consult a logo design expert.

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8. Make Sure It's Adaptable

When you design a men's clothing brand logo, then the logo must be understood by everyone that it is a men's clothing brand logo. That means that a good logo is one that is consistent and unambiguous. The point is that the logo does not have a double meaning.

If the logo can be interpreted by other people with different interpretations, then you have not succeeded in making a good brand logo. You must review and re-evaluate. Make improvements to your logo so that it will not cause double interpretation.

In short, the design you have to make is simple and has no other meaning than your brand. This is very important to note. Don't let the customer see your logo; the customer will see another brand. This is very dangerous for your business going forward. Therefore, making a logo cannot be careless and only concerned with artistic design. However, the content and meaning of the logo are also very important. 

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9. Choose the Right Font

Choosing the right font is one of the tips for creating a good men's clothing logo design. This will also determine whether or not the logo design for your menswear brand is attractive. There are so many font models that you can choose from in designing this logo. Don't choose a font that's just good, but remember that you have to choose the right font.

When the brand you market is in the textile and clothing sector, then choose the appropriate font character. Each letter has its own character and philosophy. You can choose which one suits the brand character and also the overall design concept that will be applied.

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To find out whether your chosen font is suitable or not, you can try to apply it many times while designing. If you feel that one font doesn't fit, please try another font. This will take some time, but be patient because if you are persistent, the results will be good.

After choosing the right font design, then you just need to adjust the size. Although it looks trivial, setting the font size in a logo design is also very difficult. This requires accuracy so that the font size can really fit the logo frame.

Created by Juliette Kim |


10. Create Multiple Variations

The last tip for creating a good men's clothing logo design is the conversion of logo design. Make sure the logo design that you create can be converted into various file sizes and models. In this case, the logo you create must be convertible in black and white mode. Therefore, the settings in your logo design should also be made that way.

Why should you create a convertible design in black and white mode? Because, on some occasions, such as the use of correspondence, the logo must be printed in black and white mode. This is very important for you to pay attention to.

Created by Sergii Rodionov |

In addition, make sure that the logo can be printed and converted into all sizes. Do not let your logo, when enlarged will, be broken and unclear. This is not highly recommended.

A good logo is a logo that can be used for many purposes. In addition to being good at the design process, you must also be good at the engineering design process. This, of course, will involve the right logo design and application skills.

This is the appeal of a logo, especially for men's clothing brands. In your design, give meaning and philosophy that is related to clothing and textiles. Later it will be easier to attract customers, especially those who want to use your brand or collaborate with your company.

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Final Words

Some of these tips to create a good men's clothing logo design might be your foundation when designing a brand logo. Enjoy every process in composing the design, giving color, choosing symbols, and incorporating philosophical values ​​into it. Of course, this will take some time. However, you have to be patient and painstaking so that the resulting design is really what you want.

To start pioneering your clothing business, start by creating an attractive brand and logo first. You can ask for consideration from several parties in the design process. If the logo is ready, you can also test it out first.

Furthermore, when the logo is not in demand, then you can redesign it according to what is being updated at that time. Redesigning this logo also requires extra thought. But don't worry, if your logo is ready later, it will be the best logo for the men's clothing brand that will be launched.

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