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Article: 30 Best Abstract Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Abstract Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

You can’t look at abstract art without thinking.
Check out some of the best abstract logo design ideas we have curated for your creative projects!
Created by Aine |
Abstract art is always something that comes with a lot of meaning. It makes the piece gather more attention and intentions. That is something that you can adopt for a logo or brand identity. With the idea to make an impression and keep the viewer engaged by thinking about the imagery, many big companies or creative directors work with abstract logo design.

But what makes it so good that it fits or is proper for an essential piece of identity? The abstract is one of the logo styles that has various meanings and ideas. Sometimes it has unique styling that makes the design appear more appealing or stand out among the crowd.

An abstract logo by itself is the perfect option to express multiple feelings, concepts, or ideations within limited symbol imagery. It allows the creator to blend and develop numerous options for the works, including working with any type of image model, such as non-literal imagery, patterns, shapes, symbols, and illustrations.

Typically, the abstract logo design also comes with a wordmark to increase its comprehension, flexibility, and versatility. It works best with any industry and medium. But sure, making one is more than just plopping down many shapes and styles.

Here are some of the best abstract logo design ideas you can reference


1. Axiam

Created by Jisan Branding |

The use of swooshing motion and the simple shapes make Axiam's logo easy to remember. As abstract imagery, the design does not directly show a relation with the name or business. But it is enough to represent the brand with unique imagery. The key that makes it work are the color elements, simple fonts, and visuals for the whole brand design guide.


2. Zeopoint

Created by Khabib |

The abstract shape and implication of the Zero Point are pretty straightforward. It offers a dynamic image that goes well with the simple imagery or font for the brand. The key visual goes on the simple shape that resembles a letter Z. It works fine as the abstract image also has a fun color combining blue and green in it.


3. Tasfomas

Created by Gennady Savinov |

Tasfomas share a nice abstract logo design using simple shapes. The designer uses three different colored (yellow, blue, and red) L-shaped items to develop the T icon. What makes it work is the color scheme is the triadic color. It is pretty basic, but the arrangement makes a nice 3D illusion visual. Combined with the white sans serif font, this is a balanced logo design.


4. Hxteel

Created by mparvej |

HXteel's abstract logo comes around with sharp corners, shapes, and bold colors. There is no exact context, but the sharp shapes and diagonal designs can fit with the "X" in the brand name. At a glance, the symbol resembles an H. But the diagonal bridge makes it work to associate it with X. For an abstract logo, it is work wonder and sure is memorable.


5. Oricta

Created by Jisan Branding |

Oricta is not only creating a beautiful logo but also making it work as a rebranding project for the company. The best key of the image is the combination of square and ninja stars imagery. To make a nice twist, the design tangled the two shapes and added rainbow colors to it. In the end, it is an appealing imagery that also works with a monochrome scheme.


6. Tornike Uchava

Created by Tornike Uchava |

The idea behind the creation is to make rotating arc imagery as simple and direct as possible. In this case, Tornike Uchava grabs the perfect use of two rings intertwined with each other. The color element is made in a way that keeps the layer clear and easy to recognize. Due to its imagery and simple style, the icon will be more scalable, versatile, and memorable.


7. Moore Museum

Created by Gennady Savinov |
The abstraction in the Moore Museum logo by Gennady Savinov is pretty unique and worth a look. At a glance, it appears like a basic shape, but once you know what the brand or the context is, it does show relevant meaning. The shape can resemble a historic building in America, with a curtain and black and white color as the essence of vintage or old.


8. Aurora

Created by Usarek™ Studio |

One thing that came out as one thought about Aurora is the color. In this image, you can see that the creator uses the correct color scheme to illustrate the name. The symbol or the logo itself is made out of an abstract shape. But it is arranged in a way that resembles the letter A and the curvy shapes of Aurora in the sky.


9. Qewam

Created by Deividas Bielskis |

Some abstract imagery does not have to be complicated. Qewam proves it true. The logo design is made out of a symbol and a wordmark, signifying the brand name. The typography design is pretty much simple. But the symbol is unique. It is made out of six diamond-shaped graphics in rainbow colors arranged to make a circle.


10. Tornike Uchava

Created by Tornike Uchava |

The visual image from the company is pretty direct. One thing that stands out is the initial imagery and resemblance of the sun symbol. To make it less obvious and give a sense of distinctive style, the flare is made with a curve in the same direction. It adds a sense of dynamic, motion, and color relevance.


11. Albums

Created by Victor Murea |

Albums also use the same recipe in their visual identity by using colorful symbol schemes. To make it work, the design combines six shapes in different colors to make a unique shape resembling the sun. It is arranged in the same direction so that it adds a certain sense of movement to the look. Using this style and color is always a nice and versatile option to do.


12. Xaveus

Created by Imon Ahamed |

Xaveus makes a modern letter logo with the use of unique lines. Something that makes it entrancing is the use of color and layers. The middle part has darker shades, which help create debt in the design. It also combines soft corners in certain areas, which helps bring a sense of motion and a sophisticated image.


13. Setorio

Created by Khabib |

Khabib as the designer, brings a sense of minimalism, a simple but also sophisticated symbol for Setorio. Based on the details, it is a blockchain, NFT, or crypto brand. That is why the creator uses unique imagery for the symbol. It combines the traditional S letter with different random blocks in the middle.


14. Distant Echo

Created by Gennady Savinov |

Distant Echo is an abstract logo design due to the lack of context and various meanings. But the designer is pretty impressive in hiding the relevance of the brand. The outer shape resembles the letter D. Meanwhile; the inside has unique shapes. When seen together as context, the shapes inside imply the visualization of echo.


15. Pointhex

Created by Fahim |

The Pointhex logo concept is pretty high-end and fancy. The bold and popped colors fit perfectly with the direct, simple font. The logo itself is an abstract made of various lines to create a symmetrical shape. The color is outstanding, and the model is simply memorable and simple. So, a perfect timeless identity for the brand.


16. Vortex

Created by Dalius Stuoka |

Vortex goes literal with the meaning and its implication. The designs are made out of circles with a blueish color scheme. Once again, the circles are arranged to make a nice flowy movement from a rounded center. The combination of colors makes it work for more memorable motion. It also comes with a wordmark to explain the context.


17. Doublex

Created by Gennady Savinov |

The black and white color, the unique composition and styling, plus the concept go well together in almost every aspect. Rather than going literal by creating two X letters, the creator blends them and makes a unique visual style. At a glance, it is a unique diagonal composition that hides the two Xs to make the double X's logo.


18. Aine

Created by Aine |

A circular motion is one of the popular abstract imagery for logos. It is not only the circle shape but also an arrangement that creates the meaning of infinite or loop. Many play with shapes to create motion, and so does Aine. The design has pretty simple shapes, colors, and timeless imagery as an abstract logo design.


19. Dolanan

Created by Raull Khaq |

Looking at the general visual and concept, Dolanan has more fun and leeway in imagery. The visual combine shapes with soft corners. The shape itself resembles a red bean. For the logo, three red beans are propped to make a symbol. Meanwhile, the typography is basic sans serif but with a few soft edges and styling.


20. Tahmid Ahmed

Created by Tahmid Ahmed |

Tahmid Ahmed describes his design as an abstract love logo. It is made of several shapes with soft edges combined to make a unique shape. One thing that is worth highlighting is the non-literal heart shape. The arrangement, color scheme, and separation make a nice contrast and contour, which develop such a memorable visual identity.


21. MadX

Created by Mahdy Hasan Hridoy |

Upon first glance, the symbol of MadX is just a random line with sharp edges and direction. But when you see it closer and think further, the random direction creates various X letters. The weird junction and position make it fit with the "mad" title. The coloring and the use of wordmarks are the keys to making this logo appear more modern and understandable.


22. Opal

Created by Deividas Bielskis |

Opal is one of the gems or natural jewels. It is known for its colorful shades and diverse appearance. It is a stone, a fancy one that provides an opalescent color. To comprise the idea, the abstract logo design combines the idea of color, stone, and shimmer. That is why the symbols are made out of circles with stripes in different colors.


23. Yelephant

Created by Ashfuq Hridoy |

It is fun to see when the creator is not only being literal with the meaning and naming but also smart with visual play. Yelephant uses a half circle as the main shape. It also has several other circular shapes on the inside with different colors. A small protruding line is on the outside, creating a unique vision of an elephant.


24. Otam

Created by Lucas Fields |

Sometimes abstract design goes as random as possible. This is what happened to Otam. The symbol logo does not show a direct correlation. But the logo has squares organized to create a bigger O letter subtly. The bold symbol and the font are fitting as it brings simplicity to the whole look.


25. Duckby

Created by Mahabub Hassan |

Duckby might look very simple and random. But the brand pictorial has a hidden relevance through the unique depiction of the Duck shape. In general, it plays with four different shapes, circle, triangle, and parallelogram. But with a smart combination, it makes a duck shape. Since it grasped the idea of making people think, the design followed with simple color and font.


26. Digital Square

Created by Sergio Joseph |

As the name says, you can expect the very digital image of a square. The creator plays smart and unique with color and different shapes. The symbol brings out four squares with rounded edges. On the inside, the creator also uses different colors and shapes. It is a unique visual with a symmetrical design, but it still needs the name to explain the brand.


27. Starline

Created by Dylan Menke |

Star does not always look like the common imagery. Designers play around with lines and shapes to make a new style and look. In this case, Starline goes literal with the implication of using lines to make a star. The design is pretty much it. Nothing stands out or turns into a focal point but still serves as a distinctive identity.


28. Forensic

Created by Ahmed Rumon |

A modern logo design style bound to play around with minimalist, simple, and popping colors. In this case, Forensic uses three and a hidden fourth rounded edges shapes to recreate a stylish fingerprint. It shares relevance to the name while having an abstract and unique aesthetic in it. It is versatile, as you can use it alone with or without the wordmark.


29. Innovation

Created by Mahjabin Afrin |

The shape of a four-sided star, a unique white area in the middle, and the use of curves and colors, create a nice-looking abstract logo design. Innovation does it right with its association. The color changes create depth. The waves and shapes make it simple yet memorable. It works with or without the brand name as it is versatile imagery.


30. Castle

Created by Helvetiphant™ |

The abstract design does not always mean going crazy and having no context. That is why the Castle's logo is a fun creation to consider. It uses simple shapes of rectangles and squares. But they are made to resemble a tower, the common imagery of a Castle building. It also uses monochrome color and a straight sans-serif font for a strong or stout impression.


Frequently Ask Questions

What is an abstract logo design?

An abstract logo design is a type of logo that does not rely on specific identifiable imagery or symbols to convey a message or meaning. Instead, it uses shapes, colors, and typography to create a unique visual representation of a brand or company.

Why use an abstract logo design?

Using an abstract logo design can be a great way to create a unique and memorable brand identity. By eschewing specific imagery or symbols, abstract logos allow for more creativity and flexibility in design. They can also be easier to recognize and remember, as they are less likely to be confused with other similar logos.

What are some examples of successful abstract logo designs?

Some well-known examples of successful abstract logos include Nike's iconic swoosh, the FedEx logo with its hidden arrow, and the Apple logo, which has undergone several abstract design iterations over the years.

Can abstract logos work for any type of business or industry?

Yes, abstract logos can work for any type of business or industry, from tech startups to fashion brands to healthcare providers. The key is to create a design that is relevant and appropriate for the specific business or industry while still maintaining the unique visual qualities of an abstract logo.

How can an abstract logo design help a brand stand out from competitors?

An abstract logo design can help a brand stand out from competitors by creating a unique visual identity that sets it apart. Without relying on specific imagery or symbols, an abstract logo allows for greater creativity and flexibility in design, which can result in a more memorable and recognizable brand identity.

What are the benefits of an abstract logo design?

Abstract logo designs offer several benefits. Firstly, they are highly versatile and can be used across different mediums and platforms. Secondly, abstract logos are often memorable and eye-catching, making them effective in building brand recognition. Lastly, abstract logos are open to interpretation, allowing the viewer to attach their own meaning and emotions to the design.

How does an abstract logo differ from other types of logos?

Unlike other types of logos, such as illustrative or literal logos, abstract logos do not use recognizable images or symbols. Instead, they use abstract shapes, lines, and colors to communicate the company's brand identity. Abstract logos are often more versatile and open to interpretation, making them suitable for a wider range of businesses and industries


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!


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