30 Best Vintage Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

The thing about being vintage is that it never goes out of fashion!
Check out some of the best vintage logo design ideas we have curated to inspire you!
Created by Jeremy Vessey | https://dribbble.com/shots/9874287-The-Heritage-Brand-Collection

Vintage logo designs have become a favorite option since they look luxurious, premium, and lovable. Even nowadays, the hype for logos with a vintage theme is still big. Numerous popular brands such as restaurants, cafes, wineries, clothing lines, and automobiles keep using this logo theme to catch people's attention.

Vintage logos have a unique appearance and iconic style since they combine classic shapes, faded color palettes, and artistic typography, which were popular during the 60s to 70s. Among a variety of logo designs that are available today, vintage logos show a timeless or weathered look.

Logo designs with this theme serve as a perfect option for any brands that want to add a touch of old-fashioned style to their business. Besides, it becomes a good concept for any brand that wants to go with classic style but never looks out of date when the seasons change.


1. Von's Burger Bar

Created by Nebojsa Matkovic | https://dribbble.com/shots/17458264-Von-s-Burger-Bar

Von's Burger Bar has a logo that applies a vintage style. Using faded yellow color for the background, this logo comes with interesting illustrations. It includes a walking burger vector with sunglasses and a sunset on the beach. The typography tells the bar name along with the tagline "Burgers, Fries, and Good Vibes!"

This logo is a perfect brand for everyone to enjoy the delicious dishes from the bar while admiring the views of the seaside.


2. Domeniile Dumbrava

Created by Dusan Sol | https://dribbble.com/shots/17879667-Domeniile-Dumbrava-Logo

Domenille Dumbrava refers to a family-owned vineyard that comes with a vintage logo. The design style of this bar's brand identity is very strong because it uses various typography. Along with a vector of a farmer carrying a box of grapes, there is also a red stamp on the bottom corner.

Collecting in small batches, this logo branding conveys a message that this vineyard produces fresh and high-quality wine like the tradition in Dealu Mare.



Created by cmpt_rules | https://dribbble.com/shots/17941437-CASCAVEL-RANCH-BRAND-EXPLORATION

Cascavel Ranch perhaps becomes one of the best vintage logos because it includes several badge designs and ranch icons. Using red color as the background matches well with all the badges and icons that use a combination of blue and yellow colors.

This branding includes two horse icons and two snake icons. Three badges come with snake illustrations, while the big one uses a horse which becomes the mascot in the Black Forest, Colorado.


4. Prymal Coffee Creamer

Created by Chad Woody | https://dribbble.com/shots/17357696-Prymal-Coffee-Creamer

Prymal Coffee Creamer is a coffee shop famous for its vintage logo designs for branding and packaging. The logo of this coffee shop includes the use of several typography and shapes. The combination of brown and neutral colors gives a soft classical look to everyone who sees it.

The shapes are all rounded rectangles that have different designs. The biggest one comes with more decorative corners and edges and different sizes of fonts.


5. Wildwood Design Co

Created by Wildwood Design Co | https://dribbble.com/shots/14971560-Wildwood-Design-Co

Wildwood Design Co is a California-based freelance graphic designer that offers vintage design for its branding. Their brand identity gives a retro look with a combination of blue, yellow, and white colors. They use a natural vector and other nautical theme illustrations on their logos.

Many of the art design comes in the form of surfing board, badges, apparel, and a combination of nature illustration and typography.


6. Vibe Glass

Created by Consume Design | https://dribbble.com/shots/16800690-Vibe-Glass-Branding

Vibe Glass offers the best vintage logos since it combines various brand elements in its illustration. Along with connected V and G initial letters, it uses different typography to write "functional glass art" and "vibe glass." They add three blowing fire icons, two in the bottom and the bigger one in the center.

This logo delivers the meaning that Vibe Glass produces handmade glass art in Colorado and is established in 2014.


7. Custom Murals

Created by Ian Barnard | https://dribbble.com/shots/18508119-Mural-Logo

Custom Murals has inspiration from vintage logo designs as well. Although it only uses the combination of white and black color, it truly has a strong vibe due to the use of artistic typography. In the middle, there is an illustration of hand-holding brushes and "custom murals & artwork" typography underneath.

There is a simpler and bigger font for the headline and year of establishment. Meanwhile, the names of the designers use a more artistic font.


8. Mama Americana

Created by Amit Botre | https://dribbble.com/shots/10734978-Mama-Americana

Mama Americana is one of the brands that stick to a vintage concept. Established in 977, the vibe of the 70s depicts in this logo. The noisy background combined with the textured typography of its name sparks a classical look. Not to mention the antique car vector which appears under it.

There are other typography saying "tasteful curated antiques" and "refined home goods" that delivers meaning it is the best place to hunt antique items.


9. Outlier Goods Co

Created by Nick Stewart | https://dribbble.com/shots/14964727-Outlier-Goods-Co

Outlier Goods Co can be a source of ideas to make the best vintage logos. Although it sticks to a monochrome look, this brand identity for custom woodworking and crafting businesses uses various unique typography. Its brand design comes in a pack that includes icons, logos, badges, and typography.

Textured typography with hedged fonts or concentric circles becomes the characteristic of this brand identity since it looks simple but has a vintage-ish vibe.


10. Heartside

Created by TravisPietsch. | https://dribbble.com/shots/17617940-Heartside-Plbg-2-4

Heartside, which happens to be a plumbing company, has unique ideas for vintage logo designs. The brand identity of this company uses a combination of logos, badges, head illustrations, and simple typography, which are all in blue. The logo is a combination of H and P letters inside a circle.

There is an illustration of a man wearing a hat with "HP" initials and three people carrying big plumbing with the handwriting "Heartside Plumbing Co."


11. Huntsville Alabama

Created by Morgan Carter | https://dribbble.com/shots/17994669-Huntsville-Alabama-Badges

Huntsville, Alabama, provides some ideas if you want to design badges with vintage style. Although it doesn't include illustration, the textured typography vector truly exudes a classic feeling. The typography appears in a circular direction on its top and involves different sizes of fonts.

The distinctive look comes from a hedged font of "Rocket City" under the name of this brand, "Huntsville Alabama," located in the middle of badges.


12. Contentment

Created by Nebojsa Matkovic | https://dribbble.com/shots/17352312-Contentment

Contentment gives the best vintage logos inspiration that is applied to a clothing brand. They use subtle and balanced noise effects for the background and typography. Green is the main color of this t-shirt brand identity, along with a smiley flower illustration in the middle of the design.

The green typography that surrounded the illustration uses a textured font of different sizes to match the vintage concept and get along with the flower illustration.


13. Griffin Gang

Created by Jason K Yun | https://dribbble.com/shots/17071180-Griffin-Gang

Griffin Gang has a brand identity with vintage logo designs. Still sticking to the subtle noise background to give a vintage vibe, they use two mirrored griffins and legendary mythical animals for their mascot. Between two griffins, you can find two G initials separated with a slash.

On the top, there is circular typography of "Griffin Gang Inc" shrinking size in blue color. This typography matches well with the open wings of twin griffins underneath.


14. The Wild Queen

Created by Angon Mangsa | https://dribbble.com/shots/18316951-The-Wild-Queen

The Wild Queen is an outdoor company that has a vintage-style brand identity. This company logo uses a badge design with an illustration of a woman riding a cheetah while holding a knife. Combining green color and faded yellow, the logo uses different sizes of fonts.

With the circular headline "The Wild Queen" on the top, this logo offers inspiration to make effective and the best vintage logos. The meaning is even clearer with "Dream & Peace" under the illustration.


15. Gas Stop General

Created by cmpt_rules | https://dribbble.com/shots/16998488-Gas-Stop-General-Exploration

Gas Stop General is a brand exploration that takes inspiration from the motorcycle community. The designer makes various types of designs for this brand identity in blue color. It consists of textured typography with the name of the brand, vector character, the brand's initial letter, textured logo, and badges.

Some badges and logos have a man riding a motorcycle illustration, while some others use a motorcycle flag, tires, gloves, and other strong characters.


16. Speed Addicts

Created by Jeremy Vessey | https://dribbble.com/shots/16305651-Shirt-Concept-for-Speed-Addicts

Speed Addicts comes with vintage logo designs for a shirt concept. Designed for motocross shirts, this brand applies a textured logo and adds it with a noise effect. The mascot of the brand is a tire with crossed flags. Both the typography and mascot comes in a brown color.

The name of the brand, "Speed Addicts," uses a more artistic font, while the rest of the words use a simpler hedged font style. Only the top typography looks circular.


17. Howdy!

Created by Wildwood Design Co | https://dribbble.com/shots/17071762-Howdy

Howdy! is an outdoor kid's apparel brand that goes with a vintage concept. Accompanying the faded orange background, the designer made a bear head with a hat vector as the mascot of this kids' apparel brand. Below the mascot, the name of the brand "Howdy" appears in hedged font, followed by the designer's name.

The bear's head bites a leaf while winking its eyes, indirectly delivering a message to encourage children to play outside and become more adventurous.


18. The Journey North

Created by Angon Mangsa | https://dribbble.com/shots/16500118-The-Journey-North

The Journey North is another apparel brand that brings examples of the best vintage logos. This Michigan streetwear brand uses a badge-like design for its logo. The most interesting thing about it is the illustration of a person in front of a bonfire while he is camping.

Using the combination of white noise background and navy color, the circular branding name "The Journey North" on its top truly sparks the classic vibe.


19. Seman Sully's Spirits

Created by Amit Botre | https://dribbble.com/shots/13898545-Seman-Sully-s-Spirits

Seman Sully's Spirits is a spin design by Amit Botre that belongs to the inspiration of vintage logo designs. The design looks iconic, with an old man wearing a hat while biting a cigar pipe as the mascot. A circular line surrounds the mascot. There is also the name "Seaman Sully's High Spirits" on its side.

This design pack also includes the typography of the name along with an anchor icon on its top.


20. Cecil’s BBQ

Created by TravisPietsch | https://dribbble.com/shots/14854312-Cecil-s-Brand-Elements-3-4

Cecil's BBQ is the one that receives the best vintage logos for its brand elements. It is an old-school Texas-style BBQ joint in Orlando, so the brand needs to present something vintage. The graphics package includes a noise orange background and darker orange for illustration and typography.

The graphic illustration that appeared on this design related to ranch living. It uses various textured typography, which becomes the characteristic of vintage design.


21. Steeltown Garage Co

Created by cmpt_rules | https://dribbble.com/shots/16262907-Steeltown-Garage-Co

Steeltown Garage Co is a lifestyle brand and worldwide community that also uses a vintage concept. It includes a dancing girl vector along with coconut tree illustrations in its design exploration. Inspired by vintage motorcycles, good friends, and free spirits, you can see those words in its typography.

The design of this brand is full of textured typography in various types of hedged fonts to deliver the message from the community.


22. Jeremy Vessey

Created by Jeremy Vessey | https://dribbble.com/shots/9874287-The-Heritage-Brand-Collection

Jeremy Vessey promotes The Heritage Brand Collection, which consists of vintage logo designs. His brand collection provides 61 font files and 25 editable logo templates designed for photoshop and illustrator. It includes various circular badges with typography that can be personalized based on the user's needs.

Different kinds of textured typography can be edited based on the name of brands and their iconic taglines.


23. Widakk Design

Created by Srdjan Vidakovic | https://dribbble.com/shots/18263509-Knight-Without-a-Lord

Widakk Design is a branding and illustrator studio that has one of the best vintage logos for its branding. Proposing their three principles which are freedom, honor, and devotion, it uses a knight riding horse as a mascot to represent those values. The mascot illustration sparks classical style.

They are up for adventure in the design industry like a knight wherever he goes. They also claim their design service is easily recognizable and impossible to forget.


24. Shane Harris

Created by Shane Harris | https://dribbble.com/shots/17171558-2021-Roundup

Shane Harris made a design project called 2021 at the end of that year that contains a variety of vintage stuff. There are several elements that he used from different kinds of projects throughout that year. There are icons, badges, a vector, and various typography. All of them are in vintage style.

Designed in brown color, those elements clearly show vintage design characteristics such as textured typography, badge designs, and strong illustrations.


25. Saint Luke

Created by Jorgen Grotdal | https://dribbble.com/shots/17225550-Saint-Luke-Clothing-Co

Saint Luke is another clothing brand that suggests great vintage logo designs. Although most of them stick to a monochrome concept, the logo designs are all unique. Many of them include illustrations on the logo designs, while some others only use typography.

However, all of them come with the clothing brand name regardless of what type of font is used and the year of the establishment based on each business brand added.


26. Ilham Herry

Created by Ilham Herry | https://dribbble.com/shots/17431673-Logo-Collection

Ilham Herry proposes some best vintage logos for different branding purposes using the EFCO Fairley font collection. They are available in circular logos, badges, and typography with a combination of white, brown, and black colors. Some of them add illustrations in the middle of logo designs as well.

Ilham's vintage logo collection is for different brands such as herbal remedies, sports, cold brew, tattoo & piercing, and clothing.


27. Beeliner Weisse

Created by Jordan Wilson | https://dribbble.com/shots/18202157-Beeliner-Weisse

Beeliner Weisse is a logo design vector with a vintage theme for a beer brand. Different from the majority of vintage brands that use subtle and faded colors, this one appears to be more colorful. It is due to the combination of yellow and colors used in the logo design.

This beer brand delivers a fun sipper experience with an illustration of orange fruits, flowers, and honey. They use honey in the beer brewing process too.


28. Berg Enterprises

Created by TravisPietsch | https://dribbble.com/shots/14830382-Berg-Enterprises

A designer Travis Pietsch made lockups for a family friend's business that contains vintage logo designs called "Berg Enterprises." Hence, you can see this name in the logos and badges made by him in these lockups. This business provides high-quality materials for paving.

Hence, you can discover the words "concrete & gravel" on the lockups. They also specialize in this service in Pembine, Wisconsin, USA.


29. Ruff House

Created by Joshua Diaz | https://dribbble.com/shots/17805285-Ruff-House

Ruff House is a Dog Daycare in Fox Valley that applies a vintage concept for its branding. The logo design for a dog boarding establishment comes in brown color with a walking dog vector as the mascot. Providing the best pet care facility in town, the services include daycare, boarding, and training.

Along with a dog mascot, they use textured typography with a stronger-style font to write the brand name.


30. Lang Beer

Created by SAMPLE | https://dribbble.com/shots/17022344-Lang-Beer-Co-Badges

Lang Beer is a beer company that has rebranded its business since they move into the new location. Several best vintage logos have been designed to give a fresh feel and look. For the new mood board of this brewery, the designer proposes some logo designs with a combination of red, green, and white colors.

The designer uses a bottle icon with wings, a wooden barrel icon, or Clear Lake maps in some of the logo designs.


Final Words

Vintage logo designs are available for various purposes, such as branding, packaging, advertisement, and marketing. Depending on the theme it applies, vintage logos should effectively represent the overall business with the creative elements used.

Looking into various kinds of vintage logos will inspire you to stay up-to-date with the trend, although the vintage style itself is timeless. It helps many business owners to find the perfect design of a vintage logo that relates to their field.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to info@kreafolk.com. Cheers!


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