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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Healthcare Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Healthcare Logo Design

A healthy outside always starts from the inside!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic healthcare logo design!
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Health care, as one of the organizations of varying sizes and roles, will need a good identity to stay recognizable. It is where the logo design takes a specific function on the market. A good health care logo design is the key to a good identity in the busy and cutting-throat medical industry. In other words, identity and recognition will drive the company to stay competitive. 

Whether it is a small clinic, pharmaceutical, drug store, or hospital company, a professional logo should be utilized to face the ever-growing marketing strategy. The marketing strategy is also a key to developing and making the company stay strong in the fiercely competitive landscape. But, making a strong identity with design is not as easy as it sounds. 

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The medical industry or health care needs a perfect logo in which they create a signature identity while still staying within the given strict industry ideal. The challenge of making the best and most unique logo also increased as, in the past decade, the number of companies has increased in number. It makes the process of crafting a unique design harder to do. 

However, it does not mean impossible to do. Signage or logo design generally needs to be simple, engaging, and humanistic. No matter what the industry is. It is also implemented in the health care industry, in which the sign should help create an impression, be memorable, and also recognizable. At one point, the logo should be easier to read to ensure people can see and use it. 


Whether you are running a health care business or simply trying to make a logo design, consider checking out the following tips. The stated information will highlight some of the highlights in creating a unique, effective, and high-quality healthcare logo design. You can try it for your design and make your healthcare business stronger.  


10 Tips To Create A Good Health Care Logo Design

  1. Start With A Conceptual Thinking 
  2. Make Use Of Symbolism
  3. Consider Using Medical Related Elements
  4. Avoid Using Stock Art & Use It As It Is
  5. Retain Simplicity and Exclusivity
  6. Create A Positive Brand Image 
  7. Choose Color Palette That Promotes Positivity
  8. Choose A Font With Good Readability
  9. Make Sure The Logo Suits Every Medium & Size
  10. Maybe Create An Animated Version
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1. Start With A Conceptual Thinking 

Working with varying styles, versions, or forms can disarray your overall health care logo design planning. That is why you need to pay attention to the conceptual and elegant imagery before finalizing the work. You can start it with color, shapes, lettering, and other elements. Make sure everything mixes well; thus, the elegant imagery is easier to recall, even in different forms. 

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2. Make Use Of Symbolism

With the wide range of health care businesses, your design and logo symbol can appear in many possible images. You got the right to explore icons and symbols. Sometimes, the best option on logos for health care is where you combine both marks and icons. The idea is to pair a unique visual identity and provide a clear name for the business. 

When talking about combination marks, your design will involve letters, pictures, and images. Doing this kind of identity is the best option since it helps signify the name of the health care business or company. Meanwhile, focusing on symbols or icons only will increase the risk of appearing similar to other businesses in the same industry. 

Created by Marcelo Kimura |

Remember that the healthcare industry is pretty vast. Many niche and medical companies will likely use similar images, which increases confusion without using any company name. This is why combination style is the most recommended imagery. Take an example of using the generic imagery of the heart pulse on the logo. 

With many companies using similar visuals, your only identifier is the name. How you incorporate the name, the health care product, imagery, and the logo are completely free. You can use a single horizontal arrangement, put it into a circle emblem shape, or go with unique typography. Whatever you are trying to do, try to make it unique and make a signature identity. 

Created by Ana Salman |


3. Consider Using Medical Related Elements

The first thing every designer needs to do is to learn or understand the brand itself, in other words, learn about the company. In this case, the logo design is made for the health care industry. It means the company has a certain niche, product, or identity to pinpoint. That is what the designer needs to learn before planning to craft the logo and many other design processes. 

When it comes to the healthcare industry, learning about the company gets even more vital. All because the niche under medical care is vast, and each tends to have its particular aspect. So, what is the medical niche of your company? What kind of product does it serve? Or what kind of services the business has? Understand that answer help craft the design and logo aspect. 

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To simplify, some health care and medical niches are under a center or facilities business. The said categories include Laboratories, spas, urgent care, treatment, rehabilitation, medical imaging center, outpatient clinics, and many more. The logo design will highlight certain aspects of those businesses. 

Other than facilities or center categories, you might also find various companies under provider categories. Provider's categories include therapists, counselors, companions, hospice, Telehealth, healthcare staffing firm, and many more. With the different markets and industries, the niche has its unique point to add to the health care logo design.   

Learning this side of information helps create a logo design that fully envelopes the designated healthcare business. In other words, it is meant to help convey the medical business's message and personality. Thus, the logo and its design, in particular, can address the proper target audience. 

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4. Avoid Using Stock Art & Use It As It Is

One of the challenges of making health care logo design or any other industry is to stay unique and distinctive. Many will consider working with the most widely recognized symbol, the cross sign. It is the biggest stereotype and common option that signifies health. There is also the serpent and staff imagery, which is the best option for medicine. 

In a world that thrives with AI and quick imagining applications, some quick renderer logo creators can provide a good array of symbols and logo collections. The Internet is also a place with endless sources of stock art, complying with a unique rendition of the said design symbol. But is that enough for your health care or medical logo design? The answer is no. 

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The biggest taboo in designing signs is using stock images, clip art, and downloaded content. The healthcare industry is vast, and using what you found on the internet only means joining a bandwagon. You are not only making a less professional logo design but also a negative report on the brand image. Not everything on the internet is free to use or copyrighted. 

You will have a big problem if the said imagery is copyrighted. Template content, online-generated imagery, or symbols can also lead to wrong impressions. If you are using a logo generator, try to make an alteration. Or at least use the given design as inspiration for your unique rendition of the logo. That will help avoid copyright or similar health care identity. 

Created by Estúdio Caetê |


5. Retain Simplicity and Exclusivity

If you are not sure how to make a good health care logo design, working with a logo generator is fine. However, try to make alterations to create a certain signature in it. The idea is also to ensure the imagery stays exclusive or unique. Take an example of working with a herbal medical solution business, and you decide to cross as the main visual. 

To make it unique, you add leaves, change the color, and add a silhouette of the person. When the new addition is applied to the logo, the design becomes unique. It also helps create an exclusive sense of what you are trying to convey in the message, an herbal product with leaves, a medical service with a cross, and a health care solution with a personal silhouette. 

Created by Vedran Vaskovic |

Being different is a key to crafting identity in the noisy market of the healthcare industry. The logo does not have to be very detailed and literal. Making a symbol that looks too complex only decreases subjectivity. It makes the logo too logical, harder to remember, and less attractive. That is why you can play around with shapes, symbols, colors, or other elements. 

Think outside the box and try any possible output. Getting more input by looking for more inspiration might also help. Sometimes you can try different design styles or ideas. Rather than focus on literal symbols, you can try playing with typography, abstract image, trying unique styles until you get an original health care logo design. 

Created by Fungi Dube |


6. Create A Positive Brand Image 

Staying loyal to the brand makes the logo design meaningful. The main idea is to keep the unique and distinctive work stay relatable to the brand. Pay attention to how health care is an industry with millions of possibilities in its design. You might find most of the medicine or medic services-related companies use cross symbols. 

Meanwhile, the wider range of its industry came out with a unique intake on its logo design. Take an example of Chase Design which crafts a perfect logo work for a company called Wellness for Life. The medical insignia uses the imagery of a person stretching and is accompanied by colorful leaf-like visuals on top of it. 

The use of soft tonal colors and text makes the logo outstanding and unique. The original symbol and its icon are also easier to remember. One thing that makes it better is how the color, imagery, and style reimagine the company's service. It promotes wellness, happiness, and a sense of freedom. Thus, people can learn a bit about the company through its design. 

Created by Jhonatan Simonelli |


7. Choose Color Palette That Promotes Positivity

Health care logo design eventually needs to work around a color scheme. Generally, the key of color is similar to icons and symbols. The point is to ensure it has correlation or significance with the brand, the company, the product, and the health care industry. Thus, the best option should be colors that signify vitality and healthy living. 

In this case, the typical color is blue. It is a color that is associated with trust, credibility, knowledge, power, cleanliness, calm, focus, and power. Many also use it as a symbol of professionalism, something that is pretty important for a company running in the health care business. All those qualities are something you need for the design and logo. 

Since the industry, product, and services vary, you can choose whatever fits the brand or company. You can use red, pink, yellow, green, black, or gray. Each signifies a different meaning, such as red for passion, vigor, and speed. That is why red is very common for urgent medical services, such as ambulances. The key is to pick one that can represent the company. 

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8. Choose A Font With Good Readability

Typography is always one of the ways you can express the message of the logo design. For a health care firm, your choice of font can help express the nature of the profession and industry. Health and medicare are very serious and professional businesses to do. So, you will want to use a font or typography that showcases the right meaning.

A clear sans serif with solid color is something you need for the imagery. The look of the logo design also depends on how you choose the font. A font with casual stylings, such as Comic Sans is the biggest taboo. It is always best to use the simple Sans serif or use serif. Adding script is also preferable, but as a motto or the company tagline. 

In many cases, the best font for health care logo design likely comes from the font that exudes cleanliness and simplicity. It often turns into a core option for medical-oriented industries and companies. You can also complement it with classy color and straightforward design. Depending on its audience, you can also use something more friendly to express the health care services. 

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9. Make Sure The Logo Suits Every Medium & Size

The rest of the tips are pretty much about the generic logo design creation points. A good, effective, and successful design should be made with a versatile mind in it. Versatile, in this case, refers to the applicability of the works. Most companies and industries tend to have two or more uses of the logo, such as for packaging, uniform, banner, or signage. 

Considering that point, it is best to make the sign come out with varying designs. Take an example of the color and colorless version. It will help the company venture and use the design better. Other than color, you can also work with different versions. One with a complete combination style, the logo only, name only, or the simple form.

Created by Ana Lisboa |


10. Maybe Create An Animated Version

In some cases, you don't have to go as far as creating an animated version. However, the current market is pretty hefty with digital design and imagery. Health care companies or businesses are not only competition in physical products or services; they also thrive to function in online media. It means the logo design needs an additional wow effect in it. 

With that, some professional companies and businesses decide to go with fancy tricks to win the modern audience. An animated logo is one of the solutions. It helps create a different rendition of the identity, adding a sense of professionality and integrity. There are also varying other styles or forms, including 3D health care logo design, to create unique layouts and dimensions.  

Created by Shehan Rodrigo |


Final Words

To conclude everything, the key to successful logo design is pretty much the same in every industry. It should be imagery that carries the brand identity, is relatable, and signify the product it covers. In the case of health care, the main point you need to highlight is the significant style and stereotype of the industry itself. 

You need to see the health care market as a benchmark while also learning what to do and not do for the logo. The idea is that a generic design is hurting the eyes, or in other words, it just falls into a common trap. It makes the creator or designer need to think outside the box while still staying loyal to the industry itself. 

Created by Lucile |

The answer came from the use of color, font, and symbol. You can use the common color for health care, but also best to consider the company's identity. Professional fonts for typography are also a key to recognizability. On the other hand, the symbol or imagery should be original. Thus, it can create or craft a certain identity for the healthcare business. 

The rest of the tips are pretty much generic. The health care logo design should be made scalable, versatile, simple, and unique, plus stay loyal to the brand identity. With that in mind, there is no excuse for making a familiar design with other businesses or companies. Designers need to think further, consider the health care business identity, and stay original. 

Creating a logo is a challenge by itself. A good design is not simply imagery made out of stock images. It should be made to suit the health care business, identity, and market. In one way or another, crafting logos come with endless possibilities but also has its border to ensure it stays in the right line. So, always pay attention to the market, brand, and originality.

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