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Article: 30 Best Cow Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Cow Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Happy cows grazing is followed by happy humans eating the milk.
Check out some of the best cow logo design ideas to inspire your creative projects!
Created by Milos Djuric |

The cow logo design has a long and interesting history, dating back to the early 20th century. The cow has been used as a symbol of various industries, including agriculture, dairy, and beef production. It has been adopted by many companies as their logo, representing their values, products, and services.

The cow logo has also been used in the beef industry. The American Angus Association uses a stylized Angus cow in its logo to represent its focus on breeding high-quality beef cattle. The cow is shown in profile, with the association's name written in bold letters underneath. The logo is meant to convey a sense of strength, quality, and tradition.

Overall, the cow logo has become a ubiquitous symbol in various industries, representing everything from dairy products to beef to farm-to-table restaurants. It is a versatile symbol that can be adapted to fit the values and branding of different companies. Whether it's a smiling cow like Elsie or a stylized cow head like Fonterra, the cow logo continues to be a popular choice for companies looking to represent their products and services.

Here are some of the best cow logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Design Dairy

Created by Jorrien Peterson |

What will you do with the cow logo design? If the logo is for a dairy label, then make sure that the dominant color is white. White is the color of milk and will be perfect for creating a dairy logo. If you want the logo to look more modern, black and white will make it look simple but amazing at once.


2. Ruckers

Created by Jordan Wilson |

A silhouette of a cow will make a cool logo design. Combine it with another element that represents your business. For example, a family farm business can combine the silhouette of a cow with a barn. Many silhouette logos have black but feel free to use other colors like red and white.


3. Seville Cattle Farm

Created by Paragon Design House |

A bull is a term for male cattle, and it can be an awesome actor for your logo. A bull is a mature male that is more muscular, heavier, and larger than a cow. If your logo gets a masculine look, then you need to consider using a bull instead of a cow. A bull with a horn and a muscular body creates a cool logo.


4. Catur Argi

Created by Catur Argi |

Those who want a minimalist cow logo design should consider drawing a silhouette of a cow that eats grass. Silhouette with monochromatic colors looks modern and timeless. You don’t have to recreate the logo for years. Use black for the silhouette of the cow, grass, cloud, and sun. Pick white for the background.


5. Ellington

Created by Raboin Design Co |

When creating a logo with a cow, consider using the illustration of a cow and a calf. This illustration shows that the logo is about a ranch or a farm. Use colors that will accentuate the retro look of the logo, like blue, white, and red. Instead of using an abstract logo design, frame your logo in a rectangular shape.


6. Red Cow Irish Pub

Created by New Garden Society |

Since this is the logo of a pub, consider drawing an illustration of a cow in red color. And then dress the cow in a nice suit. Cows are all vegetable fed; they never eat meat, so make sure that the cow on your logo design doesn’t have a cigarette. Instead, make the cow bite a small leaf or flower.


7. Hollow Mercantile


Here comes another silhouette logo design. This logo design looks cute with a floral motif on the body of the cow. If you’re looking for an idea for a feminine logo design, this one is perfect. Use pastel pink for the background and black for the silhouette. Decorative script font and geometric sans serif will make the logo look simple.


8. Grant Burke

Created by Grant Burke |

Trying to create a unique logo for your pub? This cow is taking a sip of two cans of beer. You may want to make your cow do the same but in a more creative way. Use three shades of earth colors to create the simplest but cool logo. This one uses white, khaki, and gray.


9. Cash Cow

Created by Alex Seciu |

This is another way to use a bull as the actor of your logo. Instead of drawing the illustration of a whole bull, consider drawing only the head of a bull. This is a logo of cash; you can see the dollar sign on the face of the bull. Add something that represents your business along with the bull on your logo.


10. Arbuckle

Created by Megathorn GFX |

If you love traditional logos, monochromatic colors will create the best logo. White will provide a clean background. Because of that background, the black text will be clearly visible and stunning. And for the bull logo, a combination of black and white will look impressive. Use bold font and bold black lines when creating the bull design.


11. UNOM design

Created by UNOM design |

If white is too simple for your cow logo design, replace it with yellow. Combine the cow with a mountain. A mountain is a famous symbol that communicates purpose, adventure, confidence, and strength. When you use it with a cow, the mountain symbol tells a wonderful story about the brand of your business. Use dark colors for the mountain symbol.


12. Cow Camp

Created by Badr |

Your target market will affect the final look of the cow logo. If the target market is kids or teens, a cute cow symbol will create a fascinating logo. Fill the background with pink, and then use rounded font for the typography. Make the cow look super cute by adding a heart icon at the end of its tail.


13. Milkbuns

Created by Dimitrije Mikovic |

Simplicity is not only about how many colors you use on a logo. It is also about how you are going to create the logo. Most simple logo designs are made of simple lines. You can also use one or two lines to create a cow logo design. Pick a minimalist font for the typography, like a geometric sans serif font.


14. Angelo Vito

Created by Angelo Vito |

Symmetry is everything when you try to create a unique logo design. This logo of a cow’s face has two ears in different colors. It also has two eyes in different colors. However, this simple logo still looks balanced and stunning. If there’s any text on your logo, it should be under the cow logo design.


15. Tritons for Animals

Created by Angela Nguyen |

If your ranch is not only about cows, create an illustration of some animals together. This unique cow logo design is very creative. The right eye of the cow is also the eye of a rabbit, and the left eye of the cow is the eye of a chicken. It only uses two lines and for dots to create a unique logo.


16. Big Springs Pastoral Co.

Created by George P. Wilson |

The minimalist logo design can look modern and timeless, depending on the font you use to accompany the cow logo. This one has a serif font for the name of the brand. And for the complimentary text, the logo has a sans serif font. A serif font is going to create a timeless font, while the sans serif will enhance the modern look.



Created by taufikrizkyy |

This is another cute logo with a calf as the main character. The cute brown and white baby cow is holding a baby bottle. This cute baby cow logo looks cute for a baby shop business. Uppercase letters for the typography make the text easy and comfortable to read. Use two shades of brown for the calf symbol and the text.


18. Farmtrue

Created by Tyler DeHague |

The color of nature will always create a nice logo for your ranch or farm. This logo has a mint green background and white color for the text and cow symbol. The cow symbol is framed with three circles. It looks super minimalist with some simple lines and dots. Combine two different fonts for the text of the symbol.


19. Scoops

Created by Linnea S. |

An ice cream logo can also use a bull. The head of a bull can be the cone for ice cream. Make the bull look happy by creating a smiling face under the ice cream. For the typography, use a script font and then combine it with uppercase letters and a minimalist font for the description.


20. Milk It!

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

Most modern cow logos have a white background and a black cow symbol. This one looks unusual with a black background and white cow. The cow has black spots and a tired expression. Place the text of the logo on the body of the cow. If there’s a short description, place it under the logo of the cow.


21. The Digital Grill

Created by Alex Mihis |

Since the logo is about digital technology, the cow head symbol of this logo also has some elements of the game console. The logo uses two different shades of blue, the light one is for the digital cow symbol, and the darker one is for the text. Light blue is going to grab people’s attention, while the dark blue color eases readers’ eyes while reading.


22. Pacetti Farms

Created by Keith Lowe |

Make your cow logo design look dominating like this one. It has a black and gray cow symbol accompanied by the white text above and below the cow. For the background, it has a medium vermilion color that eases people to read the white text. The logo uses one font for the brand name and its description but has different sizes.


23. Vitulus

Created by Mersad Comaga |

The slab serif doesn’t is going to create a beautiful typography for the bull logo. It is bold enough so that everyone can read the text with no struggle at all. It also has a circle framing the bull logo. Make the logo look more special by drawing a bull wearing a bell on its neck.


24. Noosa

Created by Zach Minard |

If you love the idea of a monochromatic logo design but want it to look more cheerful, consider using a solid color for the background of the logo. Fuchsia is going to be the right color to create a cheerful background. It will make the black and white logo look more gorgeous and feminine at once.


25. Porter Road Butcher

Created by Brothers Design Co. |
Sometimes, you can tell a story by creating a nice illustration of a cow. This Porter Road Butcher logo design, for example, has a symbol of a cow eating grass.

It is framed with a half-circle shape that makes people focus on the cow logo before reading the text. The typography has two different fonts that create a modern look.


26. Cowtown Skateboards

Created by Mark Johnston |

Bulls are usually powerful and unbeatable. But this logo doesn’t say so. You, too, can use the logo to convey a message about how powerful your business is. This logo is inspired by the retro style; it has typography with a slab serif font that is bold enough and will draw everyone’s attention to the logo.


27. Ilya Fisiuk

Created by Ilya Fisiuk |

Sonic the Hedgehog from the latest movie may be the first thing that pops up in your mind when you see this cow logo. The logo is actually very simple, with a round face and black and white colors. It has a cute smiley face and cute wide eyes focusing on something.


28. Riverhill

Created by spoonlancer |

The geometric logo looks very modern, especially when you use uppercase letters for the typography. This geometric cow logo has some leaves and a lotus in a symmetrical position. The bold sans serif and slab serif fonts make the logo look much more modern and timeless.


29. Willie Joe's

Created by Dustin Haver |

Unlike the previous one, this logo has a cow symbol in a realistic sketch. But the font used for the typography is a geometric sans serif font that is simple, clean, bold, and cool. Place the cow sketch and the typography inside the circle to create a classic-looking logo. Use neutral colors like gold, white, and black to make the logo look modern and elegant at once.


30. Mleczna Krowa

Created by Milos Djuric |

The blue and white logo can be stunning if everyone can read the text easily. Don’t use a pastel blue background and white text since no one can see the text and the cow easily because of the low contrast. Bold blue or dark blue will be awesome for the white symbol and text.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the cow logo designs?

The cow logo design has cultural and symbolic meanings that vary depending on the context and industry. In many cultures, the cow represents abundance, fertility, and nourishment, making it a popular symbol in the agriculture and dairy industries. In the beef industry, the cow can symbolize strength and quality, while in the fast-food industry, it can represent humor and playfulness. Additionally, the cow has been used in marketing campaigns to promote vegetarianism or alternative protein sources.

What types of industries are suitable for using cow logo designs?

Cow logo designs are most commonly used in industries related to agriculture, dairy, and beef production. This includes companies that produce milk, cheese, butter, and other dairy products, as well as those that breed and sell beef cattle. However, cow logos have also been used by companies in the fast-food industry, such as Chick-fil-A, as a playful and humorous representation of their products. Additionally, cow logos can be appropriate for farm-to-table restaurants and companies that promote vegetarianism or alternative protein sources.

Which colours are commonly used in cow logo designs?

Cow logo designs often use earthy and natural colors, such as brown, green, and blue. These colors are associated with agriculture and the outdoors, which are often associated with cows and their grazing habitats. Brown is a popular color for the cow itself, as it is reminiscent of the animal's natural fur color. Green and blue are often used for the background or other design elements, as they evoke a sense of freshness and purity, which are important values in the dairy industry.

What other symbolisms can I combine with cow logo designs?

There are several symbolisms that can be combined with cow logo designs to create a unique and meaningful brand image. For example, a farm-to-table restaurant might combine a cow logo with a chef's hat or cooking utensils to emphasize the restaurant's commitment to fresh, locally sourced ingredients. A company that produces plant-based protein products might combine a cow logo with a leaf or other plant symbol to represent its focus on alternative protein sources. Additionally, a cow logo could be combined with a heart or other symbol to represent the company's commitment to sustainability and ethical farming practices.

Which famous brands or companies are using cow symbolism in logo designs?

Several famous brands and companies have incorporated cow symbolism into their logo designs. One of the most recognizable is the Borden Dairy Company, which features a smiling cow named Elsie in its logo. Another example is Chick-fil-A, which added a cow to its logo in the 1990s as part of a marketing campaign encouraging people to eat more chicken. The American Angus Association uses a stylized Angus cow in its logo to represent its focus on high-quality beef cattle. Other companies that use cow symbolism in their logos include A2 Milk, Fonterra, and Tillamook Dairy Co-op


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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