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Article: 30 Best Cat Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Cat Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Created by Brethren Design Co  |

Cat logo design isn't just a trend; it's a leap into a world of playful creativity and unique branding opportunities. Welcome to our curated showcase of the best cat logo design ideas, where feline finesse meets professional artistry! In this article, we're about to unravel a yarn ball of inspiration, purr-fect for businesses, personal brands, or anyone looking to infuse a touch of whimsy and elegance into their visual identity.

Dive into the realm of cat logo design and discover how these sleek, agile creatures can transform an ordinary logo into a memorable masterpiece. Whether you're a start-up, a seasoned business, or a cat enthusiast venturing into the design world, these ideas are tailored to spark your imagination and set your brand apart. From minimalist outlines to intricate illustrations, the versatility of cat-themed logos is boundless. Each design encapsulates distinct characteristics - playfulness, mystery, or sophistication, aligning seamlessly with diverse brand personalities.

Join us on this fun-filled journey as we explore various styles, colors, and concepts in cat logo designs. We'll look at how these logos can communicate your brand’s story, create emotional connections, and leave a lasting impression on your audience. So, sharpen your claws and get ready to be inspired by some of the most creative and captivating cat logo designs out there!


Cat Logo Design Ideas

1. All cats are cute

Created by Zhenya Artemjev  |


2. Bodega Cat

Created by Damian Orellana  |


3. Cat's Gallery

Created by Alexandra Erkaeva  |


4. Blue Cat Reports

Created by Bohdan Harbaruk  |


5. Dalibor Pajic

Created by Dalibor Pajic  |


6. Bad Luck

Created by Eric Lee  |


7. Catbob

Created by Alexandra Erkaeva  |


8. Living bowls

Created by Omega-Pixel  |


9. Cat And Moving

Created by Andrii Kovalchuk  |


10. Black Magic

Created by Milos Djuric  |


11. Meow Catwalk

Created by Hamza  |


12. Pot Daddy Studio

Created by Josh Abel  |


13. The cat coder

Created by Omega-Pixel  |


14. CatWise

Created by Farhad Ghanemi  |



Created by estedesigns  |


16. Luna Loves Goods

Created by Omega-Pixel  |


17. Old Cat

Created by Roman  |


18. Fat Cat

Created by merci  |


19. flying cat

Created by Logorilla  |


20. curiouscat

Created by VASK®️ Studio  |


21. Geometric Cat

Created by Lucian Radu  |


22. Singing Cat

Created by Garasigrafis  |


23. Jaysx1

Created by Jaysx1  |


24. Domsy

Created by Tamara Radke  |


25. Umami Flavor Co

Created by Brethren Design Co  |


26. chat cat

Created by Logorilla  |


27. Andrii Kovalchuk

Created by Andrii Kovalchuk  |


28. mysticat

Created by Logorilla  |


29. Mr. Meow

Created by Alexandra Erkaeva  |


30. Galaxy Buddies

Created by DAINOGO  |


How to Create Cat Logo Designs for Beginners?

Creating a cat logo design can be as delightful and unpredictable as our feline friends themselves. Whether you're an aspiring designer or a business owner looking to add a touch of cattitude to your brand, this guide is the purr-fect starting point. Let’s jump right in with five essential tips for crafting a meow-velous cat logo design :

Understand the Feline Fundamentals

Before you start sketching, get to know your subject. Cats are known for their elegance, agility, and playfulness. Think about the traits that you want to capture in your logo. Is it the sleek silhouette of a Siamese, the fluffy charm of a Persian, or the mischievous glint in a tabby’s eye? Understanding these elements can help set the tone for your design.

Choose a Style That Purrs

Cat logo designs can range from detailed illustrations to abstract representations. As a beginner, you might want to start with simpler styles. Minimalist or geometric designs can be striking yet relatively easy to create. Remember, sometimes less is more – a few well-placed lines can suggest the shape of a cat more effectively than a complex drawing.

Play with Paws and Whiskers

Experiment with different features of a cat. Sometimes, focusing on a single aspect like paws, tails, or those mesmerizing eyes can make for a unique and memorable logo. Don't be afraid to exaggerate these features for effect – think big eyes, long whiskers, or a tail that stylishly forms a letter of your brand's name.

Color it Cat-tastic

Choosing the right color palette is crucial. Cats come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you have a broad palette to choose from. However, it’s important to consider the emotions and characteristics different colors convey. Black can be sleek and mysterious, while orange might feel fun and energetic. Also, consider how your color choices will look across different mediums and backgrounds.

Feedback is Your Friend

Once you have a draft of your cat logo design, don’t hesitate to seek feedback. Sometimes, what makes sense to you might not be as clear to others. Show your design to friends, family, or even online communities. Getting different perspectives can help you refine and improve your design.

Remember, creating a cat logo design should be a fun and creative process. Don’t get too bogged down in making it ‘purr-fect’ on the first try. Experiment, play with ideas, and most importantly, enjoy the process. With these tips, you’re well on your way to designing a cat logo that’s as unique and charming as the creature that inspired it!


What Are the Symbolisms Behind Cat Logo Designs?

Embarking on the journey of creating a cat logo design isn’t just about artistic expression; it’s also about unearthing the layers of symbolism associated with these enigmatic creatures. Cats have been revered, adored, and mystified throughout history, making them a fascinating subject for logo designs. Let's unravel the symbolism behind cat logo designs with a dash of fun and creativity :

Independence and Confidence

Cats are well-known for their independent nature. A cat logo can symbolize self-reliance, confidence, and the ability to thrive in solitude. Brands that wish to project an image of autonomy and self-sufficiency often find a cat-themed logo to be a perfect fit. It’s like saying, “We walk our path, and yes, we do it with swagger!”

Mystery and Mystique

There’s something inherently mysterious about cats - their nocturnal habits, their silent movements, and those penetrating eyes. Incorporating a cat into your logo design can imbue your brand with a sense of mystique and intrigue. It’s like having a brand mascot that whispers, “Come explore the unknown with us.”

Agility and Flexibility

Watch a cat leap effortlessly or contort into a tiny box, and you’ll understand why they’re symbols of agility and flexibility. In the world of logo design, a cat can represent a brand's adaptability and quick-thinking abilities. It's a way of saying, “We can land on our feet, no matter what!”

Playfulness and Curiosity

Cats are curious creatures, often found exploring new nooks or playfully chasing after anything that moves. A cat logo can reflect a brand’s playful nature, creativity, and endless curiosity. It’s perfect for brands that want to convey, “We’re always on the hunt for new ideas!”

Elegance and Sophistication

The graceful movements and poised demeanor of cats exude elegance and sophistication. A sleek cat logo can lend a touch of class and refinement to your brand’s identity. It’s like dressing your brand in a tuxedo and saying, “We’re the epitome of finesse and style.”

Remember, the beauty of a cat logo design lies in its versatility. You can choose to highlight one or blend multiple symbolisms to align with your brand's personality. Whether your brand is playful like a kitten or wise like an old tomcat, there’s always a way to weave these symbolisms into your design. So, get those creative claws out and start sketching – your purr-fect cat logo awaits!


What Are the Common Styles in Cat Logo Designs?

When it comes to cat logo design, there's a whole litter box of styles to dig through! Cats, with their sleek lines and dynamic personalities, make for incredibly versatile subjects in logo design. Whether you're a budding designer or a business on the prowl for a brand-new logo, understanding these common styles can help you find the purr-fect fit. Let's leap into five popular styles in cat logo design :

Minimalist Moggies

Minimalism is all about conveying more with less, and cat logos are no exception. This style uses simple shapes and lines to create an abstract representation of a cat. Think of a few elegant strokes forming a cat's silhouette or just its whiskers and eyes. Minimalist cat logos are sleek, modern, and have a universal appeal – ideal for brands looking to project sophistication with a touch of mystery.

Geometric Kitties

Geometric logos use shapes like circles, triangles, and squares to construct the cat's form. This style is perfect for a more structured and modern look. Imagine a cat's face made entirely from triangles or a body composed of elegant circles. Geometric cat logos are not just visually striking; they also convey a sense of stability and precision – a great choice for tech companies or design studios.

Vintage Felines

There's something timeless about a vintage-style cat logo. This style often incorporates more detail and a retro feel, harking back to classic design elements. Think of traditional fonts, muted color palettes, and intricate linework. Vintage cat logos are a nod to the past and work brilliantly for businesses with a story to tell or those aiming for a nostalgic appeal.

Cartoon Cats

Who doesn't love a cute cartoon cat? This style is all about fun, friendliness, and approachability. Cartoon cat logos often feature exaggerated features – big eyes, expressive faces, and playful poses. They are perfect for brands targeting a younger audience or any business that wants to project warmth and whimsy.

Abstract Artistry

Abstract cat logos are for those who like to think (and design) outside the box. These logos may not be immediately recognizable as cats, but they capture the essence of feline grace and agility. Using splashes of color, unconventional shapes, and creative compositions, abstract cat logos are perfect for brands that want to make a bold, artistic statement.

No matter which style you choose, remember that the best cat logo design reflects the unique personality and values of your brand. So, whether you opt for a sleek minimalist cat or a whimsical cartoon kitten, make sure it resonates with your brand’s meow-sage. Happy designing, and may your creative journey be as joyous and unpredictable as a cat’s playtime!


What Other Symbolisms Can I Feature in Cat Logo Designs?

When crafting a cat logo design, there's a whole world of symbolism beyond the obvious feline features. Cats, those enigmatic and elegant creatures, have been symbols of various attributes throughout cultures and history. Tapping into this rich tapestry of meanings can add depth and dimension to your logo. Let's explore five additional symbolisms that can be woven into cat logo designs :

Moon and Nighttime Elements

Cats, especially black ones, are often associated with the night and the moon, adding an element of mystique and mystery. Incorporating moon shapes, stars, or dark, nocturnal palettes can suggest secrecy, magic, or the uncovering of hidden truths. It's ideal for businesses that deal in mystery, like a detective agency, or for those with a more mystical brand identity.

Regality and Royalty

In ancient Egypt, cats were revered and often associated with royalty and deities. Incorporating regal elements like crowns, scepters, or luxurious color schemes (think gold, purple, or royal blue) can imbue your cat logo with a sense of majesty and dignity. This style works well for luxury brands or services that want to project an air of elegance and superiority.

Nature and Environmental Elements

Cats are not only domestic companions but also fierce and independent creatures of nature. Adding elements like leaves, trees, or the earth can emphasize a connection to the natural world, perfect for eco-friendly businesses or those focusing on sustainability. It conveys a message of harmony with nature and a respect for the wildness within.

Yin and Yang or Balance

The dual nature of cats – playful yet reserved, affectionate yet independent – makes them fantastic symbols for balance and harmony. Using the yin-yang symbol or incorporating balanced and symmetrical design elements can convey a sense of equilibrium and duality. This concept fits well with businesses in the wellness and mental health sectors or those promoting a balanced lifestyle.

Historical and Cultural References

Cats have different meanings in various cultures. In Japan, the Maneki-neko (beckoning cat) is a symbol of good luck. In Norse mythology, cats were associated with the goddess Freyja and represented fertility and prosperity. Referencing such cultural icons or historical symbolism can add a layer of depth and storytelling to your logo, making it not just a brand identifier but a conversation starter.

Remember, a cat logo design is not just about creating a cute or elegant image; it's about telling a story and connecting with your audience on a deeper level. By integrating these additional symbolisms, your cat logo can transcend its literal representation and become a powerful emblem of your brand’s identity and values. So, let your creativity leap like a cat chasing a laser pointer, and explore the myriad symbolisms these fascinating creatures offer!


What Are Some Creative Ideas for Cat Logo Designs?

When it comes to cat logo design, the only limit is your imagination! Cats, with their sleek contours and charismatic personalities, provide endless inspiration for creative logo designs. Whether you're a start-up, a cat café, or a tech giant, infusing a bit of feline flair into your brand identity can set you apart. Let's dive into five creative ideas to get your design whiskers twitching :

The Optical Illusion Cat

Play with perception by creating a cat logo that doubles as an optical illusion. Imagine a design where a cat's face turns into a fish when looked at from a different angle, symbolizing a cat's love for fish and its cunning nature. This type of design is not only visually intriguing but also memorable, making it a fantastic choice for businesses that value creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

The Cosmic Cat

Why not blend the mysterious aura of cats with the boundless beauty of the cosmos? Design a cat silhouette filled with a starry night sky or a galaxy pattern. This approach is perfect for brands that aim to convey a sense of wonder, exploration, or the infinite possibilities, like a tech innovator or a creative agency.

The Heritage Cat

Pay homage to the historical and cultural significance of cats. You could draw inspiration from ancient Egyptian art, where cats were revered, or create a logo based on traditional Japanese Maneki-neko (the beckoning cat) for good luck. This style suits brands that wish to resonate a sense of tradition, history, or cultural richness.

The Abstract Art Cat

Experiment with abstract shapes and forms to suggest the essence of a cat rather than depicting it realistically. Use bold colors and geometric shapes to create a cat's outline or features. This approach is great for modern brands looking to make a bold statement, signaling that they are innovative, dynamic, and contemporary.

The Hidden Cat

Create a logo where the cat element isn't immediately obvious but becomes clear upon closer inspection. For example, the cat's eyes could be hidden within the leaves of a tree, or its tail could cleverly form part of a letter in your brand's name. This type of design intrigues and engages the viewer, making your logo not just a symbol but an interactive experience. Ideal for brands that want to showcase their cleverness and attention to detail.

Remember, a great cat logo design should tell a story and resonate with your brand’s ethos. Whether you choose a whimsical, elegant, or avant-garde approach, make sure it aligns with your brand's identity and speaks to your audience. So, let your creative cat out of the bag and start designing a logo that purrs with personality!



Cat logo design offers a unique blend of creativity and symbolism, providing endless opportunities for brands to express their identity in a memorable and engaging way. From minimalist outlines to intricate illustrations, the versatility of cat-themed logos ensures that there's a style to suit every brand's personality. Whether your aim is to convey elegance, agility, mystery, or playfulness, a well-crafted cat logo can leave a lasting impression. As we've explored, the world of cat logo design is rich with potential, inviting designers and brands alike to think outside the box and create logos that truly stand out. Remember, a great cat logo is not just a visual mark; it's a storytelling tool that reflects the essence of your brand.


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