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Article: 30 Best Crab Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Crab Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Crabs are like the comedians of the sea- they're always clawing for attention. Check out some of the best crab logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Ilia Semchenko |

One popular theory is that the crab logo design is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer, which is represented by the crab. In astrology, the crab is said to symbolize emotional depth, protection, and a strong sense of loyalty. As a result, many businesses and organizations that want to convey these qualities in their branding may choose to use a crab logo design.

Another explanation for the crab logo design is that it is associated with coastal regions and seafood. Crabs are a common food item in many coastal communities, and businesses that specialize in seafood may choose to use a crab logo design to convey this connection to their customers. Additionally, many beach resorts and vacation destinations may also use a crab logo design as a way to evoke the feeling of being near the ocean.

In some cases, the crab logo design may be used as a way to convey a sense of strength and resilience. Crabs are known for their hard shells, and ability to adapt to changing environments, and businesses that want to convey these qualities may choose to use a crab logo design as a symbol of their own strength and resilience.

Here are some of the best crab logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Krackin Crab

Created by Blankenship |

Circle logos like this Krackin Crab logo doesn’t have corners or edges. Because of that, the circle becomes universally symbolic of cyclic motion, completeness, perfection, and wholeness. Circles are also representative of strength, inclusivity, friendship, and community. When creating a circle crab logo design, consider combining it with uppercase letters. Uppercase letters make the logo bold and awesome.


2. The Crabby Pirate

Created by Kevin Schrecengost |

Black and white are going to create different looks, such as modern logos, minimalist logos, and so on. Those colors can also create creepy logos, depending on the elements you use on the logo. This one has black and white and creepy elements like a skull. This may be a cool idea if you’re looking for a Halloween-styled logo idea.



Created by Usarek™ Studio |

Crab comes in different types. You need to find one that matches your business the most. Among so many different types of crab logo designs, the European spider crab can be a cool option for your logo design. It has very long legs and a unique body shape. A sketch of this European spider crab will create a fantastic look.


4. The Longboard

Created by Jay Fletcher |

A muscular crab with a cute face will be a nice logo design idea. This idea with lines will be perfect for those looking for a minimalist and modern logo. Monochromatic colors will be perfect for minimalist and modern logos. Gray, for example, is the right option compared to black, which can be too bold. White background makes it clean.


5. crab bar

Created by Yuri Kartashev |

Make the crab on the logo do something you desire. For example, the crab on this logo is holding a glass which is a nice idea since the logo is for a bar. Since the glass is the focal point of the design, you need to make sure it has a striking color compared to the crab.


6. The Greatest City in America

Created by Katie Connolly |

Xantho can be a unique idea to create a unique logo design. This crab usually has olive color, but you can make the logo in any color you desire. For example, if the background of your logo is soft pink, then make sure that the logo has a coral color so that everyone can read the logo and see the crab easily.


7. Marine Conservation Society crab

Created by Valentin Kirilov |

The crab doesn’t have to be the main focus of your logo, especially if your logo will have a lot of text. Create a small crab design and place it on the corner of the logo. And then use uppercase letters on the logo. Uppercase letters are going to make your logo look full, and everyone can read them easily.


8. King Size Queen

Created by Brandon Lord |

This logo is inspired by the god of the sea, Poseidon, and the crab. Design your crab logo carefully and make it wear a crown. And then add some tridents, which are something carried by Poseidon. Use royal colors like orange, gold, and so on. The background should be neutral to help people read it easily.


9. The Little Wave

Created by Jantine Zandbergen |

A little crab is going to look cute and nice. Combine two contrasting colors for your logo, such as red and mint green. Contrasting colors let people find the crab easily and read the text quickly. They don’t have to spot the text. Use lowercase letters if you have some text on the logo.



Created by Peter Giuffria |

Geometric shapes are going to help you create a modern crab logo. For example, combine squares and triangles in designing a modern logo design. Those shapes are going to create points and lines in creating awesome configurations. Geometric shapes are the most common shapes to create a logo. If there are two different objects on your logo, use different colors for them.


11. Geometric Crab

Created by MisterShot |

Geometric shapes and monochromatic colors are going to create the best logo. The black background will give high visibility to the white logo and text if you want to add text to the logo. And geometric shapes will create a modern look. Combine some geometric shapes to the logo but use circles only for the eyes.


12. Crabble Restaurant

Created by Brandon Joseph |

This unique crab logo also uses geometric shapes. The triangle shape of the body combined with unique shapes for the legs make a very unusual logo design. If you choose to use two colors for the logo, pick a neutral color for the face of the crab. Choose a pastel color for the background since it is going to accentuate the logo.


13. Very Crabby Mood

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

Some crab logos you have seen above have a smiling face. But you can actually make your logo look special by making it look moody, just like the theme of the logo. Frame it with a circle to make it perfect and complete. Use retro colors like navy blue and red on a neutral background color.


14. W&S

Created by Jay Fletcher |

Fern green can be a nice option if you are looking for a green background for the crab logo. But instead of drawing the crab in white, frame it in white and then place a fern-green crab in the middle of the logo. And instead of drawing a white circle frame, consider a white oval to frame the crab.


15. Crab Bowl

Created by Andrii Kovalchuk |

This logo of a restaurant has a cool crab logo in blue. The crab bowl logo design looks bold because of the soft pink color for the background. And for the text of the logo, a combination of a slab serif font and a sans serif font will create a bold and modern design at once.


16. Diamond Crab

Created by pobelens |

Combining some shapes will create an awesome logo design. For example, this one has a crab with a diamond body. The diamond becomes the main focus of the logo, with the head and legs of the crab becoming the companion of the design. Black and white make the logo look more impressive.


17. Big Jimmies Crab Cakes

Created by Loren Klein |

Unlike previous logo designs, this one has a small crab logo with big-sized text. People will read the logo easily because the big text comes with uppercase letters and a bold format. The small crab logo is placed at the bottom of the design. The orange background color enhances the text visibility.


18. George Stone Crab

Created by Rokas Sutkaitis |

If there are many texts on the logo, you need to be creative in placing them. The main text can get a tall font and then use a simple sans serif font for other texts on the logo. Use the text to frame the small stone crab symbol of your logo. Use neutrals for the logo and its background.


19. Valentyn Ananiev

Created by Valentyn Ananiev |

You may want to create a unique logo that looks like a crab and also looks like a flower. The body of the crab looks like a blooming flower, while its claws and legs look like leaves framing the flower. Be creative in creating a logo with a crab so that you will make it look super fascinating.


20. Crabsy Seafood

Created by Milos Djuric |

This is a brilliant example of using uppercase letters. Combine two awesome fonts for the crab logo. The bold white font will be the focal point of the logo, and then the sans serif font will let people focus on the big white font. Use the color of the smaller text on the crab logo to make it look nice and gorgeous.


21. Summer 2022

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

Browns orange and arctic blue will create a magnificent logo for your business. Use arctic blue as the background color and brown-orange for the crab logo. However, one of both colors is warm, while another one is cold. Unite both colors with black and white, and you’ll create an awesome crab logo.


22. Carlos del Barrio

Created by Carlos del Barrio |

Cantaloupe and rajah are two pastel colors with warm accents that allow you to create a very nice color. Before combining both colors, create a symmetrical crab logo design, and then make sure that you use two colors to make the symmetrical crab look cute and not boring at all.


23. Deadman's Bay

Created by Tatak Waskitho |

The crab on this unique logo design comes in a chocolate brown color and has an unusual facial expression. This brown crab is holding a cigarette, a perfect scenario for a masculine logo design. Even though it has dark colors for the text and the crab symbol, it has a nice soft blue color for the background.


24. Winner Crab Box

Created by hebheb |

This boxer crab is going to make your logo look fun. The red crab is wearing everything it needs to win the duel. It has a smiling face since it won the match. Use cute fonts for this outstanding crab logo. For example, use decorative fonts for both the main text and the complementary text. 


25. Crab Devil

Created by Elniño |

The crab symbol on the logo looks like a devil, and it has two horns on the head instead of a face. Around the crab symbol it has some lines that create a sunset scene. The font used on this logo is a modern bold font. Everyone can read it easily even though they are far away.


26. Mariano Lampacrescia

Created by Mariano Lampacrescia |

Everyone can use their own creativity in designing a crab for their amazing logo. This one has a black crab design that may look like a lobster. The pink color on the background accentuates the black crab. Two small dots are designed as the eyes of the crab. They perfect the crab logo design.


27. Jared Owen Snavely

Created by Jared Owen Snavely |

Pantone blue can be a bold color to use as a background when you’re designing a striking crab design. Your crab logo will be bold and fun when it gets another striking color like yellow or gold. The combination of blue and yellow will make your logo look fresh. Don’t add another bold color to this logo.


28. Fiddler on the Wharf

Created by Michael Penda |

The abstract design of this logo actually looks simple, but it may remind you of a vintage design. A pastel color for the logo and background will be good when you are designing a logo with dark blue as the main color. Use a combination of decorative fonts when creating a magnificent crab logo design.


29. Coastal Cowboy

Created by Tyler Pate |

Most cowboys ride horses, but you can make your logo look unique by designing a cowboy riding a huge crab. Make the crab look mad so that your incredible logo will be more outstanding. Use retro colors, such as some shades of brown on the logo. You’ll make this incredible logo more satisfying by using decorative or script fonts on the logo.


30. King Crab

Created by Ilia Semchenko |

If you’re thinking of creating a design with contrasting colors, choose a bold color and a neutral color. Red and white will be a magnificent combination to consider. Create a crab from some geometric shapes or lines, and your crab logo design will be extraordinary. Since the crab logo is in white color, use the same white if you want to add text to the logo.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the crab logo designs?

The crab logo design can have various cultural and symbolic meanings. In some cultures, the crab is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer, which is said to represent emotional depth and loyalty. Crabs are also commonly associated with coastal regions and seafood, and businesses that use crab logos may be trying to evoke a sense of the beach or seafood. Additionally, the crab's hard shell and ability to adapt to changing environments may make it a symbol of strength and resilience.

What types of industries are suitable for using crab logo designs?

The crab logo design can be used in a wide variety of industries, but it is most commonly associated with businesses that are related to seafood, coastal regions, and vacation destinations. Restaurants that specialize in seafood, for example, may choose to use a crab logo design to convey their connection to the ocean and their expertise in preparing seafood dishes. Similarly, beach resorts and vacation destinations may use crab logos to evoke a sense of relaxation and leisure. However, crab logos can also be used by businesses that want to convey a sense of strength, resilience, or loyalty, regardless of their industry.

Which colors are commonly used in crab logo designs?

The colors commonly used in crab logo designs vary depending on the overall branding strategy of the business or organization. However, there are a few colors that are more commonly associated with crab logos. Shades of blue and green are often used to convey a sense of the ocean or coastal regions, while warmer colors like orange and red can be used to evoke a sense of energy and vibrancy. Brown and beige tones may be used to represent the sandy beaches and rocky coastal areas where crabs are often found.

What other symbolisms can I combine with crab logo designs?

There are many different symbolisms that can be combined with crab logo designs, depending on the goals and branding strategies of the business or organization. Some common symbols that are often used alongside crab logos include waves, seashells, and other ocean-related imagery. Anchors, ropes, and compasses may be used to represent nautical themes, while palm trees and other tropical plants can be used to evoke a sense of vacation or relaxation. Additionally, some businesses may choose to incorporate text or slogans into their crab logo designs to further reinforce their messaging and create a more cohesive brand identity.

Which famous brands or companies are using crab symbolism in logo designs?

There are several famous brands and companies that use crab symbolism in their logo designs. One example is Joe's Crab Shack, a popular restaurant chain that specializes in seafood dishes. Another well-known brand is Old Bay Seasoning, which features a crab on its packaging and is commonly used in seafood recipes. Additionally, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, an organization dedicated to preserving the health of the Chesapeake Bay, uses a crab as its logo. Other businesses that have used crab logos in the past include beach resorts, fishing companies, and seafood wholesalers


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All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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