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Article: 30 Best Dove Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Dove Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Some people say great ideas come into the world as gently as doves.
Check out some of the best dove logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Mykola Striletc |

The use of dove symbols in logo designs has a rich and diverse background that spans cultures and time. The dove is a universally recognized symbol that has been associated with various meanings, including peace, purity, love, hope, and spirituality.

The origins of the dove symbol can be traced back to ancient civilizations. In ancient Greece and Rome, the dove was associated with the goddess of love, Aphrodite/Venus. It was seen as a symbol of love, beauty, and fertility. The dove's association with purity is evident in ancient Greek mythology, where it was believed to be a sacred bird associated with the goddess of love, Aphrodite, and the goddess of beauty and wisdom, Athena.

In logo design, the dove symbol has been utilized to convey a range of concepts and values. Its association with peace, purity, love, and spirituality makes it a popular choice for organizations that aim to communicate these ideals. The simplicity and elegance of the dove's form make it a visually appealing element that can be stylized and abstracted to create versatile and impactful logo compositions.

Many brands, organizations, and movements have used dove symbols in their logo designs to convey messages of peace, unity, love, and spirituality. It is important to note that the specific interpretation and meaning of the dove symbol in logo design may vary depending on the context and cultural background. Different cultures and religions may attribute distinct symbolic associations to the dove, which could influence the way the symbol is understood.

Here are some of the best dove logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Robert Nowland

Created by Robert Nowland |

A flying dove with its beak holding an olive branch is a common symbol of a dove you can find anywhere. This is a symbol of peace. A dove is mentioned hundred times in an ancient book. If you want to make a logo that symbolizes peace, purity, and innocence, a white dove will be the right option for your logo.


2. Hope

Created by Brad Cuzen |

Or, you can make your white dove look different by adding an olive branch next to the dove, not on its beak. You can also add some other objects like a hand and a star. White will be the best color for those objects on your logo. Pick a darker color for the background, like charcoal gray.


3. Olly Cowan

Created by Olly Cowan |

The peach color is the symbol of softness, friendliness, pleasantness, and sweetness. This color can be a nice option for the background of your white dove logo. Peach looks awesome as the background color or as an accent color. You can always combine peach with any neutral color on your logo. Or you can combine it with royal blue or cream.


4. Redeemer

Created by Zack Guerra |

Blue sapphire is a nice color to consider when you're looking for an elegant color for your logo. This color is going to make a nice logo and will be a gorgeous color for the text as well. And instead of white, use bone color for the background and the dove logo that blends with the blue sapphire R monogram logo.


5. Nour

Created by Nour |

Many dove logos have a white dove flying high while holding an olive branch. But this one is a little special since it has a dove made of black lines. And the dove on this logo is not flying; it is standing firm on both legs. The pastel yellow color for the background makes the black lines of the dove look bold.


6. Sky Cosmetics

Created by Aleksandar Savic |

This cosmetic logo has a dove in a light brown color that matches the complementary text of the logo. The background of this logo has an elegant green color that creates a gorgeous look on the logo. White for the main text and the frame of the logo unites the dove logo and the background flawlessly.


7. Peace

Created by Travis Cooper |

Peace is not always symbolized by white. You can use ivory white for the background and green for the main text of the logo. To complete the logo, use black for the complementary text and the dove. Black lines make the dove look more standout compared to the green olive branch. Both colors look awesome, with ivory white.


8. Conceptic

Created by Conceptic |

This is a gorgeous and minimalist logo design with a white dove in the middle of the black background. The concept is like many other dove logo designs, with a dove flying and holding an olive branch. But it looks like the olive branch is not carried by the dove. It looks like the dove is pushing the branch.


9. Nour

Created by Nour |

Another Nour dove is this unique white dove with a transparent wing. The dove is flying, but it looks fat, unlike many other white doves. The black background makes the dove look more gorgeous because of the contrast. You don't have to add some legs to the dove if you want to accentuate the curves of the dove's body.


10. Paloma

Created by Filip Panov |

Be creative in creating a unique and beautiful dove with only two lines and one dot. The dove on this logo looks super beautiful because of the combination of curves and sharp ends. A chocolate brown color will make your dove look more adorable. Use light green only as the accent color, like for the leaves on the branch.


11. Ted Kulakevich

Created by Ted Kulakevich |

Blue is going to make an awesome background for the Dove logo. Make sure that you use a nice color that matches this blue background. For example, consider using yellow to create the illustration of a flying dove and a branch with some leaves. But don't place the branch in the beak of the dove. Use the branch to frame the dove.


12. Nino Mamaladze

Created by Nino Mamaladze |

Black denim is a shade of black that's not too dark. This color can be a cool option for the background of your Dove logo. Create a dove logo that has a unique shape, and then place a unique flower on its beak. Use white to color both the dove and the flower. Add a hole as the eye of the dove.


13. Plant bird!

Created by Nour |

Want to make your dove look happier? A happier dove means a more fun bird logo design. The dove in this logo has a white color and a happy face. You can tell from its closed eye. Looks like the dove is happy because it finds the olive. The dove has a white smoke color that matches the dull black background.


14. vacaliebres

Created by vacaliebres |

The dove on this logo looks unique and scary at once. The dove is spreading its wings and looks like it is standing on a branch of a tree. This dove doesn't show any expression. The combination of an iron color for the background and rocket metallic for the dove creates a masculine look on the logo.


15. Nestia!

Created by Nour |

Use retro black for the background and a pastel gray for the dove. But this time, make your dove look sad. The dove on this logo looks like it is thinking about something serious. The combination of monochromatic colors makes the dove look more sad. You don't have to add any other ornament since this simple logo is already perfect.


16. The Avenue Church

Created by Josh Cooper |

The dove is the main object of this church logo; it looks mighty with the white color and the way it flies. This dove is flying in front of the sun, which makes it look mightier. To complement the logo, use modern fonts and uppercase letters. If you don't use the dove, then feel free to use a decorative script font.


17. Chelsea Burkett

Created by Chelsea Burkett |

Sometimes, an animal looks like another animal. The dove on this logo, for example, looks like a dolphin with a wing. You know it isn't a dolphin because of the stars around the bird. The logo looks awesome and luxurious because of the dark color on the background and the gold color framing the bird.


18. Mike Bruner

Created by Mike Bruner |

What makes this bird look more special is its beak. The beak doesn't hold the olive branch. The scissor-looking beak looks like it is cutting the branch. This dove has a royal blue color that makes it look awesome on a white and yellow surface. If you want to add text, use uppercase letters for the text.


19. London Youth

Created by Jhon Ivan |

The dove on this logo looks very natural. It is created from branches and leaves. The gray color makes the dove look mighty and awesome. This logo has a black background and some gray spots that match the dove and text. Capitalized modern font makes the Dove logo look much more incredible.


20. Peace Not War

Created by Jay Master |

Blue and yellow are an awesome combination. Blue is a cool color that will look incredible when it meets the warm yellow color. Use yellow for the background of your dove logo, and then use blue for the dove illustration, an olive branch on the dove's beak, and the modern font that has uppercase letters.


21. Dove cafe

Created by Ahmed creatives |

A peach and a blue sapphire can also make a gorgeous dove logo design. The dove has a blue sapphire color with a peach wing, and it holds olive-colored leaves on the beak. Complete this dove logo by adding text with a tall font. Use sapphire blue for the text so that it will match the color of the dove logo.

22. Dustin Coffey

Created by Dustin Coffey |

Orange is a fresh color that is perfect for creating a fun logo design. Add a white dove on the orange background and then highlight the dove by framing it with a black frame. Pick some unique colors like yellow, green, and blue for the text you will add to this Dove logo.


23. Brian Wiens

Created by Brian Wiens |

This ultramodern logo has a dove made of lines and geometrical shapes. At a glance, you may see the logo as a clamp, but it is actually a dove with a futuristic design. To match the futuristic dove design, the logo comes with a geometric sans-serif font in white. It also has a thin font for the complementary text.


24. Unipen

Created by Unipen |

A white dove and a blue background create a look of a dove flying in the sky. The dove looks more natural with green leaves on its beak. Unlike some other dove logos, this one doesn't have an eye which means this kind of logo is much more modern and minimalist at once.



Created by DAINOGO |

This one is another cool idea of a white dove with a blue background. However, this logo is nothing like the previous one above. The Dainogo logo has a white dove perching on a branch. A smaller branch with some leaves becomes a nice ornament for this outstanding logo. No accent color is used, just blue and white for a simpler design.


26. Mono bird!

Created by Nour |

You can make the dove of your logo look very simple. This one, for example, has a very simple dove with no legs and tail visible. Create a very simple logo with only the body and head of the dove. Combine monochrome colors like black or gray and white to make the dove logo looks more modern and minimalist at once.


27. Skirmantas Raila

Created by Skirmantas Raila |

Bleu de France is an alternative color for those looking for a blue background for the logo. This unique logo comes with an unusual shape of a dove made of some geometric shapes in white color. Add some shadows so that the dove logo will look more realistic and stunning. This idea is perfect for a futuristic business.


28. NienowBrand

Created by NienowBrand |

Frame your dove with some branches to make the logo look more natural. Use coral color for the background since this is a nice and fresh background color that will be perfect for a pastel-colored dove. The dove itself is a nice logo, but you can make it look more unique by adding a musical instrument behind the dove.


29. Glorylanders Bible Club

Created by Dalton Satterfield |

Here is another idea of a dove with a coral-colored background. The dove logo is for a bible club which means it should have a bible under the dove. Add some other objects to complete the design of this logo. For example, you can add a crown, spears, scrolls, and other ornaments related to the brand.


30. Dove of Piace

Created by Mykola Striletc |

This nice dove logo design has a dove made of four circles. The bird has a bedazzled color. It is framed with text that has an old-style serif font in uppercase letters. This logo's white background makes people directly focus on the blue-colored dove. The simplicity of this dove logo is everything for many businesses.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the dove logo designs?

The dove symbol in logo designs holds several cultural and symbolic meanings. It is often associated with peace, purity, love, and spirituality across different cultures and religions. The dove's representation of peace stems from biblical accounts, while its connection to purity and love is rooted in ancient Greek mythology. In logo designs, the dove symbol communicates messages of harmony, unity, compassion, and hope. The color white, often associated with doves, further emphasizes purity and innocence.

What types of industries are suitable for using dove logo designs?

The dove symbol is versatile and can be suitable for various industries and sectors. Industries that prioritize values such as peace, harmony, purity, and compassion are particularly well-suited for incorporating the dove symbol in their logo designs. Non-profit organizations, peace movements, human rights groups, environmental initiatives, and spiritual or religious institutions often utilize the dove symbol to convey their missions and values. Additionally, industries related to personal care, wellness, and beauty can also leverage the dove symbol to signify gentleness, care, and purity in their products or services.

Which colors are commonly used in dove logo designs?

The dove symbol in logo designs is commonly depicted in white, which is the most prevalent and traditional color associated with doves. White represents purity, innocence, peace, and spirituality. It is a popular choice as it aligns with the symbolic qualities of the dove. However, logo designers also explore other colors to enhance the desired message or brand identity. Soft pastel shades like light blue or light green may be used to evoke a sense of tranquility, serenity, or environmental awareness.

What other symbolisms can I combine with dove logo designs?

Combining the dove symbol with other symbolic elements in logo designs can create layered meanings and reinforce specific messages. For example, incorporating an olive branch with the dove symbol represents peace and reconciliation. Adding a heart symbol can emphasize love and compassion. A globe or world map can convey global unity or environmental consciousness. Additionally, stars can symbolize guidance or hope. The sun or rays of light can represent enlightenment or spirituality.

Which famous brands or companies are using dove logo designs?

One of the most famous brands that prominently features the dove symbolism in its logo design is Dove, the personal care brand owned by Unilever. Their logo incorporates a stylized white dove, representing purity and care. Another notable brand is the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which utilizes a panda silhouette in the shape of a dove, symbolizing peace and the importance of protecting wildlife and the environment. Additionally, the logo of the International Red Cross, an organization associated with humanitarian aid and assistance, features a red cross emblem along with a dove, representing hope and compassion.


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All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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