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Article: 30 Best Dragonfly Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Dragonfly Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Chasing dragonflies, like buying good books or eating gourmet food, can be curiously addicting.
Check out some of the best dragonfly logo design ideas!
Created by DAINOGO |

The dragonfly logo designs have a rich background that combines cultural symbolism, aesthetic appeal, and diverse interpretations. From ancient civilizations to modern times, the dragonfly has captivated human imagination and inspired various artistic representations. 

Dragonflies have a long history intertwined with human culture. They have been featured in ancient folklore, myths, and religious beliefs across different civilizations. In Japan, the dragonfly, known as "tonbo," is seen as a symbol of strength, courage, and success. It is associated with the samurai warrior class and is considered a symbol of victory. The intricate and delicate appearance of dragonflies also represents elegance and grace in Japanese culture.

The dragonfly's physical characteristics also contribute to its symbolism. With its agile flight, the dragonfly can move in all directions effortlessly, symbolizing adaptability and the ability to overcome obstacles. Its multifaceted eyes give it a panoramic view, representing a broad perspective and the power of observation. These traits make dragonflies a powerful symbol for vision, clarity, and seeing beyond surface-level appearances.

In logo design, dragonflies are often chosen to convey these symbolic meanings. Their elegance, beauty, and captivating appearance make them visually appealing. The dragonfly's association with water and transformation can be employed to represent growth, progress, and positive change. It is a versatile symbol that can be used across a wide range of industries, including wellness, fashion, technology, and environmental conservation.

Here are some of the best dragonfly logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Redhound Logo Design

Created by Redhound Logo Design |

For many centuries, the dragonfly has been an icon of change, new beginnings, and happiness. But your dragonfly can look different if it has monochromatic colors like black and white. Black is not the color of happiness. So, if you need to create a dragonfly logo that looks a little sad, use black for the background of the logo.


2. Beacon

Created by Nebojsa Matkovic |

Make your dragonfly logo look more meaningful by combining some objects together. For example, you can create an illustration of a dragonfly with a crescent moon as its head. And then frame it with a circle and triangle. This design will make people curious since the shape of your logo will look like the caduceus, which is the symbol of a medical symbol.


3. Winnipeg Folk Fest 2018

Created by Brian Steely |

Use musical instruments when making a dragonfly logo if you are trying to create a logo for a festival. This dragonfly has some unique musical instruments that make it look very unusual but attractive at the same time. The colors used for the wonderful logo are only green and yellow, but they're enough to make your logo looks festive.


4. DRAGONFLY Marketing Solutions

Created by Emmanuel Hernández Benítez |

The dragonfly on this logo has a small size and a Persian green color. This color makes the dragonfly logo look standout, especially because the background of this logo has a spruce blue color that is dark enough and will accentuate a bright color on it. Frame your dragonfly logo with white to make it more eye-catching.


5. Todd Allen

Created by Todd Allen |

A studio purple with the color code #7851A9 will make a nice background to ease people into seeing the white dragonfly logo. The dragonfly on this logo has a cannabis leaf at the end of the tail and on its body. You need to find another object that matches the product or service of your business. And then combine that object with the dragonfly.


6. Demolition Dragons

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

The idea of this dragonfly logo is similar to the previous one. This logo has a dragonfly carrying a bomb to demolish anything ahead of it. This concept matches the name of the brand, which is the Demolition Dragons. Dark green is going to be a nice background to accentuate the white logo and text. Pick a nice color that makes your logo readable.


7. Yulia Uchar

Created by Anastasia Kurilenko |

This dragonfly logo looks super elegant, with a dragonfly made of only one thin line. The thin line makes the dragonfly look flawless and beautiful. To match the gorgeous dragonfly logo, pick a thin font for the text under the logo. Use uppercase letters for the main text and lowercase letters for the complementary text. You don't have to use two different fonts.


8. Yuri Kartashev

Created by Yuri Kartashev |

An outstanding logo is a unique logo that can look totally different. This unique logo, for example, is a dragonfly that looks like a flower. Its body is the stalk of the flower, and its wings are the petals. Use some shades of color that will make the dragonfly logo looks warm and fun. Orange and yellow can create a wonderful gradient.


9. Dragonfly Barbershop

Created by Yuri Kartashev |

A dragonfly can do many things. This one, for example, is holding two hair combs. This is a unique logo design to represent the barbershop business. Make the dragonfly logo look more modern simply by using dark colors for the dragonfly icon and the text. White background makes the logo cleaner and nice.


10. TicTaste

Created by Joao Pinedo |

Sometimes, minimalism means everything. This gorgeous logo design has a long line which is the body of the dragonfly. The wings of the dragonfly look like a lotus. The Tictaste logo design has a fresh orange color for the background and white for the dragonfly logo. The color combination creates a super fresh logo that won't hurt those who see the logo.


11. spoonlancer

Created by spoonlancer |

Trying to create a luxurious dragonfly logo design? Use black along with gold, and your fascinating logo will be incredible. Black can be a wonderful background for all logo themes. It will give a different look, depending on the accent color you use with it. This one looks glorious because of the gold dragonfly and minimalist text.



Created by GETSBY |

Black will also create an ultra-minimalist logo. Simply use black as the background and then use white to create a unique dragonfly logo. Add a dot for the head of the dragonfly, some half circles as the wings, and a long line for the dragonfly's body. White and geometric shapes will make a modern look, especially if there's no other color on the logo.


13. Kawauchi Winery

Created by stech look |

The elegant dragonfly logo can be made of a dragonfly sketch framed with a thin circle and some spirals as the accent. This elegant dragonfly logo is completed with a font that has a contrasting look. Black is the main color of this Kawauchi Winery logo. The designer uses that font to create a vintage look on this dragonfly logo.


14. Yuri Kartashev

Created by Yuri Kartashev |

Here is another way to create a super minimalist and beautiful dragonfly logo. The dragonfly is made of a single line that's used to create some curves. The white color of the dragonfly and some shadows here and there make the dragonfly look alive and more realistic. A black background will make the dragonfly look much more elegant.


15. Kristen Laetz

Created by Daissy Designs |

Make your dragonfly a part of the text of your logo. For example, this logo of Kristen Laetz replaces the letter I with a dragonfly. Make the dragonfly look more standout by designing it in mint color. Use gray for the text so that the dragonfly logo and the text will blend perfectly. White will make the logo more elegant.


16. Breno Bitencourt

Created by Breno Bitencourt |

Feel free to design a dragonfly according to your own imagination. This dragonfly has bold black lines that allow people to find the dragonfly easily, especially if you're going to place the logo between the text. Be creative but stay simple when designing a super unique dragonfly logo. This one is only combining some waterdrop shapes to make the dragonfly.


17. Toftegaard Design

Created by Toftegaard Design |

Another special way to create a unique dragonfly is by using different geometric shapes. This one uses five geometric shapes and two lines to make a futuristic dragonfly logo. The bold black color makes people understand that this is a flying dragonfly. Help people understand easier by using a white background for this design.


18. Melissa Luvs

Created by Tuff Nutt |

A decorative script font will help you make the dragonfly logo more elegant and gorgeous, especially if the logo has a fancy color like orange. Since the text looks amazing, you may want to make the dragonfly look majestic as well. Add a simple crown on the dragonfly's head and then leave another object in gray color. People will focus on the dragonfly.


19. Tripwire

Created by Eleanor Harding |

The main text of this logo has two different colors, white and mint. Take those colors for the dragonfly logo. Both colors on the dragonfly and the text make them united and look more harmonious. If there's a complementary color, you can use a color that is the shade of mint or white.


20. Akdesain

Created by Akdesain |

Akdesain has a parakeet green for the background color. This neon green color will catch everyone's attention very easily. But since the background is very bright, you need to pick something calming for the text and dragonfly logo. White is a perfect neutral color for all bright backgrounds. Place the dragonfly somewhere between the letters.


21. Odonate

Created by Emir Ayouni |

A royal-styled logo will be yours when you combine Braves' navy color with color code #13274F and yellow color. Use the Braves navy for the background of your logo. And then, use yellow for the dragonfly and the text above the dragonfly. The combination of dark blue and bright yellow will make the logo more masculine.


22. Patricia Roxas Chua

Created by Patricia Roxas Chua |

Some geometric shapes will make a unique dragonfly logo. For example, this dragonfly logo has some rectangles and a circle. Unlike some other dragonfly logos, this one is not flying or opening its wings. Instead, the dragonfly is lying down with its wings closed tight. However, the orange color is eye-catching enough.


23. Qingting

Created by 单选 |

Make your dragonfly look attractive simply by making its terminal abdominal appendages sharp and ready to sting. Frame your dragonfly with a black frame, and then color the dragonfly white. Outside the round frame, place the black text that will match the frame around the dragonfly. This is a unique way to unite the dragonfly and the text.


24. Latini's bicycle repair

Created by Dusan Sol |

Tortilla color with the color code #9A7B4F will make a vintage dragonfly logo. Use this color for the dragonfly, the complementary text, and the wheel frame. And then, use white color for the main text so that people will read the white text first before moving to the short brief text. A black background perfects the logo.


25. Dragonfly Lens

Created by Daniel Simões |

Here is another way to use geometric shapes to make a unique dragonfly shape. This dragonfly is made of a triangle, two half circles, and two waterdrop shapes. For the text, this logo Uses an old-style serif font in black. People can focus on the text easily because of its contrasting color compared to the background and the logo.


26. Eleganto

Created by monome |

Dark purple is the most elegant and royal color you need to consider for the dragonfly logo. It will be the best color for the logo background. The best way to make a perfect logo with this extraordinary color is by using thin lines and a thin font for the text. Those thin lines are going to make a simple logo.


27. Evan Squire

Created by Evan Squire |

Impress people with the gorgeous design by using some abstract lines in making a dragonfly. Use a gold shade that will make your special dragonfly more jaw-dropping. People will be more focused on the dragonfly if you pick a neutral color for the background of the logo. Black matches the gold flawlessly.



Created by DAINOGO |

The dragonfly on this logo is made of only some lines. The dragonfly looks very unusual because of its head size, which is extra big. Make readers of your logo feel comfortable by combining two soft colors on your logo. Pickle color (#597D35) for the background and ivory white for the logo will create a super soft and comforting logo.


29. Dragonfly Antique & Salvage

Created by Jon Janzen |

Another vintage logo design with a dragonfly is by making the dragonfly in a smaller size. And then complement the dragonfly logo with two different fonts. Use a decorative script font for the main text and use an old-style serif font for the complementary text.


30. Dragonfly Thread

Created by Jenn Miller |

You can make a dragonfly from anything in terms of logo design. This one has a dragonfly made of a needle for the body and a thread for the wings. The dragonfly logo looks special, with some shades of blue and purple. Since the logo already has some different colors, pick a neutral color for the background.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the dragonfly logo designs?

Dragonfly logo designs hold cultural and symbolic meanings across different contexts. In Japanese culture, dragonflies represent strength, courage, and victory. Native American traditions associate them with spiritual connections, transformation, and navigating different realms. The dragonfly's life cycle symbolizes personal growth and change. Its agility represents adaptability and overcoming obstacles. Dragonfly logos can convey messages of transformation, self-realization, empowerment, and embracing one's true potential. They also evoke elegance, grace, and a broad perspective.

What types of industries are suitable for using dragonfly logo designs?

Dragonfly logo designs are versatile and can be used in various industries. They are particularly suitable for businesses focused on personal development, coaching, and wellness, as the dragonfly symbolizes transformation, empowerment, and growth. Fashion brands can use dragonfly logos to convey elegance, grace, and a sense of style. Technology companies can incorporate dragonfly logos to represent adaptability, innovation, and a forward-thinking approach. Environmental conservation organizations can utilize dragonfly logos to signify harmony with nature and a commitment to sustainability.

Which colors are commonly used in dragonfly logo designs?

Dragonfly logo designs often incorporate colors that reflect the natural beauty and characteristics of dragonflies. Blue and green shades are commonly used, as they symbolize nature, tranquility, and harmony. These colors evoke a sense of calmness and serenity, aligning with the graceful and peaceful nature of dragonflies. Additionally, vibrant colors such as purples, pinks, and yellows can be used to convey energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. These vibrant hues add a touch of liveliness and make the logo visually striking.

What other symbolisms can I combine with dragonfly logo designs?

When designing a logo incorporating a dragonfly, you have the opportunity to combine it with other symbolisms to enhance the message and meaning. For example, you can pair the dragonfly with a lotus flower to represent purity, enlightenment, and spiritual growth. Combining it with a compass can symbolize navigation, guidance, and direction. Adding a circle or mandala can convey unity, wholeness, and interconnectedness. Incorporating elements like water ripples can evoke a sense of movement and transformation.

Which famous brands or companies are using dragonfly symbolism in logo designs?

While there are no globally recognized famous brands or companies that prominently use dragonfly symbolism in their logo designs, there are smaller businesses and organizations that have incorporated the dragonfly into their brand identities. These include wellness and yoga studios, eco-friendly or sustainable companies, nature conservation organizations, and spiritual or personal development coaches. While dragonfly logos may not be widely used by large-scale global brands, they are favored by niche businesses that align their values with the symbolism of transformation, adaptability, and harmony with nature that the dragonfly represents.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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