30 Best Falcon Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Some say sharp is the kiss of the falcon's beak.
Check out some of the best falcon logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Torch Creative | https://dribbble.com/shots/18441943-Air-Force-Falcon

The falcon is a powerful bird of prey that has long been associated with strength, speed, and nobility. It has been revered by cultures throughout history, from ancient Egypt to modern-day sports teams. 

One of the earliest recorded uses of the falcon in logo design was in ancient Egypt. The falcon-headed god Horus was an important deity in the Egyptian pantheon, associated with the sky, the sun, and kingship. The symbol of Horus, known as the Eye of Horus, is still used today in various forms of art and design.

In medieval Europe, falconry became a popular sport among the nobility. Falcons were trained to hunt small game, and the practice became a symbol of wealth and power. The falconry hood, a piece of leather used to cover the bird's head and eyes, became a popular symbol of nobility and status. This tradition continued into the Renaissance, and falconry hoods were often depicted in art and heraldry.

In the 20th century, the falcon logo design became popular in the world of sports. The Atlanta Falcons football team, founded in 1965, adopted a falcon logo as its emblem. The logo, which features a stylized falcon in flight, has become one of the most recognizable in professional sports. Other sports teams, such as the Bowling Green Falcons and the Bentley Falcons, have also adopted the falcon as their mascot.

Here are some of the best falcon logo design ideas you can check:



Created by artism_studio | https://dribbble.com/shots/14753471-FALCON-MEDIA

Why use a falcon on your logo? Because this bird is mostly associated with a strong spirit, victory, superiority, light, and freedom. Previously, people used a falcon as a symbol of hunting. And even though a falcon is a predator, this animal is never associated with aggression. If you are looking for something related to victory, then you need to use a golden falcon on your logo.


2. Eintracht Frankfurt

Created by Adil Kais | https://dribbble.com/shots/19858429-Eintracht-Frankfurt-Logo-concept

A falcon is also a bird or animal that is considered the personification of kindness, strength, and courage. Many brands choose a logo with a falcon on it to emphasize determination, firm position, and also willingness to solve problems adequately. Since a falcon is associated with courage, you can combine a falcon it red when designing a logo.


3. Majestic Brewing Co

Created by Dckydesign_ | https://dribbble.com/shots/15526004-Majestic-Eagle

Which companies can use a falcon on their logo? A falcon is the right animal that is going to look awesome for different companies. Transport organizations, security companies, and manufacturing companies are usually using a falcon when designing the logo for their brand and company. You can even use a falcon on the logo of your café or coffee shop.


4. Dirtybird Campout

Created by Chris Meyer | Dirtybird Campout

Which part should you use when designing a logo with a falcon on it? Each part of a falcon's body can make a wonderful logo. However, most companies are using the whole body of a falcon. Consider creating a logo with a falcon opening his wings wide to show his power.


5. The Millennial Falcons

Created by Julia Williams | https://dribbble.com/shots/3105902-The-Millennial-Falcons

You don't have to draw every single detail of a falcon to create a cool and awesome logo. A vector or illustration of a falcon with lines and curves will create an incredible logo as well. Pick some colors that will make the logo look more impressive, like white and navy. The navy is going to make a nice background for a white falcon logo.


6. Falcon Distribution

Created by Alex Spenser | Falcon Distribution

Falcons love to live in high areas such as cliffs and mountains. They love to nest in tree holes, ledges, and cliffs. This means falcons will distribute in many high areas, and you may want to draw a falcon illustration that is flying high on your logo. It is crucial to make sure that your falcon logo looks masculine, like using dark colors.


7. Grandes Alturas

Created by Mike McDonald | https://dribbble.com/shots/9752028-Grandes-Alturas-Logo

There are many ways to create an illustration of a falcon. One of those ways is by drawing the bird with bold lines and curves. Use white and bold lines if you choose something bright for the background, like red. The combination of white and red are going to create a bold and courageous logo.


8. Aquilae

Created by Mersad Comaga | https://dribbble.com/shots/15131582-Luxurious-eagle-logo-design

When a falcon is flying high, he may look awesome and cool. But a falcon is going to show his power when he is ready to catch prey on the ground. Create an illustration of a falcon catching prey to create a magnificent logo for your company or brand. Use gold and white to color your logo.



Created by artism_studio | https://dribbble.com/shots/17071132-INTERIAN-FALCON

Details are crucial when creating a logo with a falcon on it. Some details, like feet with claws and a sharp beak, are going to make your logo look scary and intimidating. Place your falcon in a circle, and your logo will look awesome. Since the falcon is going to fly high, then choose some shades of blue to color the background.


10. Dmitriy Dzendo

Created by Dmitriy Dzendo | https://dribbble.com/shots/15535094-Falcon-attack-logo

Some companies are drawing the front side of a falcon on their logo. But you can try something different by drawing the side of a falcon and then coloring it with something dark. Dark blue, dark gray, and black are some best colors to create a powerful falcon logo. Even though the drawing is from the side of a falcon, you can give it a scary look.


11. Koen

Created by Koen | https://dribbble.com/shots/14645074-Eagle-Logo-Design

Think about something meaningful before creating a falcon logo. For example, you can make your logo look more powerful by adding a crown on the head of your falcon. The crown will make your falcon look stronger than any other falcon logo from different companies. Or you may want to make the falcon hold a key which shows people that your company has the key for whatever they need.


12. Patriot Esports

Created by Hassan | https://dribbble.com/shots/7024336-GRIFFIN-EAGLE-FALCON-Mascot-Logo

Warm colors and cool colors will have different effects on your logo. But you can combine a warm color and a cool color so that your logo will look awesome. For example, pick blue as a cool color and then choose yellow or orange to make your falcon logo look more impressive. White will neutralize the logo.


13. Majesty Construction

Created by Andrew Korepan | Majesty Construction

When you are going to create the best logo with a falcon on it, you need to choose the right color combination. The best way to color your falcon logo is by choosing two shades of a color. For example, if you want to color the logo with dark green color, choose mint green to complement the color.


14. Patriot Hero Army

Created by Artnivora Studio | https://dribbble.com/shots/10795433-Patriot

This logo is about an army of heroes. This means your logo should look impressive with a falcon and something you can use as weaponry. One incredible idea is to draw a falcon with a couple of axes inside the falcon logo. The axes are going to make your logo more intimidating. Choose gold to color it.


15. Hoang Gia Ha Phong

Created by Hoang Gia Ha Phong | https://dribbble.com/shots/16488054-Falcon-Logo-Design

Create a falcon logo that doesn't even look like a falcon. For example, you may want to draw an illustration of the head of a falcon that is looking down. Use a bright color like red, and then use navy as the background of your logo. The white font is going to make perfect typography for your falcon logo.


16. Falcon Heraldry

Created by Mersad Comaga | https://dribbble.com/shots/11972767-Falcon-Heraldry-logo-design

Instead of thinking about a colorful falcon logo, consider creating a black-and-white falcon logo. The white background is going to accentuate the black falcon logo you draw on it. Make your falcon look stronger and more intimidating by making it hold a sword and wearing a crown.


17. UNOM design

Created by UNOM design | https://dribbble.com/shots/18290891-Geometric-Eagle-Logo-for-Sale

Falcons may have different colors, like white, black, yellow, gray, and brown. If you want to make your falcon logo design look cool and masculine, create a black falcon logo with a white background. Add a white star in the heart of the falcon. While many companies make their falcon look to the right, make your falcon logo look to the left.


18. Montaigu

Created by Jowel Ahmed | https://dribbble.com/shots/17346917-MONTAIGU-Brand-Logo-Design

The strength of a falcon also symbolizes protection. If you want to show people that your company is ready to provide protection, then create a falcon logo that looks similar to a shield.Just like a falcon, a shield is also providing protection. And just like many other falcon logos, consider choosing navy blue to be the background of your logo.


19. UNOM design

Created by UNOM design | UNOM design

A falcon also has magnificent eyes that help him catch his prey more easily and accurately. If you want a specific falcon logo design, then make sure that you pick the eye of a falcon as the focus of your company logo design. The sharp eye of a falcon is going to make your logo look eye-catching.


20. Falconer

Created by Dmitriy Dzendo | https://dribbble.com/shots/13913365-Falcon-attack-logo

When many companies design a falcon logo, they may use the navy to color the background and bright colors for the logo and typography. But if you want something more special and different, then you absolutely have to consider using navy for the main color and ivory or other calm colors for the background.


21. Lunatic Agency

Created by Lunatic Agency | https://dribbble.com/shots/14982973-Falcon-Sports-Branding

What makes you fall in love with a falcon? Use that part as the focus of your falcon logo. For example, if you like the beak of a falcon, then accentuate this part. Color your falcon in black and gray but use red for the beak of the falcon. This is going to make people focus on the beak instead of the head.


22. Falcon Coffee Roasters

Created by Filip Panov | https://dribbble.com/shots/7967722-Falcon-Coffee-Badge

To create a logo, you can use lines and curves. But to create a firm logo, remove the curves and use straight lines. Use straight lines to create a falcon with open wings. And then, write the name of your company or brand in a curving design. The combination will balance your logo.


23. Yuri Kartashev

Created by Yuri Kartashev | Yuri Kartashev

A falcon logo doesn't always have to look firm and intimidating. You can use curves to make your falcon logo look wonderfully gorgeous. This blue falcon logo has wings that look like a leaf. You, too, can make a unique falcon logo and design the logo with beautiful colors.


24. Foothills Elementary

Created by scott scrivner | Foothills Elementary

The color of a falcon logo should match the company or business you are running. For example, if you provide education to people, then pick a logo that makes your company look joyful and fun. Yellow is going to be a unique but gorgeous color for your falcon logo.


25. Albaz Food Industries

Created by Matt Romo | https://dribbble.com/shots/15221807-Albaz-Food-Industries

Can you imagine having a falcon logo design with a bright color like orange? This color is going to be a cool option for the background of your falcon logo. Since you're going to use a bright color for the logo background, then use a dark color like gray for the color of your logo.


26. Citizen Design Co

Created by Zach Hannibal | https://dribbble.com/shots/2275901-Eagle-3

Most companies will use white for the background and black for the falcon logo. Try something different by using black for your logo background and then using white to fill the logo falcon logo. Draw a falcon that looks intimidating with its sharp eyes.


27. Dimitrije Mikovic

Created by Dimitrije Mikovic | https://dribbble.com/shots/3006454-Falcon-Crest

If you want your falcon to look neat, then you need to consider drawing the falcon inside a pennant. And then, choose a nice color for the falcon logo, like peach or soft orange. This color will look nice on a white background. If you want to use a black background, pick a brighter color. 


28. Electrical Union

Created by Ron Manley | https://dribbble.com/shots/6132754-Electrical-Union-Mark

Mostly, companies create a falcon logo with an intimidating look. But you need to make sure that your logo design looks more unique than many other logo designs. For example, you can create a fat falcon for your logo. It will be a super unique, unusual, and gorgeous logo for your business.


29. Torch Creative

Created by Torch Creative | https://dribbble.com/shots/18441943-Air-Force-Falcon

How can you make your falcon logo design look more impressive than any other falcon logo design? Make your falcon hold something that no one else can do. For example, draw a falcon that is holding a thunderbolt. Your falcon will look super powerful and inevitable.


30. Frost Elementary School

Created by Matt Kauzlarich | Frost Elementary School

Choose colors that are going to complement the business you are running. For example, a business that uses the word 'frost' can use some shades of blue for the falcon logo. Use other colors that will look perfect on your incredible falcon logo design.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are some common misconceptions about the falcon as a symbol in logo design?

One common misconception about the falcon as a symbol in logo design is that it only represents aggression and violence. While falcons are indeed powerful birds of prey, they also represent qualities such as speed, agility, and focus. Another misconception is that falcons are only associated with male attributes and masculinity. In fact, falcons have been revered by both men and women throughout history, and their symbolism extends beyond gender. Additionally, some people may assume that falcons are only associated with certain cultures or time periods, when in fact, they have been used as symbols across many different societies and time periods.

What makes the falcon a popular choice for logo design?

The falcon is a popular choice for logo design due to its strong symbolism and visual appeal. As a bird of prey, the falcon represents qualities such as speed, agility, strength, and precision. These qualities are highly desirable for companies and organizations that want to convey a sense of power, excellence, and professionalism. Additionally, the falcon's sleek and elegant appearance lends itself well to logo design, making it a versatile and visually striking choice for logos. Its long history as a symbol in various cultures also adds to its appeal and familiarity with audiences.

How can a falcon logo design be made to look fierce and intimidating?

To make a falcon logo design look fierce and intimidating, designers can use certain design elements to emphasize the bird's power and strength. Sharp lines and angles can be used to create a sense of aggressiveness and tension, while bold colors such as black or dark gray can evoke a sense of danger or foreboding. Adding texture, such as feathers or talons, can also enhance the bird's predatory nature. Additionally, positioning the bird in a dominant or aggressive stance, such as diving or attacking, can create a sense of movement and action that adds to its fierceness.

How can a falcon logo design be adapted to fit a specific niche or target audience?

Adapting a falcon logo design to fit a specific niche or target audience involves considering the unique needs and preferences of that particular group. For example, a falcon logo for a luxury brand might use metallic colors and elegant, ornate design elements to convey a sense of opulence and exclusivity. On the other hand, a falcon logo for a sports team might use bold, high-contrast colors and dynamic design elements to convey a sense of energy and excitement. Understanding the values, interests, and demographics of the target audience is key to creating a falcon logo design that resonates with them and effectively communicates the brand's message.

What are some examples of successful falcon logo designs in different industries?

There are many examples of successful falcon logo designs in different industries. One example is the Atlanta Falcons logo, which is a stylized red and black falcon in flight. This logo is widely recognized and has become a symbol of the team's success and dedication. Another example is the Falcon Private Bank logo, which features a modern and elegant falcon in flight. This logo effectively communicates the bank's commitment to excellence and personalized service. The FedEx logo also features a hidden image of a falcon in the negative space between the letters, which symbolizes the company's speed and reliability.


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