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Article: 30 Best Horse Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Horse Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.
Check out some of the best horse logo design ideas we have curated to inspire you with fantastic ideas!
Created by Srdjan Vidakovic |

Logo design is bound to come with certain imagery or illustration. It is meant to create meaning, represent, or symbolize something. It makes the illustration in the logo have a wide variety of interpretations and styling, even under the same concept or similar image idea. Take an example of a horse as the main visual element in a logo design.

The horse as a symbolic image in the art can present the image of power and perfection. The movement, the body, and its character also provide the imagery of strength, swiftness, majestic beauty, vulnerability, dedication, and so on. But there are also chances that the horse image is used as a literal meaning or branding style.

As far as horse logo design ideas can travel and cover vast industries or businesses, the image and model can turn into a beautiful piece of art. Some design or brand uses horse imagery as their name or business relevancy. Some others take it as part of the trend or styling. With the logo or design models traveling far further in style and types, you can make anything possible.

Take examples of the following curated logo design with a horse image or concept in it. Hopefully, it will inspire you.


1. Horse House

Created by Hernán Schneider Gomez |
Horse House is a red wine brand that comes with a sophisticated flat image. The horse image is drawn with simple red and white colors. As the design shows a moving horse, the image adds motion and attractive imagery. For an image, the logo captures the real meaning and imagery. It also has a logotype to deliver the information.


2. Imagine That Equestrian

Created by Michael Penda |
Equestrian or horse riding, of course, needs the horse image for its logo. In Imagine That Equestrian's logo, the design tries to pick a quirky naming through the visual element. Thus, resulting in a symbol of a horse and its shoe with a small little star on top. It is a direct illustration, which fits perfectly with the simple logotype and color pick.


3. Asturcón

Created by Pixelbox Estudio Gráfico |
There are many ways of capturing the image of a horse. One might go for a very realistic image, but others can go for a unique illustration. Asturcon takes the latter, as it has a funny drawing of a horse. It shows a running horse drawn in a cartoony manner. It also uses a sketch drawing style, which adds another touch of personality.


4. Troya

Created by Berkan Önal |
Troya can refer to a Greek goddess, but it might also relate to a Trojan horse. Trojan horse is known somehow to have a connection to security and protection. That is why Troya uses the horse image to fit its suitcase brand. The idea is to make an impression of strong protection. And the logo also appeals to a simple design made with a flat image.


5. Haras Camará

Created by Filipe Peregrino |
Flat images in line art help showcase a simple, direct, but meaningful graphic. Haras Camara uses the style to fully capture the horse imagery made out of geometric shapes. The impact is incredible, as the design is unique but also memorable. To complement the look, the logo also adds its brand name in a formal, elegant typography.


6. naman

Created by Ahmed creatives |
The Naman horse logo design idea is pretty simple, but it still showcases great details and concepts. The main visual is the Initial "N" and its silhouette of a Pegasus. It is safe to say that the Pegasus is a special mythical horse with a horn. The use of golden color might help capture the luxury while not losing its strong impression.


7. Carousel

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |
Despite being a kid's or entertainment ride, Carousel is a great naming for the transport industry. It moves in a circle, explaining the circle of transportation. It also inspires the logo designer to make memorable imagery of a horse, main carousel pole, and flag. The simplified badge logo design makes the logo fit any use or media.


8. The Horse & Elephant

Created by Michael Knapek |
One of the fascinating designs of The Horse and Elephant is its illustration. The shield-like logo shape consists of two animal shapes, the horse and the elephant. It is drawn in a creative way that both share the same curve and shape, creating a fine-looking illusion. It also uses a wordmark plus a green & yellow color to accentuate the luxury brand.


9. Haras des Folie’s

Created by Cyril Dosnon |
Haras de folies play with line art, flat design, and minimalist design. But it does have a unique touch with its color and imagery. The circular symbol is filled with an image of a horse from the neck above. The red illustration is done simply with curves and straight lines to accentuate the picture.


10. Nordic Topline

Created by Toni Hukkanen |
Not only capturing the Nordic style of graphics, the illustration for the brand also develops the proper styling and impression. The use of golden and metallic color highlight the high-end product. The use of line, wave, and illustration imagery makes it more memorable. It almost feels abstract but still depicts horse imagery.


11. Dark Horse

Created by Studio Look At That |
The dark horse takes the unique illustration, yet strangely fitting the brand name. The design is made with simple illustrations of horses, provided in two versions. One is fully colored, and the other has an X-ray skeletal design. It is a nice way to introduce the hidden meaning of dark horse as well as introduce two different product options.


12. Spherical Horse

Created by Vlad Beret |
The spherical horse logo design is just like the name. It is made with a golden ratio style, using a circle or sphere as the guideline for all parts of the horse's body. At a glance, the styling appears like a sketching guide but still gives nice distinctive imagery for the brand. The logotype also takes a similar approach, with most letters drawn in a spherical shape.


13. Alminar Dressage

Created by Fran Romero |
High-end, fancy, and elegant are the main concepts of Alminar Dressage. The yellow color resembles gold. The font is made simple to appeal to a vast audience. The illustration is the key visual with line art flat image drawing. Rather than only a horse, it shows a person riding the animal. Which likely explains the dressage brand or product.


14. Cupsburg Dressage

Created by Milos Djuric |
Dressage can be translated to education, training, or schooling for horse riding. Aside from going with the more fancy and simpler look, Cupsburg develops a more complex illustration of a jousting player. It is made with a flat drawing, using a triad color to add dimension. The color is also presented in the logotype, which helps pinpoint high-end sporting schools.


15. Secret Garden

Created by Konstantin Reshetnikov |
What likely happens in the Secret Garden as a place is a romance. And that is the key concept visual for the brand. The brand captures the romantic location with a flying horse bringing a flower. The cute flat image makes it memorable. The block and bold logotype also fit the style. All are according to the brand product.


16. Home Folk

Created by Mark Johnston |
Home Folk's "fearlessly authentic" motto is perfectly captured by the logo design imagery. The horse logo design uses a cowboy in action. The design is drawn with a classic old-school drawing style. It even uses the cowboy's rope as the lettering pattern. As a whole image, it is a perfect balance of traditional imagery for branding.


17. Historisches Spielzeug

Created by Mirbach Design |
he branding name can be translated as a historical toy. With that, the branding design concept has a principle and concept to follow. Hence the use of a rocking horse or hobby horse image. Everything is drawn to accentuate a classy, old-school, high end and luxurious image. That is why it uses a flat image and Roman typeface to fit the vibe.


18. widakk design

Created by Srdjan Vidakovic |
The realistic and detailed illustration in Widakk's design makes it one of the best logo designs to take. It will take more time and adjustment when applied. But the creator also plays around with typography and its text hierarchy, thus making it easier to capture the information. The illustration is over the top, depicting a war horse and its rider.


19. Tao Press

Created by Nikita Lebedev |
Stating a horse image in a logo does not have to be detailed. A flat image to fit the modern and young market is in the hype. It is seen from Tao Press, which has a uniquely drawn horse in a geometric and flat image. It is a fun and very versatile imagery as it uses simple shapes, red color, lines, and style.


20. White Water

Created by Darina Darvin |
White water studio's horse logo design captures the more exotic, unique, and stronger impression of the animal. The creator illustrated a more mythical related horse figure that has a horn, patterned skin, and a unique mane. There is no clear correlation with the brand, but sure it has aesthetically attractive models for the business. It also has a logotype or its brand name.


21. Fardness Farm

Created by Wehan Ilmajuang Supriyono |
Using two options or variations of logos helps a brand stay relevant or informative. Fardness Farm uses a badge design with a circular logotype and monogram for the logo. But it also has a horse image drawn in an overly minimal image. It also tries to be different with the addition of a plan shape. Combining the two, Fardness Farm has a solid branding image.


22. Meras

Created by Yup Nguyen |
Meras try to capture the speed of a horse as the logo concept. Thus, developing a fine combination of motion logo, imagery, and logotype. The animation show movement before showing the logo. The symbol also uses a logotype in a simple font to keep it blended with the animation. For the symbol, it uses a red horse line art as a highlight.


23. Khaili

Created by Zeeny Design House |
There are quite a lot of creative illustrations in Khaili's initial design. The idea is to use the K as the main initiative for the brand. At the same time, it also makes a hint of a horse image. The two are blended too. The horse body is shaped like a lowercase H, and the additional leaf shape help capture the K.


24. TruEquine Wellness

Created by Gardner Design |
Flat design is not only popular and trending, but it also serves great capability for logo design. Truequine shows the case by developing a simple shape of a horse with a black and yellow color scheme. When it comes to logos, the simple and easier-to-decipher image works the best. Truequine took the idea yet also added the brand name.


25. Unicare

Created by Dimitrije Mikovic |
Unicare offers universal (varied) professional care services for its market. But instead of using the common caring items, it uses a unicorn. It is a smart decision as the brand name and unicorn are pretty similar. With that, the design has a line art of a unicorn. The design also uses blue and white to emphasize professionality.


26. Alicorn

Created by Muzulan |
Alicorn is identical with cargo and shipment options. That is why the design tries to capture speed and quick delivery with an image of a horse. This is one of the best horse logo designs as it offers simple drawing using lines but still shows proper motion. The design can be a bit boring, and later designers use a red star in it.


27. Porto Stables

Created by Lazar Bogicevic |
Portofino plays with line art, flat design, or modern abstract image with a bit of meaning. Portofino uses line art that resembles a leaf. But if you see it again, the uses of diagonal lines make it present the classic stable interior design. It is a smart decision on a horse-related photo or image.


28. All Out

Created by PrstiPerje |
The simple sans-serif logotype and small detail make the logo stands out. It also has a symbol that resembles a horse riding racing action. One thing is for sure; the picture is made without being over complicated. It uses old-style or cartoon drawing with a thick outline. The color also makes the image clearer and shows the meaning.


29. Conqueror

Created by matthieumartigny |
Conqueror has a unique way of expressing its product. The pen or likely stationery brand uses the medieval jousting illustration drawn in a very simple and minimalist approach. It shows strength and power. The iconic pole of the sport later switched with a pen. Together, the sport and its pen make sense of its branding's name, "conqueror."


30. Fromagerie D’Origine

Created by Valery Shi |
A rearing horse illustration might sound pretty common. But Fromagerie D' origine uses the image of jousting while the horse is rearing. The unique points go to the shield and the pierced Pacman. Is it a good horse logo design? Yes. It is not unique but also has proper imagery fitting its brand name or logotype.


Frequently Ask Questions

What colors work best for a horse logo design?

The color palette for a horse logo design depends on the target audience and the brand message. Dark colors like black and navy blue can convey a sense of elegance, power, and professionalism, while lighter colors like beige and white can give a sense of purity, peace, and freedom. Earth tones like brown, green, and gray can also work well for horse logos. The color scheme should be balanced and complement the overall design.

Should a horse logo always feature a full-body image of a horse?

Not necessarily. The horse logo can be a minimalistic, abstract, or stylized representation of a horse. A headshot of a horse with a flowing mane can create a striking and memorable design. A silhouette of a horse can also be effective, especially if it's paired with typography or other design elements.

Can a horse logo design work for a non-equestrian business?

Yes, a horse logo design can be used for businesses that are not necessarily related to the equestrian world. For example, a finance or investment company might use a horse logo design to represent stability, trust, and growth. Similarly, a technology company could use a horse logo design to convey speed, agility, and innovation.

Should a horse logo design always feature a horse in motion?

Not necessarily. A horse logo design can feature a horse in different poses, such as standing or grazing. The pose should reflect the brand's message and personality. For example, a horse standing still can convey stability and reliability, while a horse in motion can represent speed and agility.

What are some common visual elements to include in a horse logo design?

Some common visual elements used in horse logo design include the horse itself, horseshoes, saddles, or other equestrian equipment. Consider using abstract shapes or patterns that suggest a horse or equestrian theme, as well as typography that evokes a sense of movement or speed.

What does a horse logo design symbolize in business branding?

Horse logo designs are often associated with strength, grace, and freedom. These qualities can be attractive to businesses that want to convey a sense of reliability, power, or elegance. The symbolism of the horse can also be associated with speed, agility, and endurance, making it a popular choice for businesses that want to emphasize these traits in their branding.

What types of businesses or organizations are well-suited for a horse logo design?

Horse logo designs are popular among businesses and organizations in the equestrian industry, such as horse breeders, trainers, and riding schools. They can also be used for businesses that emphasize strength, speed, or grace, such as sports teams or fitness brands.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!


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