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Article: 30 Best Dolphin Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Dolphin Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Watching dolphins is one of the sweetest escapes from reality.
Check out some of the best dolphin logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Kakha Kakhadzen |

Dolphin logo designs often carry significant meaning, reflecting various aspects of the creature's characteristics and symbolism. These designs capture the essence of the dolphin's intelligence, grace, and playfulness, making them popular choices for many companies, organizations, and even individuals. 

The dolphin has been revered throughout history for its captivating presence and remarkable abilities. It is a symbol of intelligence, communication, harmony, and protection. Dolphins are highly social animals known for their complex communication skills, teamwork, and their ability to navigate and survive in the vast ocean. These qualities have made them an inspiration for logo designers seeking to convey similar traits and values.

One of the primary attributes associated with dolphins is their intelligence. Dolphins are known for their problem-solving abilities and their remarkable capacity for learning and memory. Their cognitive skills have made them a symbol of intelligence, wisdom, and cleverness. Companies and organizations that aim to portray these qualities often incorporate dolphin logos to emphasize their own intellectual prowess and innovative nature.

Furthermore, dolphins are often perceived as playful and joyful creatures. Their acrobatic movements flips, and jumps have captivated human observers for centuries. Dolphin logo designs frequently capture this sense of playfulness, conveying a light-hearted and positive brand image. These logos are often chosen by companies that want to project a sense of fun, enthusiasm, and a customer-centric approach.

Here are some of the best dolphin logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Nigesh DK

Created by Nigesh DK |

Some shades of blue will create the most realistic dolphin logo design. This dolphin logo comes with at least three different shades of blue that look smooth and nice. It also has a black background that makes the blue dolphin look more glowing. People will automatically focus on the blue dolphin and then will continue reading any text if available.


2. Burak Bal

Created by Burak Bal |

Use a softer shade of purple, like the medium purple color, to create a feminine or elegant background for your dolphin logo. White is going to make the text on medium purple background more readable. If there is any letter O in the text, replace it with two dolphins creating a circle together.


3. Dolfinarium Netherlands

Created by Usarek™ Studio |

White is going to be an awesome background if you are trying to create a more colorful dolphin logo design. This one has some shades of blue and red color on the text and the icon. If you need to use two different fonts for the text, consider using one font and then making it look different.


4. Dolphin Studio

Created by Minh Duc Nguyen |

Make a more special logo design by using letters from your text to create a dolphin shape. This will create a special logo design. However, it can be tricky, so you must be really careful in placing each letter. Make sure that everyone can still read the text easily from afar. Use contrasting colors between the logo and the background.


5. Aiste

Created by Aiste |

Denim blue makes a beautiful background that looks like the deepwater. It will look awesome with lighter shades of blue, like aquamarine, for the icon. You may want to add white outlines for the dolphin logo so that its aquamarine color won't touch the denim blue and make the logo look weird. White outlines will accentuate the shape of the dolphin.


6. Levi Huddleston

Created by Levi Huddleston |

Dolphin is usually a friendly animal, but you can make your dolphin logo design looks different. This logo has a dolphin looking serious and aiming at something. The dolphin has a cerulean blue color and white on its stomach. It is framed with a darker shade of blue. And the background uses using baby blue color, the water of the sea.


7. The Lonely Dolphin Club

Created by Noah Levy |

Just like the previous one, this dolphin also has a specific expression. It has a sad face with two drops of tears falling down from its eye. Be brave in mixing and matching colors since blue isn't the only perfect color for your dolphin logo. For example, this dolphin logo uses watermelon pink as the main color of the logo.


8. Solocean

Created by Alec Des Rivières |

The dolphin on this logo looks mad at something. It has a beautiful color composition that makes the dolphin look like it is swimming out of the text of the logo. Uppercase letters on the text make the logo look impressive, bold, and futuristic. Pick two neutral colors for the text, like white and light gray, and then frame it with black.


9. Aizhan Sarsen

Created by Aizhan Sarsen |

This swimming school logo combines a dolphin and a swimmer. Inside the dolphin, there's a professional swimmer. The white circle frame makes the logo whole and more professional. This kind of logo will be perfect for all applications. You can place it on any surface. Since this is a swimming logo, it uses the colors of water.


10. semangat_design

Created by semangat_design |

Some lines can create a beautiful logo. The dolphin in this logo is made of blue lines that look like ocean waves. Those lines have a lighter blue shade that matches the dark blue background. The combination of both creates an elegant logo design since the lighter blue looks shiny. The white text makes this elegant logo look more modern.


11. Dastardly Dolphin Brew

Created by MAKO |

Unlike the other dolphin logos, this one is unusual because of the Mustache, sailor hat, trident, and other elements. It uses only two different fonts, but they all share the same color. The sketch design of this dolphin logo looks old-school but nice and meaningful. Since there are many elements in the logo, using monochromatic colors is a brilliant idea.


12. Evgeniya Khludentsova

Created by Evgeniya Khludentsova |

The head and fin of this dolphin look like a cloud in the sky. And the whole body of the dolphin creates a circle logo. The combination of blue and white creates a very simple design but is also wonderful. With this logo, you can place the text next to the logo. It will look like the dolphin is looking at the text.


13. Steadiness

Created by Skilline |

Lines and curves make this dolphin logo amazing. The curves are used to create the waves on the sea and the two happy dolphins. And the lines are for the sun and two birds in the sky. The text on this logo has three different fonts. One is bold, another one is wide, and the last one is tall.


14. Social Anchor

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

Here is another mad dolphin to consider. The dolphin is jumping out of the water while holding an anchor. It has white color, while the water only has some curves. The combination makes people focus on the dolphin instead of the water. To make them read the text, use a slab serif font with a bold format.


15. Brooke Dobbie

Created by Brooke Dobbie |

When creating a dolphin, creativity will help you make an awesome logo design. This one, for example, comes with five different parts that create a dolphin. It has little boy blue background color and a Yale blue color for the dolphin logo. This dolphin logo has a minimalist yet futuristic logo design. If there is text, make sure it also has a Yale blue color.


16. Durham Dolphin

Created by Jay Dzananovic |

A logo that is supposed to raise the fighting spirit should have specific details. This one has a mad dolphin which is a perfect logo for basketball teams or any other sports teams. The mad dolphin has a mint green color that matches the darker shades of green, red, and white. Frame it with a circle to make it whole.


17. Karina Rykman

Created by pseudodudo |

A fantasy-themed dolphin logo should have beautiful and eye-catching colors like pink, Tosca, yellow, red, white, and others. Instead of making dolphins swim in the sea, this logo makes the dolphins fly, surrounding something abstract in the middle. Place the text above and below the logo. Since the logo has many colors, use dark colors for the text.


18. Carlos Fernandez

Created by Carlos Fernandez |

The blue dolphin on this logo has a very simple design. It has a mad eye and two splashes that will make the design look simple but more crowded. The blue logo design will look too simple if the background has a white color. Pick something that has a shade of pink, and your blue dolphin logo won't be too boring.


19. Dolpy

Created by Kakha Kakhadzen |

Most dolphin logos have a blue color but feel free to try some other colors for your dolphin logo design. The Dolpy logo comes with a dark gray color that will make the logo look more professional and modern. Its sketch design looks super nice. The black and white dolphin is creating a letter d monogram.


20. Pacifier

Created by Gregory Grigoriou |

The Pacifier logo is a super modern logo design. It has the mother dolphin and calf made of a very simple design with dark blue color. The Pacifier text uses a modern and tall font that matches the sans-serif font for the location detail under the main text. Ude dark colors if you are about to place the logo on a picture.


21. Usama Awan

Created by Usama Awan |

To create a luxurious dolphin logo design, use a royal blue color and gold. Make the dolphins your logo's focal point simply by drawing them outside the water. This way, people will focus on the dolphins instead of the waves, sun, and islands on the corner. Frame it with a circle, and you will create an awesome and perfect logo design.


22. Dolphino

Created by initial. Key |

You don't have to make the dolphin inside a circle; make it blend with the circle by drawing a blue frameless circle and then placing the white dolphin logo on the top side of it. But frame the logo with something dark so that it won't blend with the white background of the logo.


23. Usama Awan

Created by Usama Awan |

The idea behind this amazing dolphin logo design is yin and yang. But instead of using black and white, it has some different shades of blue. The dolphins on this logo look like they're playing with each other. Its background color is a darker shade of blue which makes the dolphins feel like they're swimming in the deep water.


24. Lakeview Elementary School

Created by School Branding Agency |

Some previous logo design ideas have a dolphin that looks mad because they want to raise people's enthusiasm. But if your dolphin logo is designed for an elementary school, it should have the cute and friendly face of a real dolphin. Use the real color of bottlenose dolphins and then use some blue shades for the whole logo design. 


25. Arif NS

Created by Arif NS |

A dolphin can do anything since it is a smart and genius mammal. You can make the dolphin on your logo jumps through a letter. The dolphin on this logo is jumping through the letter O. Choose the letter according to the name of your business or brand and then make the dolphin blend naturally with the logo.


26. F.Danilo Di Leva

Created by F.Danilo Di Leva |

A surfer logo design is a cool idea to consider. But instead of a surfer, consider drawing a dolphin above the waves. Use one shade of grey and make sure that the dolphin logo looks cool and awesome. For example, you can draw a sketch of a dolphin with no specific details like eyes or a smile.


27. Kid'em

Created by Julie Coignoux |

Unlike some other dolphin logos that are framed with a circle, this one is framed with a square. It has a soft shade of blue for the background and white for the dolphin. The white dolphin logo looks more unique since it doesn't have a fin, but there's a small ball, making the logo look like it's playing with the ball.


28. Ancol

Created by Buqancreative |

The Ancol logo design uses letters of the main text to create the dolphin illustration. The decorative font makes the dolphin looks whole, with two fins and a tail. If you want to try this idea, make sure that the text is still readable. Use a color that will enhance the readability of the text, no matter where you place it.


29. Kakha Kakhadzen

Created by Kakha Kakhadzen |

Interested in making your dolphin look super special? Make your cute little dolphin do something funny. This white dolphin is holding an umbrella like it doesn't like getting wet from the rain, while it is supposed to be wet at all times while swimming in the ocean.


30. Made You Smile

Created by Dino Henderson |

This logo design will really make you smile. The dolphin makes friends with a trident that has two legs and arms. They became homies in 1888 and have faded colors that accentuate the very old relationship. It also has bold fonts that make everyone can spot and read the text easily.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the dolphin logo designs?

Dolphin logo designs carry various cultural and symbolic meanings. In many ancient cultures, dolphins were revered as spiritual beings representing intelligence, wisdom, and protection. They were also associated with playfulness, harmony, communication, and teamwork. Dolphin logos symbolize positive values such as joy, cleverness, collaboration, and guidance. They evoke a sense of trust, safety, and a customer-centric approach. Dolphins are regarded as symbols of good luck and safe passage, making them popular in maritime industries.

What types of industries are suitable for using dolphin logo designs?

Dolphin logo designs are versatile and can be suitable for various industries. The playful and intelligent nature of dolphins makes them fit for educational institutions, especially those focused on marine biology or environmental sciences. Dolphin logos are also well-suited for tourism and hospitality industries, particularly coastal resorts, aquariums, and adventure companies offering dolphin-watching or swimming experiences. Additionally, dolphin logos can be employed in wellness and fitness industries, symbolizing joy, agility, and a healthy lifestyle.

Which colors are commonly used in dolphin logo designs?

Dolphin logo designs often incorporate a range of colors that reflect the vibrant and dynamic nature of these creatures. Blue is the most commonly used color, representing the ocean and water, which is the natural habitat of dolphins. Shades of blue, such as aqua, turquoise, or navy, create a serene and calming effect. Complementary colors like white and silver are frequently used to convey purity, elegance, and a sense of freedom. Additionally, brighter colors like yellow, orange, or green may be used to evoke playfulness, energy, and a lively atmosphere.

What other symbolisms can I combine with dolphin logo designs?

Dolphin logo designs can be combined with various symbolisms to enhance their meaning and create a more nuanced representation. Some common symbols that can complement dolphin logos include waves, representing the ocean and fluidity; sun, symbolizing warmth, energy, and life; stars, signifying guidance and inspiration; shells, representing the beauty and treasures of the sea; and hands, symbolizing friendship, unity, and care.

Which famous brands or companies are using dolphin symbolism in logo designs?

While there are several companies and organizations that have used dolphin symbolism in their logo designs, a notable example is Dolphin Discovery. Dolphin Discovery is a well-known international company that offers interactive dolphin experiences and operates marine parks in various locations. Their logo features a stylized dolphin leaping out of the water, conveying a sense of joy and adventure. Another example is the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which gained recognition through the movie "Dolphin Tale." Their logo showcases a dolphin with a tail prosthetic, representing their commitment to marine conservation and animal welfare.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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