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Article: 30 Packaging Design Ideas for Men's Hair Products

30 Packaging Design Ideas for Men's Hair Products

Are you looking for packaging design ideas, especially for men's hair products?
Here, we have curated some cool examples for you, so check these out!
Created by Peltan-Brosz Studio |

A long time ago, beauty products were always related to women. But there are times that certain products can cater specifically to men. In this case, one of the possible products is a pomade or hair product. The beauty aesthetic takes different routes to appeal to and match the masculine market. So, what should you do to create an effective packaging design? 

In this case, the average customer that is on the masculine part needs specific aspects. All you need to consider is what men want to represent the hair product. Some of the definite pinpoints are shape, color, and graphics. As a big picture, men prefer simplistic pictures, cool tones or achromatic hues, and straight-lined shapes. 

Men's hair product characteristics can be associated with their preferences and stereotypes. It might sound random at some point. But following the stereotype and preferences can help communicate, deliver the functionality, and create both visual and tactile experience. For more references and ideas, here are some hair kits packaging design ideas for you. 


1. Macho

Jason Hescott's hair packaging design is pretty much what you can do to make a visually appealing model for men's products. In this case, the use of monochrome color with a simplistic picture of the cactus makes a definite brand identity. 

At the same time, the bold vintage-like font type helps create a masculine touch in the whole packaging. Red, white, and black also fit with the manly color. The simple packaging model and shape help accentuate the style.  

Created by Jason Hescott |


2. Dickson & Sons

The Charles Miranda project fits perfectly for manly products. The designer tries to accentuate the target market by using an intricate illustration of an owl to make a cool monochromatic logo. It works well and helps create a strong impression for the brand identity. 

The men's hair product packaging itself is very simple in the shape of a tube and bottle. It works well with the dark simplistic approach of the whole packaging design. 

Created by Charles Miranda |


3. Master French

A simple packaging design in this product makes the whole model look dignified and classy. The idea of using black color with golden ink makes it a perfect design for premium hair products. Things that make it fit with masculinity come from the approach. 

The whole product plan comes simplistically. It lacks intricate details but captivates readers through the color palette and fancy lettering. The plastic tube also works the best for pomade products. 

Created by Parabawa ID |


4. The Malverde

When the hair pomade product or the men goods workaround vintage style, then The Malverde product packaging nail the aesthetic. To fit the theme and still communicate the real target, the product uses monochrome color with a splash of golden yellow in the font.

It works with fun, bold, and fancy lettering. At the same time, the addition of simple retro illustrations adds visual appeal to the hair product packaging design. It works best with a dark-themed box. 

Created by Bidan Barzaly |


5. Jason Barbers

Jason Barbers takes a different road to accentuate the manly target. In this one, the bottle packaging comes with brighter colors of red, yellow, and blue. It does not take the dark color stereotype for the men's hair product packaging. 

However, the project accentuates the simplistic manner with its lack of decorative details. It uses simple illustrations that communicate the ingredient and the usage. It is pretty much a simple packaging design but straightforward and clear. 

Created by Antonio Padua |


6. Wise

Wise product packaging makes groundbreaking uses of wooden aesthetic and natural looks. It does prefer a softer color, but the uses of minimalistic detail fit with the hair branding identity. It exudes a taste of responsible, intelligence, and optimism.  

It also fits with the current urban lifestyle, which has diverse and casual characteristics. The wood pattern and the reusable packaging also tell the urban outdoorsman hair aesthetic. Make it a very well-thought design for premium hair products. 

Created by Ethos |


7. Barbon

The whole theme of the Barbon packaging is simply amazing. It uses abstract patterns to make a distinctive characteristic and hair kit brand identity. While it has some intricate models in it, the uses of monochromatic color make the target audience clear to determine. 

The whole packaging shape comes in a very simplistic and straightforward manner. It uses bottle spray, boxy cardboard, and standard shapes. All come with a very simple label that contrasts the fancy box.   

Created by Peltan-Brosz Studio |


8. The Bowery

The bowery packaging design is a good example of a manly and masculine model. The uses of dark color with wood and bronze scheme make a clear definition for its target market. What makes the bowery stand out is the theme. 

To accentuate the men's hair product, including aftershave and pomade, they use the same theme color, font, and illustration. It does play around with color combinations, but the overall package comes together as a men's product. 

Created by Curious Design |


9. Razstyle Barbershop

The font plays a lot of role in creating a packaging product. In this case, the font creates a cool logo that also sets the whole packaging style or theme. To fit with the formal bold font, the design comes with a black, white, golden color scheme. 

It lacks details, which fit with the masculine or manly market that loves simplicity. It is also easy to apply in many hair products, including pomade or grooming items. 

Created by Bucky Nguyen |


10. Barbarian H

The barbarian ocean theme makes it come with a unique logo design. It is made of anchors with words on top. The color palette helps accentuate the hair product design aesthetic stereotype. At the same time, the shape is mostly on angular models. 

It is mostly related to the men's preference for simplicity and functionality. Another thing that makes this packaging design fit for men's hair items is the cool color choices. It uses the blue with water effect to fit the theme.  

Created by id.bridge |


11. Borodach

Borodach is a grooming salon brand that makes its information pretty clear. It uses the logo as the first explanation. Then, you can tell the color choice and the design style. It uses monochrome color with a simplistic design. 

It is easy to understand and communicate the whole function of the brand. This kind of approach makes the design easy to apply in many media, including the hair product and other company information. 

Created by Anna Alelekova |


12. Farmaervas Urban Men

Bold, simple, and straightforward are what you can learn from the Farmaervas men's hair product packaging design. It barely uses any intricate decorative detail but rather focuses on increasing the communicative matter through its simplistic design. 

It is fascinating that the hair shampoo, balm, pomade, and vitamin come in the same theme. It uses a dark-colored label, humble font, and casual color. It is not eye-catching, which is the main point for men's goods.  

Created by Kalil Macedo |


13. Noir

Monochrome, simplistic logo, and clear usage, that's all the information you get from the noir packaging design. It works perfectly for hair products, including natural oil. One thing that makes this project worthwhile is the logo design and font type. 

It uses geometric shapes that represent the brand name. It also fits well with the glass bottle package that complements the whole elegant and prestigious hair items aesthetic. It also uses standard bottle packing, which fits with men's preferences. 

Created by Marka Works |


14. Maapilim

Going with the concept of slow living and a prestigious Mediterranean hair care product, Maapilim uses extravagant colors for its packaging design. It's unique in a way that the color does not always resemble the dark stereotype but still represents the men's market. 

The uses of gold and silver make the men's skin and & hair care brand its function and message. It also works around a natural color, such as wood and plant, that states the sense of healthy life. 

Created by Maapilim |


15. Crioulo Rei

This barbershop nails the men's market by using the stereotyped style. It uses a dark color scheme of black, red, and white. It is a pretty standard and mainstream choice but still works like a charm. Another good point of this design comes from the illustration and logotype.

It adds a distinctive point for the brand identity. The package uses standard shapes. It works better, especially with the red color base and white font that stands out among dark-themed products. 

Created by Gabriel B. Fagundes |


16. Chop Chop

By taking the same route as other men's hair products design, the Chop Chop design can join the masculine demand easily. It uses a dark-colored packing model and a simple standard shape. It does not show the box packaging design, but the product packs are pretty easy to recognize. 

The reason comes from its information label. While The product design focuses on communicating the product function and detail, it creates a straightforward approach, which is usually appreciated by men.  

Created by Dmitriy Dordyuk |


17. Mad Wax

Mad wax plays around with monochromatic illustration and design. The use of a checkered pattern with letters in it makes a very casual yet distinctive brand identity. It is a design that you cannot find in feminine hair care products. 

Another plus comes from the scary-looking skeleton face icon in the logo. It tells the hair brand name aesthetic and naming detail. The silver product packaging also fits well with the theme, which again helps to attract men's attention. 

Created by Nebojsa Matkovic |


18. Rule429

Rule429 tackles all the men's stereotypes and makes an effective packaging design. It perfectly uses the softer yet cool colors of white, green, and grey for the product. It creates a clean and minimalistic theme, which contrasts the whole stereotype detail. 

However, the design works perfectly due to the smart usage of minimalist and simplistic touch. It does not add any illustration or decoration. Somehow, it helps bring a more high-end and modern-looking project.  

Created by Heaz |


19. Balwierz

Balweirz chooses the bottle shape to state the men's market. The men hair product finally settles by combining the general shape of an old glass bottle and aluminum package. Thus, creating a unique angular shape with a metal cap. 

Another great intake in the packaging design comes from the graphic side. It uses a minimal and smoother model to balance the fancy bottle. The brand also uses cool color schemes such as blue, green, and brown to state the men's items.  

Created by Adam Szpil |


20. Glass Wing Organics

Glass wings organic can fit well for women or men's products. It has some decorative details, unique graphics, and standard packaging shapes. However, it also perfectly fit for hair product for some reasons. 

The simplistic and monochrome color might not be attractive for women. At the same time, it uses minimalistic touch in its packaging label and information. Thus, add a bit of masculinity to the whole white and clean color scheme.  

Created by Mary Mattos |


21. The Men's Club

If you are looking for an example that uses warm and vibrant colors for men's product packaging design, then check out this model. The haircare project pretty much nails the uses of orange shades in its packaging. It works due to the complement of dark blue and white. 

It creates a weird and contrasting combination but works to build a hair brand identity. The striped design blends the color. It does not have any unimportant detailing to balance the color.  

Created by Olivier Ritz |


22. Beard Supply

Simple aluminum tin packaging is the perfect choice for pomade or grooming goods. In this case, the uses of the classic packaging design make the whole hair product stand out. The shiny tin fits well with the minimalistic monochromatic logo and label. 

It also works for small glass bottles, which have vintage-styled looks. What makes the design amazing is how it works for a lot of items, including a hat and matches box.  

Created by Kevin Craft |


23. Organic Man

Staying true and loyal with the name, the men's hair product packaging design brings a touch of nature. The whole theme consists of a dark color scheme with some red, brown, and peach. The hues help create a sense of nature in the theme. 

You can tell it by the bottle and label color. To accentuate the organic ingredient for hair, it uses a single plant illustration that complements the dark box.  

Created by Liwia Stachyra |


24. Trimi Hair Salon

Trimi packaging makes good use of brown color as a way to create differently. In the packaging, black covers almost all parts. Thus, the brown makes a highlight along with white ink to display information. 

The combination makes a harmonious plan, which adds visual value and impression. Another plus comes from the small hair scissor logo and patterning that add subtle detail to the whole men's hair care packaging design.  

Created by Hidajet Beqaj |


25. Tuul

To attract masculine and manly men's attention, Tuul took a very simple idea to express its brand. The design uses dark labels with ink to properly tell the haircare brand information. It also uses wavy graphics that help create a fun visual identity. 

What makes the hair product design work is the packaging model or shape. It uses not only standard bottles but also a single plastic package. It also uses the same detail theme to follow the brand identity. 

Created by Tuul Care |


26. SPACESHIP Hair Dryer

As a men's hairdryer creation, this project is pretty much spot on. What makes it unique is the men's hair product concept and looks. It resembles a spaceship, which letters used to make a fun-looking packaging. The way it fits the theme is by using graphics and color picks. 

The spaceship drawing makes a fun visual value on the packaging design. It also works as instruction. Meanwhile, the color choice works around cool shades such as grey and dark blue. 

Created by Hyoyeong Kim |


27. Eleman

Eleman's idea to captivate men's eyes started from the unique logo design. It also uses some cold dark colors such as blue and brown to accentuate elegance. With a geometric icon, the brand came up with some aesthetic packaging.

The men's hair product kits are composed of business cards, box packages, bottles, and pouches. All of the product uses the color scheme and adds a simplistic logo to create minimalistic detail. It also uses a pattern made of its logo as a distinctive feature. 

Created by Ali Mansour |


28. Kitcut

Kitcut takes a fun detour in creating an effective packaging design. The whole project consists of using interesting colors, such as neon green, black, and white. The neon green touch adds a distinctive brand identity and splash of color on top of its minimalistic model. 

Another great example comes from the lettering choices. The packaging uses a modern-looking font that matches its stylish impression. With their simplicity, they are applied in every item, from men's hair care bottles to paper bags. 

Created by HeyMoon Agency |


29. Barbajan

When it comes to men's merchandise, you can use the simplistic takes for the packaging design. It works almost every time, just like Barbajan that uses black bottles and packing and white ink. It creates a simplistic monochrome theme that also serves as visual appeal. 

The point comes from the black and white theme that applied to every item. It works for the packaging, business card, letter, or paper bag. 

Created by Culto Creative |


30. 9.60

The 9/60 graphic pack can appeal to the men's market with its unique packing shape. It is made with an ergonomic shape and fabricated flexible plastic. The fun-looking model makes it one of the points of interest. But the idea also complements the usage. 

While it uses unusual shapes, the other men's hair product packaging design focuses on its minimalistic graphic. It uses a massive logo design and a small number of decorative details.  

Created by Lavernia & Cienfuegos |



When it comes to a male audience, creators need to consider different roads in creating effective hair product packaging. The interest and preference are quite the opposite with female buyers. It includes the uses of packaging design, shapes, color, and graphics. Stereotypically, men love something simple, cold, dark, and straightforward. But not limited to those ideas, you can also play around with other exceptional concepts.  

So, which of these products' packaging looks the coolest? Let us know your thoughts by writing them down in the comment section below. We hope you enjoy this collection of ideas!

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