10 Ways to Choose the Correct Logo Placement

One of the so many intentions of a logo design is to be used for marketing.
Here are some easy tips for choosing the correct logo placement in various media!

Your logo design is an identity that gives the customers a glimpse of your business. However, a good brand sign can be powerless without the right placement. This is why learning how to choose the correct logo placement becomes essential to leverage recognition.

A business symbol can be used in all your products. As long as you pay careful attention to where you place it, nothing can go wrong. According to the logo placement best practices, the top left corner is the best place for the symbol. That said, many brands break the rules and go to the top right corner.

That becomes the question, what makes brand sign placement so important? The position of your visual identity has a major contribution to how potential customers recognize your brand. According to a study by the Nielsen Norman Group, the left side is the best position for visual identities.

Eyes are naturally drawn to the left side, which implies that left-aligned layouts can attract the most attention of the audience. It is also said that symbols on the top-left corner are 89 percent more likely to remember than signs on the right side.

However, this does not mean brand marks on other positions are barely noticed. If you want to make your business stands out, choosing an uncommon placement can be beneficial to distinguish your brand from competitors. Besides, visual identity positioning heavily depends on your product items.

Logo placement left or right can be a little confusing. For this reason, getting to know the right placement best practices based on the material is important to help you find a proper place for your logo on a variety of media, such as apparel, stickers, websites, and many more.


1. Websites

    Working with your logos on the website can be a tricky task. You may think the correct logo placement can be anywhere due to the plenty of space it has. The truth is, you need to avoid placing the sign on the right side for some reason.

    According to the study performed by the Nielsen Norman Group, people will naturally look to the left corner of the website. If you decide to position it in the right corner, your visitors might miss it, or they might be less likely to remember the symbol.

    Furthermore, locating the brand sign on the left side is closely associated with the user’s experience. When designing a website, you want it to be user-friendly and intuitive. People commonly seek navigation on the top left corner, so moving it elsewhere might hinder you in achieving the goal.

    However, this rule of the correct logo placement is not rigorously strict, so you can make your own rules for your own website. Depending on your purpose, you can always choose other positions, such as the center of the page, to create a sleek and fun appearance.

    Another thing that matters when it comes to business symbol placement on the website is scale. Visitors may visit your website on different devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This is why scalable a symbol is crucial to maintain the visual quality across devices.


    2. Emails

      The newsletter email is a modern marketing campaign to optimize the customer experience. Without question, you want the content to be well delivered to the target and turn it into revenue, or at least build better engagement. One simple thing to meet these goals is to place your logo in the right place.

      The top left or center is the correct position for your business sign on an email. Some brands even use the symbol twice, at the top and bottom, especially if the email is quite brief. This is where you can use logo variations that will make your business look more professional.

      In order to make your email visually attractive, consider using a combination of text and images at the beginning and the end. Airbnb is a good example of a brand that applies this method. It uses text on the top and images on the bottom for its newsletter, resulting in a simple and nice email.

      The correct logo placement for a long email could be somehow different. Squeezing text and images on one page can make your email look cramped and less attractive. Alternatively, you can use white space as a divider to separate your logo from the content to create an organized layout.


      3. Documents and Letters

        A brand logo on a document gives the impression of being professional. Finding the correct logo placement in documents and letters is crucial to ensure its optimum effect. Similar to the website, the best logo positioning for these materials is at the top-left or center of the page.

        In addition to the position, size does matter when it comes to visual identity on documents. Since size will determine how it looks, you should not make it either too large or too small. A large sign tends to overpower the whole document, while a too-small one makes it difficult to read.

        Besides the correct logo placement, spacing is an important aspect to take into consideration. Make sure to give ample space between the logo and the main content. This helps the reader distinguish the identity of the sender and the content.

        If you have logo variations, keep in mind to use the main one. A few adjustments may be required to make the whole document harmonious in its visually, such as customizing font colors and page borders. Make sure not to put too many symbols on the documents that will end up making them look crowded.


        4. Billboards

          When it comes to billboards, we are talking about a large visual with thousands of viewers. Logo placement on a billboard plays a major part in leveraging recognition, so it deserves much of your attention.

          Deciding the best place for your brand sign on a billboard can be tricky. There are so many things to consider, but readability and visibility should be taken seriously. With a lot of objects on the board that could bury your logo, working into a larger image is key.

          The correct logo placement on a billboard is at the bottom half. However, some popular brands like Spotify choose the bottom-left corner of the board to position their logo. Consistency is another important aspect to make your viewer become familiar with the layout and find the logo easily.

          Furthermore, paying careful attention to the background also contributes to promoting the visibility of your brand sign. Make sure the place where your symbol belongs is not occupied by other objects so the viewer can notice it.


          5. Clothing

            It requires another level of creativity to play around with a sign placed on the apparel. There are so many good places to print your business logo on a t-shirt, such as on the front, at the back, or even on the sleeve. Printing a brand sign on the front also varies from the center to a small section on one chest.

            But with so many spots to choose from, you can end up being overwhelmed. For this reason, consider several aspects to help you decide. First, think about how much exposure you want to present to the customer. 

            A full front or full back visual identity can be ideal for providing more exposure than one printed on the sleeves. But remember that overexposure will affect your product adversely.

            Second, consider the layout of your business sign. Some symbols look better in a small size, but others look great in full size. Luckily, a mockup helps you decide which layout size works best for your design.

            Another important thing you shouldn’t skip when it comes to choosing the correct logo placement for an apparel product is logo variation. Consider using different layout variations such as icons, business names, or other variations you have. Just be sure to be consistent.

            It is okay to combine different spots on one t-shirt, but it is not recommended to use more than two places. You can print logos on the front and at the back, on the back collar and left chest, on the sleeve and upper back, or other combinations.


            6. Stickers or Office Supplies

              You can also put your visual identity on smaller things like stationery or labels. It gives you a lot of freedom to choose the best placement depending on the size and the shape of the items, be it in the middle, at the front, or the rear side.

              When deciding the correct logo placement for your stickers or office supplies, you can consider using variations. If the stuff is too small for a full version, a business icon offers a brilliant alternative to show your presence. Business initials also work well for small office supplies.

              One important thing to remember when putting your brand sign on stationery is that it requires a margin. For instance, if you have a ½-inch logo for a business card, it should be a ¼-inch away from the edge of the card. Adding a little space, it will make the business card look professional and attractive.

              This margin can be reduced depending on the size of the items, such as USB drives or pens. Choose the right layout variation and position that make sense for your brand. It is also important to make sure your potential customers recognize the sign so your business can be easily noticed.


              7. Packaging

                Printing your logo on packaging like bags or boxes is needed if you sell products like clothing, shoes, or accessories. Not only does it make your products look exclusive, but also it helps the public recognizes your brand easily.

                In order to meet this goal, it is necessary to make sure the identity has good visibility and readability. If the design includes other elements like a patterned background, it should not overpower the logo.

                There are a few ways to print your business sign on the packaging. For example, you can embroider the symbol on a ribbon or soft viscose plastic. It can also be printed on metal or silicone, especially for workout apparel products.

                As for the correct logo placement for box packaging, you can put the mark in the center of the box. Some companies also print on tissue paper if there is another wrap needed inside the box. Pay attention to the margins to keep the design visually attractive.

                And again, logo variations can be considered when working with different types of packaging. The full version can be ideal for large packaging, while a business icon, initial, or a simpler version can be printed on the smaller packaging.


                8. Merchandise

                  If you want to create merchandise to appreciate your customers, then you will want to place the logo correctly depending on what kind of items you are going to use. Think about your customers or clients when it comes to choosing the right merchandise for them.

                  A sports-related business can offer water bottles or towels as useful merchandise. Pet supply companies can use food bowls or leash products to attract customers. Since these items come in different shapes and sizes, it requires distinct techniques to place your company symbol correctly.

                  Benefit the mockups to find the best placement for the brand symbol. Some online websites allow you to upload your business sign and preview it on different products. It offers an effective and brilliant solution to find the best result.

                  For smaller items, it is recommended to use a version of the symbol without a slogan. You can also use a business icon, initial, or the simplest version of the logo to help the viewer recognize it in a matter of seconds.

                  The merchandise items may come in different colors and background patterns. The safest way to keep the symbol visible is by providing a white space around it. Don’t forget to review the design before submitting it to a print company.


                  9. Social Media Posts

                    Logo placement in social media posts contributes to building engagement with the viewers. For this reason, you need to understand how to add it to social media graphics. The correct logo placement for social media posts can be anywhere, but one thing that matters is consistency.

                    Consistency is the key to making sure your brand sign works at its best when adding a logo to social media posts. If you want to add it to the top left corner of the image, be sure it is always there. The next time you make visual content, the sign should be there.

                    This technique allows the viewers to be familiar with your graphics so they can easily find your logo on the next posts. Besides keeping your content professional, it also helps you obtain the audience’s appreciation.

                    Consistency in size also matters. Be sure to use a fixed size on every content that you post on social media to keep it attractive visually. The best way to achieve this, you can consider using a template, so you don’t have to edit the layout.

                    Creating a template helps save you time because you do not start from scratch. Simply work on the words, colors, graphics, and other elements to get consistent social media posts.

                    One important thing to consider when adding a logo is to make sure the content is yours originally. Avoid attaching a logo and sharing it on social media if you do not make it.


                    10. Posters

                      Posters are not similar to billboards. The main difference is the size in which posters are typically smaller. The correct logo placement for posters is somewhere at eye level, which allows readers to identify the brand quickly.

                      Many companies have avoided the right when placing a brand mark on their posters. Instead, the upper left side of the poster can be the best place considering the fact that eyes naturally go to the left side rather than to the right side. This position helps viewers notice the logo and remember it better.


                      Final Words

                      Deciding the correct logo placement is essential to keep viewers, readers, and customers engaged in your business. As people recognize your brand sign, they will remember your business, associate it with your product, and recall it when they need it.

                      Logos can be used in every product, from websites to billboards, stationery, packaging, and even social media posts. Learning where to put the layout on which item allows you to optimize the function of the sign itself.

                      When you want to add a logo to a business document, for example, the top-left corner keeps your document looking professional. Or, if you want to work with packaging, the center position can be the correct logo placement to steal all the attention of the customers.

                      Beyond all, being consistent is the key to getting the viewers accustomed to your logo. It can be from the position, size, and type of brand sign. Especially if you are working with social media posts, consistency helps build a professional look.

                      Choosing the correct logo placement can be tricky, but it should not discourage you from finding the best one. Take benefits from mockup websites or applications to review the logo on various materials before rushing to a print company.


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