30 Best Font Ideas For Restaurant Logo Designs

In order to make stunning restaurant logos, we have prepared a variety of delicious font options for you.
Take a look and try them out for your project!
Created by Greg Nicholls | https://creativemarket.com/helloimgreg/1592959-Something-Fresh?u=kreafolk

Logos play a major role in creating a business identity or brand information. No matter what kind of business or company you are running, this subject can help people find out about your business. The idea of using a sign itself is pretty vast since people can get creative with it. They can use graphics or fonts to create such designs. 

But in this article, you will find some uses of fonts in a restaurant logo that help communicate more than just a name. It can help you set the tone, personality, and style of the brand. In the restaurant field, logos bring a lot more meaning than just a mere design. Along with a great choice of fonts, it will work wonders for your culinary business. 

So, to get an efficient design, you have to choose the fonts carefully. The best consideration should be legibility that scopes up color combination, style, and visual hierarchy. For a restaurant logo, you can also opt for a simple design and be smart in choosing the pairing. Thus it can transfer the message perfectly. 


1. Bon Vivant

Bon vivant collection fonts design brings you a lot of glamor and sophisticated design through its fonts. The model itself includes some script and serif fonts that come with some unique swash and ornament. However, all of them still look clear enough to read. 

Using it for logo design can either hit or miss. The fancy scripted typeface can be hard to read. If you want to use these fonts for restaurant logos, consider combining both styles. 

Created by Nicky Laatz | https://creativemarket.com/Nickylaatz/3769887-Bon-Vivant-Collection



2. Milkstore

Milkstore design uses scripted and sans serif fonts to make a more vintage appearance. It can be the perfect logo fonts for authentic restaurant style. How the design creates an impactful vintage style comes from its texturing and heavy fonts.  

At the same time, the special character and end-swashes add more elegance to the design. It also comes with an editable logo template, which comes with many designs and possibilities. 

Created by Tobias Saul | https://creativemarket.com/TobiasSaul/2833751-Milkstore-Font-Collection



3. La Fa Salt

Scripted serif that looks simple and casual is what you found in la fa salt design. The fonts are pretty much adding a touch of the modern and simplistic manner in the logo. What makes it more appealing is the hand-drawn design, which helps make a more personal touch. 

The simple-looking fonts also work the best for romantic and vintage restaurant logos. Some of the stylistic alternatives and ligatures also improve the branding or menu design.  

Created by Vintage Voyage Supply | https://creativemarket.com/VintageVoyage/297663-La-Fa-Salt-%E2%80%A2-Cursive-Script-Serif



4. Croust

If you are working for a more modern and authentic restaurant, you can try to use this unique looking sans serif fonts. The heavy fonts with some texture can add a certain impression. Such as a strong and hard-crafted culinary business. 

What makes this design work is its simplicity and little small details. You can add shadow or simple typeface to accentuate the restaurant name, identity, or jargon.

Created by VladCristea | https://creativemarket.com/VladCristea/2501967-Croust-Font-Collection



5. Delichia

Delichia typeface brings out a more modern, casual, and vibrant intake of script fonts. The uses of rounded ligature, alternate, and unique swashes ornament make it a perfect choice for young audiences.  

The rounded appearance also makes a friendlier and approachable appearance. Another point is its high legibility. The swash and alternate did not add too much styling, so it is just perfect for restaurant logo fonts, menu, or typography. 

Created by Wacaksara Co. | https://creativemarket.com/Wacaksara/2636482-Delichia-Font



6. Pink Lemonade

When the restaurant identity focuses on creating a fancier service, you can take a look at pink lemonade fonts. The scripted san serif typeface is pretty much feminine brush fonts with some swashes in it. Thus, creating an elegant impression on it. 

It can turn into a great logo if you can utilize the whole style and the alignment. Adding some pictures or graphics also helps accentuate the information. It also works for signage or menu design. 

Created by Nicky Laatz | https://creativemarket.com/Nickylaatz/4092332-Pink-Lemonade-Brush-Font



7. Farm House

Focusing on creating a vintage typeface, you can use this kind of font for old-rustic-themed restaurant logos. The design brings a lot of elements, creating a wholly unique visual appeal. It has effects, shadow, texture, to some ornamental swashes. 

It is a serif typeface with a wide and rough impression. However, it is still easy to read and legible. Thus, you can use a lot of design ideas with these fonts. 

Created by Vazzy Vintage Fonts | https://creativemarket.com/OlegVoznyy/3375051-Farm-House-Typeface



8. Quaker

Another vintage takes in these fonts make your option particularly never the end. What makes this typeface design unique is the use of rounded style and fun styling. Thus, creating a smooth and approachable vintage-styled restaurant logo. 

With its looks and design, you can tell that it has good legibility. You can read the fonts easily, even with a rough or smooth style. It is also usable for every restaurant element, such as menu or signage.  

Created by Studio Aurora | https://creativemarket.com/StudioAurora/4970364-Quaker-%E2%80%93-Sans-Serif-Americana-Font



9. Road Race

Road race fonts introduce a simple serif typeface with a rustic style in it. What makes it special is the variant of styling and model. You can use regular, rough, outline, or stamp design. Those particular options help widen the restaurant's style. 

You can use it to create vintage restaurant logos, modern or luxurious ones. You can get creative with layout and typography. The package also has some bonus illustrations to make a more distinctive impact.  

Created by Craft Supply Co. | https://creativemarket.com/craftsupplyco/2974319-Road-Race-Font-Family-Extras



10. The Farmer

Modern vintage typefaces have gotten tons of attention in recent years. If you are willing to join, make sure you take a look at the farmer fonts. This design is the epitome of smart design. You can create both impressions with small additions of graphic and style changes. 

For a modern restaurant, using a minimalistic graphic with some lettering is just enough. You can add rough texture to fit a vintage restaurant impression. 

Created by NEWFLIX.Bro | https://creativemarket.com/NEWFLIX/2830735-The-Farmer-Font-Condensed-Typeface



11. Original Burger

Are you looking for more impactful youthful and modern fonts? This is what you should use. Original burger typeface is not only simple but also brings a lot of minimalistic touch to it. It is good for almost any kind of logo, including for fast food restaurants. 

It does not have fancy swashes or script style but resembles a chalkboard. With a good layout and design, it can turn into a cool restaurant logo. 

Created by BarcelonaShop | https://creativemarket.com/BarcelonaDesignShop/793200-Original-Burger-Font



12. The Bartender

The bartender typeface comes with an array of styles and options. You can play around with the chunky blocky design, simple curvy script, or other styles. The range of options helps you emphasize the design concept that fits the restaurant theme. 

When you are looking for a bolder and stronger impression, use the blocky style. Other than restaurant logos, you can also use them for every commercial use. From the poster, lettering, typography to menu design, it works well.

Created by Vintage Voyage Supply | https://creativemarket.com/VintageVoyage/2016060-The-Bartender-Collection



13. Fisherman

By staying true to the name, the fisherman fonts come with a unique-looking design and appearance. The idea is pretty much targeting a more vintage ocean-themed typeface. If you are working for such a restaurant, then it can help you create a perfect logo. 

The design itself comes with three styles, textures and high readability due to its lack of fancy swashes. So, it is pretty good for seafood restaurants, snacks, commercial banners, and many more. 

Created by Nurrehmet Studio | https://creativemarket.com/nurrehmetstudio/3010060-Fisherman-Vintage-Ocean-Font



14. Transcity

What if you want to make a restaurant logo that emphasizes a playful, modern, and classy impression? Maybe you should take a look at Transcity fonts. The font design is included with unique swashes, alternate, and ligature. Thus, creating a distinctive identity. 

The script typeface adds more elegance and fancy-looking design. Despite that, it is still readable as long as you balance the graphic and typography layout. It also works as a header or signage. 

Created by Dharmas Studio | https://creativemarket.com/dharmas/5042099-Transcity-A-Playful-Serif



15. Sweet Buttermilk

A handwriting style always creates a lot of personality in logos or typography. It is especially true if you use the easy-to-read and simple script design. The fonts made by Craft supply look amazing as a young-themed restaurant or culinary business. 

You can combine the sweet swash and unique lettering with pastel color, chalkboard theme, or some graphic. Since it is simple and soft, you can use it for logo, package, header, or typography. 

Created by Craft Supply Co. | https://creativemarket.com/craftsupplyco/3234733-Sweet-Buttermilk-Font-Duo-Bonus



16. Borest

When working with a high-end luxurious restaurant, an elegant lovely ligature of script fonts might help you bring the impression. In this case, you can use Borest that uses some fun ligature, alternate, and swashes. It will make the logo stand out. 

What makes this typeface suitable for restaurant logos is its versatility. It can work for every culinary business and impression. You can also use it for other usages, such as packaging, logotype, magazine, etc. 

Created by Flavortype | https://creativemarket.com/Flavortype/4064411-Borest-Elegant-Roman-Sans-Serif



17. Artisan Collection

The artisan collection is a vintage bundle consisting of 11 fonts, 20 shapes, and 16 premium logo templates. Each of the typefaces comes with different looks and focus, thus creating a fun and versatile design. You can play around with small caps, scrip, serif, or sans serif. 

The package also comes with textures that will be a perfect addition to a vintage restaurant logo. It can fit every restaurant element, including logo, signage, to menu design. 

Created by Hustle Supply Co. | https://creativemarket.com/hustlesupplyco/1332314-SALE-The-Artisan-Collection



18. The Market Duo

If you are looking for a fun, rustic, and shabby style logo design, try to use the market duo typeface. What makes it good is the range of possibilities and versatility. It is applicable and suitable for modern or vintage restaurant themes. 

It features two fonts that are a perfect sister pair for the whole restaurant lettering. You can use it for restaurant logos, information, menu, typography, or posters.  

Created by Beck McCormick | https://creativemarket.com/BeckMcCormick/1423401-The-Market-Duo-Rustic-Font



19. Tigreal

Tigreal is different with its unique slab fonts design. You got the serif typeface with rounded edges and small detailing here and there. It also comes with four different styles that make it a perfect choice for an authentic bar logo or restaurant. 

However, it is also transformable into a more sophisticated restaurant logo with some tweaks, for example, by adding graphics and some jargon on top of a dark background. It even works for other purposes, such as posters or menus. 

Created by Craft Supply Co. | https://creativemarket.com/craftsupplyco/3011182-Tigreal-Font-Family-Illustrations



20. LaChalk

Just like the name implies, you got the whole chalk aesthetic lettering design in this option. You got exactly two fonts designed with the same concept. It has a hand-drawn script and serif typeface. All the chalk concepts mainly come from the texture, which you can changes. 

With that concept, it fitted well for a more fun and modern restaurant design. You can create a restaurant logo filled with chalk design, creating typography, or a menu display.

Created by StoricType | https://creativemarket.com/storictype/1890747-LaChalk-Typeface



21. Evanston

A very bold, strong, and static kind of font works best for almost every restaurant concept design. If you are creating a logo with the design of the fonts, you can almost tackle every type of model you are looking for. It's just like how the Evanston typeface was meant for. 

The design has angles and sharp edges. It works well for the vintage display restaurant logo. But you can also fit it with a modern restaurant concept due to its simplicity. 

Created by Kimmy Design | https://creativemarket.com/KimmyDesign/1844055-Evanston-Alehouse-Family



22. Cartoen

Cartoen is not the best simple fonts to use for logo design, especially with its fancy swashes and ligatures. Even though it does not have a simplistic touch, it does have a lot of charm. With some layout and paired characters, you can make an intricate logo. 

The package comes with a different character design, such as different widths, positions, and ends. It can be a little overwhelming when handled carelessly, especially for logo fonts. 

Created by Ngene | https://creativemarket.com/ngene/5889901-Cartoen-Font-Duo



23. Fresh Press

Just as the name has, you can call the typeface a fresh design. The fun lettering with its brush-type mode makes the bold script pack looks more approachable and friendlier—the perfect fonts for a young audience or casual eatery. 

The design itself comes with a lot of elements, such as an ornament, alternate, ligature, swashes, and many more. It works perfectly well for logo, menu detail, or typography, as long as you set the position correctly. 

Created by Fenotype | https://creativemarket.com/Fenotype/2299583-Fresh-Press-Intro-offer-50-off%21



24. Bancakan

The typeface focuses on creating a more handwritten touch in it. One thing that makes it stand out is the success in using unique character designs. In order to complete the whole bistro theme, the package gives you two pairs of typefaces. 

It can go well as a restaurant logo or menu, especially when you consider the behind story of the project. It was made with traditional dishes as its inspiration. 

Created by Juru Aksara | https://creativemarket.com/JuruAksara/2223406-Bancakan-Typeface



25. Cheddar Gothich Rough

Handmade rough-textured fonts make tons of versatility and possibilities. You can use it for a vintage restaurant, creating a unique touch in the menu, or fit it with modern fast food delicacies. One reason that makes it work for everything is its simple design.  

The whole typeface does not add any additional or ornamental swashes. Instead, it goes with bold sans type fonts. It can work for restaurant logos, typography, or some other restaurant information.  

Created by Adam Ladd | https://creativemarket.com/AdamLadd/2767262-Cheddar-Gothic-Rough-Font



26. Ovsyanka

Ovsyanka goes with the same vintage-style font design. It goes with a caps design with some texture in it. It does look simple and lacks detail, but it makes the fonts work well for every kind of design. Such as modern eateries or old bakery businesses. 

The unique hand-drawn design makes it very easy to use in many media or designs. You can make it work as a logo, header, or packaging label. 

Created by Artcoast Std. | https://creativemarket.com/dmitrymankoff/724199-Ovsyanka-Typeface



27. Fresty

Fresty script design is the epitome of modern, elegant, and trendy design. You can use it as a retro restaurant logo or one with a modern, sophisticated building. The idea is that the typeface poses a wide array of usability. 

It works almost everywhere and everything, including for signage or business cards. In the case of culinary business, the script works for the restaurant menu header. At the same time, the sans will fit the rest of the detail. 

Created by Blankids Studio | https://creativemarket.com/bangkit.tri.setiadi/2427732-Fresty-Script-Font-Combination



28. Selfie

Selfie typeface brings the script fonts into something more elegant, fun, and aesthetic. What makes it perfect for logo design is how it creates a wide array of impressions. Change the color scheme, and you will make a different impression. It also works with character choices and arrangement. 

Another important point is the trendy swashes that can fit either modern or vintage-styled design. It works well for restaurant logos, signage, or commercial items. 

Created by Sproviero-Type | https://creativemarket.com/sproviero-type/2001123-Selfie-%28Black%29



29. Butterly

Butterfly takes the brush-type scripted typeface into some visual that looks sweet and elegant. The rough brush creates an accent and distinctive impression. The swash and additional detail in the alternate or ligature are not overdone, making it easier to read. 

With that idea, the typeface can work for any kind of eating place. High-end, luxurious, casual, or youthful restaurant logos work well with this lettering design.

Created by Great19 | https://creativemarket.com/great19/3568829-Butterly-brush-pen-font



30. Something Fresh

When you are going to make a restaurant logo that looks fresh, then try something with some personal touch, just like the handwritten fonts by Greg Nicholls. Since it was handwritten, you can tell the unbalanced and uneven character. 

It can look messy without good care, but it can add a certain distinctive identity when done right. This kind of typeface works for every concept, menu, signage, etc.

Created by Greg Nicholls | https://creativemarket.com/helloimgreg/1592959-Something-Fresh




When it comes to logos, font choice is one of the important keys to creating a distinctive identity. A certain design can add an impression, set the mood, looks, and concepts, such as vintage typeface, elegant script, playful sans serif, or the bold, blocky style. 

The typeface itself is not only applicable for restaurant logos. If you find the right one, you can use it for other items such as the menu, signage, or poster. Enjoy!

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