Complete Guide: Redesign A Logo Successfully

A good logo design is one that is meaningful and represents an identity. 
Let’s find out several tips on how to recreate or redesign a logo successfully!
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In today's digital era, it is very important for your company to look fresh on your company logo; having an iconic image will attract people's attention to your brand. Your logo is the face of your brand, a memorable sign that represents what you did and what you will do.

Redesigning a logo is not a one-time job. To keep up with the times or to reflect on a new product or service, you have to change it from time to time. So, it doesn't feel alien to your customers and helps attract more new customers.

To get started, take a good look at your current logo. What are its strengths and weaknesses? Which parts can be removed and repaired? Is your logo text-based, and is your font hard to read? Are there any core elements or colors that cannot be separated? Which part looks annoying? Can this be modified so that it can be displayed quickly on mobile devices? How can you make it look more impressive?

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Logo redesign is an exciting yet challenging project. This is because logo redesign requires creativity over boundaries (which is usually given) and combines it with the current state of design trends. So, pay attention to the ten tips to redesign a logo. It will make it easier to redesign it.

Although it looks easy, redesigning a logo is not truly easy. There are many things to consider when redesigning a logo. This relates to all aspects that are considered when carrying out the redesign. Therefore, there are many logo redesign tips that you must pay attention to. By paying attention to these tips, it will be easy for you to arrange the steps when redesigning the logo.

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1. Introspection and Self-awareness

You need to be able to summarize the company's brand story and know what the outcome will look like before spending a lot of time and money on rebranding. If you need assistance, you might think about working with a marketing company or an outside consultant. It is one of the ten suggestions for redesigning the logo.

The rebranding will be a massive undertaking if your firm is large or feels overwhelmed by the process. However, if you are an SME and are certain of the improvements you want to implement, you can carry it out on your own.

In this case, the logo redesign process is something that should not be underestimated. On a large scale, the consideration of changing the logo must be carefully considered. Maybe you will also need help from other people. Make sure the people you consult about the logo change are experts in that field.

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2. Do Market Research

Researching the market is the next redesigning advice for the logo. Does the present logo satisfy the needs and wants of the company's customers, according to their feedback? Will the business use buyer personas to segment consumers, reach out to new audiences, and retain its current clientele?

Inquire about the company's current brand, products, and reputation from current customers and people in the company's target market. To obtain their opinions, you can conduct surveys or hold focus groups. The new brand will be more in line with its target market with the use of this information.

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This is very important because, through customers, you can create a logo that is currently trending. With this market research, the logo you create will be more modern and up-to-date. Furthermore, there will be many advantages to be gained through this market research.

After doing your research and gathering data, you can move on to brainstorming. Try to study the data that you have collected first, then think about the logo concept that is in accordance with the data that has been obtained. For the ideal search process, looking at many logo references from well-known brands can help you.

In looking for logo references from other brands, you can see which brands rarely change their logos, this is related to the eternal principle. Brands rarely change their logos because their logos have indeed succeeded in representing their brands and have not been swallowed up by the times.

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3. Decide An Interesting Concept

Determine what makes the logo appealing and consider how the USP might serve as the main focus of the rebranding effort. For instance, do you want to market yourself on a budget, or do you take pride in only offering high-end products?

Keep in mind that you don't have to aim to please everyone. It is your responsibility to locate the market and meet its needs. What sets you apart from the competition? If you don't fully understand the market, you might need to conduct further study in this area.

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After brainstorming and finding ideas, the next tip for redesigning the logo is to put ideas into visual form. Sketch as many as possible from the ideas you have collected; this stage requires maximum creativity. You can make sketches on paper, a computer, or any other media as conveniently as you like. After that, choose the best logo option and then review the logo again and revise it if needed. 

Make sure that the logo you create has an attractive and memorable design. This is an important point that makes customers know the characteristics of your brand through the logo. So, making the design should be as attractive and simple as possible.

In addition, there must be certain characteristics that describe your company in the logo. That is why, just through the picture, the customer can guess the product or anything that describes it. This will make it easier and more successful in the redesign process.

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4. Create Your Own Graphic Elements

Make a list of every resource required for rebranding, including suggestions for redesigning the logo. Flyers, websites, business cards, signs, blogs, and posters fall under this category. Consider whether a new design fits into the company's larger brand strategy before implementing it.

Consider the brand's touchpoints and the points at which current or prospective clients interact with the company. The front desk is your point of contact, for instance, if you run a beauty salon. To incorporate the new company identity, you might need to redesign your workspace or store.

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There are five basic principles in a good logo design, namely simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate. It is important to understand these five basic principles before creating a logo. A good logo can show something without having to overdo it, this is the first principle which is simple.

Moreover, logos must be easily remembered by consumers, which means that just by looking at the logo or even the color, people immediately know the brand of the logo. Furthermore, a logo must be able to last at least the next 5 to 10 years. If the easy-to-remember principle has been achieved, it will not be difficult to achieve this timeless logo.

The fourth is the principle of versatility, versatility; what is meant here is that a logo must be properly applied to various media. The last principle is appropriate. A logo must match the brand because the logo is representative of the brand.

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5. Consider A Meaningful Message

If staff members are not persuaded that the image rebranding is consistent with the goals and values of the company, it will not succeed. At each level of the design process, get their input. Give the people a chance to voice their opinions before launching a new brand. If you believe it will encourage people to express their opinions, you can set up a comment section.

Have an internal launch celebration after the rebranding is finished. Employees are more likely to act as brand ambassadors if you can get them excited about the change. Make sure your workers have received the necessary training before beginning to sell new goods and services as part of a corporate rebrand or before asking them to adopt a new strategy for providing customer support.

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By involving employees in the redesign process, many more ideas will likely be obtained. Usually, employees who have worked in a company or an institution better know the characteristics there. Therefore, in the process of redesigning their logo, they may have various brilliant and distinctive ideas.

Involve employees who really have high loyalty. That way, they will also be more enthusiastic about introducing the new logo that is produced. Later, it will generate a lot of profit for the company or institution that owns the logo.

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6. Create A Timeless Design

The next tip for redesigning the logo is timeless. If you have applied the memorable (easy to remember) principle in your logo design, of course, this one principle can definitely be achieved. A good logo will certainly be easily remembered by many people and will not be eroded by the times.

Timeless is the criteria for a good logo design. The trick to getting a timeless logo design is to build it from an existing and widely known design. For example, Apple uses the apple logo instead of computers, or Ferrari uses the horse logo.

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One example is the Coca-Cola logo which has a distinctive character in the font, which apparently has been around since 1885 and is still used today. This can be compared to the change in the logo of its rival brand, 'Pepsi,' which often changes every few years, while Coca-Cola remains consistent with its red logo and distinctive font.

Creating a timeless logo will be more efficient. You do not need to redesign in the future because only the logo is not up to date. If the logo is not timeless, then you will only spend on redesigning and changing logos. This will have a negative impact on the company.

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7. Check The Trend

Regarding the previous timeless principle, creating a logo based on a trend will only last when the trend is in; then, when the trend changes, the logo design will look old-fashioned and out of date. It is very important to be considered before redesigning the logo.

Try to create a timeless logo, so you don't have to redesign the logo. Because once you redesign a logo, you indirectly reset other people's memories of the company's brand and entity. This is very ineffective and will waste your time and ideas.

Next, make sure that your logo follows the trend. If it follows the trend, it will be more easily accepted by the community. Even if the logo changes, people will still be interested. At the same time, they also memorize the characteristics of your brand through the logo. 

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8. Choose The Right Color

In a design, color has the main function, namely, to attract the attention of the audience. This tip for redesigning the logo is very important. This is because color is the aspect that is most easily remembered by the audience when they see something new. Coloring in a design can also make it easier for a brand to brand so that it can be known more widely.

Without being able to choose the right color, it will definitely be difficult to attract the audience, let alone convey the value of the brand. In the process of choosing the right color for a design, there are many things to think about, not only from the aesthetic side but also from the other side, such as gender to culture.

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However, in this context, the choice of colors and logo components greatly affects the final result and quality of your logo design. Choose wisely what you need to include in your logo composition. Too many colors will make your logo feel sloppy and confusing.

Try to design a logo with at most 3 or 4 colors. If you really need more colors, try to work around it by making a combination that is logical and pleasing to the eye. Of course, for now, you have to understand more about the principles and theories of color psychology.

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9. Create A Whole New Look

To firmly and swiftly introduce fresh designs to the general public. Avoid trying to make small modifications; doing so will simply confuse your customers. In a few days, it should be put into practice. You will learn whether or not your new logo is well-received through this trial.

Utilize the rebrand to engage customers and generate publicity. Send the company a few emails in advance of the launch, for instance, if they have an email address. Then, give them a preview of the impending changes and explain why the company is changing its image. It implies that most people dislike change and that being truthful will increase their likelihood of trusting you. Stress the advantages of the rebrand and why it will help them.

Besides, a logo will not look good and professional if the design process is not done properly. There are two important elements that have a big influence on making a good logo, namely the idea, and the execution process. In it, a designer needs to pay attention to scale consistency, color harmonization, shape accuracy, and typography.

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10. Get Feedback

When a corporation introduces a new brand or logo, the job doesn't end. Analyzing business performance and soliciting feedback from the target market are crucial steps in determining how rebranding may affect earnings. You can do this formally by directly asking customers, or you can employ focus groups and online surveys.

Rebranding can be a huge task, but it also ushers in a fascinating new stage in the development of a firm. If done well, it will either excite and re-engage customers or position the business favorably to draw in new customers.

As you know, logo design is not just about art. Because it has a function as a means of brand communication, the logo must be made with a relevant design. Don't let potential customers get the wrong message just because the logo doesn't meet this criterion. Therefore, in the manufacturing process, a designer needs to do in-depth research.

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Final Words

Those are ten tips to redesign the logo that will help you to concept the new design. Consider many things before you do a redesign. If you are wrong in this process, it will lead to bad things. So, be careful about redesigning the logo.

However, make sure that your logo can be used for various purposes. That way, companies can use the logo anywhere, from use on business cards, website headers, billboards, to company uniforms. It will make the process of redesigning the logo a success.

The ability to make a good logo like this is not owned by everyone. Therefore, do not underestimate the work of creating a logo. Next, you get a logo that meets the criteria for a good logo design, has character and is professional. 


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