How To Create Logo Design In CorelDRAW X7

A good logo design should be simple and memorable.
Here are some fantastic tips you can easily follow to create an excellent logo using Coreldraw X7 software!
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Talking about graphic design, logo creation, or anything similar, people will pay attention to the software. Among many, surprisingly, CorelDRAW X7 still has its name in the market. CorelDraw, in general, is one of the design software known for its robust performance in vector graphic style. The software itself has a lot to offer, but is it a good option for logo creation? 

If you want to create a logo design in CorelDraw X7, you will find how convenient the software is. Many people use it as an alternative to Adobe Illustration, another famous software to work with vector images. Both have their advantages, and CorelDRAW X7 has its positive points from the user-friendly and lower learning curve. 

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If you are new to CorelDraw X7 or whatever the version is, the software is pretty much the same as every version. The best you can expect is a slight improvement and new addition to the version. If you are going to make a logo design using the software, the best thing to highlight is to learn as much as tricks and tips from professional users. The internet has it all. 

Regarding the CorelDraw X7 itself, the new addition is pretty subtle. The biggest one is the new default workspaces for different types of users, such as beginners, illustrators, or other roles. The software also has its new training video, which can be a good help to get around the design feature. There are also a few more tools to make a high-quality logo. 

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You can get the retouching and fill tools, QR code generating tools, color harmony, guideline docker, pull-down menus, multi-screen work, and main new tab document. The best one is the default workspace. It allows users to customize their workspace following their workflow and make the best out of the software.  

Learning curve-wise, CorelDraw X7 is not that far different from the previous version. New users or beginners in design can get around the user interface easily. It also can customize the UI to resemble any Adobe software. Some basic tools from the previous version are also there, but some additions and features make them more powerful to make logos. 

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CorelDraw X7, which was released in 2014, also has a quick start option for print or web design. It allows preset style and workspace. Some other features include high-quality images, templates, fonts, fills, clipart, and many more. With internet integration, you can also make a fresh logo design with the help of community-generated content exchange.

Some improvements include advanced workspace, total control in using transparency and fill, enhanced bitmap pattern fills, easy font tools, advanced character tools, precise layout, special effects, drawing tools, and many more. You can use whatever is needed and explore some new tricks with CorelDraw X7. Thus, you got the chance to make an original logo design in Coreldraw X7.

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1. Learn, Experiment And Get Used To CorelDRAW X7 

The obvious way you make the design work with software is to get used to and understand the program itself. CorelDraw x7 is pretty old, considering it was released in 2014, which later made the internet full of content about it. You can learn many tips and tricks, shortcuts, hidden features, and ideas to make your logo or design in general. 

The official Corel site also has dedicated tutorials for CorelDraw X7, explaining some unique effects, tools function, image generator, and style. For a logo creation, you can learn about outlines, transparencies, and fills, which is a great feature to make a versatile or unique design. It is part of the object properties and edit fill tools, which you will use a lot in the design process.

Another good addition to learn is the fountain fills for a cool text effect. Creating fun-looking fonts and text is easier with CorelDraw X7, which is why the software is commonly used for logo design. There are also many tutorials and works you can find in the community, which help you get around the program easily. 

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2. Using Your Preferred Workspaces

To get the best uses of CorelDraw X7, optimize your workspace or user interface using customization features. It is a great addition to the version, especially if you are used to other familiar design programs (such as Adobe Illustrator). You can make the interface have similar looks, orientation, and workflow. Thus, enhance your design process. 

For a logo creator, using the familiar workspace and getting used easily to the program is pivotal for their process. It helps find the tools or features easily, get the work done quickly, and adapt the new program better. One thing is for sure, making a logo design in CorelDRAW X7 is pretty much similar to others. So, you only need to get used to and optimize the software used. 

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3. Learn About The Company 

After getting used to and learning tips and tricks on the CorelDRAW X7, you can start preparing for the logo creation. The first thing every creator needs to have is information regarding the company, label, product, or client. It can contain all related information, such as the name, impression, style, and preferences. 

Among many details, one of the best considerations is the audience or target. Learning about the target helps create a logo design that fits the purpose. Take an example of the use of color and imagery. A young or children's product logo will have a complete opposite for an adult audience. It makes a clear separator on what to do and not to do with the design. 

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When it comes to logo design in Coreldraw X7, the software can provide a lot of features. The basic tools to draw are one of the options to use in creating a design. You can draw unique shapes, styles, or models. You can also use pick or selection tools to combine, arrange, or position imported images. 

Some of the tools or features can also be a nice addition to the design, such as the use of gradation color and shaped text. Coreldraw X7 also uses vector images, which is the best option for logo design. With the digital or printed document presets, you have the chance to use the best tools or features for the design. So, it can provide the highest quality logo works. 

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4. Brainstorm And Make Sketches 

Brainstorming and sketching help creators prepare better in the design process. It is best to make good preparation and ideation before using CorelDraw X7's endless features or tricks. Using sketches also helps define the real meaning and work to complete. Without it, you might lose in the process, especially with the endless possibilities of CorelDraw X7.

Generally, the brainstorming and sketching process can be done manually before making a logo design in CorelDRAW X7. You can compose different shapes, colors, fonts, and other elements. It is easier to revise, change, add, or do anything. Working with sketches also prevents unexpected technological disadvantages, especially for beginner users.

Brainstorming can also take a lot of references from other similar logos or rivals. One thing logo design creators need to learn is how to make the final result work better than others. It should stand out, unique, but not out of place. It is a challenge every creator needs to face, no matter the program or software used for the process.  

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5. Create A Mood Board

Another good point to make a logo design manually and digitized in CorelDRAW X7 is using a mood board. Mood boards are a great solution for creators to get inspiration. It can be a physical or digital collage compilation made out of images, text, elements, and every logo detail. It can be related to the product or company's brand identity. 

When you use Coreldraw X7 to make a logo, preparing a mood board allows you to stay focused and avoid doing too much. You can focus on the project style stated on the mood board, such as the color pallet, interesting images, details, or font. It can be a great way to create alternative design models, composing different sets of moods. 

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6. Start With Creating Basic Shapes 

With mood boards, sketches, and details in hand, start creating logo designs in CorelDraw X7 using shapes. With CorelDraw X7's features, you have hundreds of templates to make a good logo style. It is a perfect option if you are not good at or are used to creating a shape using the CorelDraw X7 tools. It gives you some preset styles you can use to make cool models.  

If you are ready to explore, use the shaping tools. The tools are on the toolbox on the left panel, where you can create an ellipse, rectangle, and polygon. You can also use many other tools to make the shapes work as your like, such as trim, combine, or weld. If you are going further with shapes and unique models, try to use break nodes, convert curves, and many more. 

Creating shapes for logo design in CorelDraw X7 is pretty straightforward. Some tools allow creators to create shapes starting with lines. Using fill tools will help the unique hand drawing shapes take form. There are also other tools for a logo or design-related functions, such as reverse direction, stretch scale node, align, elastic mode, and many more. 

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7. Add Interesting Fonts 

Another main element of logo design is fonts, and CorelDRAW X7 has a lot to give to users. The programs have their range of options using windows' default. In the case of the logo and its design, you can work further with font options and styling. Using the simple and the default one is okay as long as it fits with the need and intention of the work. 

Take an example of using sans serif for a more casual product. Using serif is the more common option for formal and high-end products, which is a great option if you are working with a prestigious company. Other than that, you got the leeway to edit the text and make the design unique. 

You can combine the text with an arch to make an arched text. It is the most common practice if you create a logo design in CorelDRAW X7. If you are looking for some other unique style, you can try warping it to shapes. The professional designer can also make custom text or fonts by manipulating the text. Combine it with a line, and use Ctrl+Q to edit the shapes and make a new curve or style. 

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8. Pick Good Colors 

Despite mostly creating a vector image, Coreldraw X7 and other versions always support varying colors, styles, or models. The color models are RGB, CMYK, and HSB. Each has its optimal uses, such as RGB for a design made for onscreen, CMYK for print, and HSB for modification and onscreen uses. 

While you can play around with the color model, Coreldraw X7 also has the option of providing solid color, gradation, to transparent options. Again, this is something creators need to consider to fit the logo design with the imagery it tries to display. And lastly is the impression or the meaning of the colors themselves. Be sure to pick one that resembles the real meaning. 

This is where color psychology takes part. Similar to shapes, fonts, and visual imagery, colors also have a significant meaning for visual identity. Take a look at yellow, which is the common option for young or children's products. But at the same time, it is also the best color for culinary-related logo products.  

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9. Optimizing With CorelDRAW X7 Features 

You can optimize your work for logo design in Coreldraw X7 with its feature. Take an example of using the varying color style and positions; you can make the logo appear more unique. Adding templates and playing with interactive tools, shadow effects, warp, text effects, or other options are also the key to maximizing the function. So, you will have a unique and original work from it. 

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10. Listen To Feedback & Finalize

Before you finalize the work, be sure you got everything right. In the case of CorelDraw X7, you can get collaboration features if using it along with the CorelDraw graphic suites subscription. It allows users to share and work together with other users; thus, you can share information, edit, or Realtime collaboration. In this case, you can ask for an opinion from your client or team. 

The final logo should be in the form of a vector image, the best option for visual images with a chance of resizing in the future. Vector also has a smaller size, which makes it easier to adopt on the website or screen items. The raw file of CorelDraw is always in CDR, which means you need to inform the client of the final delivery products file and items format. 

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Final Words

CorelDraw X7 is one of the improved versions of the design graphic software. It was out around 2014, but it has many to offer. The offers and options include improvement in its performance, workspace options, and a subscription menu. It is the first version that introduces 30-day and 365-day rental or subscription, making it known among many software. 

If you make a logo design in CorelDRAW X7, the software is pretty capable of handling varying unique styles and models. It also has many tools and new tricks that allow people or creators to make fun designs. Thanks to its workspace styling, CorelDraw X7 is relatively easier to use and customizable. Thus, beginners or professionals can use it as they like. 

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The learning curve of this version is higher but also lower, considering its customization option. On the other hand, learning some aspects, such as new tricks and tips, is something a learner needs to do. There are many tricks to learn, which are the pretty part of working with CorelDRAW X7. After that, the steps and tips on creating a logo are pretty much the same. 

Regardless of the version, the tips on making logos are not too different. You will need to get basic information and ideas on the company for the design. Some details include the audience, target, impression, and styling. Other than that, the creator should pick other logo elements such as fonts, colors, and final looks. 

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To make the best out of the software, creators can learn more about the features or functions. It will make the logo design in CorelDRAW X7 appear unique. It is especially true since the software has a lot of potential, tricks, and uses. With better expertise in using it, designers have the leeway to make the software to its utmost best function. 

All in all, working with CorelDraw X7 is similar to many other versions. That is the charm of the CorelDRAW franchise; they are similar in every version with slight improvements. You can try tricks and stay focused on the company's needs for the logo. That will help a logo that delivers its meaning, information, and details, no matter how fancy the design is.


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