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Article: How To Create Logo Design In CorelDrawX7 in 5 Minutes

How To Create Logo Design In CorelDrawX7 in 5 Minutes

Created by: Vadim Carazan  |

In the vast realm of graphic design, the art of creating a compelling logo design stands as a cornerstone. A logo, after all, serves as the visual representation of a brand, capturing its ethos, mission, and essence in a singular, recognizable emblem. While various software tools promise to aid designers in this endeavor, few are as robust and versatile as CorelDrawX7. This powerful graphic design software not only offers a wide array of tools tailor-made for crafting distinctive logos but also ensures that even beginners can navigate its interface with ease.

In our fast-paced digital age, businesses need quick yet effective solutions. And that's where our guide on crafting a logo design in CorelDrawX7 in merely 5 minutes steps in. Whether you're a seasoned professional or someone just starting out, CorelDrawX7 holds the keys to unlocking your logo's potential. Dive in to discover how to harness the unmatched capabilities of CorelDrawX7 and create logos that not only define but elevate brands.


Setting Up Your CorelDrawX7 Workspace

Before embarking on the journey of crafting a standout logo design, setting up a conducive workspace in CorelDrawX7 is pivotal. A well-organized workspace not only speeds up the design process but also ensures that the myriad of tools and features available are within easy reach. Understanding how to effectively set up your CorelDrawX7 workspace can greatly enhance your logo design experience.

CorelDrawX7, recognized for its user-friendly interface, offers customization options that can be tailored according to your logo design needs. The first step is to familiarize yourself with the default workspace layout. The main toolbar, property bar, and dockers are the primary elements you'll interact with. Each of these can be moved, adjusted, or docked based on your preferences.

For logo design, precision is key. Thus, ensure your rulers are visible. Go to the “View” menu and select “Rulers” to enable them. This will help in achieving the perfect alignment and proportion in your designs. Grids and guidelines further assist in maintaining accuracy. By accessing the “Layout” menu and choosing “Page Setup”, you can set the dimensions specific to your logo requirements.

The color palette in CorelDrawX7 is another vital component, especially when considering the psychological impact colors have in logo design. To ensure you have a vast range of color options at your fingertips, dock the color palette on the right or left of your screen. This positioning ensures easy access, allowing for quick color changes and experiments.

Another optimization tip is to create custom toolbars. If there are certain tools you frequently use for logo design in CorelDrawX7, group them together. By right-clicking on the existing toolbar and selecting “New Toolbar”, you can drag your preferred tools into this new space, ensuring they’re always within reach.

Lastly, considering the diverse range of logos—from minimalistic to intricate designs—it's beneficial to set up different workspaces for different projects. CorelDrawX7 offers the flexibility to save and switch between workspace layouts. By navigating to the “Window” menu and selecting “Workspace”, you can save your current layout and easily switch between different ones tailored for various logo design projects.

While CorelDrawX7 is brimming with features to help you craft the perfect logo, starting with a well-organized workspace is foundational. By understanding and adapting the software's capabilities to your needs, you lay the groundwork for a smoother, more efficient logo design process. As with any craft, preparation in the early stages ensures excellence in the final product.

Created by: Aditya  |


Steps to Quick Logo Design in CorelDrawX7

Logo design is both an art and a science. It melds creativity with strategic thinking, and in the hands of a capable designer using the right tools, it transforms brands into visual masterpieces. One such tool that has been a game-changer in the realm of graphic design is CorelDrawX7. This software combines versatility with user-friendliness, making it an invaluable asset for those eager to craft impactful logos swiftly. If you're looking to create a standout logo design in CorelDrawX7 in a limited timeframe, here's a streamlined guide to assist you.

Begin with Brainstorming and Sketching

Even in the digital age, starting with pen and paper can be remarkably effective. Sketch out rough ideas, keeping your brand's ethos and target audience in mind. These initial doodles will serve as the foundation for your CorelDrawX7 design.

Launch CorelDrawX7 and Set Up a New Document

Open CorelDrawX7 and select 'New Document'. Specify your desired dimensions—typically, a square or rectangular shape works best for logos. Ensure that your color mode is set to RGB for digital designs and CMYK for print.

Use Shape Tools for Basic Structures

The power of a logo often lies in its simplicity. Using CorelDrawX7's diverse set of shape tools, you can start forming the basic structure of your logo. Whether it's a circle, square, triangle, or a custom shape, this software has you covered. Remember to utilize the 'Snap To' feature for precise alignments.

Incorporate Text

A logo often combines imagery with text. Using the 'Text Tool', type your brand's name or initials. CorelDrawX7 boasts an extensive font library, allowing you to choose one that aligns with your brand's personality. For a cohesive look, ensure your text complements your chosen shapes and imagery.

Play with Colors

As mentioned earlier, the color palette in CorelDrawX7 is expansive, offering designers a world of possibilities. Colors evoke emotions and set the tone for a brand, so choose wisely. Consider your brand's values and what you want to communicate. For instance, blues may convey trust, while reds can signify passion.

Add Finer Details and Effects

CorelDrawX7 shines when it comes to the finer details. Want to add a shadow effect or perhaps a gradient? Navigate to the 'Effects' menu. Here, you can add drop shadows, glows, and more, giving your logo depth and dimension.

Ensure Scalability

A logo should retain its integrity, whether it's on a business card or a billboard. In CorelDrawX7, you can easily test the scalability of your design. Simply resize your logo to various dimensions and observe. Vector designs, which CorelDrawX7 specializes in, are particularly suited for this, as they don't lose quality when scaled.

Review and Refine

Once your logo design is taking shape, take a step back and assess. Does it convey your brand's message? Is it unique and memorable? If there's something amiss, CorelDrawX7's intuitive interface makes tweaks and changes a breeze. Rotate, resize, recolor—make all the adjustments you need until you achieve the desired outcome.

Save and Export

Once satisfied, it's crucial to save your work. Use CorelDrawX7's native format (.CDR) for future edits. For sharing or printing, export your logo in a suitable format like .JPEG, .PNG, or .PDF, depending on your needs.

The magic of a great logo design lies in its ability to tell a brand's story in a glance. While the creative process is inherently personal and unique to each designer, tools like CorelDrawX7 make the journey smoother and more efficient. By following these steps and harnessing the capabilities of CorelDrawX7, even complex logo designs become achievable tasks, accomplished with precision and flair.

Created by: Milos Bojkovic   |


Enhancing Your Logo Design with CorelDrawX7 Features

A logo is more than a mere symbol; it's a visual ambassador for a brand. While the foundation of a logo might be built on solid design principles, it's the finishing touches and intricate details that elevate its appeal. CorelDrawX7, a stalwart in the graphic design software realm, boasts a suite of features that can enrich and enhance your logo designs, turning them from good to exceptional. Leveraging these tools can make your logo design journey in CorelDrawX7 not only efficient but also artistically rewarding.

PowerTRACE: Vectorizing Bitmap Images

At times, a logo design may begin as a bitmap sketch or image. CorelDrawX7's PowerTRACE feature allows designers to seamlessly convert these bitmaps into editable vector graphics. This ensures your logos maintain their sharpness and clarity across diverse platforms and scales.

Smoothing Vector Paths with the Smear Tool

Logo designs often require crisp and smooth outlines. If your vector paths exhibit minor irregularities, CorelDrawX7's Smear tool can be your saving grace. It intuitively smoothes out these paths, ensuring your logo has a polished and professional appearance.

Interactive Gradient Tool

Gradients can impart depth and dynamism to a logo. CorelDrawX7's Interactive Gradient Tool lets designers apply linear, radial, and conical gradients with precision. You can adjust color transitions and positions effortlessly, allowing for nuanced shading and color blending in your logo designs.

Utilizing Advanced Docker Windows

The Docker windows in CorelDrawX7 offer advanced features like the Object Manager and the Color Styles docker. These tools can significantly speed up the logo design process, especially when dealing with complex designs. Grouping, layering, and color adjustments become intuitive and organized.

Incorporating Artistic Media Brushes

For those looking to introduce a hand-drawn or artistic feel to their logos, CorelDrawX7’s Artistic Media Brushes are a boon. From calligraphic strokes to spray patterns, these brushes can infuse your logo with a unique character.

Transparency and Blend Modes

Creating overlays, subtle shadows, or blending elements in your logo design can be achieved with CorelDrawX7’s range of transparency and blend modes. Whether it’s a simple opacity change or a complex color blend, these features offer an extra layer of depth to your designs.

Mesh Fill Tool for Advanced Color Control

For intricate logo designs that require nuanced color variations, the Mesh Fill Tool is invaluable. It lets designers manipulate colors in a mesh pattern, leading to smooth transitions and gradients, ideal for detailed illustrations within logos.

Using the Contour Tool for Depth and Dimension

A logo with layers and depth can stand out in a crowd. The Contour Tool in CorelDrawX7 facilitates the creation of concentric shapes and offsets, allowing your logo elements to pop and imparting a 3D-like feel.

The Symmetry Drawing Mode

Symmetry is a revered principle in design. CorelDrawX7's Symmetry Drawing Mode lets designers mirror their creations in real-time. It's especially useful for logos that demand balanced and harmonious designs.

Taking Advantage of the Alignment and Dynamic Guides

When placing multiple elements in a logo, alignment becomes critical. CorelDrawX7 offers dynamic guides and alignment tools that ensure each component of your logo sits in perfect harmony with the others.

While a strong concept is the bedrock of any successful logo design, it's the application of advanced features and tools that accentuates its appeal. CorelDrawX7, with its plethora of design-enhancing features, equips designers with everything they need to transform basic sketches into compelling visual stories. By integrating these features into your design workflow, you can ensure that your logos not only capture attention but also leave a lasting impression. In the vast canvas of branding, let CorelDrawX7 be your trusted palette, ensuring every logo design is a masterpiece in its own right.

Created by: Milos Bojkovic  |


Exporting and Saving Your Logo Design

Once the artistic journey of crafting a memorable logo design in CorelDrawX7 culminates, the next crucial phase begins: exporting and saving. This process ensures that your meticulously designed logo is accessible across diverse platforms and mediums, from digital screens to print materials. By understanding the nuances of exporting and saving in CorelDrawX7, you guarantee that your logo maintains its integrity and appears as envisioned, regardless of its application. Let's delve into the step-by-step process to master this pivotal phase of logo design in CorelDrawX7.

Saving in CorelDraw’s Native Format (.CDR)

Before proceeding to export your logo for other platforms, always save a copy in CorelDraw's native format (.CDR). This preserves the logo's editability, ensuring you can return to make alterations without losing any data or quality. Simply navigate to 'File' and select 'Save As' to secure your design in the .CDR format.

Determining the Purpose of Your Logo

The medium in which your logo will be used dictates the file format you should export it in. For instance, if your primary goal is digital display (websites, social media, digital ads), formats like .JPEG and .PNG are ideal. For print materials such as business cards, brochures, and banners, the .PDF or .EPS format is preferable.

Exporting for Digital Use

For digital applications, transparency and background play a pivotal role. CorelDrawX7 offers the option to export logos with a transparent background, which is particularly useful for branding materials and websites. The .PNG format is perfect for this, as it supports transparency. If you require a solid background, the .JPEG format suffices.

Exporting for Print

When exporting logo designs for print in CorelDrawX7, consider using the .EPS or .PDF format. These are vector formats, ensuring that your logo maintains its sharpness and clarity irrespective of size. Before exporting, switch the color mode from RGB (used for digital displays) to CMYK, which is tailored for print mediums.

Resolution Matters

CorelDrawX7 provides the flexibility to set the resolution when exporting your logo. For digital use, a resolution of 72 dpi is standard. However, for print materials, aim for a higher resolution, typically 300 dpi, to ensure clarity and sharpness.

Taking Advantage of the Color Profiles

Different devices and printers interpret colors differently. By embedding a color profile when exporting your logo design in CorelDrawX7, you ensure that the colors you’ve chosen are represented accurately, regardless of the display or printing method.

Using CorelDrawX7’s Batch Export

If you need to export your logo in multiple formats or sizes, CorelDrawX7's Batch Export feature is a time-saver. This tool allows you to set various formats and dimensions, exporting all the required files simultaneously.

Preview Before Finalizing

Before you conclude the exporting process, always utilize CorelDrawX7’s preview feature. This allows you to inspect the logo, ensuring all elements are in place and appear as intended. It’s a final checkpoint to catch any potential issues.

Organizing and Backing Up

Organize your saved and exported files in clearly labeled folders. Given the importance of a logo in branding, consider multiple backup options—cloud storage, external hard drives, and even a dedicated backup on a secure server.

Keep an Editable Version Handy

While you might have the perfect logo design now, future needs or rebranding efforts might necessitate tweaks. Always keep an editable version (the .CDR file) handy, allowing for seamless updates without starting from scratch.

In the grand tapestry of logo design, the final stitches involve adeptly saving and exporting your creations. CorelDrawX7, with its intuitive interface and plethora of export options, ensures this process is straightforward and effective. By mastering the art of exporting and saving in CorelDrawX7, designers safeguard their logo's integrity, ensuring it resonates with audiences, be it on a website, a business card, or a towering billboard.



The art of logo design is a confluence of creativity and technical prowess, and CorelDrawX7 serves as the ideal platform for this synthesis. As we've journeyed through the intricacies of crafting, enhancing, and exporting logos, it's evident that CorelDrawX7 offers designers an unparalleled toolkit. Equipped with these insights, you're poised to harness the full potential of CorelDrawX7, ensuring your logo designs not only captivate but also effectively convey your brand's essence across myriad platforms. Dive in, and let your logo design narrative unfold brilliantly with CorelDrawX7.


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