Can You Create A Logo Design On Android?

You can use various methods and devices to create an amazing logo design.
But can you really create a logo effectively on Android devices? Let's find out!

The pressure to take work on the go forces many people to bring their work everywhere. They need to do some editing or tweaking to meet the client's demands at a moment's notice. It's often resulting in another issue for the designers. But they don't have to worry anymore since they can do some work using their tablets or mobile phones. 

With the support of cloud technology, many designers make themselves available to all clients worldwide. They can receive orders and complete them any time they like. It works exquisitely for freelance workers and digital nomads.

When it comes to the preferred devices, Android-based ones are still leading the market. Despite the high sales number that Apple has and the prestige it implies, it's still the only gadget with a separate OS compared to others. Thus, lesser chance of compatibility among devices.

Suffice to say that even though Apple provides some of the best gadgets with impressive graphic ability. But the android market and users are still dominating.


Pros and Cons

Designing a logo on Android has multiple perks. Mainly it's the ease of access. Designers can take their gadgets anywhere and work from any place they like. They don't have to make sketches or work from scratch. Most of these apps already include templates to help them jumpstart some ideas.

They also don't have to rely on their PC or other bulky gadgets. A simple mobile phone or tablet with a stylus to start working on their logo design. Whether it's a simple addition, removal, or more thorough editing, they can find an app to help them complete the task.

However, working on mobile also possesses several issues. Mainly the problems of finding the right app that works with multiple file formats. Some of them may only offer limited file format compatibility.  

Also, some of these apps are not cheap. A new and upcoming designer may have issues with the monthly payment, while paying for a yearly subscription is too much for them. And, of course, they need to access some of the premium features in the app. If that's the case, they can look for apps that also offer a sharing account to lower the cost.

At any rate, before starting to work on a logo design on android, users need to measure the pros and cons of each app before downloading one. They also have to be cautious since fake apps with illegal uses are popular. Often, these apps use similar names and icons to the original apps to trick unsuspecting users.


Which app to choose

Google Play Store has numerous apps for everyone to choose from. They can choose between a simple logo and icon designer to an image manipulation app with a complete tool. Designers also can choose between a premium app or a freemium.

A freemium is an app that offers a free download with basic or limited features, and the users will need to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription to unlock the other features. To some creative workers, a freemium can be the easiest way to go. This is common because they may only need to do a little tweaking instead of working on a logo design on their android devices thoroughly.

Eventually, it's about the designer's personal preferences. Some designers choose to have an app with a minimalist feature as they want to finish the design on their work PC. But some other designers prefer to do most of their work on their tablets. 

Regardless of their preferred features, these apps have it all for creative-minded people. They can download one or all of these apps and find one that they like best. This article is to help designers who are looking for a logo design alternative to help them work while being mobile. Even those who prefer to work with their laptops will still prefer to carry less and work with their Android tablets instead.


Four Best Logo-Makers On Android

We have curated four apps among hundreds of similar apps in Google Play. Readers can choose any or even all four of them to work on their logo design. Each app has different pros and cons, but in essence, they are all image manipulation apps that users can use to design a logo.

We aim to help creative workers to work on a logo design on android devices without having to do trials and errors. Since time is precious, we curate these apps by considering their strengths and weaknesses. We also look for apps with developer dedication to bring more to their users. 

All of these apps have regular updates with no more than three months without an update. They also rated at least four stars in Google Play to ensure readers get the best freemium apps for designing on their Android devices.

Most importantly, these apps are available on all Android devices, especially tablets. The app also supports cloud services so the designer can share their work swiftly. Logo designers who are part of a larger group can get instant peer review. 


1. Canva

Perhaps one of the most popular image manipulation apps on Google Play. Canva holds multiple tools that are easy to use. Even new designers or those without formal design education can use Canva and produce a unique logo for their companies. 

Canva is also popular among social media influencers and content creators. It offers numerous filters and templates that they can use for their reels and posts. Several popular logo designs in social media use Canva templates and filters.

Many designers enjoy Canva because of its features that are easy to use. This freemium app has a very user-friendly layout and covers multiple file formats. Designers won't have any problem when working with a design in Canva. They can choose to use an existing picture or work on the design from their PC.

Canva also provides cloud access and social media integration. Designers have single-tap access to their social media accounts to share their latest designs and build their portfolios.

One of the things that Canva puts ahead of its competitors is the numerous templates they provide that have become the industry standard. Canva is exceptionally good for companies and designers who often work with social media or within the digital marketing field. 


2. Logo Maker by Content Arcade

It's important to note that several apps have the same name. Google doesn't restrict or limit developers to make an app with different names. Therefore, designers can download a random app only because it has the same name as the recommendation.

This Logo Maker app is the one by Content Arcade. The developer has several apps under their belt, ranging from ticketing apps to grammar checks, poster and label makers, and file converters. But the developers choose to focus on their image manipulation apps such as Thumbnail Maker, Logo Maker, and Poster Maker.

The app offers similar things to other generic logo designing apps on Android. But it has one thing that many other apps don't have. A simple UI that is also easy to use that many new designers won't have any difficulties dabbing in logo design.

Designers also don't have to worry about the app's longevity. Albeit being one of the new ones, the team at Content Arcade commits to their apps and provides regular updates. Logo Maker is one of the apps that have millions of downloads with thousands of satisfied users.

It's also worth noting that Content Arcade also provides exceptional after-sales service. It means designers who have difficulties with their accounts or data in the apps will only need to contact the developer. They will address the issue promptly and ensure that other users are not affected.


3. PicsArt

This app is one of the most popular apps in the Google Play Store. Non-designers often use the filters and collage feature for their pics on Instagram and other social media. The designers take it many steps further by doing the

PicsArt also provides a website for designers who want to continue their work on their PC or laptop. Both websites and the app have the same features depending on the user's subscription. In short, designers can simultaneously work on their PC and Android devices if they want to.

PicsArt is popular among designers due to its high compatibility with various devices. The minimum requirements for the app are still low, and it doesn't use a lot of storage space. With the help of cloud access and a website version, PicsArt cements its status as one of the best apps for designers.

Being one of the oldest apps for image manipulation and video editing, designers can rely on PicsArt for working on their logo design on android. This app ticks all of the boxes by offering a free download, cloud access, website, and app availability, and it also has regular maintenance from the developers. 


4. Hatchful by Shopify

This app helps new startups create logos and icons for marketing purposes. It's a perfect app for anyone who wants to try to be a logo designer. They don't have to think too hard about the design and other basic issues. 

Designers can choose one from hundreds of available templates in the app. Unfortunately, this app doesn't provide a blank canvass or an option for designers to use their templates. But this app is perfect for new designers who want to try working on a logo design on android devices.

Hatchful is also available as a website. Designers can start their design on their PC and finish the design on their Android devices. 

Keep in mind that Hatchful is an app from Shopify, one of the largest upcoming marketplaces in the world. Shopify aims to help more businesses to gain wider recognition. Therefore, they provide multiple marketing tools such as Hatchful.


Should Designers Consider Other Apps

It's important to note that several larger applications also have a mobile version. Most notably, Adobe Lightroom, which many users hail as one of the best apps today. Unfortunately, many designers take Adobe Lightroom as too heavy for their phones. Working on a logo design on android may require designers to have multiple apps. After all, they need to ensure that the logo works fine in all formats.

Another compatibility issue that many designers forget is font compatibility. Several apps have in-house font selection and limit typography for the designers. They need to install more fonts on their PC to continue working on their logo design on android.

These flexibilities are what mobile apps are lacking. They have the advantage of being light and portable. But they don't have the whole package that most PC-based apps have. 

And if we take price into the equation, some of the Android apps don't come cheap compared to the PC competitors. Still, they are perfect for designs that need enormous visibility through social media.


Hardware Matters

Before downloading any app, it's crucial to know whether the developers maintain the app or not. Some developers tend to release the apps and leave them full of bugs. Therefore, designers need to read the latest update they provide in the app's description.

If an app has a high rating, but the latest update was more than three months ago, then there's a good chance that developers have abandoned the project. The ratio between helpful and critical reviews is also worth looking into. 

At the other end of the spectrum, some apps have regular updates that constantly ask for more space and permission. This can be another issue for the designers as they need to keep their devices up to date to continue using the apps.

Some of these designers may only be able to afford mid-range smartphones with decent RAM and storage space at an affordable price. However, their workload requires something closer to high-end or high-performance devices. It's the basic understanding that designers need the gadget to process high-resolution images swiftly. They also need to be able to multitask several logo designs without crashing their phones or tablets.

Their devices have to be compatible with a stylus to help them work. Designers understand the importance of working on detail and providing the best logo design. Even though they already have a premium subscription for the apps, they won't be able to do much if their devices can't support their ideas.

For designers who can't afford high-end Android devices, they can purchase a premium subscription for more features. This is a type of investment that can propel their career as logo designers. 

Still, their Android devices need to be good enough for the app to work smoothly. Nothing annoys a designer more than a laggy design and the inability to edit minutely.

It's common for a designer to have several mobile phones and tablets. Each device has a specific purpose or project. To maximize the storage and memory capacity, they make it a habit to do a regular backup to their cloud accounts.


File Formats and Resolution

One thing that many designers forget is the available file formats and resolution. Designing a logo for an android has a major drawback of limited file formats. 

Since the developers designed the app for mobile purposes, they limit the usability. In return, the app has limited capability in terms of handling multiple file formats. Most often, they only support the most popular formats such as Jpeg and BMP. At the same time, a logo needs to have multiple formats and different file resolutions to cater to various uses.

To work on this issue, designers need to prepare multiple file formats that are ready in their cloud drives to edit before finalizing their edit on the PC with the proper formats. 

Another option is for the designers to purchase a premium account to access more file formats. This way, they can save the files in their preferred format right away and send the final result.

Many designers choose the latter option to avoid spending more time preparing multiple file formats to edit. In the long run, the price they pay for a premium subscription will only be a fraction of their income from designing logos.

Any logo design project is doable on any Android device. A designer can start a logo design on android devices without any hassle. Whether it's a small correction or changing to a new format for further use, they can do it all while being on the go.


Final Words

Many apps offer the perks and flexibility of logo design on android without hassle. They provide the templates and other design ideas and prompts. Designers can choose to use the templates and work on them to make a better design or work from scratch. At any rate, they have total control of how the logo design should be.

Some of these apps also have a website version for their users to access on their PC. And the best part is all of them also support cloud storage systems. Designer can collaborate with their peers or work individually and share their results swiftly. They also can share their designs directly to their social media pages to further enhance their portfolio.

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