10 Best Free Online Logo Design Editor

There are several free online logo design editors that you can try.
But which one is the best one to use. Here are some options that we think you should try!

The logo creation industry is vast and comes at different levels. Sometimes, it comes with a different price tag that relates to the uses of software and editors. Talking about the logo design software, some people can also categorize the work under the professional or beginner level. In this case, it is best to underline that the creator's quality can depend on the software. 

How about a free online logo design editor? The free option for the editor can be a genius option for new or beginner creators who are looking for a cheap way to make a logo. The design might come on a more basic level, but the free option helps lessen the budget of the process. It provides better aids in making a name as a new logo creator. 

Thankfully there are tons of free online software that has less straining requirements to run. It runs online and has less complex or demanding device specifications. It also has varying functions that might be enough to propel a new designer to create a basic logo. For that reason, the list of software for online logo design makers and editors should suffice your need. 


Free Logo Design Editor 

Free online software always comes with its ups and downs. Generally, the software design editor for logos tends to come up with the utmost basic functions to the point it is best for beginners. However, there are also some other ups and downs that put a huge gap on how the free product might still an inferior compared to the paid ones. 

But should you use the free software or get the paid one? The answer will go back to the need, function, and uses. Beginners who are looking for some easy uses and edit functions can use the free logo editor or make a starter. It is a great option with all of the needed features. But it does have limitations in terms of features or functions. 

If the creator wants to make a more professional logo design, it is best to pick the editor that comes out with some extra payment. The list of the software below also comes with its paid options, which likely provide more functions and features. There are also some offline options that allow users to make designs without an online connection. 

Should you use the free online logo design editor or not? If you are short of money and want to make a new career, it is a good option. But if you are going for a more professional look at the logo, be sure to invest in better software. It will help you avoid any lack of details or uniqueness. It also gives more creative expression and has access to better copyright. 


10 Best Free Online Logo Design Editor

  1. Adobe Express 
  2. Canva 
  3. Shopify 
  4. Fiverr 
  5. Tailor Brands 
  6. Wix Logo 
  7. Snappa 
  8. Desygner  
  9. Pablo 
  10. Designevo 



1. Adobe Express 

Also known as the Adobe creative cloud express, the software is available on the Web, iOS, and android. Despite being available on mobile devices, creators can also use the web version to use the online and free function. With Adobe as its biggest name in the graphic design industry, it is great to expect more from Adobe Express. 

Currently, Adobe Express is a popular option for a free online editor for a logo or any graphic design project. It also has a huge correlation with the use of social media and web graphics. For some reason, it lacks popularity compared to Illustrator or Photoshop. One of the reasons is the feature and its function. 

Source: https://www.adobe.com/express/

Being free itself is only the starting point with all basic features and a max of 2GB of cloud storage. After that, users might want to work with premium features by paying around $10/ month. For a free online logo design editor, the CC express is a great option with some advanced features. It allows creating graphic and logo designs easier with deeper customization. 

One of the best features is the ability to resize images and remove background. It helps a lot when the creator or editor wants to add an image to the logo and make a unique one. Adobe Express also uses template base creation and editor. Creator and editor can use awesome arrays of free templates and use a quick minute to tweak and edit the design. 


2. Canva 

With online and free on its tag, Canva is the star of this list. The online and free software is known for its compatibility with many devices, including web, Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. Canva is also known for its powerful and rich template-free design app. You can make it from scratch or edit the logo and design, which makes it a perfect low-cost editor software. 

Despite working and focusing as a free online logo design editor, Canva came out with some of the most powerful features possible. A creator can use and pick every template with its easy-to-use "drag and drop" function. After dragging and dropping the image, the creator can start altering or editing the image. It also has a layering function that makes the logo work and design better. 

Source: https://www.canva.com/

For an editor, some of the free online functions might not be enough. Users need to subscribe and get premium access for some outputs, templates, or resolutions. It means the editor has to pay around $13/month. It does good for a 30-day free trial, in which you can try to make an online logo design that looks more unique and personal.  

For a new creator, designer, editor, or logo maker, Canva can be a great starting point. It has many to offer, even for the free online plan. If you want to remove the watermark, the software also has a $1 per asset offer. The template and design example is also a nice point for beginners. It gives a lot of inspiration, and you can alter it easily. 


3. Shopify 

Shopify's Hatchful is known as a logo made with a lot of options on its template. Is it a good free online logo design editor? It can be one of the most basic options, which allows you to make or edit from scratch. The design feature is pretty basic but simple enough for beginners or even people with less experience to make great e-commerce products. 

For an online logo design that is completely free, Shopify hatchel is a DIY logo maker that comes with enough competence. It is professional enough with some extra customization features available. Unfortunately, Shopify falls under the same category of logo generator. It means that the editor function is pretty limited. 

It goes by the user's input business name and chooses icons, ideas, fonts, and details. Later, the site will generate the best logo design fitting your input. After that, you still have the chance to alter everything with the editor section. You can add images, edit, change fonts, frames, etc. In the end, you can download the design in varying files, including PNG to SVG. 

Source: https://www.shopify.com/


4. Fiverr 

The editor function from Fiverr makes it one of the best options you can pick for a free online logo design maker. It does well with the help of an Ai generator similar to Shopify. It goes with the same process. Users insert information for the business name, pick the details, and the site will generate the best design. But, the editor option is better. 

Users have the chance to alter almost every element of the logo design, including the colors, size, typeface, and other imagery. While it has fewer templates to go with, it is still a nice addition for logo creation. It is quick, easy, and helpful, especially for new editors, creators, or business owners. 

At one point, Fiver is less advanced than Canva or Adobe Express. It can be said that the Free online logo design editor will be the perfect pick for quick creation rather than professional career help. For its basic function and logo generator, the offers are free. But if you want to polish the design with the help of a professional designer, it comes with an extra price. 

Source: https://www.fiverr.com/


5. Tailor Brands 

As the name says, Tailor Brands is under the maker and creator category. The site runs with the help of AI that can generate one of the best free logo work with customization options. Generally, it works similarly to Fiverr and Shopify. It will generate the best logo and its design based on the input users give to the site. 

The editor function from Tailor brands is not that vast since it focuses on the generator. However, it does wonders for editors that are looking to work with modern design. To make it simple, the generator and AI give help in filtering the best template for the work. Thus it works fast and easily. However, it has limits and locked features. 

After the logo is generated, the editor has the chance to make changes to some elements. It helps customize and personalize the works depending on the need. With the help of AI, the editor function is pretty intuitive despite its limited templates or options. And one of the best choices is to make a logo design based on the icon, name, or initial.

Source: https://www.tailorbrands.com/logo-maker


6. Wix Logo 

Easy to use, editable, and providing high-quality images make Wix one of the best free online logo design editors you can try. It allows creators to make a logo from scratch, making the design more personal and unique. There is also an option from Wix to work with or hire an actual designer or editor. It can be a great solution for a business owner to make a branding.

The Wix logo can also be a great help for freelance designers, especially beginners. It goes with the same generator method. It starts by stating the brand name and answering a quiz to determine the style. This is where editors and designers can learn a lot about how the generic logo design appears. You can get the best imagery and edit it further. 

The editor function is pretty vast, with the ability to change some specific elements. It is possible to fit the color, icon, and fonts and get everything done with easy editing. It makes the logo and its design more personal even with the free online software. Unfortunately, the free output is on low resolution. So you have to pay more for a better design resolution.  

Source: https://www.wix.com/logo/maker


7. Snappa 

Available as an online web free software, Snappa is a perfect editor option for quick occasional logo design. Why occasional? Because the site has pretty limited access for its free account. The paid plan and the free option come with the same template and feature, but the unpaid option will only limit you to downloading around three designs a month. 

This limitation makes editors and functions strictly. Thus, it is the best option for a design that is possible for a one-off use, permanent, or occasional function. You won't be able to make a lot with Snappa, but what it offers in the design function defeats the limitation. Some of the features such as effect, color overlay, adjustment, text, layering, and images are legible. 

You can also bring icons and templates to make a more customizable design. For example, as a free online logo design editor, Snappa also comes with a wide varying possible projects. It is good for social media graphic design or online uses. It also shares, downloads, or integrates with social media accounts for some cash. 

Source: https://snappa.com/


8. Desygner  

If you are looking for an online design editor that allows creating anything from scratch, try Desygner. Desygner is available online for web, android, or iOS. The online free software comes with varying advanced features that are easy to use and compatible with varying file extensions. It includes PDF, SVF, PSF, or other files that are common for design editors. 

The free plan also allows you to upload and save any brand assets, thus making your work easier and making the creation better. The accessible customizable feature makes it unique and worth trying, especially for editors who love some personal touch. It is free and available online. But you can get the $10/month plan to get more templates and assets. 

Source: https://desygner.com/


9. Pablo 

If you are fine with working with web-based online editor software, Pablo will give you one of the best free logo design maker features. Upon seeing the web, the site highlights its minimalist UI and UX. However, its best uses are mostly on placing or adding text on top of an image, thus making it one of the best online post editors you can try. 

How about logo making and design? While it is very limited, you can try it to create unique imagery or marks for logo design. Pablo allows you to upload images or click templates from the six default free options. You can change the shape and size, insert the font, make shapes, size, and others to create one. It is the most basic but worth trying for free. 

Source: https://pablo.buffer.com/


10. Designevo 

A huge selection of templates and straightforward editor functions are the reason DesignEvo make it into this list. The site comes with a huge selection of templates, including a logo that counts over 6,000 options. It means you can create one with the help of what the designEvo provides, including fonts, shapes, symbols, or ideas. 

The search filter for the template is a great addition to adding every possible element to your logo design. The online free software also gives a long list of customization that can include changing the color scheme, icon, imagery, fonts, the orientation. Compared to Canva and Adobe Express, the editor options are limited, but it helps beginners. 

The learning curve is pretty narrow since it also allows users to use a head start on the design. You can start by giving the business name and style ideas for the design. Later on, the free online logo design editor function will allow you to make some alterations. But, the free plan only gives you a low-resolution PNG with 300px. If you want the better one, the price starts from $25.  

Source: https://www.designevo.com/


Final Words

It is best to say that the internet is full of options for free stuff, including some editor software to make a logo design. The option also ranges from the biggest or known companies such as Adobe to the trending app, Canva. One thing that users need to know is that every software and option will differ despite having similar usages or features. 

Some of them might be the best for professionals, and a number of them are pretty good to accommodate a beginner editor. In one way or another, those logo design editor options can provide unique options based on the creators' ability and budget. But, because it is free, some options will be very limited, generic, or even less attractive. 

The free software to make or edit the logo and its design can be a great option for newbies. Some options provide the most basic but also best functions for users. However, they also tend to have a more generic function with different UI or UX. All in all, the pick and choice should be in your hand. Free stuff is good for learning or for building initial works as an editor or creator.  

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