10 Best Recommended IOS Apps for Logo Design

Nowadays, logo design can easily be done using gadgets other than computers.
Here are some of the most recommended IOS apps that you can try!

Phone technology has been getting better after all this time. It also started to reach some potential capabilities that allow smartphone users to create artworks as great as computer users. One of the best examples of artwork is logo design creation. You can find almost endless iOS apps for logo design that are capable of extreme work.

With the options getting bigger, it is safe to say that some apps are greater and better than others. However, to make the logo and proceed with the design process, the iOS and its device should be capable enough. At some point, the option is not only about capability but also price tag. Some of the best iOS apps you found out there tend to be priced quite high.

Going back to the initial question, what are the best-recommended iOS apps you can use to make a logo design? To help you get the best option out of the app ocean, here are some of the highly recommended or known applications for iOS or Apple users. Interested in using one? Check out these options for you.  


1. Vectornator

Launched in 2017, the software is one of the pioneers of professional graphic design on iPad and iOS in general. It is probably one of the famous and solid recommendations for logo and design creation work. One thing that is easy to distinguish is easy to use, simple and focused on usability. For iOS apps, the vectornator is pretty powerful with its seamless function.

Surprisingly enough, you can see Vectornator as one of the famous iOS apps for logo design in big companies. It is even loved by professional design creators, thanks to its extensive gestures and function. It also allows imports and exports covering PDF, AI, and SVG. And the best thing that makes the Vectornator great for iOS is the ideal workflow.

You can find it working and capable for iOS. It works for macOS, iPhone, or iPad. Even with a small touchscreen, the dramatic features and functions make it loved. For such popular iOS apps, the logo design creator application always gets constant upgrades. In the 4.0 version, it makes a lot of improvements in the logo-creating function.

Users can use native macOS patterns, the brush editor is getting better, and the pressure sensitivity is top-notch. It even has more icons or SF symbols that help you design the best imagery. And the best out of the others is how the vectornator 4.0 is one of the best free logo design apps for iOs.

Source: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/vectornator-design-software/id1219074514


2. Logo Maker Shop 

From the professional to the beginner-friendly apps, you will find that logo Maker Shop is one of the ideal options to get. For iOS that has been flooded with potential options, Logo maker Shop makes everything super easy. It comes with an intuitive UI, thousands of logo templates, and thousands of icons, symbols, and fonts that can help with the design. 

At one glance, the design and the UI are pretty simple yet stunning. You can use the thousands of galleries and collections from this logo application. Use the filter, apply it, and make a new one on the blank canvas. For such an iOS logo creator and design application, you can see that it is beyond and probably on the easier side of app options. 

It is also one of many IOS apps for a logo design that uses or is based on a layering system. It mainly focuses on the modern and aesthetic logo or graphic templates. Even though it allows you to make full edits, it can be a bit limiting for professionals. For an iOS app that is available from free to 10 dollars additional items, it is good for beginner iOS apps. 

Source: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/logo-maker-shop-creator/id1190077343


3. Logoscopic Studio 

Being part of the free logo design apps for iOS, you can say that the logoscopic studio is a pretty capable option. It is likely used on iPhones and iPad alike, which is also available for Android users. Even with its free option, you can say that the application is good enough with all of its templates and basic functions. But if it is not enough, it also has a five-dollar premium version. 

The premium version mostly adds extra benefits and functions with more choices and features. But, the workflow and the function are hugely similar. One thing that needs to be underlined is how the design application is very befitting for the beginner. It guides users in picking graphic elements. After that, you can explore the logo details with it. 

It is easy to add text, brand names, colors, and background. However, the simple design option and logo creation factor might limit professional creators. That is why it is best among beginner iOS apps for logo design. On the positive side, it does have a straightforward design in every aspect, including the assets and usability. 

The first impression of the iOS logo and design application is pretty simple. The UI is straightforward with less to no distraction. The powerful tool to add various assets and combine aesthetic icons is impeccable. It even has 900 customizable templates for logos. Giving more complex designs with RGB sliders and importing photo and font tools is also a great addition to the apps.  

Source: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/logoscopic-studio-logo-maker/id965623955


4. Adobe Express

Going for the more known apps name, you can find Adobe as part of the best iOS logo design apps as a consideration. In this case, Adobe rebrands their Adobe spark post on mobile into Adobe express. The new name does not change everything from the previous update; it is available and compatible with iOS 13 or newer. 

For a starter, it is a free application you can try to use on mobile. Similar to many other free apps, the iOS version or the mobile version mostly depend on the use of quick and easy content. You can make logos from the long-range of templates collection, which is available on mobile and the web. 

As part of Adobe, surprisingly, the logo design creator application has a pretty small learning curve. New or beginner designers can get around the features, assets, and functions easily. It also helps users get a grip of almost every process, thus making it one of the easiest to use and beginner-friendly IOS apps for logo design on mobile devices. 

But what makes it worth the popularity? Surprisingly, it is not only the name. Adobe has been known for its professional uses and function, and so does Adobe Express. It has a variety of layouts, color palettes, images, graphic elements, and professional tools. It even connected with online storage and Adobe CC for synchronized workflow. 

Source: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/adobe-express-graphic-design/id1051937863


5. Makr

Despite its unimpressive naming, Makr is one of many iOS logo design software to consider. It is available in the App store and has some popular uses on iOS-based devices, such as iPad and iPhones. And for something that is far more simple, Makr has huge potential to bring multipurpose nature that goes beyond logo design. 

One thing that stands out is the app is available and connected to varying social media. Thus, make it pretty on the trend for creating and sharing options. You can develop a logo, design a unique creation, and create artwork to directly share on social media. It is possible to even for this less known iOS app for logo design. 

Technically, the design and its UI are pretty easy to navigate with non-designer functions in it. It helps simplify all of the possible creativity processes with some advanced tools and varying templates to work around. It also has a lot of customizable functions for logo or design in general uses. So, make it pretty accessible and usable in many ways. 

Users can always start new and fresh with its blank canvas. The iOS application also allows users to work, upload, and work around original shapes, text, or images. That is why it can encompass works beyond logo design. But it also has similar functions to many other iOS apps. You can work with templates and their categories for an easier process. 

Source: https://jeffreybetts.me/works/makr/makr-ipad/


6. Designmantic

Working with different combinations as its principle, Designmantic will be another valuable and powerful logo design iOS app you might want to consider. This is a good option that will allow designers to combine a huge number of functions to make logos or any other related design arts. For such functions, the learning curve is also pretty simple to do. 

The workflow and how the logo creator application works are pretty similar to other template-based iOS apps. You will need to combine some elements from varying templates and works. It also has some dexterous and specific result search by selecting and importing industry to find the best logo template. It will give a more appropriate mood and personality. 

Other than that, the iOS software also comes with thousands of icons and graphic elements. It brings customization with the help of fonts, colors, and elements. Thus, the work will look better. At some point, you can also pick the final result or product in the form of .jpg, pdf, or png format. It is free, but for commercial purposes, you have to pay some rate for the logo.  

Source: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/designmantic-logo-maker/id880585558


7. Canva 

Among many iOS apps for logo design, Canva might be one of the new and popular options to get. This is considerably the best application that uses web-based performance. Due to its web-based works, Canva is available for iOS, Android, and PC web browsers. One thing that makes Canva unique is how free and big the possibilities are working with the apps. 

It is not necessarily focused on logo creators; some other design projects such as posters, invitations, banners, social media channels, and many other design works are also doable. And the app makes the iOS, mobile, or web browser users get the easiest way possible. In general, it still focuses on working with templates. But the abundance collection makes it more powerful. 

In Canva you can use or create your layout. The varying elements are available and usable even for free users. But, for some complex and unique templates, users have to pay for premium access. One thing that is for sure is that Canva is for everyone, from beginners to professionals or learners. 

There is nothing called the best step in logo design. Canva helped realize the idea by giving many customization functions even with the already made layout. It has a narrow learning curve, only needing some potential ideas, good compositing, and time. You will make logo designs that appear professional, share on multiple platforms, and get feedback.  

Source: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/canva-design-photo-video/id897446215


8. Pantone Studio

Just as the name says, Pantone Studio will focus on color features. It is among the unique apps you should consider. The idea is mainly to work with the professional and unique color tools by Pantone Studio. For professional creators, the color will be one of the keys to creating brand messaging. 

For that reason, you can say that Pantone Studio is unique on its own. It allows users to mix hues and create a distinctive color palette for the logo. In design work, you can see how the option is less explored in other iOS Apps. To make it better, it is also integrated with Adobe Color, which gives you a bigger option to make color creation. 

You can say it is one of the best iOS apps for logo design, focusing on color tools and creation. The personalized tools and functions make it a great match for many other functions in the design process. For that exclusive function, the software is not free for both iOS or Android platforms. It is priced from an $8 monthly subscription or a $60 annual payment.  

Source: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pantone-studio/id329515634


9. ArtStudio Pro

Going for the less known option, you got ArtStudio Pro. It is similar to many other iOS apps with a free price tag on it. However, it has something different, the ability to draw, sketch, and photo edit. It makes the easy-to-use UI more focused on professional or personalized logo creation. Thus, the design process can be a bit harder to learn. 

Thankfully, the design also has an intuitive UI which also enhances the creative process on the go. It makes navigation easier to use. To make the design creation better, the iOS app comes with more than 40 filters and 150 different brushes. With some good knowledge of logo and design knowledge, working with drawing tools and layer systems will lead to amazing work.  

Source: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/artstudio-pro/id1244142051


10. Affinity Designer

Affinity should be one of the most powerful iOS apps for logo design. It is an app that is known for its capabilities, assets, functions, and features. With that long range of capability, iOS users or Android users can use Affinity for bigger projects. It works for logo, drawing, photo editing, and even for 3D model creation. 

The huge ranges of possibilities and functions attract professional designers or developers worldwide. Its demand and development are also quite fast, bringing many other design possibilities for everyone. For some reason, it is fit for a professional designer, but it is also a great logo design for beginners. One thing for sure is Affinity, at one time, bought software priced around $22. 

Source: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/affinity-designer/id1274090551


How & Where To Download

Since the number of apps for iOS is getting bigger in size and collection, it is recommended to download and buy the product from the official App Store App. You can open the Store on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Browse based on the name of the function. After that, you can tap on the result to find more information about it. 

To find the related iOS apps for logo design, you can look at the search feature. Insert the name and click the result. Later on, you can tap and click the price on the get button. Depending on your phone specification, some iOS apps might not be available. It is also better to check the price of the design application before you click buy. 


Final Words

If you are looking for the best apps, you will likely want to use ones from a famous developer and name. Try Affinity or Adobe, which already paved their way with a solid track record. However, it does not mean you should avoid other new apps. Some new logo design creators and developers tend to work with varying innovations. 

At the same time, it is also worth considering different aspects that relate to the option. You might have to check the iOS capability, price, and function. Some iOS apps for logo design can appear too advanced or professional. Rather than picking one that is too much, it is always recommended to pick the one you can master. Thus, it will be down to the best result. 

In general, iOS apps have been developing and getting bigger in time. You can find a lot of similar logo design functions, which lead to one being better than the other. However, the idea of best might differ from one person to another. It is your opinion to pick which one is the best, and you can always install it or try it so it will suit your needs.  


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