10 Best Recommended Web Apps for Logo Design

There are many web applications that you can use to create an amazing logo design.
Here are some of the best-recommended web apps that you should try!

Creating a logo and designing it from scratch can be a bit of a challenge for some people. It can happen in many ways, including issues with knowledge, ideas, skills, or apps. Many people see that making a logo and its design requires a professional tool that is priced high and has a very challenging learning curve. However, that mindset has been changed with new technologies. 

Design works, logo creation, and many other services are no longer limited to professionals. Some apps are available and usable on different devices, including smartphones, tablets, or web browsers. With the different costs of offers, many beginners or non-professionals have started to dip their toes. One of the best options can include some web apps for logo design. 

Web-based apps give better accessibility for people without a capable phone or pc. The uses of the web for the apps also help save a lot of space, creating easier access and usable design options for everyone. For that reason, there is nothing to worry about. You can pick some of these options to make a logo design easily, quickly, or for free. 


What Is a Web Application? 

Before going further on the options, it is better to learn about the definition of web apps. To avoid mistakes and misinterpretation, you can say that web applications are interactive computer programs. The way it works is similar to many computer software, which needs a desktop to run the program. But the base and its program brain are running on a remote server. 

In other words, you are going to make a logo design with a program on the web or browser. It runs on a remote server owned by the company, which is very different from locally installed software. It does not need installation, and it defies any demands on computer specifications. All because the features and functions are accessible through a web browser connected to an internet connection. 


Why Should You Use Web Apps? 

Since web apps are getting more popular and propose many purposes, using one would not be bad to do. It is especially good for people that cannot run some professional logo design software on a computer or PC. Web-based applications allow seamless uses, which means you can access everywhere and anywhere using a PC browser. 

It highlights the less demanding requirement to run programs or apps. Some design-focused sites also come with a lot of easy-to-use interfaces, such as generators or general work with templates. The idea of using web apps for logo design is something worth trying since some of them are free and can be canceled before the trial period approaches. 


10 Best Recommended Web Apps for Logo Designs

1. Tailor Brands Logo Maker 

One of the famous apps found on the internet is Tailor Brands. This is a site that has been around giving information about design in general, including information on creating effective logos. The site is also running its apps for logo design, which are available as web apps and android software. The site is https://www.tailorbrands.com/logo-maker. 

First of all, it follows many similar web app features. The site will provide AI, which allows quick and fast generators. Users only need to visit the site, input business information, style ideas, and font types, and the site will do the rest. It has around 20 branding tools, which help build the logo brand from the ground up. 

With its quick and easy-to-use UI and UX, the site is good for beginners or people that need a logo without any design knowledge. There are also many features to make the work better, including altering the result, outcome option, and many stunning templates. However, you have to sign up before getting the result. Thus, it needs an extra step over its free access and service.  

Source: tailorbrands.com


2. Gravit Designer 

Around 2016, Gravit took its throne as one of the best web apps for logo design. It offers a pretty similar function that is on par with some best tools for vector illustrations, such as Affinity Designer and Sketch. However, what makes it different is how Gravit Designer hit its market under a web-based application. It is accessible with https://www.designer.io/en/ as its site. 

For a web-based app, Gravit has a full feature set to make freedom graphic design fully. Users can create shapes, edit mode, live filters, and do everything for free. For logo creation, the design accessibility is enough to make beautiful imagery. Since it also runs with web and browser, it means the project is seamless and stays in sync from everywhere. 

If you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator, Gravit has covered every basic design feature it has. You can use it with powerful features, such as freehand drawing tools and pen tools. Surely it is a good option to make a logo. But it is also among the more difficult and professional web apps for logo design. It does have a bigger learning curve, but its availability is a good thing to mention. 

Source: designer.io


3. Freelogodesign.org

Established in 2015, Freelogodesign.org among the best web apps to make a logo you can find in search engines. It likely stays strong in the first-page search result. Just as the name says, the design application is available on the website and can run with HTML 5 machines. Every option and factor is mentioned on their official site, https://www.freelogodesign.org/. 

One thing that makes this web application worth it is its option. It comes with two options, create my logo and creates a logo. The first option will provide you with the freedom and ability to make everything by yourself. You can access over 2000 templates and fonts and edit every detail in them. Creating your unique design is just like what you do with creative software. 

On the other option, you can get a quick generator by inputting information about your business. The site will provide the best suggestion, which later you can alter the design. Its flexibility is amazing for a free site. But again, it is not truly free, just like many other web apps for logo design. You have to pay to get a bigger resolution over 200x200 pixel logo. 

Source: freelogodesign.org


4. Vectr 

There is a huge common characteristic in creating the design, and one of them is using vector images. With that in mind, Vectr is among the unique web apps you can use to make the brand identity. This is an application that focuses on a vector graphic editor, bringing extensive features and tools to make unique or original imagery. You can visit it at https://vectr.com/.

It works similar to Gravit, but it has a shorter learning curve. All thanks to the simpler UI, UX, and function. Feature-wise, it is still losing to Gravit. But it makes Vectr easier to use, even for beginners. It also has AI power, which helps create some designs in the application. There are also many non-creation-related points, which include a chat with other users. 

With a vector file as its focus, you can make a logo that is easy to scale. The workspace is also pretty simple, complementing layers of work and many elements to use for free. However, it is not purely free. Users got a free trial and had to register to save their project. But still, it is among great web apps for a logo design that everyone can use for their needs. 

Source: vectr.com


5. Figma 

Figma started as one of the web apps that are primarily built and focused on interface design. It has everything needed for design purposes, including professional features and tools. Among many apps, Figma will be suitable for professionals or at least people that are familiar with how to use Illustrator. It can be harder to use compared to Gravit. 

With that in mind, the learning curve for this web application is very steep. One thing is for sure; it also has extensive functions and powerful options. You can save PNG, SVG files, JPEG, and other CSS codes. Thankfully, Figma provides a new plugin to make logos. The official site highlights collaborating and designing with people, which you can visit at https://www.figma.com/. 

The collaborating and browser-based aspects make it one of the powerful web apps for logo design. Aside from being available through the browser, you can also download it and have the same UI to work with. Again, it is not a fully free application. You can work freely on several projects and collaboration. More than that, you have to pay some cash. 

Source: figma.com


6. Boxy SVG

Aside from Vector, you can say that the SVG file is the most common option used for logo design. That is why Boxy SVG, despite its lack of attention, is still worth mentioning. This is one of the web apps that work and run fine with chromium-based browsers. You can run and use it better with Chrome or Opera. At the same time, it is also available for download on Mac, Windows, or Chrome OS. 

As its name suggests, Boxy only uses and works natively with SVG files. It means you can save, import, and export your logo easily. It also allows you to copy-paste the HTML output code, so it can be easier to input on your company website. However, among many web apps for logo design, this one is a bit tricky to learn. 

It has all of the basics, making it okay for something around drawing tools, pen, or curve tools. It is a perfect simple illustrator alternative, which you can try at https://boxy-svg.com/. Again, it will never be a free application. It does have some free day trials, just like many other creative applications, but you can get it starting from $10 to $100, depending on its features. 

Source: boxy-svg.com


7. Canva 

Talking about web apps for design, you should never miss Canva. It is a very popular and easy-to-use logo design or any creative project web-based application to use. It is completely free but also available for a premium to access more templates. And surprisingly, it has more than 50,000 templates spread on different purposes, uses, and models. 

It is a good option if you are looking for great flexibility and customizability. You can combine templates to make original work or other nonspecific ideas. It does have some basic drawing tools, but not much to make everything from scratch. In general, it is the easiest and most capable web app for a logo design to consider. 

Check the https://www.canva.com/, and you can go straight to make a design without any need to sign up or register. The free account is limited to certain template options. Some of the results also have watermarks, which can affect the logo design. But for a very short learning curve and usability, Canva is enough to learn, get inspiration, or create quick logo creation. 

Source: canva.com


8. Inkscape 

Inkscape is not a real 100% web or in-browser app. Compared to many other web apps, you will need third-party services from RollApp to run it on a web browser. For sure, this is not the ideal option to make a design since everything is cramped up and stuffed in the browser. However, it is a good beginner tool for learning about creating logos. 

You can find every fundamental tool and item to make your work from scratch. For such a simple yet known alternative for illustrators, Inkscape still has a learning curve. One should learn about how the tools work, the shortcut, and logo creation knowledge. For some reason, you better get the installation compared to its web apps version. 

Source: inkscape.org


9. Hatchful.Shopify 

Drawn by many other famous web apps for logo design, Hatchful. Shopify surprisingly does well for logo generators. It is on https://hatchful.shopify.com/, which you can visit on your browser and get a quick, simplistic model. One thing that you need to underline is the fact that it is a generator with the help of AI. So, the result is probably quite a standard. 

The workflow is pretty simple and similar to many other web apps that provide quick logo ideas or suggestions. You only need to input the company name, business, picking style, and design elements. The result will come out, and you can pick one to later make a bit of alteration. The result is a bit too simple, and you need to register before downloading the logo. 

Source: hatchful.shopify.com


10. Designhill 

DesignHill is under the more popular web apps you can find to make logo design with the help of generators. It works the same with other makers. You say company names, business, and budget. You can also input the elements, which help the site generate the image. The results are pretty basic, but you can ask for professional help for some costs at https://www.designhill.com/.

Besides the lack of professional's results from its generator, it can be a great quick and simple design creator. It is also free for some points, which is good. However, the site is pretty much a service site. You can find many possible pro services with varying rates for professional designs. It does not do much as web apps for logo design, so you can pick others that are more flexible. 

Source: designhill.com


Final Words

Generating and finding web apps to help design and make logos is pretty easy. You can simply search the keyword and get the options to take. The ideas mostly circle web-based applications, which come with varying design possibilities, including making a logo or any other design projects. 

It is also easier to search directly for logo maker or logo creator on the search engine to find the best or recommended apps. No matter what you are looking for, most of the sites will have similar offers. It likely provides varying help to generate the best design that fits your input information, such as the company names, industry, details, and styling. 

As the logo apps produce the design, you can pick one that best well-matched your ideas. Upon picking one, there are chances to alter some features that may or may not request registration. Some web apps do demand some cost to download the original ideas, which can affect the overall design size, details, and watermark. 

At the same time, there are also some web apps for creating logo designs that provide freedom in the making. Users can access hundreds and thousands of templates or premade models to combine into one desired imagery. It provides more freedom and creativity. But it is also harder to do since it weighs on planning or knowledge in developing an effective logo. 

Similar to the web apps for a logo design with its automatic generation, the design freedom is also limited to a certain notch. Some free and basic options likely offer limited templates to use. There are also chances that the final result is restricted to certain resolutions, which later demand extra cost or registration to get a better final. It is better to pick one that fits your abilities and capabilities. 

To conclude everything, you can say that there are tons of web apps that you can go and use to make logo designs. Each of them has its unique points, including the design options, elements, templates, and offers. It also has different costs, which you need to consider. No matter what you are going to end up using, web apps can be a nice addition to your project.

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