How to Create A Simple Logo Design With CorelDRAW

A good logo should be simple, bold, and memorable.
Here are some fantastic tips you can easily follow to create a simple logo using Coreldraw design software!
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CorelDraw has been one of the stellar options for digital design and projects. It is mostly known for its powerful vector design and style, which is capable of making a simple logo into a more memorable visual identity. In general, how to create designs in CorelDraw will be similar to many other software and design processes.  

One thing that every user or creator needs to do is learn the CorelDraw itself. It is best to remember that every design software has its unique tools, function, options, features, and capabilities. That is why the first step every creator needs to take is to learn about CorelDraw. After that, they can explore and work around simple logo design. 

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People tend to say that CorelDraw is more beginner-friendly compared to many other design software. It goes with the fact that CorelDraw works with vector images, but it mostly focuses on working with illustration, digital ads, design products, logos, or architectural layouts. You can say that the software has a medium learning curve due to its simple function. 

The medium learning curve is given by the fact that the user interface is pretty simple and clean. It also has comparable usages or tools with Adobe Illustrator, which has similar functions but with more complex tools. Users-wise, the CorelDraw will be best for print logo design or industrial works. 

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CorelDraw has freehand drawing and vector graphics, which is a powerful tool in it. Integration and collaboration-wise, CorelDraw has its limit. But for a beginner, it is enough to explore all possibilities. It also thanks to the CorelDraw beginner-friendly nature with many tools and present by its defaults. It even provides varying tutorials in the document. 

The user interface of CorelDRAW also has a pretty simple and direct styling. Most of the basic tools are given in the interface, but some quick edits and functions are hidden. Creators or users need to learn more about those unique tools beforehand. But in general, CorelDRAW is a good option for beginners. It is good enough for a simple logo design and can provide satisfying final work.  

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So, at the end of the day, the best starting point to create a simple logo from CorelDraw is by learning the software. You can try and make whatever design to familiarize yourself with the tools and functionality. It is also good to learn some tricks and unique editing styles from different sources. Later on, you can use the ideas and make them work with the following process. 

Generally, the idea and tips on creating a logo are not that far different from many other design software. You can see that most of the tips are similar to others' simple identity-making. But with some basic learning in CorelDraw, you can make the simple imagery look better and best at the final works. 


1. Understand The Project, Client & Audience

Considering the project is a logo design, it means that the first process is to learn about the business, keep the story in mind, get to know the audience, and understand the function. The idea goes with the fact that understanding the business helps create a more befit imagery or visual identity in the form of a simple logo. 

The creator can do it by learning about the business impression. Getting the complete run on the brief can also help creators get ideas about the audience, business, and its function. The logo creator can later brainstorm and find the best way to create the real impaction of the visual imagery. But, pay attention to simplicity. 

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In the case of using CorelDraw, the creator can turn a simple logo design into a more impactful visual identity. Working with the vector itself gives CorelDraw an advantage in keeping the image quality in it. The options of color and styling also vary, which helps the creator make a more memorable design. You can use the tools for a quick edit. 

To start with, you can create a new document. Since the project is a logo, you don't need to pay attention to the page size. To make it easier, you can start the new Document and set the present destination to default RGB. Set the rendering intent at 300 and proceed with the document. From that, you can start working with simple sketches or drawing tools. 

Getting to know about the audience also helps the creator to work with the best or fitting elements. Shapes, colors, and images are the key to attracting the targeted audience. Try to figure out the aspects, and you will find how the information will lead or shape the logo itself. It is best to learn it earlier rather than doing it later and end up with superfluous addition.  

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2. Brainstorming And Sketches 

Going rough with the CorelDraw on the first try can be a bit harder to do. In this case, it is best to work with the sketches manually. It is a great option for people that are not good at drawing; thus, it allows them to figure out the best basic layout or imagery of the simple logo design. Other than that, try to learn about the drawing tools from CorelDraw. 

Most of the basic tools are available on the main interface. Talking about the drawing tools in CorelDraw, there are tons to use. You got the basic ones, such as the pens tools and curve tools (poly-line, Three-point curve, dimension, interactive connector, Pen, Bezier, and freehand tool). Many other artistic media tools allow creators to get more function. 

The function includes sprayer, brush, preset, calligraphic, and pressure tools. Other than that, you can start working with simple shapes tools which are a good option for creating shapes in logo design. The shapes include rectangle tools, ellipse tools, polygon tools, basic shapes, and many more. Other tools will help transform and make a unique alteration to the document. 

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3. Mood Board Helps A Lot

A Mood board is the best idea for you to get the idea right. The point is that mood boards help creators to jot down all of the lists needed for the simple logo design. It is especially vital for a specific company with a certain impression on it, such as a professional bank for youth or workers. With mood boards, you can create varying logo design styles and ideas before going straight to CorelDraw. 

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4. Start With Basic Shapes 

One thing that people need to pay attention to is the simple logo and the psychological influences behind the visual imagery. Shapes in its design came as one of the main elements with its meaning. Since you have the business information, target, and function, try to create the imagery with the proper shape on its visual. Thanks to CorelDraw basic shape tools, you can make the look easily. 

Some of the shapes you can consider are circles, ellipses, triangles, squares, rectangles, interlocking circles, vertical lines, or diagonal and angled lines. The key itself is to make the proper shapes resemble the real meaning of the company's identity. You can start with understanding the hidden interpretation of the shapes. 

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If you are looking for a simple logo design, your options can vary from circles or ovals that resemble the meaning of balance and security. Ellipses and lines are common imagery for modern technology or the energy industry. More of the shapes to communicate meanings are triangles for stability and strength, interlocking circles for the community, and many more. 

In CorelDRAW, you can create varying shapes with its free drawing tools. Some of them are under predefined shapes, such as banner shapes, basic, arrows, flowchart, and many more. To edit the simple shapes, you can try using smooth, smear, twirl, attract and repel, smudge, or roughen tools. Each has its function, or you can use the trim, weld, or combine object options. 

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5. Playing With Colors 

Item has a pivotal function in logo design. With the simple imagery in mind, you will need to ensure the color can subconsciously communicate or provide the unspoken message. When it comes to colors, try to understand psychology or the related industry. Many simple visuals use color to compromise the lack of complex elements. 

At the same time, creators also need to ensure the color fits the product and its impression. Take an example, red, the common color for love, passion, anger, warmth, or excitement. Green is commonly used to deliver the idea of nature, money, and growth. Yellow is also great imagery to create a sense of cheer, hunger, happiness, or optimism in a logo. 

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White is also a favorite color for simple logo design. It provides an impression of neutrality, purity, cleanliness, and innocence. Black can develop the idea of authority, power, or intellect. There are also metallic colors, such as gold or silver. No matter the color, make sure the imagery can create the intended meaning. 

Talking about CorelDraw, you likely use the CMYK hues since the software provides vector images. It also has color swatches on the main user interface, which you can simply add or edit with the color style. CorelDraw CMYK and color sliders are the best if you have a plan to print the image. It is also easier to add, edit, and apply color to the simple logo.  

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6. Pick An Interesting Font

As much as color and shapes create meaning, you can also increase the impression with fonts or typefaces. Be careful when picking a font. The key to success is to use a timeless font and stand out from the crowd but also not out of place. This is where many consider using custom fonts to create a simple brand or logo design. 

CorelDRAW itself has a lot to offer when it comes to fonts. The basic shapes or fonts come with common options, such as serif, sans serif, or script. However, you can create a unique font logo design using the CorelDraw feature. You can separate the text, edit each of the alphabet and points, then make an interesting shape for the text.

CorelDraw also has a lot of tricks to make funny text and font styles. You can use warp to make the text fill a certain shape. Or you can also edit every point to edit some letters and make it a custom logo design. In many cases, you have a lot to use. But be sure to highlight the intention of making simple imagery, not an overwhelming font and text in the logo.  

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7. Creating Your Own Elements

Being original is always one of the challenges in the logo and design industry. A simple image and intention can increase the difficulties more. But you can always try to use custom imagery and fonts to do original works. The key is to stick with the concept, understand the company and the business, and add your personal touch to the design. 

Becoming original does not always mean being new or creating a trend. The idea is to make a certain point on the visual identity of your or your company's brand. In many ways, you can say that a simple logo design is meant to make a more memorable image in the audience's mind. It is created with wine stains in mind or to create a lasting impression. 

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How can you make it using CorelDraw? CorelDraw is known for its beginner-friendly software, but it has a lot of design prowess. The use of layering, color swatches, freehand tools, and other alterations help create a memorable and original image. Take an example of how easy or simple it is to warp and trim shapes with CorelDRAW.

You can make a simple logo that also appears more modern or professional with CorelDraw tools. The design software itself is also known as vector-generated imagery, which gives the designer leeway in creating a more innovative style. To make it better, you can put styling on the logo. Add unique design models, colors, shapes, orientations, and details.  

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8. Use A Sense Of Movement 

What makes the simple bird logo of Twitter memorable and work? One of the reasons is the movement. It does not imply that creators need to make an animated logo but rather create a sense of movement. The bird facing a certain direction implies energy and innovation, which is the perfect meaning of the movement. It also has certain wing flapping looks to create the idea of moving. 

How you make sense of movement will depend on the imagery and the simple logo design styling itself. Take an example of a moving car, rumbling cassette, or thumping heart. It is best to link the meaning of the moving logo design with the company information and intention. After that, try to create it that works with better symmetry. 

CorelDraw has a unique tool called symmetry drawing mode. Most of its functions highlight the mirroring function, which is a great artistic medium for logo makers. You can check an internet tutorial on how to use it. In general, simple symmetry tools are made to make the design easier to use and fun. 

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9. Make Sure It's Versatile

Versatility can mean a lot in logo design. It means the works can be used in varying media or places, such as websites, blogs, business cards, advertisements, and many more. This is why a simple image is preferred. The less styling helps the visual identity blend and is easier to use in varying items. It also refers to the use of vector images from CorelDraw. 

CorelDraw's ability to work with vector images makes the logo resizable without losing its quality. The versatile image type also makes it loved for design in general, especially for printing, since it uses the CMYK color style. If you want to increase its versatility, try to provide the simple black and white or color version.

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10. Make It Simple 

A simple logo refers to less fancy styling and features. The idea of a simple logo design is to avoid any confusing and negative effects on the interpretation or elements. It applies to almost every part of the design, including color, shapes, imagery, fonts, or styling. Remove unnecessary details, and use the simple CorelDraw works. As long as you can pinpoint the unique aspect, it will work.  

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Final Words

Designing with CorelDraw is pretty much similar to other graphic design software suites. One thing that people need to understand is the different ways how CorelDraw works, in other words, something related to its shortcut, features, abilities, and works. In many ways, creators need to learn and get used to the software before it fully works with simple to complex design. 

But when it comes to logo design, there are various simple tasks and tricks in making the model work. You can start with brainstorming and creating sketches. After that, make it live with CorelDRAW features using its color, shapes, fonts, and other tools. It can take some time to work with the software, but CorelDraw has a pretty low learning curve. 

One thing is for sure, creating a simple logo design with CorelDraw is not that far different from much other software. Learning about the site is a must because the software works mostly with vector images. It works best for logos, which is why the design can be made to create a great business identity. In many ways, stick with the initial logo ideas, create the simple style, and create vectors with its capabilities.

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