10 Things You Shouldn't Do When Redesigning A Logo

A good logo design is one that is meaningful and represents an identity.
Let’s find out several things that you should not do when redesigning a logo!

Everyone can come up with ideas for a job on their own. Of course, some items can be decreased in order to prevent errors. The creation of a logo is one of the tasks that call for great consideration. In addition to working with customers, we also have a duty to the general public. Create a quality logo and when you see it in different mediums, feel proud of it.

In this case, making errors in redesigning a brand logo is unavoidable, especially for those just starting who are trying to learn. However, given the significance of the logo's purpose to the business, these errors must be avoided. A logo serves as a company or business's public face and brand. Therefore, you should be careful not to make any mistakes while designing a logo if you want it to be simple for people to remember.

It does take a lot of careful preparation and procedures to redesign a logo. This is carried out in order to maximize the design's overall concept as a final product. In fact, the strategy will reduce mistakes that frequently happen during logo creation. The process will be required more quickly and the more frequent mistakes are avoided when creating the logo. This needs to be considered because a logo serves as an identification for everything from items to businesses.

Redesigning a logo that accurately captures the essence of a brand or business requires taking into account several factors. Why? Because a good logo can convey a company's personality. It can be claimed that the chosen logo design is a failure if it has no significance or does not tend to convey the company's personality.

To avoid making a fatal error, you must pay close attention to how to create a logo properly. So what are some errors and things you should not do when redesigning a logo? You can understand well in this clear review.

Redesigning a logo is not easy. It needs creativity to make the new logo based on the old one. The new logo should still represent the value of the old logo. This is very difficult for the designer, especially for those who are still a beginner. To avoid errors in this job, you must learn about things you should not do when redesigning a logo in this explanation.


1. Complicated Logo Design

Making a logo complex will not help people recall it more easily. Because of this, you should refrain from creating excessively intricate designs. Simplicity need not be bad. In actuality, the audience will find a straightforward logo to be more appealing and memorable. This is one of the ten things you should not do when redesigning a logo.

Furthermore, because they believe a complicated logo will be superior, amateurs still frequently make mistakes when creating this design. A logo that is simple, powerful, and capable of showcasing the worth of the brand or business is, in fact, attractive.

Some graphic designers believe that creating a complex logo is necessary for its intended effect. This is done to provide the appearance of wealth and elegance. A logo with a simple appearance is necessary for many products or businesses.

Giving excessive effects will, of course, diminish the significance of the logo's vision and objective. Giving too many effects will also make it harder for regular people to understand the message that the logo is intended to convey. Make an effort to choose logos with the best effects.


2. Copying Other Works

The next thing you should not do when redesigning a logo is Plagiarism in design. You should know that the most crucial factor in developing or redesigning a logo design is originality. You cannot be proud of your logo, no matter how amazing it is, if it is too similar to other logos.

Redesigning a logo incorrectly on this one is still a regular mistake. The reason is that we must look for inspiration when creating a logo. But maybe inspiration is not what is attained. However, the effects of overly identical logo design to those of competing firms. This is a serious error.

You should avoid making this one mistake as a designer. You cannot possibly want to be accused of Plagiarism, can you? Therefore, you must adopt the belief that a good designer should never plagiarize because it is a violation of copyright.

It was emphasized that a designer should constantly have fresh ideas and should not slack off on research. Search for some pre-made designs. But keep in mind that it should only be used as a source of inspiration. Make your own logo with a fresher, more appealing layout.


3. Too Mainstream

Indeed, many different design trends can be used as inspiration when revamping a logo. But it doesn't mean you should base your logo design just on passing fads. Of course, the original ideology will give rise to the new logo that only cares about the current fashion.

According to Logo Geek, there are still a lot of graphic designers who create logos exclusively based on current trends, which is a mistake. In truth, the company's objectives and core values must be taken into account when redesigning the logo. Therefore, a logo cannot be made simply by copying the style that is being debated.

A fad will not stay forever, and another one will undoubtedly take its place. Therefore, while redesigning a brand logo, try to avoid copying trends too closely. Later, because you just follow the crowd, you will always redesign your logo to stay in style. This is unfavorable for your company's continuity because the logo always changes after a given amount of time.

Develop the attitude that the logo you are redesigning should not excessively adhere to a trend. Make sure the original brand is still represented in the logo. Even if something fresh must still exists, the logo's original design must remain intact.


4. Bad Colour Choice

Poor color selection is one of the most frequent errors you should avoid while redesigning your logo. Naturally, you must exercise caution while selecting colors for your logo as a designer because the brand's worth can be reflected in the hue.

The procedure of choosing colors for a logo must be properly drawn out. Naturally, it will be challenging for the brand or business to be identified by the general public if the color picked does not reflect its image. Additionally, a lot of inexperienced designers experiment with creating a logo by using an excessive number of colors.

In fact, adding excessive amounts of color can muddle up the brand's personality. As a result, the process of selecting colors should not be disregarded because it has a significant impact on the logo's worth for your brand.

Furthermore, if a logo is being changed, the new logo's color cannot be completely different from the old logo. It is crucial to remember this. Because if all the colors change, the buyer will have a new perception of your brand.


5. Bad Font Choice

A designer must decide what kind of font will work best for a logo in addition to selecting colors. Selecting a font is difficult. To ensure that the font selection is perfect, we must determine the message the business wishes to deliver.

Look makes the point that the typeface used must be appropriate for the nature of the supplied good or service. For instance, you'll design a logo for a business that deals with technology. Of course, choosing a complicated or outdated typeface is a mistake.

Technology-based businesses will undoubtedly benefit more from utilizing contemporary or even futuristic fonts. In this situation, you must carefully match the font style to the firm or brand that uses the logo. Avoid having a really strange-looking or unreflective logo font.

Aim to employ a straightforward, expert, and simple-to-read fonts, with the exception of certain target populations or certain customer demands. Try to utilize no more than two font styles in your logo design. This guideline is applicable if all you do is logo design work. This is very important for you so that you can avoid things you should not do when redesigning a logo.


6. Logo Does Not Represent Any Message

One of the media that will be utilized to communicate the idea of the quality of the product or the company's vision is the logo. To effectively translate the goal of creating the logo, designers need to have solid knowledge. Additionally, this logo truly helps other people comprehend the idea you're trying to get across.

The more easily the intended meaning of the logo may be understood, the more highly regarded the logo is in many fields. On the other hand, if the logo is really challenging to comprehend, it will cause other individuals to have low regard for the business or its goods. This is what will cause your logo marketing to fail.

Insert a message from the brand as much as you can using the colors, symbols, or anything else in the logo component. It is not always necessary to convey a clear message. You can, however, implicitly inject it.

A logo's message should be clear and concise. As a result, when redesigning, you should actually pay attention to it. Keep in mind that the new logo, which is thought to be more effective, does not even accurately convey the brand's or company's message. The mistake is fatal.


7. Logo Is Hardly Adaptable

Of course, a good and excellent logo can be applied in numerous conversions. One of them is a logo that can be changed with just a simple black-and-white color switch. Such color shifts are actually necessary for some items or businesses to operate their multiple business lines.

In most cases, the corporation adapts a logo with a black and white color format to a variety of activities. Additionally, there are instances when certain products would display a brand in plain shades like black and white. For times of grief, certain prominent corporations frequently use black and white in their logos.

Additionally, it's crucial to keep in mind that a logo will frequently be employed in grayscale or black-and-white output. The logo will be displayed in one-color format on one-color faxes and printers in order to decrease the cost of printing.

When redesigning a logo, the designer needs to be aware of this crucial element. Convert logos to several formats, primarily black and white. This will later make it simpler for businesses when they modify the logo's color.


8. Too Abstract

A very abstract appearance is another error that will have an impact on the results while making a logo. Logos are frequently used to represent the personality of a specific business or product. In actuality, the company's objectives and vision are reflected in the logo as well. 

This does not, however, mandate that you use an overly abstract idea in the logo. This kind of abstract element is frequently used to differentiate other company logos from one another. Also, take into account the business knowledge that the brand or corporation needs in order to use the logo.

Maintain the idea of redesigning the logo without making it overly angular. The old logo's shape might be transferable to the new one. The brand image, though, might not be greatly maintained. It is a very important thing you should not do when redesigning a logo.

Redesigning a logo does not entail completely altering its geometric form. Customers will actually be perplexed and curious if a logo is abstract. Even the fact that the logo is your new brand logo won't register with them.


9. Do Not Ask For Too Much Opinion

While seeking advice or feedback from others is okay, going too far will only lead to confusion and a waste of time. Customers, brothers, friends, family, mothers, neighbors, individuals working in coffee shops, and so on, perhaps will offer a different viewpoint, but it's unnecessary to state so much.

In order to keep your attention on the initial objective, only include the persons in your logo design process that are truly necessary. This is crucial since each person you approach for their viewpoint will have a unique perspective. Your logo will even become chaotic if you adhere to every one of them.

By asking fewer people for opinions regarding the logo, you will be more focused. The logo you create will be more focused and have a good message. This is an added value for your logo designers so that you can produce new logos that are still valuable.

In this case, only involve the brand owner, other logo designers, and a few samples of people who can help you in the logo redesign process. They may give addition and comment on your design and can make you avoid the things you should not do when redesigning a logo.


10. Look Too Similar From Previous Design

Make sure that you redesign the logo with a scale of use for various applications. A good logo must be clearly placed on a 5 x 10-meter billboard and must be able to look good when it becomes a 16px favicon. The wrong thing is when the logo that is made becomes broken when uploaded on other media that does not match the size.

When creating a logo, don't just assume that it will appear on the internet. For any large company, the logo will appear in a variety of mediums. Persist in your belief that your logo will be able to be used in several mediums in the future. the internet, cetak, the border, stiker, the sablon handbook, kaos, and the signboard.

In fact, this is quite a trivial matter. However, many logo designers are not responsive to it, so they make mistakes where the logo cannot be displayed in various media. You should really avoid that to redesign a good logo.


Final Words

Those are things you should not do when redesigning a logo. There is a lengthy creative process involved in developing a logo for a business or brand. Starting with determining the brand's message and moving on to choosing the elements that support the logo. You can learn to become a qualified graphic designer in addition to the aforementioned topics.

Before redesigning the logo, make sure you really understand the things that were conceptualized in the old logo. Understand the message and philosophy in the logo primarily. This will make it easier for you to redesign the logo while maintaining the message and brand identity.

A professional logo designer can certainly do a good redesign. Also, consult this redesign process with the owner of the brand or company. If necessary, test the new logo on several respondents before it is actually launched.

The task of redesigning the logo in question may be undertaken by designers or businesspeople. If you are currently working on creating a design for a product, you are selling on your own or if you're a designer yourself, keep in mind the things that were just mentioned above. This will make your business logo appear scruffy.

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This was a great post. #9 in particular hit home. I am a big advocate for field feedback/research, but in my experience, I’ve been drowned in opinions that sway too far one side and the other. This disjuncts my focus and I feel no way is the right way. I’ll remember this post next project. Thanks for the insight all around!

Mike Mazz November 02, 2022

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