Here's Why You Should Redesign A Logo Right Away

A good logo design is one that is meaningful and represents an identity.
Let’s find out several reasons why you should redesign a logo from time to time!
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The logo is an important thing that must be considered by everyone, both those who will open a business and those who have run their business. This is because the logo is an identity that differentiates it from other companies, businesses, and institutions that are needed to build trust in your brand. In addition, the logo also reflects the vision, mission, and culture of your brand.

If it has such an important meaning, then why do many companies change or redesign their business logos that are already known and stuck in people's minds? Wouldn't that only add to the work and promotion costs?

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Before answering the question, you need to know in advance the important ten reasons why you should redesign the logo. Those reasons will make you realize that you must upgrade and redesign the logo from time to time. If it is redesigned, make sure that it still represents and becomes the uniqueness of your brand.

In fact, Business change is an absolute thing, and companies must be able to adapt if they want to survive and thrive. Various strategic steps and methods were designed and executed to achieve the company's goals.

The company's move to rebrand and change its logo certainly came out of nowhere and had been carefully planned in advance. The change in the business must go through various stages, such as market research, formulating branding and marketing strategies, and finding a branding agency to design the logo to the execution stage in the field.

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Redesigning a company logo certainly costs a lot of money. The process of designing is preceded by research that takes a lot of time and effort. After the new company logo is completed, the next step is to apply the new logo to various media such as stationery kits, employee uniforms, transportation equipment, and other advertising media.

There are ten reasons why you should redesign the logo. This is, of course, caused by various factors that are very important and must be considered. If you do not change the logo, your business will be less developed. So, try to redesign the logo when you have found one of the following reasons. It will be important for your business and your business in the future because it can express your quality.

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1. The Changing of Company Vision and Mission

Changes in leadership or ownership of a company often have an impact on changing the vision and mission of the company itself. Then, changes in vision and mission are almost always followed up with adjustments to the company logo design.

As happened to Motorola. Since acquiring Motorola in August 2011, Google has redesigned the Motorola logo in a new version by giving it a touch of color but still highlighting the letter "M" that consumers have known. The addition of a new tagline that reads "a Google company" is also given as an affirmation that Motorola has become part of Google.

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A logo is a form of representation of your business, and changes in vision and mission inevitably also affect branding, communication methods, and company image. Sometimes, the latest design trends also affect the process of redesigning a company's logo.

Furthermore, this case should be paid more attention to. When you change the vision and mission, automatically, the logo should be changed. It will help you to advertise your brand with the vision and mission.

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2. The Logo is Old

As a growing business, we generally find that logos that are created to reflect the services and values ​​of a brand become outmoded. At this time, the decision to redesign the business logo is a wise move to refresh the business's identity. So, it can accurately “communicate” with who and what they represent now rather than who and what they represented ten years ago.

You certainly know about Yahoo! The internet giant who is "sick" has finally redesigned the business's logo after 18 years of a long journey. This logo change occurred after the figure of Marissa Mayer - who is young and energetic - entered Yahoo as CEO.

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The new Yahoo logo still retains the shape of the lettering with shades of purple. In its official explanation, Yahoo wants a new logo that still carries some elements of the old one but with changes that are also related to the development of improvements or the presence of new products that they are doing.

On the other hand, Marissa Mayer herself said that Yahoo wanted to have a logo that reflects Yahoo, which is unique but sophisticated. It should be modern and fresh but still tied to the history of the corporation itself. So, relating to this case, you should consider that the reason why you should redesign the logo is upgrading the logo. It is a must

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3. Trouble Technic 

When you start a business and create a logo design, what often comes to mind is a beautiful and colorful symbol with a luxurious feel. Without realizing it, the business's logo was hampered by technical problems when it was going to be implemented in print media. In addition to technical problems, the logo also has the potential to increase the business's costs.

Just imagine if the symbol of your business looks colorful with various color mixtures. Your logo may look beautiful on the monitor screen. Meanwhile, when you want to print it, you will face many difficulties, ranging from machines that may not be able to produce print colors that are close to the color of your logo to costs that swell, especially if you print banners on fabric, and so on.

Another problem with technical symbol creation is that it is difficult for your business logo to be varied. That is, when you open a new division and need a separate logo, usually the logo of the central business will be slightly varied to become the logo for the new division. If this need cannot be implemented by your initial logo, then it becomes one of the important reasons for you to immediately redesign the business logo.

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4. Similar to Others

Do you remember this sentence, “The company logo is an identity that differentiates it from other companies and is needed to build trust in your brand”? Well, the next important reason that you should take into consideration when redesigning your company logo is the similarity factor with other company logos. This is the reason why you should redesign the logo.

You may be able to argue that you are confident enough that consumers already know your product and will not be confused with other products that have a symbol similar to yours. However, what if one day, a company that has a similar symbol to yours gets into trouble, and accidentally, because of miscommunication, your product is affected? Of course, you do not want something like this to happen, do you?

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The resemblance of a logo may occur in color, shape, location, arrangement, technical manufacture, and proportion. The similarity of this logo can eliminate the uniqueness of the company logo that you are proud of. Therefore, keep trying to continue to be different for the sake of the strength of your brand while building trust from consumers.

Then, when changing the symbol, make sure the design is unique so that it no longer resembles any other. Because of its uniqueness, it will make it easier for people to recognize it just by looking at it. It must be considered well when you redesign it.

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5. Changing Company’s Name

The most common reason for redesigning the symbol is because of a change in the company name caused by several internal factors. The changing of the company name can be caused by a merger/acquisition or other strategic considerations. Changes in brand or company names have consequences that require company owners to make large-scale publications so that they are known to the public more quickly.

Moreover, the leading electronics company in South Korea, LG, was founded in 1958 and was originally named Lucky-Goldstar. Lucky is a brand that sells a variety of hygienic products, such as soap and laundry detergent. Meanwhile, Goldstar is known as an electronic brand, such as radio and television.

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6. New Innovation

The next reason why you should redesign the logo is innovation. Sometimes, the company logo cannot perform its function as it was at the beginning when the logo was launched. Innovative companies are constantly making changes to their products, and new logos are designed and introduced to mark these changes.

For this case, the example is the social media Instagram. At the beginning of its appearance, it is known for its Instagram symbol in the form of a Polaroid camera that resembles its original form (skeuomorphism). The dramatic change to the Instagram logo has drawn criticism from netizens. They seem unwilling to replace the old, iconic, and vintage Instagram logo with a new logo. The new Instagram logo that looks more modern is actually an adaptation of the old simplified logo.

Basically, the changing of the logo aims to make the Instagram symbol easier to apply as an icon. Likewise, the rainbow gradient colors are taken from the old Instagram symbol. In addition, the new Instagram logo marks a change in the appearance of the application interface, which is dominated by black and white.

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7. The Developing Market Segment of the Company

Every business certainly has a market segment that they want to target and are expected to become loyal customers. However, the market is always changing and developing dynamically, which is a lucrative opportunity for the company. Therefore, innovative companies are always looking for opportunities to develop and expand market segments to maximize profits.

An airline business called Southwest operates its aircraft fleet in the United States. The company serves flights to and from various states in the United States and seeks to expand to several destinations with large markets.

Southwest made a drastic change from the old logo in the form of an airplane image to a new logo in the shape of a heart. The new heart-shaped Southwest logo symbolizes the company's commitment to core values ​​and future orientation.

Redesigning the logo can improve branding. A new logo that can connect you with a new target market but still maintain your customer/client base. However, make sure you use the services of a professional designer so that the design is really made with artistic considerations and also promotional purposes.

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8. Diversification Product

To develop its business, the corporation makes various efforts, and one of them is through product diversification. The way to do this is by applying diversification to the products and services offered. Product diversification aims to provide alternative choices of products and services to consumers and avoid the company's dependence on one particular product. Through product diversification, companies can increase and maximize sales profit.

Initially, Foursquare was a social media application that functioned to check in or mark certain places visited by users. In its development, SXSW Interactive, the business that developed Foursquare, launched its newest application, Swarm. Foursquare also turned into an application to find certain places that can be personalized.

Swarm is useful for check-in, a function that was originally performed by Foursquare. To mark this change, Foursquare launched a new logo in the shape of the letter “F” and, at the same time, symbolized a pin symbol that resembles a speech bubble.

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9. Repositioning

Rapid changes in the business world make brand owners think of strategic steps to continue to exist and develop. Brands that have long been known by the public are not guaranteed to be at the forefront. Therefore, efforts to revitalize brands are inevitable so that existing brands can maintain their business.

One of the efforts to revitalize the brand is to do repositioning. It becomes the reason why you should redesign the logo. Companies do repositioning for various reasons such as product or business line development, focusing on certain audience segments, or changes in the market.

Kodak's return to the general consumer market prompted them to change its logo. The previous Kodak logo was a wordmark with a rounded shape with a kind of underline or a thick rectangle underneath. The logo was replaced with the iconic Kodak logo that had been used in previous years, but with a new and fresh touch.

Through the new logo that has a classic impression, Kodak wants to differentiate between the previous Kodak era and the current era. Each company certainly has its own challenges, obstacles, and opportunities. Changing the logo is the path chosen by the company to be able to compete and adapt to business developments.

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10. Culture

One of the ten reasons why you should redesign the logo is culture. Every country has a different culture. Colors, shapes, symbols, or elements can have different meanings when brought to a different country or region. Therefore, a company that is progressing and developing, and starting to expand to other areas, should redesign the company logo so that it can be accepted in various countries with different cultures.

You can change the logo for this reason when the company's market share has reached foreign countries. Make sure the logo you create is acceptable anywhere. Do not use symbols that may be prohibited or taboo in certain areas.

In this case, even though you change the logo due to cultural factors, you still include important values ​​that describe your company or business. Most importantly, do not leave the cultures that have been rooted in the country where the company was formed.

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Final Words

Those are ten reasons why you should redesign the logo. If your company has experienced any of these reasons, then please consider making a logo change as soon as possible. However, don't be in a hurry to make these changes. It is better to consult first with all elements of the company and the logo maker.

The logo can be redesigned because compared to the logo itself, the meaning of the logo will be considered whether it is still appropriate or not with the entity that is using it. Due to changes to the entity, the logo can also be changed to keep it matched, especially for two entities that are joined, because initially, the logo only describes one entity. To describe and become an identity for the two entities, the logo needs to be redesigned.

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As a life that always evolves, company logos sometimes have to evolve through the logo redesign process. This needs to be done because of the times and efforts to still be able to "communicate" with consumers or potential consumers today.

This logo redesign also shows that the company is progressive and always forward-thinking. The long-term benefits of logo redesign sometimes exceed the material value that must be spent. So, answering the question of why a company logo redesign should be done? The answer is to change for the better by the goals that have been set. 

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