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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Sports Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Sports Logo Design

Yesterday’s home runs don’t always win today’s game!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic sport logo design!
Created by Aziz Yusupov |

Every fan knows the logo and color of their favorite sports team's uniform. These are the two main factors that help the team stand out and allow their fans to easily identify him at the tournament. Creating a sports logo design takes a lot of effort and research, especially if the design isn't your forte. We hope you don't get scared easily! Get ready to dive into the amazing world of design!

Where do I start? Welcome to the step-by-step tips on how to create a sports logo that translates into the goal and essence of your sports team. Feel free to add your favorite techniques and tricks to create the best guide for your needs and skills.

For beginners, let's find out the reason why your sports team needs a badge and how it can help you achieve better results. Once you understand the need for a logo, then you can learn how to design it well by yourself.

Created by BULLSEYE |

What is the importance of a sports logo? Before you commit to designing a sports logo, take a moment to consider whether you need a logo in the first place. Then if you do, ask yourself how the logo can be useful for you. Perhaps the logo is just another marketing gimmick that drains the sports team's budget and does nothing. After all, a name should be enough to distinguish your team, right?

The logo is not just a pretty picture that goes with your team's name. As in any other industry, small logos play a huge role in the world of sports. Logos are not just icons displayed on tournament tables and promotional products like T-shirts, mugs, hats, etc... It is a strategic element that affects the perception of fans, players, and other community members of your team. Whether you play hockey, soccer, esports, Dota, or other kinds of sports, a stylish logo can do a lot when it comes to promotion and positioning. 

Created by Ruben Daems |

Like the national anthem, symbol, and coat of arms, effective slogans have the ability to evoke strong feelings and associations. It gives a sense of belonging, increases stamina and morale, and encourages support for team members. We don't know anything about you, but there seems to be some useful functionality for us! Remember, we're talking about small - but powerful - icons here!

A good sports logo gives you weight and importance. Emblem work in both ways. It doesn't only set the mood within the team. However, it affects how others view your team. A well-thought emblem shows that you are committed to your goals and want to be taken seriously. 

It will be a mistake to think that slogans are the prerogative of the big teams. If you play in the second division, you need a strong visual brand to position yourself to be a serious player to be reckoned with. It can help you build a solid reputation among your competitors and attract trusted sponsors.

Created by Toni Hukkanen |

We bet you can't resist the temptation to step into a popular chain store or dine at a trendy restaurant. A widely known name that works its magic on everyone! Large companies spend huge advertising budgets on promoting their well-known brands around the world.

Now think of your favorite food chain store. The logo is probably the first thing that comes to your mind! This is how our minds work by focusing on visual information. In the same way, a sports logo can make your team more special and memorable. With a good badge, your chances of getting invited to a major league or getting sponsorship will increase.

We hope our arguments are compelling enough to show you the dramatic impact of the emblem on your appearance. Now let's get to the point. How do you create your own logo?

Now that we've outlined the benefits of sports logos, it's time to explain how to create a sports logo design that is unique.

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10 Tips To Create A Sports Logo Design That is Interesting

  1. Find Some Inspirations & Learn From The Others
  2. Look At The Bigger Picture And Set A Higher Benchmark
  3. Sketch As Many Ideas As Possible
  4. Create A Simple And Dynamic Visual
  5. Consider Different Techniques & Options
  6. Explore Different Athletic Fonts Or Custom Your Own
  7. 6Use Powerful Symbolism
  8. Choose The Most Dynamic Design
  9. Ask Your Peers For Feedback
  10. Use Mockup For A More Fantastic Preview


1. Find Some Inspirations & Learn From The Others

Using another icon as your inspiration is not a crime. Make sure to find a symbol that will spark your imagination and encourage you to work harder to get better results. Fortunately, all you have to do nowadays is to open a popular search engine and search for "sports logo." Additionally, there are plenty of logo design sites where you'll find beautiful logo templates and practical advice:

Although the site is packed with useful content, the site is quite easy to navigate. Find the search box, then enter keywords related to your sport, for example, basketball logo, tennis logo, or swimming logo.

Created by Cantone Studio |

Explore different designs, take note of interesting logos, and transform your powerful ideas to create a sports logo design. Do something that helps you work on your logo. We're sure you can create amazing pieces of art that other teams will envy!

While getting inspired by other designers is a good thing, stealing ideas won't get you very far. If your opponent's logo has a tiger, shark, or another distinctive image on it, avoid putting the same symbol on your logo.

Take the time to discover what you like and dislike about other people's work. Which icon that you like the most? How can you improve the existing design? Which item do you prefer? Keep exploring until you find what you wish for your team. Once you have crafted your design, you can move on to the next step.

Created by Matthew Attard |


2. Look At The Bigger Picture And Set A Higher Benchmark

Already have some ideas for creating a sports logo design? Don't procrastinate, or else you might forget everything you've created! Take a pencil and a piece of paper and get to work. Don't let your low drawing skills will stop you! Remember that your task at this point is to create a rough sketch, not a finished product.

In addition, you can get help from various logo makers who can produce stylish icons in just a few minutes. Logaster is one of the logo makers that you can choose. Enter your team name, relax and watch Logaster offer hundreds of options related to your sport. Moreover, you can search by keywords, such as "ball", "star", "wing", "crown", etc.

Created by Whitemark Brand Communications |

Try not to criticize your artwork. Draw as many diagrams as possible, even if they are very similar to each other. The more options you have, the better. Later you can list the best options and improve them. The ability to think outside the box is the key to creating a unique and good emblem. Let your imagination fly and see where your creative outings will take you! We believe your efforts would be worth it!

Here's another tip for you. Try to focus on shape over color. Most teams paint their logos in the colors of their uniforms. There's no need to spend time creating new color palettes (unless you think your outfit is outdated and want to do an experiment with another color). A good colors black and white logo should work, from large colored posters to hard-to-read monochrome faxes. Therefore, color is not as important as the line or the geometric shapes that make up your symbol.

Created by Baco Ju |


3. Sketch As Many Ideas As Possible

As mentioned earlier, an emblem creates a unique image of your team, so make sure you know what impression you want to make. Determine the style of your future logo. What items would be displayed? What message will be communicated and how? Once you answer that questions, you will have more understanding of where you are going with your future logo design.

Next, you have to think about things related to your sports team, such as your hometown, stadium, players' titles, etc. If you have a talisman, consider using it on your logo. In logos of sport, it is not uncommon to see lions, horses, bears, dogs, cats, and other animals that symbolize strength, speed, endurance, and agility.

Created by Vitor Linhares |


4. Create A Simple And Dynamic Visual

As you know, your team's icon is your way of communicating with the world. People won't resonate with the poorly designed slogan. If you decide to work on your brand, you need to make it right. Make sure you have a balanced design, both in terms of visual style and meaning.

If you use an online logo maker to create your designs, the rest is simple. Simply change it, if necessary, and download it to your computer. Another choice is to find a designer who will create a finished product based on your blueprint. A skilled designer will improve your icons and remove unnecessary elements that endanger their visual integrity. 

In addition, you will get your logo file in popular digital formats to use for various purposes. Keep in mind the professionals will charge a lot for services that they give. If you're running out of money, hiring a designer might not be the best option for you.

Created by Crescenzi _ Co |


5. Consider Different Techniques & Options

If you take a closer look at other people's designs, you will notice that sports logos come in several types. While some symbols are abstract combinations, others are characterized by words. At the same time, it is not uncommon for sports logos to include graphic shapes and text.

Logos, which only display images, are widely used by big companies because making such logos is very expensive. Graphic elements are essential to your logo. Success If your sports logo only contains your team name, it may fail to evoke some emotion and association.

It is recommended that you take the best of both worlds and make your logo a combination of logotype and logomark. However, if you have a completely different concept with your team, you should give it a try.

Created by Jay Master |


6. Explore Different Athletic Fonts Or Custom Your Own

When it comes to logo design, fonts are a rather complex problem that deserves special attention. It's no secret that fonts can break a logo, and you don't want to go wrong when choosing one. Fonts come in all shapes and sizes. Studying the world of fonts is a painstaking and time-consuming task. However, it can help you create the perfect logo for your team.

Do you need more choices? Search fonts for sports on Google and find great websites. There will be another collection of great fonts, where you are sure to find a font that highlights the authenticity of your team. If you don't want to use an old font, don't be afraid to go your own way and create a new font that's exclusive to your team. This is what many professional teams do to make sure their designs are unique.

Many designers mistakenly believe that in order for the logo to be successful, it should have a large font that is visible to the eye. This is far from the truth. Just like any other logo element, your font should reflect your team's values and principles. It's possible that a catchy streak doesn't work well with what you and your teammates are fighting for.

Created by Rafael Silveira |


7. Use Powerful Symbolism

By this time, you should have a clear idea of ​​ what your sports icon will look like and how it would convey your unique message to the audience. Now you have to choose the most successful alternative that speaks to you. 

Making such a choice can be difficult, especially if you love all your work. Take the time to analyze each sketch you have drawn. Make sure they're useful (Can someone tell us what sport you play by looking at your sports logo?), Unique (Does your logo have a lot in common with another team emblem?), Recognizable (Is your icon clear?), and Relevant (Can you guarantee that your logo will look new in 10 or 20 years from now?).

By answering all questions honestly, you would be able to filter out your options, while visually appealing, are not good enough for your team. Listen to your inner voice when choosing. We've all experienced situations where you prefer one idea over another for no apparent reason. This is called intuition, and it can sometimes point you in the right direction. Ideally, you should narrow your list down to three drawings.

Created by Ale Brands |


8. Choose The Most Dynamic Logo Design

Sooner or later, you will have to make the final decision and choose the best emblem or icon. Don't make the mistake of choosing an inappropriate icon just because you are at a point where you have to choose. If you do not like any of the options available, the best solution is to start from scratch.

Once you have selected the best emblem, you can move on to polishing it and creating a sports logo. At this stage, it is important to know which elements are important to the composition and which ones can be excluded without losing the meaning and emotional significance of the design. However, don't go overboard with the little details. Concise and clean icons are easy to remember and reproduce on a variety of backgrounds.

Created by Esmat Design |


9. Ask Your Peers For Feedback

If none of the graphics are right and you're at a dead end, don't let your frustration stop you from determining your decision. Designing icons is a long process that requires clear thinking. Take some time to reboot your mind and start over once you're ready. It's not uncommon to start having the best ideas once you stop pushing yourself.

When it comes to the creative process, it's always a good idea to ask others for their opinions. By looking at your artwork in a new light, your colleagues or friends can point out errors or suggest some powerful improvements. Moreover, teamwork contributes to building a functional and supportive team. While discussing sketches and choosing the best option, team members could learn to trust each other and communicate effectively.

Created by Rene Sarco |


10. Use Mockup For A More Fantastic Preview

Congrats! Now you have a visual overview of your team. Challenging new tasks consist of using your logo wisely. It's a shame that your logo fails to live up to its potential just because you don't know how to make it work for you! Depending on your personal preferences and marketing strategy, you can place your logo on a variety of platforms, from clothing such as sweaters, T-shirts, etc., and stationery to your official letterhead and website.

Created by Asís |


Final Words

It's time to try out to create your design! There is no better "talker" for your team than a smart and powerful slogan. This is a great way to gain attention and connect with your supporters, sponsors, and other members of your community. Having a strong and effective visual brand is a good motivation to achieve better results and set new records!

Only by actively participating in the logo creation process can you create an icon that becomes a realistic reflection of your team and becomes a major part of your internal culture and style. Unless the graphic design is your profession, get ready to work hard to create a decent logo that can compete with the artwork of the best designers. If you feel that the task is beyond your capabilities, you can take the easy path. With Logo Maker, creating a great logo takes less time than making a cup of tea. That is all about ten tips to create a sports logo design. 

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