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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Coach Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Coach Logo Design

A good coach can change the game; a great one can change a life.
Here are some tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic coach logo design!
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Coaching services are sought after by various groups to improve their specific skills. There are many different types of coaches available to you today. Most people may refer to a coach as a coach in the field of sports, even though this coach can also be categorized the same as a tutor, only the pronunciation is different. You can hire a coach for anything these days. Starting from a music coach, spirituality coach, fitness coach, learning coach, and many other types of coaches that you can hire.

If you happen to be one of the people who provide a service coach, then you need your branding to make your service more attractive than your competitors' services. As a coach, you can work within an agency or establish your brand. Whether you are working alone or building an agency with other coaches, branding is important for your service. To be able to build attractive branding that can help you get more exposure, then you can try to create a good logo design.

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A good logo is a fairly broad standard; there are many aspects that you must pay attention to be able to create a logo design that is said to be effective, good, and beautiful for your brand. Therefore, we have summarized some tips that you should pay attention to and try to implement if you want to create a good logo design business below.

If you are someone who has never designed a logo at all, then designing a logo might be a challenging process for you. Maybe you still don't know what software you should use, how to design a good logo, standards or elements that you should pay attention to, and many others. Don't worry; you are in the right discussion.

We have summarized the ten best tips that you should pay attention to when you want to create a good logo for a coaching service or agency so that it can look attractive and unique. The tips that we will mention below are tips that have been recommended directly by professional designers who already have a lot of experience in logo design. Here are some of them:

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1. Experiment With Several Techniques

These tips are intended for those of you who have never designed a logo at all and don't have an understanding of the basics of designing from scratch. Designing a logo is a great deal because this logo will be the "face" of your brand or business for a long time. What's more, you may be using this logo for years on all your branding products. Therefore, the design of your logo must be an important thing in the branding that you prioritize at this time.

Luckily, now many sources can provide you with the various tutorials you need to design a logo, be it for coaching services and business or other types of brands. Platforms such as Youtube, Skillshare, Tiktok, Instagram, and various other platforms are popular platforms for many beginners to learn about the basics of design and also how to design a logo from scratch.

Watching or paying attention to these tutorials will help you to get an overview of the logo design process so that later you are not completely blind about what you should do or what you should display in your logo design. Interestingly, these tutorials are also usually given directly by professionals, so you can get trusted insights directly from those who are experts in their fields.

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2. Find Good Inspirations

Inspirations and references will help you to determine what your logo design will look like in the future. You may still not have a clear insight on what concept you should use in your design, what look and style you should display, and many others. 

There are many different types of design styles that you can use as the basis for the design of your logo. Each style will, of course, display a different brand image depending on the appearance concept. Find as many references as possible with a variety of styles that you like. If you provide coaching services for sports, then you can see references to the sports logo display that appeals to you, as well as if you offer other services. 

Look for reference logos from your competitors or well-known brands, and see the main characteristics that you can find in them. Within a service sector, usually, there will be some prominent appearance similarities in the logo designs of various brands in that sector. Therefore, you can collect as many references as possible and analyze them one by one. What elements do you think are interesting, distinct, and unique in your coaching sector?

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3. Start by Sketching A Lot

Some people may jump-start immediately by designing a logo that has been in their minds and depicting it in the software. This method might work for some people and help them to immediately produce the logo they want, but as a beginner, it would be advisable for you to sketch first as much as possible to show the logo that is potential for your brand.

By sketching roughly as many logos as you can think of, later you will find lots of potential display scales, and the more sketches you make, usually, the more creative and out-of-the-box appearance will be. By continuing to explore the appropriate logo display for your coaching brand, later, you will find many logo displays that you may not have thought of before.

This method is highly recommended by professional designers, as they also do this process when starting the design process for a brand logo. You can create 5-6 sketches, or even up to tens; the number is up to you. You also don't need to make a detailed and "ripe" sketch first. It will be much more effective and efficient for you not to overthink and overdo each sketch you make and let your creativity take over. The important thing is that you can still recognize the sketch, and you can still recall the ideas later when you have a final look.

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4. Strive for a Memorable Look

A logo design that uses a circular outer frame with a simple typeface may appear attractive and pleasing to the eye. However, you should also try to create a logo display that can make your brand look more prominent compared to other coach brands around you. The appearance of a generic logo will make your brand logo not memorable and not leave an impression on the minds of those who see it because it looks similar to other logos that provide the same service as you. Therefore, to make your branding even more effective, you can add a more unique, distinct, and rarely used look for the same coach service as you.

You can first observe your competitors and what the logo they usually use looks like. Then, you can try to create a different look from the logos. For example, if your competitor's logo usually only uses a decorative typeface as the main element in it, then you can try to add an attractive icon mark or symbol so that your logo can display different values.

Presenting this attractive icon will also really help you to attract the attention of other people who see your logo, even if only at a glance. If you have an official shop or office and put a sign in front of the building, you can try to display a logo that is as unique as possible so that this appearance can make people who see it turn heads.

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5. Choose A Sketch That Stand Out The Most

After sketching various logo display ideas for your coach brand, then next you have to choose which ideas are the most attractive for you, and you will use them as the final look of the logo. This selection process may not take too long, as in the sketching process, you can usually find which look is your favorite and which you think best represents your brand well. However, try to keep 2-3 sketches other than the main sketch that you choose as your final display as an alternative if later this final display doesn't satisfy you as much as you thought it would.

Choose some of the best views from among the dozens of ideas you have sketched. In this selection process, you have to filter well which logo you feel can attract many people as well as become the face of your brand. In addition, you also have to pay attention to the potential of each idea. The sketch that you make is, of course, still in the form of black and white, without color, but you can imagine, if given color later, which logo can appear stunningly.

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6. Using The Right Tool

There is a lot of software available that can help you create your dream logo for your coach brand. Some software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and also Corel Draw are some platforms that are highly recommended by professional designers for you to use as your mainstay software when designing a logo. 

Unfortunately, some of the recommended software is usually quite expensive and less accessible, as it requires a device that is also compatible with the software. If you have enough resources, you can invest in using this software to help you design a more attractive logo. Although they are quite expensive, of course, they also come with all the features you might need to design a good logo. So it is worth the investment.

But if your business is still tight on the budget or you don't want to spend enough money to design a logo, you can also use various sketching platforms that you can get for free, and of course more accessible for all types of devices. The most important thing is to find various software or platforms that are suitable for you and whose features provide the tools you need. Because even though the software is great, what matters is the person who runs the software.

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7. Choose The Right Color 

Each business coaching has its sector, its uniqueness, and of course, a different branding image according to the services they offer. The color you use in your logo design is one of the most important elements that cannot be taken lightly. The color palette you choose will determine the image and branding positioning of your brand as a whole.

If you are a coaching brand that wants to appear more modern, targeting adults, you can aim for a professional look with a more neutral color palette, such as black, white, or gray. Or, if your coaching services target young people who are more cheerful, fun, and energetic, try to use a color palette that has bright or cheerful colors.

Not only can you determine your brand positioning, but the right color palette will also help you to attract the attention of your target customers.

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8. Create Several Adaptable Versions

Marketing media are increasingly diverse as business competition is getting tougher and more marketing platforms are popping up. Different marketing platforms sometimes require different logo sizes and appearances. 

For example, in your social media content, it would be better to display a simpler version of your logo so that it can still be seen even though the size of the logo displayed is relatively small. In addition, a simpler logo may also be much easier to match with your social media content design.

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Another case is for branding products such as merchandise. As a coaching service, merchandise products such as clothes, water bottles, or lanyards will be indispensable. In this branding product, of course, you want to display the logo of your brand.

Usually, merchandise products will be more suitable with a logo that has been created to look into an attractive pattern so that the merchandise design remains beautiful and has a logo but does not seem rigid or corporate-like because it has a displayed logo. You should be able to create several variations of the appearance of the one logo design that you have chosen earlier.

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9. Ask For Feedback & Revise

Many beginners do not know this. It would be better if you make your logo in vector format so that it doesn't look blurry and continues to be in high-definition view when zoomed in. Most beginners still use the pixel format, which, when zoomed in, we will be able to see the pixels that make up the logo. Even if you use a large pixel resolution format, 1080 x 1080, for example, it might appear okay when you zoom in a few times, but the more you zoom in, the result will be pixelated; otherwise, if you use the vector format.

In vector format, the logo that you produce will not break at all, even if you zoom in many times, though. Using the vector format will also give you flexibility in the design because the file size is relatively smaller than if you use the pixel format in high resolution.

In the software you use, you can open settings when you first open a new canvas to create a design. Or if you have already made a design, usually you will choose to export as or convert to vector. Software such as Adobe Illustrator is widely used by designers because they also provide vector formats that are crucial for logos and graphic design as a whole.

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10. Maybe Try Animate Your Logo

Extra touch for a logo will always be able to make the logo look more striking than other logos. If you have sufficient expertise in the field of design and want to make your logo not only appear flat, you can also animate your logo to give a little motion that can make your logo stand out. You can mark this animated logo on a sign with an LCD that can display moving images. In addition, you can also display it on your social media content so that your logo can be a sweetener in your content that makes people not miss seeing your logo.

To make it, you can use some simple animations, or you can also use the software you used to design the logo earlier. Create a frame-by-frame motion picture and then combine it into a video form where there is motion around your logo. You can also create various types of animation, make your logo wiggle, create an animation to reveal the logo, and many others.

Created by Edwin van der Beek |


Final Words

Earlier, we discussed some tips that you should pay attention to if you want to create a good logo design for your coach brand. Even if you provide services individually and not as a big agency, branding identity is still very much needed as it will help you to attract more customers and make your services known to more people.

Always remember that a good logo design is not only a logo design that is pleasing to the eye but also one that can attract many people, make your brand stand out, and also display the identity of your brand.

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