How to Produce a Good Logo Design Concept

Producing a good logo design concept can be challenging at times, even for professionals.
Let's find out some tips you can easily follow for your projects!
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When you are going to design a logo, don't just draw a circle and add the name of a company or an organization. It would be nice to make an innovative logo design; a logo that has meaning, and meaning is a logo that has an expensive value. 

There are also many designers who take a long time to produce a good logo design concept, no wonder ordering a logo design from a designer is appreciated at an expensive value. Because a designer needs a lot of ideas for a logo design concept, there are also many people who need a logo as a means of marketing or as a group identity.

Therefore, as a logo designer, there are several things that are important and must be considered in creating a logo design concept. Like understanding the design brief first, then making a sketch to show the client and asking the client's opinion about the logo sketch to be made. 

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In making a logo design, of course, we must pay attention to the function of a logo to be created to make it easier to create the logo. For example, we will create a logo design for a company. The first thing we must know is the purpose of the logo, such as we have to create a logo for the company name, and the logo is used to promote the company so that it can be known by many people.

There are so many kinds of logo designs, from simple logos to complex logos. Therefore we must pay attention to the steps in making a good logo design concept, have meaning, and innovate. Just like making a logo design looks very easy, but actually requires a lot of inspiration and ideas. Therefore we cannot just make a logo and must pay attention to the steps. 

And making a good logo design concept requires accuracy in every case. Here are ten ways to come up with a good logo design concept.

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1. Using Visual Double Entendre

    There are several logos that utilize a technique called Visual Double Entendre, which uses two images then wrapped into one through a clever concept or idea. The logo produced in this way makes the logo have two meanings. 

    Logo designs that use this technique, come up with impressive ideas. People usually like the little mind games you play, and make them appreciate the design.

    According to Mayven Studios, the logo design using this method, the double entendre visual design, will give a smart and artistic impression to the logo. The design can provide a brand name without the need to include it as text in the logo.

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    Therefore, making a logo design in this way will also facilitate the marketing of a company or an organization so that it is easily remembered by many people. This logo design technique with Visual Double Entendre is also widely used to create logos for large companies, and also this technique is very easy and simple to do because it is not so complicated in the logo design process with this method. 

    For example, the Visual Double Entendre logo design method is to combine images of two different objects but is made very simple and has different meanings. With this method, the logo has more meaning, and a simple design will be easier to remember.

    Created by Irma Shonia |


    2. Make Color an important element.

    One of the important things to consider in logo design is the color palette. This is not a superficial decision because color carries meaning and can communicate ideas. Because every color has many meanings and meanings, so designing a logo cannot choose colors randomly. Therefore a designer must be able to determine the color as the function of the logo.

    There are many different philosophies and meanings for each color in a logo design, such as Red is a color that looks bold. The color red is often associated with things like violence, fire, and even war. In addition, red is also often associated with passion and love.

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    The color red has a physical effect on humans. Such as increasing the respiratory rate and increasing blood pressure. In addition, red is also said to increase human metabolism. And orange is a combination of yellow and red. This orange color often gives the impression of enthusiasm. In addition, the meaning of the color orange can also give the impression of something warm.

    The color orange is a symbol of optimism, adventure, ability, and sociability. Orange can also symbolize self-confidence. The fusion of these two colors together gives a warm and strong effect. So making a good logo design is to determine the coloring of the logo as an important element.

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    3. Avoiding Cliches

    Every year, logo designs come with various design fads. So it would be better not to tackle the use of the same idea over and over again. Or don't use the logo design concept of other people who make the logo that will be produced has the same concept and makes the logo boring.

    Why not use a logo design that was born from your own idea? It would probably be better than taking someone else's work. Avoid a cliché in design science. Try to explore with your own mind, then pour what's in your head into a logo design that will be created. Things like that will make a logo design have meaning and value that is expensive.

    So, making a logo that is different from the others is the best design concept. That's because a logo made with the concept of its own idea will not be a cliche logo or the same as a logo that has existed before. And the resulting logo too it will be easy to remember by many people because a logo created with their own idea will be the logo of a company or organization that is very rarely encountered.

    Making a cliche logo design or the same logo is also highly discouraged because the copyright of the imitated logo could be threatened.

    Created by Md Faisal |


    4. Using creations from your own inspiration

    Instead of joining a group and using clichéd designs, it is better to use innovation from your own ideas for something unique and easily recognizable to create a logo design concept.

    Using your own idea is a good thing in creating a logo design concept, and being drawn with a uniqueness that is different from the others will add value to a logo design. When going to design a logo, consider whether the design created is unique or ordinary. Is it possible someone else will produce something similar to your work? Try starting the idea with some rough sketches before choosing what kind of design you have in mind.

    Likewise, sketching a logo design concept is the main element in making a logo. This can make us know what the design that we will make will be like and what the result will be. In fact, if a designer has finished sketching the logo design concept, they will create a designer who has already completed more than half of their work.

    Therefore, to get inspiration, it would be nice if, before creating a design concept, you could make by drawing doodles that can produce good sketches according to the inspiration you get instead of having to copy an existing design and change the design.

    Created by Irma Shonia |


    5. Use a Custom Font

    When we are on a unique subject, using custom fonts can also add value to the uniqueness of a design concept that will be created later.

    A custom typeface can also help to determine if the logo is good enough. It's like creating a logo design by simply writing the name of a company or organization using basic custom letters.  Maybe a designer can copy the typeface you're using in no time. However, it takes some real skill to emulate a custom typeface. So, using a custom typeface can also add a certain uniqueness to a logo design concept.

    There are many companies and organizations or food and beverage products that use logos only with custom typefaces, such as Coca-Cola soda products. The soda drink product uses a logo only with custom letters which is very simple but also difficult to imitate. The logo is also famous on a global scale. Almost everyone knows about soda drink products.

    So, the use of logo design concepts with custom letters is also a good thing in logo creation. Not only easy and simple, but for people who are not very smart, Drawing will also be easier to create a logo that is quite unique for a company or organization.

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    6. Keep it simple

    The important thing to consider in logo design is simplicity. Not everyone can break through with such a beautiful design. So, don't be afraid to take the step because nothing can stop you from creating an awesome logo. 

    In this situation, remember that the simplicity of a strong logo will make it penetrate the business world and always prove that going global doesn't always have to be fancy and complicated. The simple concept of logo design can also describe a very luxurious impression of a logo.

    Created by Ethan Fender |

    Like making a logo design very, very simple but has a very expensive value, making the logo also uses very simple equipment, but simplicity does not mean that the resulting logo is cheap. 

    Creating a logo design concept with simplicity can also make the logo that you produce can be easily remembered by many people. And it will also be very easy for people to recognize the logo you created. The simple thing is the essence of all work.

    Simple can also be used as the main logo design concept, without the need to add anything superfluous to the logo that will be made to make the logo less crowded and easy to remember. That way, a simple logo will seem more simple and very attractive coupled with the right logo depiction.

    Created by Irma Shonia |


    7. Considering Proportion and Symmetry

    Some people can get carried away with discussions of proportion and symmetry. At this point, there are still some important lessons for you. Considering proportion and symmetry in a logo design concept will make the logo you produce very good and valuable. The logo will look careless and look very neat.

    By considering proportion and symmetry in creating a logo design concept, you can also use the ruler tools in the application to create a logo design. 

    This ruler tool is also provided by many graphic design applications because its function is very important. To create a logo design, it would be nice to use this tool so that you can easily determine proportion and symmetry in making a logo design.

    Created by VASK®️ Studio |

    Proportion and symmetry in a logo can also add value to the logo, where a logo that is made will be nice and neat. 

    It will also add meaning to the logo which adds to the selling point of the logo that has been created, like the proportions and symmetry in the logo of the Facebook social networking application, which places the letter F in the middle of a blue box. It also considers the Proportion and Symmetry of the Facebook social network application logo.

    Therefore, considering proportion and symmetry is one thing that can produce a good design concept. Even taking into account proportions and symmetry can make an otherwise mundane design attractive.

    Created by Irma Shonia |


    8. Think About Negative Space

    Along the same path as double meaning is an age-old trick that utilizes negative space in logos in some clever ways. This technique is used by shipping companies to draw an arrow between the letters E and X. 

    Please pay close attention. Negative space is used subtly. Most people have seen the FedEx logo over the years, but not everyone is aware of the arrow between the last two letters.

    Created by Vadim Carazan |


    9. Passive vs. Active

    One of the interesting aspects of logo design is the concept of embedding movement or activity into a logo. This isn't always right, but sometimes it can really give you the boost you need, both from a visual and a conceptual point of view.

    This is one of the logo design concepts used by companies, organizations, or products. However, this passive and active literacy is an illustration of a design concept that will be made. 

    Logo design using passive and active literacy is a design that continues to grow and has increasingly different meanings and meanings but has the same core. There are many logos that can be used as examples of Passive vs. Active in a logo design concept. 

    However, it can also be used as a development of an existing old logo or as an idea to make the development of the logo that will be created make it easier for the next logo to be created.

    Created by Zhenya Artemjev |


    10. Knowing the Meaning

    Every good logo has a story. Much more meaningful than just a sketch. A strong logo is filled with both visible and hidden meanings. We have discussed this in several cases above. 

    The meaning of a logo is the core of a logo and is very important in making a logo design concept. In making meaning, the first thing to do is to know the purpose of the logo to be created; from there, before making a logo design, we will create a philosophy of the logo to be created. This will greatly simplify the process of creating a logo. The important thing to consider in logo design is when a designer can show clients how much thought and reasoning went into the logo you produced for them. 

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    Therefore, the meaning of a logo will be very expensive; even the value of the meaning of a logo will exceed the results of a good logo and look difficult to make. In making a logo design concept, not from the level of difficulty of making the logo but from the meaning contained in the resulting logo. 

    The meaning of a logo design concept is the life of the logo; therefore, it is very important to know the meaning of the logo that will be created. In addition, in making the concept of logo design, we should not do this as long as it will make the logo that we have created have no selling value, as well as something that must be considered in making a logo design concept so that the logo created has meaning and is valuable. 

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    Final Words

    The price and value of a logo are not only from the good results but also from how the process and meaning are in the logo. Therefore, it is important for a designer to pay attention to the things that must be done during the logo creation process. 

    And also give all the ideas and inspiration on a logo to bring the logo to life. It sounds very difficult, however, actually making a logo design concept is very easy if we know the things that must be considered in making a logo design. This also make the logo that has been produced into a very valuable masterpiece. Because the function of a separate logo is a function as an identity, many people know what the logo is for, for example. Company logos, organization logos, product logos, and much more.

    Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the things that exist to create a logo design concept so that the value of the resulting logo will be very expensive and known to many people. 

    A good logo is not from the luxury that exists but from the simplicity and meaning contained in the logo. And the result is that a good logo has a great meaning; therefore, by understanding what to do in making a logo design concept, it will be very easy to create a valuable and meaningful logo that can be easily recognized by many people. 


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