How To Print Logo Designs on T-Shirts

One of the so many intentions of a logo design is to be used for marketing.
Here are some easy tips for placing logo designs on clothes printing!
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Logo placement is a huge part of business branding as it affects brand recall. The best place to put a brand sign varies depending on the products. If you focus on clothing, learning how to place logo designs on clothes printing becomes essential.

The power of the top left has been renowned among designers, referring to the study of the Nielsen Norman Group, which found that left alignment increases brand recall by 89 percent more than the right alignment. But is this valid for clothing products?

Apparel, merchandise, and wearable items typically do not follow the convention. Designers can put the company sign on a shirt without sticking to certain rules. That said, it does not mean the logos can be placed in a random position.

Five main locations are considered the best places for a brand sign on clothes, including the right chest, left chest, back, sleeve, and below the back collar. Each position has its advantages, so you can make a choice based on your preferences.

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Besides, your printing method determines where you can place the visual identity. There are several methods to print a brand sign on clothes. Transfer printing, for example, is a technique to transfer from paper onto a textile. 

There is also block printing that becomes a mainstream printing technique as it uses dye or ink for printing. An embroidered logo, on the other hand, is a method conducted by embroidering the sign into the fabric instead of printing it, which results in a classy and elegant look.

Deciding where to put your brand symbol on a shirt is completely a personal preference. But if you want to make the most of it, take a closer look at these tips on how to place logo designs on clothes printing.

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1. Embroider Logos on the Left Chest

    The left chest is one of the most popular positions to print a brand sign on a shirt. This location is highly visible, allowing your symbol to gain the highest exposure. This is why many companies choose this position to print their logos on polo shirts or work shirts such as Nike.

    In addition to providing the highest possible exposure, printing a symbol on this area makes your clothes look classic and sophisticated. Not to mention it can be combined with variations in other locations.

    To prevent design overpowering, it is recommended to pay attention to the size. The visual identity is ideally no larger than 4” x 5”, providing good visibility without too much exposure. However, many companies come with smaller logo sizes.

    When it comes to the perfect placement for the left chest area, the center of your design should be around 7.5 inches to 9 inches from the shoulder top seam. It should also measure 4 inches to 6 inches away from the center of the front shirt (without a pocket).

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    2. Print Brand Icons on the Right Chest

      This is another tip on how to place logo designs on clothes printing to gain high visibility. Similar to the left chest, this location provides the company symbol with high exposure and less obstruction from the front view.

      Most brand symbols on shirts are left-aligned but going to the right is not a mistake. You can take advantage of the position to attract the eyes because of the unusual positioning. If your company is trying to think anti-mainstream, this area is worth trying.

      Though this idea is less popular than the left position, some companies thwart the convention and put their visual identities on the right chest. For the best result, adjust the size and choose a variation that does not come with slogans.

      As mentioned previously, embroidered marks create a classy and elegant look. When combined with unique positioning, it can be a brilliant way to garner the attention of potential customers.

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      3. Put Designs on the Center Chest

        The center of the chest is a classic location to put a sign. This area is super visible, providing the design with high exposure. Even if one is wearing a jacket or outer, the center chest is still visible. This is why this position has become a favorite of companies, organizations, and brands.

        Size matters when printing a sign on this place. For a subtle approach, it should be larger than the left chest and right chest but not as large as the full front. The design measures around 6 inches to 10 inches wide, and it should be put 4 inches below the collar.

        This is how to place logo designs on clothes printing if you need exposure. However, you should specify what you want, either a moderate-sized center chest or a full front. The Center chest is suitable for smaller shirts, while the full front is ideal for large ones.

        The center chest position comes with a few advantages. First and foremost, it helps expose your brand sign subtly so that customers can recognize it easily. Besides, this location is quite easy to print without complex measurement processes.

        For a promotional shirt that you will give away to customers, avoid printing the logos too large. People will hardly use them because they do not look like a walking billboards. Keep the branding subtle and modest to optimize the change of people wearing it.

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        4. Try Full Front

          This print method makes the front of your shirt the center of attention. It is full of design, allowing people to lean their gazes and notice the symbol printed on the area. Thanks to this advantage, it has become the most common print location on clothes.

          The standard size for a full front printing is around 12 inches wide by 14 inches high, and it should be placed 3 inches below the collar. With a very large size, you may end up having a lot of ink which makes the extra shirt heavy.

          This is why printing a full-front design can be challenging. Rather than using screen printing that gives you an unbreathable sweat patch, you can consider dye sublimation printing that offers a durable and vibrant result.

          Another tip on how to place logo designs on clothes printing is that you need to avoid solid print. Not only does it spend too much ink and give extra weight, but also it makes the whole design look less attractive.

          Besides, you need to think about the design to print. If it is very tall or very wide, be sure to reduce the size before printing. Keep the ratio when reducing the size, so it does not look weird eventually.

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          5. Imprint on the Back

            How to place logo designs on clothes printing to gain attention is by imprinting the sign on the back. Using different printing techniques, you can put the company icon or initial on the rear side of the shirt so that everyone can notice it effortlessly.

            This tip has been widely practiced for printing shirts for big events, public gatherings, or marketing purposes. The rear area is considered the best to create waves which make the event look more festive.

            Unlike symbols on the chest, the rear sign should come in a large size to make sure it works best. The ideal size is approximately 10 – 12 inches wide, making it visible even at a distance. However, you can also opt for a smaller size to keep it looking clean and sleek.

            Screen printing offers an easy and economical solution to place a large visual identity on the back of the shirts. But some brands use embroidery for an exclusive and aesthetic look, plus it makes the icon stand out. However, this method costs more.

            If you want an oversized print, the full-back should be your choice. You can get a bigger image than the front, as the wearer does not actually pay attention to it. This position is also suitable for the most colorful design.

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            6. Put Brand Signs on the Sleeve

              The sleeve is among the most popular areas to put a company sign. It is not only attractive in its visuals but also powerful to send a message. Delivering high visibility, people in your surrounding can easily lean their gazes at it.

              How to place logo designs on clothes printing on the shirt sleeves can be a bit tricky, but the result is worth the effort. This area allows you to showcase the brand icon in a subtle manner so the customers will not feel uncomfortable wearing the clothes.

              While the back of the shirt requires a large design, the sleeves are just the opposite. Since the location is limited, a small logo will be enough to send your message. If possible, use a variation that does not have complex details or wordy slogans.

              The standard size of the side sleeve design is around 1 inch to 3 inches wide. The best position is about one inch from the hem. Avoid printing the design on the front or rear side as it makes the clothes less attractive.

              Logos on the sleeve is suitable for giveaway clothing. Though it is not as popular as the left chest, it works effectively to promote your brand and company for free. You can choose either transfer printing, block printing, or embroidery based on your preferences.

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              7. Print Brand Icons on the Yoke

                A yoke is an area below the rear collar. This location is less conspicuous, but it is often used by companies that wish for a less aggressive approach. To get the best result, you need to learn how to place logo designs on clothes printing on the yoke.

                Although the back of the collar is less noticeable, it does not mean you can print the sign randomly. It is essential to think carefully about how you will print it, as the symbol is going to be a walking advertisement for your brand.

                Logos on the back are typically large to become an attention stealer. However, it is a different case with the yoke. This location requires a different approach to deliver the message smoothly while keeping the shirt looking elegant.

                Your brand sign on this location should be small in size. It should not exceed a few inches in order to prevent overpowering. However, you need to maintain its visibility so that the targets can read it easily.

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                8. Put a Logo on the Upper Back

                  This placement is similar to one on the yoke, but it typically comes in a larger size and is put a bit lower. How to place logo design on clothes printing on the upper back is simple. Make sure it is across the shoulder blades, as often used by security or event staff.

                  The standard size for this position is around 12 inches to 14 inches wide, ensuring high visibility so that people can read it in the crowd. Set the design 4 inches below the collar, which is neither too high nor too low.

                  If your design is not big enough for this area, consider choosing a taller font. Stretching the existing design will distort the layout and make it less visible. For this reason, you can simply find another font that can serve as a variation for your logo.

                  Some organizations or companies combine the upper back print and the bottom. This is optional, but the bottom of the shirt does not have good visibility. Consider the convention of how to place logo design on clothes printing for the best result.

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                  9. Pay Attention to the Margin

                    When printing a logo on a document, you need to set the margin to make sure it is placed perfectly. However, the margin is not only for the document but also clothes. When you are trying to find the best place for the sign on a shirt, measure the margin before printing.

                    This is a useful tip on how to print logos on clothes correctly. Paying attention to the margin helps you get a good result with excellent visibility, which contributes to the success of your approach.

                    For adults’ shirts, the design for the front placement should be printed about 4 inches to 6 inches below the neckline. Meanwhile, kids’ t-shirts with smaller sizes should be printed 1.5 inches to 3 inches below the neckline.

                    As for back design placement, the brand sign should begin at least 5 inches below the yoke. If you want it on the center of the clothes, it should sit nicely between the right and left seams. This tip on how to place logo designs on clothes printing helps you get the best result.

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                    10. Switch to Negative on a Large Design

                      The full front is not big enough when compared to an oversized print. There is a useful tip when working with oversized design. In order to reduce ink coverage, save more inks, and avoid sweat patches, you want to skip solid ink surfaces.

                      Instead, you can switch from positive to negative on the large areas. Switching to negative is effective in reducing by 80 percent of ink, making the shirt more flexible, light, and breathable. It is also more comfortable and visually better.

                      However, not every design can be switched this way. Some designs look weird when switched to negative, so you want to be careful when inverting it. Review and edit your design using a third-party app if necessary.

                      If you worry about a size too large, there is a tip on how to place logo designs on clothes printing. Print out the design at full size using your printer. Choose “tile” on your print option and combine four pages. Place them on a shirt to see how big it exactly is.

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                      Final Words

                      Logo placement plays a pivotal role in business or brand recall. In a competitive environment, finding an effective way to show your existence is necessary. One of the brilliant approaches to meet this goal is by putting a brand sign on apparel.

                      How to place logo designs on clothes printing that optimize the function is not a simple task. So many things need to be considered, such as the most familiar position, standard size, distance, and more.

                      There are several positions commonly used for brand printing; each has its own advantages. For example, the left chest is an ideal choice to expose your brand as it offers excellent visibility. Plus, it subtly defines your existence.

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                      You can also opt for full-back printing which is the second most popular location. The design is usually larger, providing high exposure, which makes it a great option for a colorful design. Sleeves are also suitable for simplified variation with a single color.

                      When it comes to choosing the best location for clothes, make sure to consider the purpose. If you are making for an event, the upper back is an ideal choice. But if you make ones for a giveaway, the left chest or sleeves allow you to promote discretely.

                      Learning several tips for t-shirt printing for beginners can help you gain the best result, allowing the design to work at its best.

                      How to place logo designs on clothes printing is uncomplicated with a little know-how. Choose the best position according to how much exposure you want for the sign. As size matters, you will also need to adjust the right size for each position.


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