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Article: Dos and Don'ts When Adding A Logo Slogan

Dos and Don'ts When Adding A Logo Slogan

Logo design is one of the most important elements and the primary image of a business.
Let’s find out about the do & don’ts when using a logo slogan!

What makes a logo attractive and memorable? Many aspects are in the background. One of them is a unique slogan. Okay, now try to think of this slogan, "Have it your way." Do you think of a brand? Well, that's the slogan of Burger King.

A slogan is known to the public as a magic sentence to enjoy a delicious portion of burgers your way. A good slogan for a logo must be short and catchy to be easily remembered. Then, does the slogan have a vital role in the brand? The only choice is to continue reading this article.


What is A Slogan?

A slogan, also known as a short statement, communicates information about a product or service. A slogan is a way to offer something to consumers and evoke the emotions of a brand.

You can look at some famous logos as examples. They have unique, concise ideas and can make the public remember them well.

Behind every well-known brand are a logo and a slogan that make it easy for consumers to identify the business. As a form of visual representation, logos and slogans play a role in having the power to evoke your brand.

While a logo can be depicted through shapes, text, or images to represent a business, slogans are more likely to be short words that convey the brand's purpose and describe its personality.

Both are vital tools in a business because they aim to describe the personality of the business and make it different from competitors. You must have seen and heard slogans everywhere, be it on the radio, television, social media, or in logos.

Creating a logo must be considered, including if you want to decide whether to include a slogan or not. A logo that contains a slogan fears that it can reduce the logo itself unless you can do it right.


Logo Slogan Dos And Don'ts

There are several things to consider when creating a logo that contains a slogan. For example, the following "dos and don'ts" logo slogans:

1. Do: Make Your Slogan Emotional And Descriptive

What is your goal in creating a logo slogan? A good slogan can provide information about your product or service; it can give a distinct impression.

The trick is to know what the purpose of the slogan is. Is the slogan that you will create intended to add information or make the public associate it with your brand? In this case, you need a few minutes to think about the uniqueness of your business. Think about something unique about your business.

The key is unique and different. Both things can strengthen your logo. A logo is like words that are full of intimacy between producers and consumers. Usually, logo slogans are made a little mysterious to make the public want more.

Do you know the slogan for Disneyland? It sounds like "the happiest place on Earth." Disney's slogan is both descriptive and emotive. The experience of watching Disney or playing in a castle is fun because Disney can always bring you to the best places.

Now, what is an example of an emotive slogan? You can pay attention to the Adidas slogan, "Impossible is Nothing," which is an emotional response from the agency. Through its brand and slogan, Adidas wants to convey an ability to face challenges bravely because nothing is impossible.

So, think carefully about what you want to convey in a slogan. Make sure it represents your brand well and represents what you want to convey.


2. Don't: Create A Slogan That's Too Long

Remember, this is not a poem or a speech; you don't have to make it too long. A good slogan consists of only a few words, maybe no more than four. In other words, a slogan must be able to attract the attention of consumers.

You can see McDonald's has a catchy slogan in three words: "I'm lovin' it." giving it a firm, professional impression and being able to describe how McDonald's products should be a destination for many people when they are hungry.

McDonald's represents joy and convenience, and Samsung represents ability and desire. Short slogans are also easier to remember, even when you want to use them in different places.

One of them is in terms of practical design. You can enter three words under the logo without changing the essence or beauty of the logo. You know, a long logo slogan will only mess up the design and make the logo difficult to read.

Creating a logo slogan must be full of careful consideration. Make something simple with short words; don't use long words, let alone cram them forcibly into a sentence.


3. Do: Pay Attention To The Suitability Of Your Slogan In Various Places

What makes a brand have a slogan that is known by the public? This is because the slogan is placed in several places with the brand logo.

However, you should pay attention to the suitability of your slogan in several other places, such as on business cards, posters, coupons, websites, footers, shop windows, company uniforms, digital advertisements, notebooks, pens, and various other places.

The more often your slogan is seen, the more people will memorize it. This is one way to build the right brand because you can get several benefits at once.

This point is related to the previous point, which is not to make a slogan that is too long. A long sentence may not look like a slogan; in fact, it seems like a sentence that will not make an impression. People might read it but not remember it.

The purpose of a slogan is to attract public attention wherever potential customers read it. Nowadays, everyone can reach social media and websites easily, so you have to display your slogan on these platforms.

With the right slogan, the public knows what they have to do: first impressions are the best. The public will be curious about your product, find out more information, and eventually become your loyal customers.


4. Don't: Have A Slogan Without Reason

A slogan will be known to the public and age with your brand. However, a slogan is not like a logo, which can be evaluated more than once. Therefore, make sure you don't make slogans at random or for no reason. A slogan must have a purpose, whether it relates to your brand name or your business goals.

If you don't have an emergency need to combine a logo with a slogan, it's best not to use it. Some brands remain successful without using a slogan, such as Starbucks and Zara. They still have a good logo design that is easy for the public to remember.

5. Do: Choose Fonts Carefully

In creating a slogan, you must choose the font carefully because this is one of the most important steps. Choose the right font pair to make the logo look attractive and appropriate. Don't combine letters to come up with a visually complex slogan that will confuse readers.


The Importance of A Logo and Slogan

A logo or slogan is what goes through a consumer's mind when they see it on the street, or a brand is mentioned. When someone reads McDonald's slogan, "I'm lovin' it," their mind immediately goes to the brand. This is an effective and flexible way of branding so that it can evolve with the changing times.

A logo or slogan is what goes through a consumer's mind when they see it on the street, or a brand is mentioned. When someone reads McDonald's slogan, "I'm lovin' it," their mind immediately goes to the brand. This is an effective and flexible way of branding so that it can evolve with the changing times.

You can be inspired by the worldwide McDonald's and how they fought to be known as they are today. This cannot be separated from their optimal marketing efforts to create a famous brand. Brand recognition will be a vital aspect of a business.

Slogans should use a strong color scheme and typography to give an optimal impression. By presenting the slogan consistently, marketing activities will run smoothly. As Forbes said, color can enhance brand recognition with its consistent presence across multiple platforms.

The more consumers recognize the slogans and logos of a business, the more likely they are to remember the companies that have those logos and slogans when they need related products.


What Makes A Slogan Effective?

The logo is a visual representation presented by a brand, while the slogan will connect the brand with the company. A slogan must be clear, concise, and memorable to be able to communicate the brand identity in the minds of consumers.

A slogan must be effective, attractive, and to the point. It's like a catchy song to you, haunting your mind all the time. A good slogan must also be credible. However, consumers will not trust a brand that is not credible and convincing.

You must be able to create a slogan that can resonate clearly to strengthen overall brand recognition. Think of several brands that are successful and have slogan logos; they do well because they can create catchy slogans.

A slogan, as well as a logo, has the role of making your product stronger or weaker. Companies that will use slogans should be careful because choosing the wrong slogan can destroy the business.

Logos and slogans are the face of the company and serve to describe the main goals and values of the product or service. When you fail to present a face with a memorable polish, the public may not feel interested. Hence, you must choose whether to use both of them or just one.


Some Examples of Effective and Creative Slogans

Coming up with an effective slogan will make your consumers stick around. It would work well in their minds. After all, a good slogan requires creativity and uniqueness; it cannot be thrown around carelessly. That's why some companies are willing to spend millions of dollars on an effective slogan.

The impact of the slogan is indeed able to encourage the business to be better known, especially if the slogan is unique and different from the others. An effective slogan should also be easy to remember. You can see some examples of effective slogans from the following well-known brands:

1. "Eat Fresh" from Subway

In two words, namely "eat" and "fresh," Subway has managed to build its identity, purpose, and what its business offers well.

A slogan should be short and catchy; no more than four words would be perfect. But Subway manages to craft an amazing slogan in just two words. Subway informs consumers that they sell fresh and warm, freshly made sandwiches.

Those two words are more than the point conveyed emphatically. Consumers will remember it well. If they need a fresh sandwich, they will immediately remember Subway.


2. "Just Do It" from Nike

Nike has never made anything disappointing. It's not just about the products they sell but also how they define a unique logo and memorable slogan. "Just do it" represents Nike well: do it with our tool, and don't hesitate.

Nike wants to invite everyone to be more confident and enthusiastic; nothing is difficult to do. In the slogan, Nike also built on the idea that anyone can be great and do whatever they want. You must build yours like Nike, one of the most awesome companies that produce outstanding logos and slogans.

3. "Because You're Worth It," from L'Oreal

L'Oreal has special skin-care products for women. With its slogan, women feel more valuable and perfect. "Worth it" is a catchy phrase for women, especially if it's directed at them. By buying L'Oreal products, self-confidence will be better, so it will make women feel more valuable.


4. "Belong Anywhere" from Airbnb

The slogan that emerged in 2014 is the perfect phrase for a product that promises friendship. That is, Airbnb seems to want to be friends with its customers to make travel easier. Previously, they had used a tagline that read "travel like a human" until it changed to a new slogan.

5. "Think Different" from Apple

Everyone wants to be unique and different. Apple knows how to touch the public so well that it impresses. Steve Jobs mentioned the phrase in a presentation at a Macworld exhibition. The phrase was embedded in the minds of the audience and made Apple the target of many consumers.

It proves that words do play an important role in an interaction. The more convincing the phrase you create, the more consumers will believe it. That's what will be able to build a good brand.

6. "It Gives You Wings" from Red Bull

This energy drink features not only a clever and unique logo but also a catchy slogan. With the slogan "It Gives You Wings," Red Bull seems to promise wings to anyone who eats them. More than that, it is energy for better activity.

This energy drink seems to tell the public that Red Bull products will provide a lot of energy. With optimal energy, it is not impossible to do activities that are quite strenuous. Come on; people need more energy right now.

7. "Impossible is Nothing" from Adidas

Adidas invites its customers to always be optimistic. It is also clearly described in the slogan: "We are given the confidence and motivation that nothing is impossible for a unanimous determination." Adidas invites its consumers to always be optimistic and enthusiastic and to never give up. 

This well describes the product: sports equipment that has always been a passion for athletes.


8. "Moving Forward" from Toyota

Toyota is one company that is never out of date. Its existence from the past until now has always been a company that has never been left behind. Just like its tagline says, Toyota is a company that is always moving forward.

Creating a slogan will be amazing if you know the key. For example, the Toyota company uses the phrase "Moving Forward" to describe a company that will always exist and is innovative.

As a businessman, you can use Toyota as an inspiration. A motivation to create an attractive slogan and be able to represent your product as well as possible.

9. "Open Happiness" from Coca Cola

No less interesting is the cool slogan of Coca-Cola. A unique slogan that can describe the company as well as display the positive value of a product.

Open happiness here seems to lead to the impression that we will get by opening the bottle cap of Coca-Cola: happiness. It is a clever slogan, even though it is only packaged in two words. The slogan is about creativity, and Coca-Cola manages to show it well.


Final Words

Slogans and logos do make a company more recognizable. However, you have to be careful when doing both. A logo or slogan is the identity of a business and can enhance or damage branding. It depends on how you make it.

If you can create an effective slogan, then you will succeed in attracting the attention of the public. On the other hand, a bad slogan will make you forgettable.

Many companies are successful because they use amazing logos and slogans. But some companies also remain successful without using a slogan. So, start by asking what your purpose is in using a slogan. If you don't need it, you can just use a logo instead. However, make it something unique and memorable.

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