10 Reasons Why You Should Only Use Letters For Logo Design

A logo design can always be in the form of only letters.
Here we will explain several reasons why you should only use letters for a logo design!
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It is not a surprise that every logo design has its unique aspect to highlight. Companies also have many options to create a more attractive and authentic identity with varying types of logos. But among many, one of the Blackhorse is the letter mark and wordmark. The visual identity puts its emphasis on using letters. 

Tons and ranges of famous companies out there decide to use the simpler approach by using letters as the only or main elements on the logo. But why and what are the advantages of doing so? Many will say that pictures or imagery serves better as a design element. But you can get the same with letters for logo design. 

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The key is that every business wants to stand out from the competition. They can use images to boost their identity. But using letters helps increase readability and message delivery. The idea comes out as exploiting colors, images, or symbols leads to a different meaning or direction. Therefore, letters turn into a more direct approach. 

Today, convincing letters and logos are pretty common, with every personal touch to add authenticity. It increases the likability of the letter logo, which more and more companies use in modern society. You can see it from instances of Netflix, Google, HBO, Adobe, IBM, and many other leading companies that have proven and effective designs. 

It goes with many reasons why using letters can create a rather competitive and effective logo design. Few companies, including those in the Fortune 500 companies, understand that a clear image delivers better memory retention. In this case, the idea is to use direct information through letters. 

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The letter's logo works well in delivering messages and introducing the company information and the business name. While many have a pretty limited chance of creating striking imagery, people will read the company's name straight from the first read. Thus, improving the company's memorability. 

However, many famous designs also put points in working with effective letters for logo design. In other words, it is not simply a name and letters on the sign. It should be prepared and cooked properly to attract or bring the initial intention. Fundamental knowledge of lettering and logo should suffice. 

Created by Wells Collins | https://dribbble.com/shots/18003628-Siesta-Campers-Badge-Designs

To give you more measurement on why to only use letters or stay with the lettering logo design, the following reasons will tell you the benefits of the idea. It mainly highlights how the trend and the use of imagery in logos have slowly shifted from fancy to practical. It also says that a letter in the logo is not a bad solution for visual identity design.  


1. Varying Styles Of Typefaces 

As much as many famous logos use imagery for its vast implementation and connotation, letters also have similar capabilities. Lettering, in general, refers to the range of typefaces, which include the common Sans Serif, Serif, script, or custom. After that, you can make the logo design and its letters following the company's details. 

How the varying typefaces help logos to appear better and more effective is similar to how shapes and colors can evoke meaning. Every typeface has a unique association with emotion, industry, and mood. One appears more formal, while the other goes or works for the casual industry. 

Sans serif is the modern and casual typeface used in varying letters for logo design. It can appear more complex to very simple, depending on how the creator wants to portray the text. The regular font under this typeface is Arial, Helvetica, or Century Gothic. It also has a connotation of tradition, adventure, and modernity. 

Created by Wells Collins | https://dribbble.com/shots/17034620-Tallyho-Lettering

Serif is another good font for traditional letters. It has a bunch of options, which make the design appear more stable, traditional, classic, or formal. Times New Roman is a classic example. Most logo designs that use this image come from a more professional and formal business, such as law firms, insurance, and other authority or formal situations. 

The next font to look at is the script. Most will associate the idea with fancy imagery, creating elegance through the letters. Script letters also have the highest association with handwriting and doodling, which has become one of the attractive trends in modern society. For a logo, the script fonts can be pictured with Lucida script, Zapfino, or Lobster. 

There are also many other fonts or typefaces, such as modern, display, slab serif, or custom design. Those letters proved that logos with simple text could also create groundbreaking imagery. Coca-Cola, Nasa, Google, and many other text-based signs use different typefaces that help capture people's attention without losing their personalities. 

Created by Chaz Russo | https://dribbble.com/shots/19118646-Papa-Danno-s-Backyard-Pizza


2. Single And Multiple Letters Design Ideas 

It is said that some letters for logos are limited to a certain number of initials. Generally, there are two options designers can use for the letter's visual identity. A single or one letter is a great option for companies looking for direct and simplified visuals. There are also varying tricks that help turn the lonely character into a more attractive design. 

Multiple letters are also the most common option for a logo focusing on initials. IBM is a prime example of a good and effective logo design. The three letters are pretty easy to remember, plus it also allows the creator to make a unique interpretation of the design. When using multiple characters, the design tends to have a more authentic or unique identity than one single letter. 

Created by SAMPLE | https://dribbble.com/shots/17022301-Lang-Beer-Co

Which one to pick? The use of one or multiple letters for logo design will depend on the company's intention and identity. Not every company can use or have initials. If they do, it also needs to be fully planned so the initial will not lose the identity, similar to other companies. This is why companies should pay attention to avoid loss in translation. 

If the company cannot use letters in the logo, there is also a wordmark. Wordmark focuses on visual identity design with the company's full name as the element. Coca-cola and Google should suffice as the design examples. Both words and letter marks use characters in them, which also need similar consideration before making the logo.  

Created by Wells Collins | https://dribbble.com/shots/17269577-Milk-Street-Logotype-Concept


3. Many Tricks In Using Letters 

If people see letters for logo design lack complexity, then the designer does not do their best to make the sign. There are many ways to make the design appear more beautiful. The idea is to use monograms. Some ideas to beautify the monograms are playing with negative spaces, interlocked, bridged, and on top of each other style. 

With one single letter, negative space works as a hidden meaning or message. Creators can make a creative rendition of hidden visuals and fun eye tricks in the white space. Interlocking design is where two or more letters are conjoined to make modern-looking imagery. It works with a lot of creative ideas, such as interlocking P and B to create an illusion. 

Created by James Coffman | https://dribbble.com/shots/19384982-Mistica-Typeface

The bridged trick is for a more common styling of letters in logo design. It comes with the said name, which is initially connected by particular elements. Those elements can be a single stroke across characters, the middle stroke from A and H, or others. The key is to create a connection between the two or more initials. 

The next trick is to overlay or on top of each other style. It has been quite a trend in logo design since the imagery creates a more modern visual illusion. In the implementation, the creation is rather straightforward. You only need an overly small bit of the letters, thus creating a sense of transparency and styling color blend. A perfect option for a modern logo.  

Created by Mateusz Witczak | https://dribbble.com/shots/18377489-Custom-gothic-letter-A


4. Versatile For Varying Industries 

After understanding the vast possibilities of letters for logo design, the reason the idea is favored can also be due to its versatility. Wherever the idea is used, it will look great and fitting. You can use the logo for varying marketing mediums, such as business cards, merchandise, profile pictures, or online websites. 

It goes with the fact that letters are easily recognizable and have less strain compared to imagery. Of course, the versatility also depends on the lettering design or idea. You won't make a fitting logo with a gothic style on a kindergarten business name. It will only ruin or disrupt the company's flow. 

The same ideas go with the impression, color, typography, and compression. You should ensure the works are fitting before fully establishing the logo wherever you want. And the key reason for this idea is the ability to work in varying or differing industries. You can find the letter mark or wordmark from a creative industry to mining or other unique companies.   

Created by Typemate | https://dribbble.com/shots/14970460-Crinquelle-sketch


5. Unique Identity Through Text 

One thing that makes a logo crucial for a business is its role in creating a unique identity within the competition. That is the reason why the design should have personality and unique points to spot. However, using images can lead to mistranslation or failure to develop the needed idea. Therefore, using letters for logo design can be a great solution for it.

Letters have a certain restriction that makes the creation process complex compared to imagery. There is minimal use of graphics or illustration, which encourages creators to dig deeper, searching for more information about the competitor's logo. It allows the creator to be aware of the duplication or similar visual identity. 

Take the example of NASA, which only has four letters on the identity. Considering its simple text, people can or will find duplicates out there on the internet. But with slightly customized text (using a curve, solid stroke, and simple A letter), Nasa appears different. It makes the sign unique and has its unique association.  

Created by Dan Lehman | https://dribbble.com/shots/19566820-Ripple-Type-Experiment


6. Simple Imagery Ideal For Logo 

Simple is one of the keys to successful logo design. Text or letters for logo design makes the creation process easier and fits with the simple modern image. Most of the time, this visual identity style only composes of simple text or words. The best thing a creator or designer can add is color or some beautiful strokes on the lettering. 

You can see it from a monogram. It is a simple depiction focusing only on one or two letters in the design. Unlike the pictorial sign, this idea is charming and simple. The simple image also can provide information directly and correctly. The lack of images or additional details adds a better sense of focus, highlighting the name or the business message.  

Created by Sindy Ethel | https://dribbble.com/shots/9837303-Brave-Lettering


7. Identifiable With Letters And Company Name

An obvious reason why you should use a monogram, wordmark, or letter mark is its direct information. The audience will read or identify your logo only by reading the text. When people see Google Sign, everyone knows that it is a company's name and product. Similar to Coca-Cola, Nasa, Kido, or any other similar imageries. 

Designers who use the company names help people or the audience learns about the business clearly in just a glance. It will be a bit different at first, but the general reason is the same. People or the audience will recognize the letters and create similar meanings. Meanwhile, symbols or imagery can lead to misconception or fail to provide a better translation. 

Created by Nathan Holthus | https://dribbble.com/shots/14972912-Your-Smith-Lettering


8. Modern Implementation In Logo Design 

Using letters for logo design is considered one of the modern intakes in the creative industry. Not only does it give more uniqueness compared to the old visuals like brand names or emblems, but it also appeals to more industries. It is associated with the versatility of the design. You can find text or word-based logos for many other businesses, from education to energy. 

The ability to change and develop over time is also a sign of modern visual identity. The letters on the logo can look modern with striking colors. The lettering also has tons of usability and tricks, including using more complex styling, customization, or design prowess. 

Created by Alen Pavlovic | https://dribbble.com/shots/18160532-Bend


9. Scalability To Cover Diverse Medium 

Despite the trending and bigger market of graphics or illustration, many designers will lose the main function of the company scope in the future. It pinpoints the possibilities in developing or using the logo design in varying mediums following the growth of business models, products, services, and many more. 

This is the key that explains how letter logo design has better scalability compared to many images based on visual identities. Take an example of a logo with a phone to show the current services. When the company expands its work for computers, the company will need adjustments. Using letters can be seen as a safe bet for the company to avoid rebranding or redesigning. 

Created by Abi | https://dribbble.com/shots/17722724-Calico


10. Convenience Design Projects

 At the end of the day, one of the reasons why the logo design can win many people's hearts is due to its convenience. It is convenient for the designing process and also easier to read or understand for the audience. Typography is known as a bold message which provides a clear hint to the target audience. It will be a better solution if the company has a longer name. 

Since the audience can learn and understand the company's logo easily, it helps people to explore better in the competitive market. They don't need to recall the imagery; instead directly remember the business name. On the other hand, the convenience reason also applies to the designer. 

There are chances for the creator to highlight the focus within the typography and many other different elements of the logo. To make it works, some creator can make the design appear as initials, signature, name, or unique identity. The process itself makes the design creation rather convenient, especially without the risk of creating misconception or meaning. 

Created by Szymon Czajka | https://dribbble.com/shots/18183339-SYMBIOSIS


Final Words

It is easier to say that using letters for logo design is a solution for easier and more direct creation. Generally, it is a creative visual identity relying solely on using text or words. It will have less imagery in the logo. Thus, making it the easier or simpler option for designers to work with. However, it still takes time to plan and develop the real one. 

Letters-based logo design has many implementations and design possibilities, which is also one of the greatest reasons or benefits of using the idea. There are also many other creative tricks to make the rather simple text appear more appealing in the future, which includes playing with color, design, and the impact of the text itself. 

Created by Ilham Herry | https://dribbble.com/shots/17431673-Logo-Collection

When fully or properly used, the benefits of using letters are beyond easy and quick creation. Letter marks, wordmarks, initials, or monogram tend to have better identifiers and modern implementation. The scalability and authenticity are also up to the roof. All due to the simple implementation yet unique interpretation based on the company. 

That is why using a logo with a lettering design is not a bad move in the rather competitive industry. There are many to explore, which include working with unique lettering, shapes, styles, color, and tricks. Letters for logo design can also be the solution to quick and convenient work, which also does not lose its authenticity or character as a visual identifier.  

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