30 Most Inspiring Logo Designer Quotes You Should Check

Every artist needs a good quote as a reminder, motivation, and guidance.
Let’s find out some of the most inspiring logo designer quotes from the very best!

Working in the creative industry tends to come with its unique trait or situation. In many ways, you can see certain projects require different expertise and knowledge. It includes logo designers who are trying to navigate the murky waters and make a better flow of inspiration. Aside from the hard work and talents, learning through quotes might come as a solution. 

When the situation is harder to navigate, quotes are not only an inspiring idea but also some unique mindset sharing from famous experts out there. After all, some of the flowing inspiring logo designer quotes are not made by such as wimp. There are sayings from people that have become icons, solving problems for a long time, and still inspire modern designers.


1. Design Is Thinking Made Visual.

Saul Bass pinpoints the importance of research during logo creation. The famous logo creator shows through his quotes that creating a logo design is beyond beauty. Designers need to do research, build an image and put it onto paper. All to make a unique mark and not lose its clarity. 


2. A Logo Is Not A Brand; It Is Only A Symbol For A Brand. A Brand Is Much More Than A Logo.

One of many powerful quotes by Marty Neumeier indicates that logo works and branding are pretty complex projects. At the same time, it specifies that the branding project comprises everything from services to public reviews or customer interaction. In other words, the logo is not only for identity. But to turn into a face of the branding or product itself. 


3. A Logo Does Not Sell Directly; It Identifies.

One of the famous logo designers quotes you can find by Paul Rand. The idea of not selling directly refers to the fact that a sign is an identifier of the product. The quotes also give a great punch of reality that not every good or great design will sell. Instead, the designers should consider inducing emotion, memories, and rewarding interaction to make the emblem identifiable. 


4. Designers Actually Can Change The World For The Better By Making The Complicated Simple And Finding Beauty In Truth.

A quote by Michael Bierut is a great example and implementation of how the realm of design and logo creation is pretty vast. But despite the vast and huge potential, it is best to keep everything simple to help customers understand it easily. That is the meaning of finding beauty in truth.  


5. Logo Survive Because They Can Adapt To Countless Formats.

One thing logo designers should not forget it is design versatility. The quotes by Sagi Haviv tell the truth that over the years, a company will need to alter its symbol. It does not have to be a major haul; instead, a minor change to follow the new format will be the best solution. These quotes show the essence of surviving countless formats.  


6. The Best Design Tool Is A Long Eraser With A Pencil At One End.

Marty Neumeier shares his quotes about not being afraid to make mistakes. Despite his saying highlighting the use of pencils and erasers, it can turn into powerful logo designer quotes for everyone. The key is not to be afraid of mistakes. A designer is bound to make mistakes, and making changes or restarting multiple times is a challenge to tackle. 


7. Great Design Does Not Date.

The simple quote by Harry Seidler has a huge meaning in it. The main interpretation is how the logo design should be long-lasting or everlasting. It highlights the key sense of creating a simple, direct, and long-lasting company identity. In that sense, the company will not need to make frequent rebranding, which might lead to losing its identity in the market. 


8. In The Study We Always Try To Ignore Trends.

As much as designers need to make a work that does not easily die in the market, it does not make the project follow the trend. A quote by Sagi Haviv will inspire logo designers to stay with the objective values of the brand while staying aesthetically effective. Joining the bandwagon is not the best idea since trending techniques and colors might die out quickly. 


9. Don't Try To Be Original; Try To Be Good.

Paul Rand's quotes emphasize irony in the logo and design world. It pinpoints the fact that designers need to make something eye-catching and authentic; thus, the customer or audience will stay in the proper direction. But it comes with limitations to not going over and swerving from the goal. Staying to be yourself and working with the brand is the purpose of logo designers. 


10. More Rationale Decrease Subjectivity.

One of the inspiring logo designers quotes you can get by Sol Sender. The idea is to make the work as human as possible. In other words, make it simple, easier to understand, and memorable. Adding too much rationale or logic will bound to extra details, which is the worst situation for logo creation. The designer's work will eventually lose its subjectivity.


11. A Logo Is A Period At The End Of A Sentence, Not The Sentence Itself.

Other good quotes by Sagi Haviv make the logo creator or designer understand the function of the sign project. It tells how the symbol should be the dead price or perception of the product itself. It should not leave people to ponder, think, or feel on their own. Instead, it should provide the preamble to the brand's mission or belief. 


12. The Strongest Logos Tell Simple Stories.

Following the previous quotes, Sol Sender says a similar idea about signs. Logo designers should understand the priority of working with meaningful and memorable imagery. The point is to make the imagery speak volumes of what it shows without being too complicated and confusing. The short, simple stories will help make the design more meaningful. 


13. Design Is The Silent Ambassador Of Your Brand.

Paul Rand's quotes mostly give a unique sight into how designers need to proceed with the project. In this case, the quotes show that the function of the logo is to advocate for every business. In other words, it should help keep the services and values up in front. Creating the design is straightforward and relatable. 


14. Logos Are The Graphic Extension Of The Internal Realities Of A Company.

Saul Bass's quotes are solid reminders for logo designers. It highlights that symbol is one of the keys to successful branding. That is why Saul Bass calls it a graphic extension of the company. At the same time, it is also a project that forces designers to incorporate the brand identity for the entirety of the narrative brand. 


15. A Logo Is Less Important Than The Product It Signifies, It Means It Is More Important Than What It Looks Like.

One of the inspiring Paul Rand's logo designer quotes tells about the importance of meaning in the project. The quotes somehow tell an implicit meaning that the emblem is always made with deeper meaning through its design. The key is to serve the real purpose without literally putting a pretty picture in it.  


16. There Are Three Responses To A Piece Of Design, Yes, No, And WOW. Wow Is The One To Aim For.

One of many inspirational quotes by logo designer Milton Glaser can open up a new mindset in the design process. Many will say good is enough. But for a company identity, designers need to do more. It should be better, and as a designer, you should not settle for anything less than what to do. 


17. If No One Hates It, No One Really Loves It. 

A famous magazine designer Jessica Walsh also has a strong quote to consider. It shows that every logo and design will have its share of hate. In a business with cutting-throat competition, it is given that your work is hated. It means the design left a huge impression on someone; both loved or hated. It also pushes you to make a better rendition of the project. 


18. The Key to Great Ideas Is Not Having Them, It Is Executing Them. And Great Ideas Come From Problems. As Designers, We Call Problems, Briefs, And We Call Reaction To Problems, Concept.  

Not only from logo designer quotes, but some inspiring individuals out there are also full of wise words. Kate Moross' quotes are powerful and beautiful. Moross is known as an illustrator with dynamic colors and hand lettering. The quotes tell a great sense of problem-solving skills, which every creator needs to create meaningful work. 


19. The New Becomes Threatening, The Old Reassuring.

Paul Rand has many beautiful quotes to show. And one of them is about how the public is more familiar with bad designs than good ones. It makes society prefer bad work. In effect, it shows that older designs are more reassuring compared to the new logo designer's work with a threatening style in it. 


20. I Strive For Two Things In Design: Simplicity And Clarity. Great Design Is Born Of Those Two Things. 

The man behind FedEx and Avery logos, London Leader, also has great quotes to get inspiration. He put a pinpoint on how he manages to create memorable and high-quality designs over time, and the secret is to pay attention or work on simplicity and clarity. It creates a clear detail of his signature works as a designer. 


21. You Can Do A Good Ad Without Good Typography, But You Cannot Do A Great Ad Without Good Typography.

 Herb Lubalin shares nice logo designer quotes that highlight different key elements in the project, typography. While the man tells about the ad, a similar sense is also used on the sign and mark. A good mark or company identity can do well without good typography. But designers will always need to pay attention to the typography to make sure the imagery delivers the real meaning.


22. Information Is Only Useful When It Can Be Understood.

Muriel Copper was a digital designer that has a long range of stunning visuals in the market. But in this quote, the famous creator shares the importance of communication to distill complex digital data. It is similar to how a logo works. It should be digestible while also having stunning imagery to attract an audience. 


23. Good Design Is All About Making Other Designers Feel Like Idiots Because That Idea Wasn't Theirs.

Frank Chimero, the logo designer of Facebook, Nike, and Adobe, shares a crude realization on making a great design. The man states in his quotes that the creator should make something that people want to try or something unthinkable. It adds a sense of envy, a great fuel for being unique and distinct in the greatly competitive business market. 


24. If You Can Properly Define The Problem, Then You've Already Defined The Solution As Well.

Good logo designer quotes you should consider are from Chip Kidd. The man is known for his long history as an associate art director at Knopf. But his quotes are the ones that make a great highlight on the logo and design creation process. He put a big point on how vital learning the problem is, which later helped define the best solution. 


25. Digital Design Is Like Painting, Except The Paint Never Dries. 

The quotes from Neville Brody are not relatively limited to their initial meaning, working with manual design. But it goes well with the modern digital logo design, which has the chance to work easier or better with the help of technology. The key to these inspiring quotes is to not feel down, or different since both manual and digital are the same design work. 


26. It's Through Mistakes That You Actually Can Grow. You Have To Get Bad In Order To Get Good.

Also known as an identity designer, Paula Scher is one of many logo designer quotes that make sense of why experience, problem-solving, and development are needed as creative workers. She has varying projects, including street photography, and some of them are pure experiments, which help signify an idea to tackle the creator's growth from mistakes. 


27. Designers Are Meant To Be Loved, Not To Be Understood.

Margaret Oscar shares a unique perspective from the quotes. Instead of pointing to the project, the person shares ideas on paying attention to the person itself. The quotes show that designers can work and create unique imagery or logo. It makes them hard to understand. But the process of making one will signify that every person means or deserves love. 


28. Make It Simple, But Significant.

Don Draper might not be a logo designer, but his quotes on design make an open eye. Simple and significant are the two vital elements of making signs. Every designer will need to put a measure on creating simple imagery that helps easier message delivery. Meanwhile, significance is key to keeping track of the brand and product. 


29. Design Creates Cultures, Cultures Shapes Values, Values Determine The Future.

A designer and author, Robert L. Peters has one of the punchy logo designer quotes for inspiration. The man knows that design is a powerful item in society. Both proper and bad creation will later create cultures. In effect, it crafts certain values in society, which later shape the future. Take an example of the typography culture; it has a great value that attracts more creative creators. 


30. Design Can Be Art, Design Can Be Aesthetic, Design Is So Simple, That Is Why It Is So Complicated.  

The last quote is from none none-other than the world-famous logo designer Paul Rand. The man once again put a great realization on why design is a pretty complicated project. It has varying values and functions, including art or aesthetics. At the same time, it also needs to be simple enough to deliver a message. It sure highlights the challenge of working with a logo.


Final Words

Explicitly or implicitly, the quotes highlight some of the fundamental mindsets and thinking of working as a designer. Some of the sayings also make a good highlight how to make a proper sign or add a sense of important details in creating the best project. In general, most of them did not shy away from saying that the logo is a complex project. 

Some of the logo designer quotes pinpoint that being good is not enough for the project. You should be different, wow, and also properly brand the product. In many ways, you can see that almost every person shows the complexity of creating a mark or sign. It has a unique intake in its creation, ideation, and creation, which is why some creators give a share of their minds through quotes. 

At the end of the day, the range of quotes given in these articles are meant to help project some ideas on logo creation. The sign project is not mere or easy work to handle. Logo designers might have to think further, create a deeper concept, and craft a distinctive identity for the company or industry to strive for. So, hopefully, the quotes can inspire you for the better. 

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