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Article: What To Do When You Don't Want To Work Anymore

What To Do When You Don't Want To Work Anymore

Work is something that can be very tiring and stressful, so what should you do if you feel like you don't work to work anymore. Let's find out the solution!

Work is something that can be a very tiring and stressful activity. Especially if your job keeps you from doing many things without getting enough rest, this can sometimes cause you don't want to work anymore and make you unproductive. However, this can be overcome. Check out the following explanation.


Burnout Syndrome

Before going into a discussion about how you can overcome the feeling that makes you don't want to work anymore and get back to being productive again, you must first know what caused you to experience these feelings. 

These feelings are usually caused by excessive stress. This excessive stress eventually causes a condition called Burnout syndrome.If you feel like you don't want to work anymore, even though you were a very productive person before, you could be experiencing burnout syndrome. 

Burnout syndrome is a condition in which an individual experiences stress due to work, causing the individual to constantly feel tired, both physically and mentally.This fatigue is what ultimately makes the person don't want to work. This is, of course, very seriously considering that work is an activity that is important for human life. People who suffer from this syndrome usually lack the motivation to go to work and complete their tasks.

This condition is most often caused by excessive stress due to work. Therefore, burnout syndrome is also usually referred to as occupational burnout or also job burnout. If not treated immediately, the productivity of people who have this syndrome will continue to decline and will make the individual more and more don't want to work anymore.


Characteristics of People with Burnout Syndrome

In addition to constantly feeling like you don't want to work anymore, people with burnout syndrome can also have symptoms that are easy to observe.

If you experience these symptoms or you see your coworkers experiencing these symptoms, take a break from work for a while to be able to overcome them so that burnout does not get worse.

The symptoms of burnout syndrome are actually similar and almost the same as the symptoms of ordinary stress. This is because burnout syndrome is a form of stress that occurs due to continuous work. The following are the symptoms of burnout syndrome that you should know:

1. Feeling Tired Easily

If you get tired quickly even though you've only done a little of your job, even though your body condition is fit, you could have burnout syndrome. This fatigue can be experienced physically as well as mentally.

Work that makes you stressed can make you feel tired quickly. Your body and mind also feel drained, and you become extremely exhausted when doing the work, even though you were able to do the work before without feeling significantly tired.

If it is in severe cases, even this excessive stress can reduce your physical condition significantly. You may experience muscle aches and headaches that continue without stopping. When you have experienced something severe like this, it is important for you to immediately deal with the stress or burnout you are experiencing to prevent a more severe condition in the future.

If this condition is not treated immediately, of course, you also can't do your job properly, right? You will constantly feel tired and sick while doing your work.


2. More Sensitive Than Usual

When experiencing stress, it has become very common for someone to become quickly angry and also offended when interacting with other people. This will be very disturbing because stress can completely control your mood.

If you are easily angry and also offended, your mood will certainly quickly turn bad and will interfere with your daily activities. You become unfocused at work, or you are angry and don't want to work anymore.

It is also bad if you have reached a severe stage, where you can vent your anger on employees or other people in your office. Surely this condition will result in a less comfortable work environment for other employees, right?

Many modern companies realize that this condition can be a fatal condition because one person's mood can affect the mood of other employees.So now companies have provided recreational and fun facilities in their offices. Some companies even install replica playgrounds for adults to entertain their employees.


3. The Emergence of Anxiety and Other Negative Feelings

When you are stressed and experiencing burnout, your mental state is one of the things that will be worst affected. You may experience various unpleasant feelings, such as anxiety.

You may also continue to be dissatisfied with your job, no matter how hard you try to do the work assigned to you. This feeling is one of the things that makes people don't want to work anymore.

Of course, this is a very unpleasant feeling to have. If you feel things like this constantly, you may need to get over the stress and burnout you're experiencing. In severe cases, if your anxiety and stress have reached an excessive level, this will have a significant impact on your life. 

You may have a lack of appetite and may also have trouble sleeping at night. Stress and also severe anxiety can cause ulcers and other severe health problems.


Factors That Makes Someone Has Burnout Syndrome

Sometimes, you don't realize that there are so many things that can cause you to feel like you don't want to work anymore or are unmotivated to go to work. Burnout syndrome can be caused by things that may still be considered trivial and small things by many people. Though these factors are very influential factors and determine your feelings and motivation to go to work. The following are some of the main factors that can cause you to suffer from burnout syndrome and don't want to work anymore:

1. Unsupportive or Uncomfortable Workplace Environment

The work environment is one of the factors that determine the stress level of employees or workers. Therefore, it is important for you as an employee to choose a workplace that has a comfortable working environment and also supports you in developing your career. 

Supportive and comfortable here mainly talk about the social environment of the office. In an office, there are many people who have different characteristics and backgrounds, and you may have never met before.Try to find an office or job that has a good social environment, where workers and employees support each other. 

If you have a bad work environment, such as bullying, or your boss constantly pressures you, this could be one of the main reasons you don't want to work anymore and burn out. This is of course very important to note considering you spend your daily life in the office five days a week where you will meet the same people every day. 

If you experience uncomfortable feelings every day, it will certainly distract you from work, and also, you will not be able to complete your work properly.


2. You Always Do The Same Monotone Job Every Day

Usually, in an office, each employee will have their own duties and roles that they must do. But because of this, office employees are often given the same monotonous task every day. 

Doing a task or job that is monotonous and carried out continuously every day will certainly make you bored and also not enthusiastic about working. You feel there are no more challenges that you have to do. Every day you do the same. This, of course, will be exacerbated if you do a job that exhausts you.

Doing something over and over has been proven to be one of the main reasons many people experience burnout syndrome and end up feeling like they don't want to work anymore. Even if you are assigned to do the same job every day, you can ask for variations in the assignment. Or you can also make your own variations in your doing the job. 

For example, if you are a secretary whose job is to record the results of meetings continuously, you can provide variations by using a new recording method. If you have always taken notes using paper and pen, you can try using a computer and typing the notes. This can make a difference, at least in your monotonous or boring work. Hopefully, this will at least reduce your burnout or feelings that make you don't want to work anymore.


3. Unbalanced Work and Resting Time

The last thing that can be one of the main reasons why you feel burnout and also doesn't want to work anymore is the uneven distribution of rest and work time. Often at work, you lose track of time and can spend a whole day going to work and doing your homework without taking a break.

The feeling of don't want to work anymore is usually experienced by young adults who want to pursue a better career, so they spend most of their time working. Even though it is a common thing that you need adequate rest and also work can be one of the activities that drain your energy.

Rest here doesn't just mean sleeping or taking a break from your work like lunch. Rest here means you have to do something other than work that is good for your mental or physical health. You can take a break from work by doing your hobby like drawing, listening to music, reading a book, or even going on vacation to places you like.

You can also exercise to keep your body fit after doing your day's work. This is, of course, very important, especially if you are a corporate employee who usually spends your daily life sitting and doing your job without moving your body. If you are constantly working without giving yourself time to do other things that make you happy, you will quickly feel bored and unmotivated. This eventually leads to the feeling of don't want to work anymore.


How to Deal with Burnout and the Feeling of Don't Want To Work Anymore

After discussing what are the effects and characteristics of people who experience burnout, we will now provide information on how you can deal with this. The feeling of don't want to work anymore can be solved with a few simple things.

To overcome this feeling, you do not need to do things that are grandiose. You just need to do simple things like focus on your own physical and mental health. In addition, there is a complete discussion of the ways you can deal with the feelings of don't want to work anymore:

1. Take More Time to Relax and Rest

Rest is one of the main keys that you can immediately do when you get the feeling you don't want to work anymore. When this feeling arises, you can immediately overcome it by taking a break and doing things that are fun for you. 

If you are too tired to do other activities, you can just relax and unwind to deal with the stress that arises because of your work. When you relax and rest, your brain and body seem to be recharged with energy. So that later you can do your work more effectively without having to feel the feeling of don't want to work anymore.


2. Give Reward For Yourself

Sometimes without realizing it, you need a reward for all the achievements and also the hard work you have done. You can reward yourself with a variety of things you like. Each individual has their own way of giving appreciation for the hard work they have done so far. Some people give rewards by buying things that they have been dreaming of for a long time.

Some others also give themselves time to rest and relax as a reward. You can choose what reward you want to give yourself. This reward can overcome the feelings of don't want to work any more than you feel.

When you reward yourself, you appreciate and indirectly re-motivate yourself to continue working and be productive again. For some, this is one of the most powerful ways to deal with the feelings that make you don't want to work anymore.


3. Spend Your Time With The Loved Ones More

Spending time with the people you love can reduce the feeling that makes you don't want to work anymore. By spending time with them, they can bring happiness and a feeling of relaxation to you.

Researchers have also mentioned that if you spend more time surrounded by people you love, your brain will produce more happiness and stress-reducing hormones. You can spend time doing things you like with them, or you can just relax and hang out together.

In addition, spending quality time with the people you care about can be your motivation to get rid of the feelings that make you don't want to work anymore. The people you love can be your best motivation to get back to being productive and working hard again.


4. Consume Stress-Reducing Foods

It turns out that there are lots of foods that can prevent or reduce the stress levels you feel. The food you eat can affect your mood as well as your brain's ability to produce important hormones like stress-reducing hormones.

One of the stress relief foods that you can consume is berries. Almost all types of berries contain vitamin C, which is important to relieve stress levels and also reduce the feeling of don't want to work anymore.

In addition to berries, other foods that have a high vitamin C content, such as oranges, can also be the best food alternative that you can choose. Vitamin C itself is said to be able to help fight stress quite significantly.


5. Meditate

Meditation has long been recognized as one of the most powerful stress-relieving activities. If you've never done meditation before and don't know how to do it, there are lots of trainers you can rent or video tutorials you can watch on YouTube.

You can start meditating as a beginner in just a short time. Over time you can increase your meditation time to be even longer. Meditation has been proven to calm your mind, so your brain can take a break from busyness and relax. This gives your brain time to recharge, so the feeling of don't want to work anymore is less likely to arise.

In order for this meditation to be effective in reducing your stress levels, you must meditate regularly. You can do this every day for a few minutes. Or, if you have enough time, you can meditate 2-3 times a day, depending on your needs.

It is recommended to do meditation after you wake up and also before you go to sleep. You can also do meditation on the sidelines of your free time after finishing your work.


Final Words

The feeling of don't want to work anymore is a feeling that can be experienced by anyone. If you feel this feeling and start to be unmotivated to do your job, immediately overcome it by doing various activities that can relax your mind and body.

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