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Article: Top 15 Best Books About Logo Design

Top 15 Best Books About Logo Design


In the dynamic world of branding, a compelling logo stands as the cornerstone of a company's identity. It is more than just a graphical element; it embodies a brand's message, values, and promise to its customers. Aspiring designers and veterans in the field constantly seek inspiration and knowledge to craft logos that leave an indelible impression. The path to mastering the art and science of logo design is significantly smoothened with guided learning from experts who have penned down their experiences and skills in books.

Delving into books on logo design can provide an immersive learning experience, where one can explore the depths of creativity, color theory, and typography through real-life case studies and project walkthroughs. These books are not just repositories of knowledge; they are a mentor guiding you through the nuances of logo design, offering a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

In our curated list of the top 15 best books about logo design, we aim to present a diverse range of books that cater to different skill levels and approach logo design from unique angles. Whether you're starting your journey or looking to refine your skills, these books are designed to foster creativity and technical prowess in every logo designer. Stay tuned as we unveil the books that are revered in the logo design community, guiding readers to create logos that resonate and endure.


1. Logo: The Reference Guide to Symbols and Logotypes, by Michael Evamy

In "Logo: The Reference Guide to Symbols and Logotypes," Michael Evamy unveils an expansive collection of logos drawn from different eras and regions, providing a comprehensive resource for designers and students alike. This book stands as a meticulous archive of case studies, breaking down the success behind some of the world's iconic logos. Whether you're looking to understand the history of logo design or find inspiration for your projects, this guide serves as a rich reservoir of ideas. The high-resolution images coupled with insightful narratives offer a profound understanding of how symbols and logotypes come to be ingrained in society's visual language, making it a must-read for every logo design aficionado.



2. Logo Modernism, by Jens Müller

Jens Müller’s “Logo Modernism” is nothing short of a visual feast that explores the modernist approach to logo design, spanning the period from the 1940s to the 1980s. The book aggregates over 6,000 trademarks, categorized based on their distinctive design elements. Müller provides a deep dive into the modernist movement, showcasing logos that are epitomes of radical simplicity and stark boldness characteristic of that era. It provides a rich ground for understanding the foundational principles of modern design theory. Müller’s expert narration coupled with visually striking imagery, offers both novice and seasoned designers a fresh perspective on the art of crafting timeless logos.



3. Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities, by David Airey

David Airey's "Logo Design Love" shines a spotlight on the intricate process behind crafting memorable and effective logos. Airey invites readers to a journey through a series of case studies, shedding light on his approach to creating iconic brand identities. This book is more than a tutorial; it is a deep-dive into the psychology, art, and strategy involved in logo design, offering readers invaluable insights from a seasoned practitioner’s perspective. He demystifies the process, guiding both amateurs and veterans through the essential phases of the logo design process, from client briefs to final presentations. "Logo Design Love" is an indispensable resource for anyone eager to delve deeper into the world of logo design.



4. Draplin Design Co.: Pretty Much Everything, by Aaron James Draplin

"Draplin Design Co.: Pretty Much Everything" offers readers an exclusive peek into the creative world of Aaron James Draplin, a stalwart in the logo design industry. Draplin shares his journey, the highs and lows of his career, and his unique approach to design. The book stands as a rich source of inspiration, brimming with anecdotes, case studies, and a wide array of his works, showcasing his expertise in creating logos that resonate. From sharing valuable insights to presenting a gallery of iconic logos, Draplin doesn’t hold back. It's a book that is as generous, vibrant, and candid as Draplin himself, promising to fuel the creative spirit of every reader, from novice designers to industry veterans.



5. Los Logos 8, by Robert Klanten and Boris Brumnjak

"Los Logos 8," curated by Robert Klanten and Boris Brumnjak, is a meticulous compilation of contemporary logo designs, bringing to the forefront the most innovative and groundbreaking developments in modern branding. This edition showcases a careful selection of visually arresting logos, carrying forward the series’ tradition of encapsulating the ever-evolving landscape of logo design. Readers will find an array of designs characterized by their dynamic approach, pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks in the industry. It serves as a treasure trove of inspiration for designers, with a rich visual library that encourages creativity and fosters fresh thinking in logo design. This book is a must-have for those keen on staying abreast with the latest trends and developments in the world of logo design.



6. Identity Designed: The Definitive Guide to Visual Branding, by David Airey

In "Identity Designed," David Airey offers readers an in-depth look into the captivating world of visual branding. The book delves deep into the strategies employed by renowned designers across the globe, giving an inside view of the journey from conceptualization to realization of iconic brand identities. Airey combines theoretical foundations with practical insights, offering readers a comprehensive guide to creating visually potent and enduring brand identities. Every case study featured in the book is a lesson in strategic thinking, attention to detail, and the art of storytelling through visual design. "Identity Designed" stands as a definitive resource, aiding designers in navigating the complex terrain of visual branding with confidence and skill.



7. Symbol, by Steven Bateman and Angus Hyland

“Symbol,” crafted by Steven Bateman and Angus Hyland, is a masterpiece that takes readers on an explorative journey into the world of symbols in design. The book encapsulates a vast array of symbols, categorizing them according to their visual characteristics and exploring their uses and meanings in various contexts. From well-known commercial logos to symbols representing organizations and events, the compendium offers an insightful analysis of how simplistic graphic forms can convey deep meanings and narratives. “Symbol” serves as an essential guide for designers and enthusiasts alike, providing the tools and knowledge to craft powerful visuals that resonate deeply with audiences. The book fosters an understanding of the silent yet potent language of symbols, opening doors to deeper connectivity through design.



8. Creating a Brand Identity: A Guide for Designers, by Catharine Slade-Brooking

Catharine Slade-Brooking's "Creating a Brand Identity: A Guide for Designers" stands as an indispensable tool for designers venturing into the vast landscape of branding. Slade-Brooking masterfully unravels the complexities of brand identity, offering readers a structured pathway to crafting resonant and successful brand narratives. The book covers a broad spectrum of elements including logo design, color theory, and typography, coupling theory with real-world case studies to offer a 360-degree view of the brand creation process. From understanding a brand’s philosophy to translating it into a visual language, this guide walks designers through every step with clarity and expert guidance. It is a repository of knowledge, offering a harmonious blend of theory and practice, and is essential reading for anyone looking to master the craft of brand identity design.



9. The Logo Design Idea Book: Inspiration from 50 Masters, by Steven Heller and Gail Anderson

"The Logo Design Idea Book" penned by the acclaimed writers Steven Heller and Gail Anderson, is an exploration into the genius behind fifty globally recognized logos. Leveraging insights from a selection of master designers, this book deciphers the thought process and creativity entrenched in iconic logo designs. Each page reveals secrets and principles of designing a great logo, portraying the harmony of artistry and strategy that guides the hand of every master designer. As you flip through this insightful book, you are guaranteed to find inspiration and guidance, as it offers a rich repository of wisdom, ensuring readers grasp the fundamental aspects that foster iconic logo creations. It stands as a beacon for aspiring designers, offering lessons in creativity from the industry's very best.



10. Marks of Excellence: The History and Taxonomy of Trademarks, by Per Mollerup

Delve into the fascinating world of trademarks with Per Mollerup's "Marks of Excellence." This seminal work uncovers the rich history and taxonomy of trademarks, tracing their evolution and their vital role in distinguishing goods and services in the market. Mollerup meticulously categorizes trademarks, offering readers a deeper understanding of the visual cues that make a mark distinctive and memorable. This comprehensive guide explores a wide spectrum of trademarks, examining them through various lenses including cultural, historical, and design perspectives. It’s a rich resource that offers designers a grounded understanding of the industry's heritage, providing the foundational knowledge to craft marks that are both innovative and deeply rooted in a tradition of excellence.



11. Logo Lab: Experimenting with Design Principles to Create Logos with Impact, by Christopher C.H. Simmons

Christopher C.H. Simmons' "Logo Lab" acts as an incubator for cultivating powerful logo designs. Through a series of experiments and exercises, Simmons emboldens readers to explore various design principles, encouraging a deeper understanding and application of fundamental design concepts. This book is not just a guide but a hands-on laboratory where ideas take shape through experimentation, giving birth to logos with lasting impact. Whether it’s playing with negative space or tweaking proportions, “Logo Lab” nourishes the designer’s creativity, guiding them to create logos that are not just visually appealing but carry a deep resonance. It’s a book that promotes active learning, pushing designers to think outside the box and craft logos that truly stand out.



12. The Elements of Logo Design: Design Thinking, Branding, and Making Marks, by Alex W. White

In "The Elements of Logo Design" by Alex W. White, readers are introduced to the foundational principles of logo design, with a keen focus on design thinking, branding, and making marks that endure. The book empowers designers to think critically and conceptually when approaching logo design projects. By dissecting the elements that comprise iconic logos, White offers readers a deeper understanding of how to fuse creativity with strategy, leading to logos that are both aesthetically pleasing and profoundly meaningful. This guide is a rich source of knowledge and insights, aiding both beginners and seasoned designers in refining their craft to create logos that not only catch the eye but also encapsulate a brand’s essence in a powerful visual narrative.



13. Brand Identity Essentials: 100 Principles for Designing Logos and Building Brands, by Kevin Budelmann and Yang Kim

In "Brand Identity Essentials," Kevin Budelmann and Yang Kim dissect the art and science behind successful logo design and brand building. This compelling read offers 100 fundamental principles, each serving as a pillar in creating resilient and recognizable brand identities. Whether you are a seasoned designer or just starting in the field, this book imparts a deep understanding of the multifaceted approach to branding. It goes beyond mere aesthetics, delving into the strategy and reasoning that govern the creation of iconic brands. As a reader, you are equipped with a wealth of knowledge and perspectives to not just design logos, but to craft narratives that resonate with audiences, making it an essential read for every designer eager to make a mark in the brand identity space.



14. Logotype, by Michael Evamy

“Logotype” by Michael Evamy is a definitive guide that explores the intricate world of logotype design. This masterpiece meticulously curates and analyzes some of the most iconic logotypes, delving deep into the stories and strategies behind their creation. Evamy demonstrates how typography can be leveraged to craft visual identities that are both timeless and powerful, cementing a brand’s presence in the consumer's mind. The detailed case studies provide a wealth of insights, offering readers a front-row seat to the journey from conceptualization to execution of memorable logotypes. Whether you’re a student of design or a seasoned professional, “Logotype” serves as an invaluable resource, offering a rich blend of inspiration and deep understanding of the principles governing exceptional logotype design.



15. Logo Creed: The Mystery, Magic, and Method Behind Designing Great Logos, by Bill Gardner and Catharine Fishel

Delve into the enigmatic world of logo creation with "Logo Creed" by Bill Gardner and Catharine Fishel. This book takes you on an illuminating journey, unraveling the mystery, magic, and method that goes into crafting great logos. Through a careful analysis of various case studies, the authors shed light on the principles and philosophies that underpin successful logo designs. Beyond just techniques, it explores the thought process and narrative strategy involved in creating logos that stand the test of time. It offers readers a rare glimpse into the world of logo creation, from understanding client needs to delivering a logo that perfectly encapsulates a brand's essence. This book is a rich source of knowledge, making the art of logo design both accessible and deeply fascinating, a must-read for every design enthusiast.




In conclusion, delving into the right books can significantly enhance your understanding and mastery of logo design. Through this carefully curated list of books, you have a resource that opens up a world of knowledge and expertise straight from the industry maestros. Whether you're a budding designer or a seasoned professional looking to sharpen your skills, these books are an invaluable resource. Remember, a well-designed logo can be a game-changer for any brand. Thus, immersing yourself in these logo design books can indeed be your pathway to creating iconic and timeless logos. Keep reading and keep designing!


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